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crosswords puzzle answers 25/02/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 25/02/2017

___ des Beaux-Arts
Without having a second to lose?
Went without
Wee, informally
Vegas hotel with a name from English legend
Users' resources
Trail mix ingredients
Taken to the cleaners
Streak breaker, maybe
Stephen King's first novel
Stays out all night?
Sport similar to paintball
Sociopathic role for Alain Delon (1960), Matt Damon (1999) and John Malkovich
Slipped one by, in a way
Shaped like Cheerios
Seat in court
Satirist who said 'If you were the only person left on the planet, I would have to attack you. That's my job'
Reject someone, in a way
Puts down
Primary color in italiano
Present from the start
Popular California winemaker
Ones taking a lode off?
Offer on Airbnb, say
Number of bacteria living on a surface that has not been sterilized
Note in a Yelp business listing
Matchbox item
Mammal that jumps vertically when startled
Made like
Linda ___, 'Girl Reporter' series author
Like dollhouse furnishings
Kind of seating
Keynote, e.g
Keeps the beat?
Is rankled by
Iowa college
Hunting dog breed
High cost of leaving?
Having a ring of truth
Had the know-how
Giovanni da Verrazano discovery of 1524
Former employer of Keith Olbermann
First Indochina War's Battle of Dien ___ Phu
Entree often served with a moist towelette
Emailed, say
Cross-outs and others
Corrupt, in British slang
Car ad letters
Bubbling over
Boy Scout shelter
Bodybuilder's pose, e.g
Applied, as face paint
All things being equal?
Aglisten, in a way
60s sorts
1,000 baisa
'Ya got me?'
'Get a ___!'
'Cheese and rice!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Feb-25-2017#sthash.I5N5uIAz.dpuf

___ Lingus
Workout wear
Wild time
White Sox wax wistful about Ho Chi Minh City?
Wear down
Weaponized gas
Very small
Venomous viper
USN officer
Traffic report source
Third-largest of the Philippines
They're numbered on highways
Texter's 'More than I want to know'
Talk back
Take ___ (go swimming)
Take the money and run
Take care of
System in which 2017 is 3741
Sydney salutations
Sugar suffixes
Sub station
Stephen of 'The Crying Game'
Start of a conclusion
Sound from a ledge
Soon, to a 49-Down
Singer Easton
Second-largest bird
Sea eagles
Running expert
Rocket engine's firing
Roadies' responsibilities
Ringo and Bart
Richie's mom, to the Fonz
Revue segment
Revered symbol
Rams' dams
Puzzle direction
Pull an all-nighter, maybe
Princeton punks ply pomades?
Pop up
Points in favor
Places apart
Piston connector
Peripatetic paper purveyors persistently post pestering plugs?
Peer on stage
Of the kidneys
No. 2
Never, in Nuremberg
Nautilus name
Nation on the Medit
Most profound
Morlocks' prey
Mopes around
Moon effects
Modern greeting
Messenger molecule
McKellen and Holm
Maynard's pal on 1960s TV
Magna ___
Loudly cheering
London-based record co
Like some vbs
Lies down
Lesbos letter
Knight's trainee
Jazz phrase
Java vessel
It comes from the heart
Iron clothes?
Invader of Britannia
Impressive movie scene
Grew old
Gofer's assignment
Give an edge to
Friends from Firenze
Forfeit alimony, perhaps
Flunky's reply
Epitome of strength
Epitome of hardness
Epitome of happiness
Element in some electric lamps
Durango direction
Dunkable treats
Draft choice
DOJ worker
Detroit dud
Demanding much attention
Court figure
Collected bit by bit
Circus stars
Calming words to a pooch
Botanist Gray
Booty holders
Blarney Stone's land
Bite playfully
Biscotti flavoring
Big oil company with little trucks
Beings, in Bordeaux
Beethoven dedicatee
Beehive State native
Beautiful babes borrow bistro?
Beastly beatniks blaspheme Bostoners?
Banks in Cooperstown
Ballpark figs
Austrian article
Apple for Apple, e.g
Anytown USA address
African lifeline
'___ Little Tenderness'
'Holy cow!'
'Be right there'
'A Death in the Family' author
'…baked in ___' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Feb-25-2017—Triple-Plays#sthash.K3ejE6f2.dpuf

