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crosswords puzzle answers 25/03/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 25/03/2017

___ hour
___ fide
___ big
Wiz Khalifa's 'We ___ Boyz'
What moms have that dads don't?
Washer/dryer unit?
Treat on a stick
Tobacco flower relative
Time of one's life, maybe
Text ___
Supposed end of a flight, for short
Supplement brand
Subject of the 1942 film musical 'Yankee Doodle Dandy'
Species of the Liberty Tree
Some YouTube uploads
Seder celebration
Running slowly
Rave's opposite
Rate of speed
Raised sharply
Proud 'Pride and Prejudice' character
Printer setting: Abbr
Prefix with -derm
Pitcher who was the 1995 N.L. Rookie of the Year
Part of many international flights
Movie agent on 'Entourage'
Mixed up
Missing, with 'of'
Media inits. since 1922
Locale in two James Bond films
Literary waiter
Justin Trudeau's party: Abbr
Joey of children's literature
It may raise its hood
Introduction to bio?
Hose and such
Have a bad view?
Group of families
Gray matter
Freebie at a rally
Fort Sumter victor, informally
Finished elegantly
False modesty, e.g
Failed ignominiously
Extractions are made from it
Exotic jerky meat
Diving athlete
Director DuVernay
Cry of denial
Container whose letters appear in 'container'
Conqueror of Cuzco
Company investing in self-driving cars
Coffee, in military slang
Classic case of making life choices?
Broadway title character who runs off to Atlantic City
British ends
Bad job news
Aid package component
Abbr. for a two-striper
2016 #1 Kanye West album, with 'The'
'Just stop talking already'
'Horse voice,' e.g
'Got it'
'Get a ___!'
'Frankenstein,' e.g – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Mar-25-2017#sthash.4ebKXDT9.dpuf

___ Rico
___ decent living
Zesty dip
When rights may be outlawed
What's eaten
Visit to the M.D
Violent alter ego
Views a season of 90-Across in a single sitting, e.g
View from the ISS
Vehicle with runners and a sail
Unbroken flow
Tylenol target
Trotter's rhythm
Tristan's love
Tough troublemakers
Topping for some pies
Tiffany, e.g
Ticket add-on
The last word, often
Tech news site
Sundial hour
Stock exchange?
Spot for axels
Some cats
Sole pattern
Silk trap
Shriver of tennis
Short concession speech
Scottish and Welsh
Schwarzenegger title role
Scare into silence
Satchel in Cooperstown
Sacha Baron Cohen persona
Romantic hopeful
Risky dinner party topic
Record holders?
Really smelly
Ran the clock down, in football
Radiator sound
Proofing mark
Post's opposite
Place to gather speed
Pints in pubs
Penguin's kin
Passover sheaf
Pantry raiders
Pack away
On pitch
Odense residents
Numbered rds
Not dismissive of
Not as much
National park map indications
Moves, in realty jargon
Moral principle
Milky gem
Mil. outposts
Mentalist's gift
Makes sound
Lotion additive
Literary elephant
Like vibrant gardens
Leslie ___ Jr. (Tony winner for 'Hamilton')
Lake Nasser feeder
Junk feature
Japanese bean paste
Janis's husband in the comics
Ivy League school
It might end up in a museum
It beats an ace
Iron-___ (some patches)
Initial chip
In theaters
Hit Netflix show that hints at the theme hidden in the puzzle's borders
Hip-hop entourage
Having hands
Harder to please
Habanero's mild cousin
Guesstimate lead-in
Goof up
Glove fabric
Garlicky mayo
Frequent flyer
Fizzy drinks
Fill with cargo
Figures on wanted posters
Faced head-on, as a challenge
Ending for emblem or problem
End-of-week letters
Eastern 'way'
Destructive felons
Dept. overseeing Medicare
Croatia neighbor
Corrida creature
Cooped (up)
Common biofuel
College unit
Collaborator of Bowie and Byrne
Coffee go-with
Co-star of Kudrow and Schwimmer
Church rule
Church area
Child labor?
Cavalry shout
Cause a stink?
Capitol Bldg. VIP
Capital about 100 miles from Key West
Bus. sch. course
Burning heap
Bruce Lee TV role
Bestselling Michael Buble album
Belief system
Bagel variety
Attach, in a way
Agt.'s cut
2010 Lady Gaga hit
1988 Dennis Quaid thriller
'___ kick out of you'
'___ go!'
'Worldly' World's Fair symbol
'That's exactly it!'
'SNL' segment
'Ripley's Believe ___ Not!'
'Moon River' composer
'Don't change that!'
'Cats' showstopper – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Mar-25-2017—Block-Party#sthash.4I56ms4n.dpuf

___ snuff (good enough)
___ gin fizz
Written course conclusion, often
Workbench clamp
Word with 'help' or 'control'
Vintner's valley
Valuable, milky stone
Use, as the good china
Trunk covered in bark
Traffic caution color
Topmost beam of a home
Tightening muscle
Tibetan religious figure
Thrust a bayonet
Tavern offering
Sword used in competitions
Strengthen an embankment
Steppe antelope
Standard or foundational
Sparkler in a setting
Some print shop measures
Some drum sounds
Small testers of one's patience
Russian leader, once
Rightness or relevance
Put a scratch on, for example
Part of a flowery presentation, sometimes
Opera highlight provided by one
One who lives far from work
Notorious Roman emperor
Nickname for Ireland
Muscat native
Military lookout
Middle-Earth creature
Makes a deduction
Make quick, light cuts
Lots of bucks?
Lots and lots
Linda or Dale of entertainment
Like Columbus at work
Letters on ambulances
Left-hand side of a book
Learn-on-the-job positions
Kind of 70-Across
Intentionally not spend
Immature insect
Huge portion of cake
Hindu garment
High mountain
Graceful bird known for wading
Give as a privilege
General vicinity
Fishes with expansive nets
Fire residues
Feudal estate
Extinct New Zealand bird
Every single day has one
Eight things, collectively
Dumb, for some, e.g
Drug offender's option, sometimes
Directed a small boat
Did a dude ranch activity
Dairy producer
Curled up
City of Lights
Cheese from 4-Down's country
Certain skating leap
Bay of Naples isle
Baptism or marriage ceremony, e.g
Asset for social people
6 x 9 in. book size
5,280 feet
'To ___ his own'
'Break a leg' and 'running on empty' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Mar-25-2017#sthash.ZUOlthQ5.dpuf

Writes a Dear John letter, say
Within reach
Vinyl collector's buy
Used an Oreck, say
Use a UV lamp
Twisty path
They're taboo
The present day
Texter's 'alternately'
Synagogue reading
Summer phenomenon in the Arctic
Soil-turning tool
Smoking section alternative, once
Sedates with a dart gun, slangily
Right-angle bends
Richard of 'Chicago'
Respond to an ovation
Religious paintings, e.g
Protestant work ___
Protestant denomination with Sat. services
Prima donna's number
Prepared to fire again
Place to retire
Place for fur dealers, once
Payment card option
Old-fashioned scene-opening effect
Oktoberfest band instrument
Newsstand wares, for short
Needing decryption
Musician's job
Muscular twitch
Movie award first presented in 1944
More abundant
Moon buggy, briefly
Mercury and gallium, for two
Mendes of 'Training Day'
Machu Picchu's land
LPGA part
Louvre Pyramid architect
Like Gulliver, to the Lilliputians
Lepidopterist's tool
Laser beam-chasing pet
Lager alternative
It's mostly nitrogen
Indian-born conductor Zubin
Incoming-flight fig
In ___ (unborn)
In solitary, say
Herbivorous heavyweight
Harbor workhorses
Hall who was Leno's announcer
Greg's sitcom mate
Go it alone
Friend of Pooh and Piglet
French-speaking African land
Former Nevada divorce mill
For all to see
Fiery feeling
Explorer Vespucci
Enjoy the kiddie pool
Deliver a keynote, say
Consigliere's boss
Cohort of Athos and Porthos
Chemically nonreactive
Check, as a horse
Bring shame to
Assayers' samples
All tied up
Alan who played Severus Snape
Abbr. on a business sign
'___ of these days, Alice . . .'
'Veep' channel
'The Addams Family' cousin
'Resume speed,' on a score
'Gave it my best shot!'
'Chill out!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Mar-25-2017#sthash.CjSgf1ya.dpuf

Words punctuating a rap
Where Wiesbaden is capital
Where to find Raymond Chandler Square
What talking heads are paid for
What Etna looms over
What drumheads need to be
Told stories
They would have you "Taste The Feeling!"
Stock holder
Starts Scrabble
Source of fare information
Something walked on in fairways
Smooth white sauce
Sigmoid sofa
Showy roles
Short-wavelength shade
Servers of volleys
Self-described "greatest athlete to live"
Proceeded with caution
Premiere conducted by Toscanini
Poitier, since 1974
Player watching Presidents Races at ballgames
Pilgrimage destinations
Physicist collaborator of Hawking
Original "White Christmas" record label
Nut-covered appetizer
Netanyahu mentor
Name on the ACC member list
Most precious
Mononym on ethnic cosmetics
Miltonic poem ender
Manicure candidate
Macau characters
Lots of ports
London : Eric :: Helsinki : __
Lake Assad is on it
It's flexed at parties
It has a campus near Long Island Sound
Inspiration for Calder
Indefinite ranking
III and IV, quite possibly
Helios alias
Grouper predator
Grimm story settings
Good, to Galba
Former fixer-upper
Focus of a 2012 Supreme Court ruling
Excavated access
Dream __
Disneyland Paris map word
Darwin's American ally
Cutting loose
City north of Verona
Chica, brevemente
Buy or trade follower
Beset by bugs
Bamboo-and-wire gadgets
10th-19th c. confederation
"__ him who would not be true . . .": "Moby-Dick"
"Twelfth Night" singer
"I accept the challenge!"
"Gone with the Wind" aunt – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Mar-25-2017#sthash.cQRVJ9Ix.dpuf

__ set
Wind-borne grains
White wine grape
When needed
What's left
What one might do after a broken date
Waxed sports equipment
Walks heavily
Unnatural register
Took place
Superior, of all five
Storm dir
Steaming state
Stanford-__ test
Sacred Aboriginal landmark
Pre-revolution bigwig
Points at and yells, perhaps
Pig thief of rhyme
Petrol purchase
Order to stop
Ninth in a series
NFL games, e.g
Model rocket components
Looked good on
Like a meeting of the minds?
Light ring
Land shaped by erosion
Jefferson Davis' org
Its only counties are Kent, New Castle and Sussex
It sticks out in the water
It may be on a dog
Indian Ocean arm
Hot-button subject in journalism
Hopeful's term
Holiday hymn opener
Ford or Chevy
Folded Italian fare
Fleeting puff
Firebrick cooker
Fall behind
Demolition candidates
Cry over spilled Milch?
Credit card bonus
Costumer's suggestion
Congressional approval
Common college consequence
Ceremonial cup
Bit of successful research
Best Director between Soderbergh and Polanski
Become twisted
Attaches, as a new deck
Ancient pyramid builders
An inch of snow, e.g
'__ so … '
'Told you'
'Quick, get that out of sight!'
'Nebraska' star
'Barefoot Contessa' host Garten

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