___ out (lose a dice game)
___ hydrate (knockout drops)
Zodiac lion
Word often with 'neither'
Wild West gunfighter's 'Go!'
Where some pipes go
What a Tesla doesn't need
Venus de ___
Utilize the backspace key
Typical fashion supermodel, e.g
Turkish honorific
Travels on white water
Time students study?
Thou, now
Thing cut by old dancers?
Sturgeon eggs
Something to build on
Something appropriate for Kindling?
Some prodigies
Small stream or brook
Sinatra had a few
Settle a score
Seaport in Italy
Runner sometimes covered in wax
Rub away by friction
Remove knots
Put on one's Sunday best
Pull along heavily
Predict from an omen
Practiced, as one's trade
Post-breakdown assist
Plant yielding rope fiber
Place thought to be miraculous
Photo collection place
One measured periodically on a height chart
Nine consonants
Many New Zealanders
Make jump
Machine gun of many action films
Liver productions
Like a loaner car
Less cooked
Leg part
Leg bone
Large-headed antelope
It may hold one's unmentionables
Instrument that can 'wail'
Inc. kin
Hotel VIP
Have no reason to argue
Goes on a wild spending spree
European blackbird
Dusky brownish-gray color
Dumbbell material
Dr. J's first pro league
Dietary, in ads
Coin-toss call
Cloth that's not worth anything
Chopped up in the kitchen
Chicago transport
Cheeseburger alternatives
Bryn Mawr College, for one
Bookstore section
Become obstructed, as blood
Auto shiner?
Auto seller
April 1 victim
Antique auto of an English county?
Angry feeling
According to
'Or ___!' (veiled threat)
'Hello' or 'goodbye' word
'Dallas' was set on one
'Aladdin' prince – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Feb-25-2017#sthash.UwDkDVJS.dpuf

___ noodles (convenience food)
Yoked farm pair
Yellowstone grazer
Writings of Nadal, Federer et al.?
Works of Horace
Workplace welfare agcy
Words from a player in a slump
Well-bred chap
Usually backless couch
Toys rarely seen on calm days
Totally lose it
Thing to lend or bend
Stunt double, e.g
Stan's partner in comedy
Snoop's compulsion?
Sit out a game
Sing like Michael Buble
Shows a bias
Shirts' opponents, in pickup games
Shell out
San Quentin uprising
Richard of 'Silver Streak'
Render less dangerous, as a bull
Prefix with bytes or bucks
Portraitist's prop
Pizzeria need
Pictures on baseball caps, e.g
Peter who oversaw the Nixon impeachment hearings
Pertaining to the paranormal
Out of play
Ottawa's province
New Haven Ivy Leaguer
Myrna's role in 'The Thin Man'
Mrs. Dithers, in 'Blondie'
Love god's home sound system?
Like a heavy fog
Like a cucumber, in a saying
Life line's locale
Leaves out
KenKen entries (Abbr.)
Israeli author Oz
iPhone button
In a strict manner
Home to football's Buccaneers
Greek N's
Get the point
Geometry calculation
From the top
Forty winks
Floral decoration at Del Monte?
Fastest 40-Down
Fashion editor Wintour
Fancy Feast eater
Fall air quality
Enter on the sly
Edgar who painted ballerinas
Durable cotton thread
Dogleg shape, roughly
Discus or javelin
Did a slow burn
Delivery co. with brown trucks
Cohort of Dopey and Grumpy
Chrysler Building style, for short
Christian of fashion
Channel for armchair athletes
CBS series starring Gary Sinise
Brewer's need
Boxer who nicknamed his opponents
Big name in iced tea
Bartlett and Bosc
Bad destination for a tee shot
'Without further ___ . . .'
'Who ___?' (Superdome query)
'House of Incest' author Anais
'Highway to Hell' rockers
'Don't tase me, ___!'
'Carmen' composer Georges
'Blackboard Jungle' author Hunter – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Feb-25-2017#sthash.THi1Xz4F.dpuf

__ chop
Winged sprite of myth
Where waiters gather
What jams may affect
Very messy
Unlikely to applaud virtue
Turns a stream on
Try for
Triumvirate, from the Russian
Trendy gimlet garnish
Trade alliance, briefly
Tour series
The first potato farmers
Tandoori chicken side dish
Space station stat
Something to ID on a DMV test
Some deck installations
Site of a "Rain Man" triumph
Runs well
Quilt raffle settings
Polish New Testament novelist
Pale yellow
p, as in Dundee
One prone to withdrawal
Numbers on some chilly doorsteps
NL team with turquoise on its uniforms
Name on the Oslo II Accord
Most populous Southern Hemisphere city
More than scrape
Mean business
Many early Zola readers
Longhorn alternative
Like failed custard
Lament in a Coleridge ode
Hispanic street food
Hip-hop progenitor
Hair fixer
Glockenspiels' kin
Garb using 30-100 square feet of fabric
Frequent sac-fly result
Fourth-wall perpetuators
Fishing expedition hurdle, for short
Fire __
Eggplant cousin
Curse removers
Condoleezza Rice, in part
Cold-blooded type
Closed books
Certain ball handler
Brother in silly shorts
Beast on Idaho's seal
Arsenal, for instance
Anglicized Irish "John"
Andersen's mother tongue
Allowed to graze, say
Aldrin's moon watch
54-piece game
2015 King award for "Mr. Mercedes"
"The Pink Panther" villain
"Ta ta!"
"Ice Ice Baby," originally
"Give Peace a Chance" label – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Feb-25-2017#sthash.WugEU8LC.dpuf

___ tide
___ Lanka
Zigging or zagging
Vacation reminder
Took the subway
Ted Cruz, notably
Sunburn relief
Stops in the country
State bird of Hawaii
Speed skater Ohno
Soup vegetable
Smoked delicacy
Show up
Shire of 'Rocky'
Pit goo
Org. that investigates false advertising
Object of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum heist
Needed fuel
Narrow valley
Middle-earth inhabitant
Major finish?
Mad cartoonist Martin
Lover of Guinevere
John Muir, for one
Jerry Maguire, notably
Jeff of the Traveling Wilburys
Hurried reply to 'When do you want this?'
Honkers in flight
He sits next to Bruno on 'Dancing with the Stars'
Haydn nickname
Growler content
Greek vowel
German industrial center
Galia or gac
Freudian concern
Franc replacement
Forty winks
Fish eggs
Fine portrayal?
Film critic Roger
Feeder school for Cambridge and Oxford
Fashionable again
Fan's fixation
Edelstein of 'House'
Direction taken after a relationship ends (and a hint to where 20-, 28-, and 48-Across may have gone)
Cyberseller's site
Contemporary of de Maupassant
Computer hookup?
City of a Thousand Minarets
Chips and cracks
Central African nation
Cel block?
Caterpillar's snack
Bread or butter
Boxer known for his 'sucker munch'
Bother big-time
Bio lab medium
Best Director winner for 'Reds'
Best Actor winner for 'The Champ'
Author of 'The Black Stallion'
Arbor Day planting
a + b = b + a, e.g
2016 Summer Olympic Games setting
'___ to Perdition'
'___ Once in My Life' (1968 Stevie Wonder hit)
'You can't be serious!'
'We need to have a heart-to-heart'
'The Stepford Wives' writer Levin
'Point taken'
'Galveston' or 'El Paso'
'Born from jets' automaker – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Feb-25-2017#sthash.zTWzvRJ6.dpuf

__ Men: one-hit wonders of 2000
__ chief
Worth keeping
Urquhart Castle's loch
Trick ending?
Tree with green-skinned fruit
Toon pursuing l'amour
Thing to do with your fingers
Tender turndown
Tatum O'Neal received her Oscar at it
Target of a whacking
Sweet __
Structure from the Arabic for 'lighthouse'
Struck (out)
Strikes a chord
Starve, to Shakespeare
Some timeshares
Some retreats
Small salamanders
Rule broken by deities?
Productivity-increasing trick, in modern parlance
Prefix with fauna
Point of view?
Poet friend of author Ernest
Plenty of horn?
Pepper with punch
Penn., for one
Payless box letters
Overlooks, as a fault
Osso buco cut
One way to serve fowl
One in an order
Name on many bars
Muslim veils
Mountaineer's expectation
Maugham's 'Cakes and __'
Many a group vacation photo, in slang
Low bar?
Like some ukuleles
Like 100 on most tests
Kind of muscle contraction
It often follows 12
Irritating growth
Herbal beverage
Green machine
First __
Curly's dad on 'Sesame Street'
Created with
Counterbalanced, say
Conn of 'Grease'
Chlorine's periodic table follower
Carte part
Canine sounds
Brewmaster's need
Best Actress after Field
Attain, as great heights
Airline to Eilat
Acknowledge subtly
2008-'09 Japanese prime minister Taro __
#3 on the 2016 Forbes 'World's 100 Most Powerful Women' list
'Yes!' singer Jason
'Mad Men' actor John
'For unto us a child is born' source
'Anthem for Doomed Youth' poet Wilfred

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