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crosswords puzzle answers 24/05/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 24/05/2017

___ psychology
Whiskey drink
Wasted, to a plumber?
Voluminous ref. work
Vacillates, as a plumber?
Used, although one can hardly tell
The deadly sins, e.g
Tear to pieces
Steamship workers
Sounds made during medical checkups
Some armory contents
Sierra Nevada, for one
Rio dance
Recipient of a ticker-tape parade, maybe
Rabid fan
Poetic contraction
Places to hang holiday lights
Place across the back of a chair, perhaps
Person who's all pretense
Part of r.p.m
Part of MoMA
Outlook function
One doing sketch work?
Not dull
Nasty person
Mrs. Truman
Marked (out)
Makeup maker
Major river starting in SE Switzerland
Loafing around
Letter carrier at Hogwarts
Lang. course
It's used to pave the way
Initialism whose third initial often isn't true
In the ___ of
How sloppy kissers kiss
Homer's father
High-airfare season, for short
Having one's wisdom teeth pulled, e.g
Have some trouble focusing
Give the O.K
Give the O.K
Furniture store display
Exhausted, as a plumber?
Exclamation from Homer
Espy or Emmy
Contents of a presidential briefing
Comes up short, say
Choice for a par 5 hole, often
Caps Lock, e.g
Broadway's 'Mamma ___!'
Brief siesta
Brain part
Booths are set up in them
Body-scanning grp
Black ball
Babe in the woods
Audibly appalled
Atom in any salt
Athos, Porthos and Aramis, e.g
Anxiety, to a plumber?
Aids for football kickers
Actress Lollobrigida
Actor Buddy of 'The Beverly Hillbillies'
20th-century author famous for her journals
'___ You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?'
'Maybe ask someone else'
'Game of Thrones' family name
'Annabel Lee' poet – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—May-24-2017#sthash.KqOgcNxl.dpuf

___ Field (Shea Stadium's successor)
Worker's compensation
Weapon for Professor Plum
Vatican vestment
Ukrainian port, to Ukrainians
Try to tackle
Swiss miss of literature
Surfer's destination
Suffered from
Spurred (on)
Sleeper, e.g
Siesta for a Panera employee?
Side by side
Show time
Sergeant Snorkel's dog
Saison avant l'automne
Romantic proposals
Road reversals, in slang
Result of van Gogh's depression?
Rather firm?
Put your foot down, perhaps
Publican's stock
Open, in a way
Nation on the Med
Movie promo
Meal at which the Haggadah is read
Marriage-age Mumbai boy, maybe?
Lou who produced Carole King's 'Tapestry'
Longevity, so to speak
Kids' racers
Jargon ending
Its surface area is about 25% of what it was in 1960
Initials of urgency
Hearst kidnap gp
He fought Darth Sidious
Grounded fleet
Give the business to
Gave a new look to
Frat vowels
Fictional general in the Venetian army
Famed Vegas casino
Dreyfuss's 'Close Encounters' wife
Draped dress
Danish, e.g
Cupcake finishers
Corp. divisions
Corp. bigwigs
Company that bought about a million feet of blue ribbon in 1892
Collected dust
Checked out
Buffalo's county
Budget alternative
Be off
Average of due and quattro
Article written by Engels
Aphrodite's son
2017 role for Emma Watson
'___ who?'
'The tiny little tea leaf tea'
'That dress looks great on you,' maybe?
'Life of Pi' director – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—May-24-2017—Non-Puzzle#sthash.ojY7m2ZI.dpuf

Young sheep
Weak or insipid
Wander off
Walk into
Used a keypad
Trees that provide much shade
Time for Tom to be alarmed?
Time delay
The entire amount
Tabloid spacecraft
Swiped, as kisses?
Swear to be true
States of prolonged unconsciousness
St. Nick
Southern-fried vegetable
South Pacific island group
Something Mark's sales department wants to know?
Slowly wear away
Slangy smoke
Skip over
Quaint overnight stops
Provides the seed money
Prefix with 'lock' or 'freeze'
Pitt of 'World War Z'
Pasture sounds
Opera highlight
One of seven
Not near
Nevada hotspot
Must, informally
Moore of films
Meeting place
Maximum speed, e.g
Matt's is open to debate
Mafia, informally
Like some football stadiums
Language of the Celts
Landed, as a falcon
Is picky?
Incredibly silly
Inc. relative
Home's overhead storage spot
Hits the brakes on ice
He cometh in a play
Harsh or corrosive in tone
Happening, as Sherlock's game
Four-___ (fastball type)
Fill to satisfaction
Fender-bender aftermath
Fellow's feminine side, a la Jung
Father, to an infant
Extremity bone
Drumming sounds
Doorbell-ringing cosmetics company
De-lumps flour
Crunched stuff for computers
Creaks and squeaks
Concert boosters
City in central Mali
Chef's protection
Bread fit for gyros
Bonkers or buggy
Banned bug spray
Ballerina's balancer, sometimes
Artist Yoko
After-bath throw-on
A hopping joint?
2.22 pounds
'___ as good a time as any'
'Do it or ___!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—May-24-2017#sthash.bFpeUmbe.dpuf

YouTube intrusions
Wounds at Pamplona
Words from a bombing comedian, perhaps
Wilde statements?
Whine like a kitten
Warrior women of myth
Unfortunate destination for a tee shot
Trivial matter
Trash-hauling vessel
Track shapes
Tommy ___ surgery
They may involve pie eating
Swirl in a stream
Sunbathe too long
Still living
Spiral-shelled creepers
Son of Mufasa
Shower gel additive
Selfish sort
Revive with smelling salts
Repair bill listing
Ration out
Ran in the wash
Poke with an elbow
Plum finder of rhyme
Peddler's offerings
Oft-pickled veggies
Mechanic's milieu
Many an Olympic athlete, now
Lounger's place
Like clams on the half shell
Like a tuned piano string
Least likely to betray
Landlocked nation's lack
Lake near Reno
Jared of 'Dallas Buyers Club'
In addition
How aspirin is taken
Home to an embryonic platypus
Had the early bird special, say
Grow, as a stalactite
Give two weeks' notice, say
Gibson of 'Fast & Furious' movies
Funereal piles
Fragrance named for a narcotic
Feel nostalgic for
Explosion in outer space
Eldest of the Brady boys
Eject abruptly
Dunkin' Donuts worker
Dominated, in sports lingo
Doesn't merely pass
Discount shoe chain
Digital camera feature
Dessert often topped with streusel
Deleting, with 'out'
Dead to the world
Dark or marbled loaves
Component of brown rice
Come across as
Chimney sweep's removal
Cherry bomb sound
Chance to spin, roll or draw
Cantina platter item
Called like a raven
Budgetary limit
Blender setting
Beyond the horizon, say
Best effort, in sports lingo
Being pursued by an MP, perhaps
Asian appetizer
Apple debut of 2010
Alternatives to Toaster Strudels
1-Across and Mufasa
'The Brady Bunch' threesome
'Thanks, ___ no thanks'
'Immediately!' on a memo – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—May-24-2017#sthash.8tKDgJKY.dpuf

__ Baba
Yoga accessory
Where few are allowed
Water pitcher
Was noisy overnight
Ultimatum ender
Treadless, as tires
Tie the knot
The Vikings
Tent openings
Takes a break
Swelled heads
Still shrink-wrapped
Starts the bidding
Sprung up
Space aliens, for short
Shade trees
Science of plants
Save for later
Salon offering, for short
Salaried athletes
Ripped up
Regional plants
Reason for a budget
Read electronically
Purple flower
Pub servings
Prepare to be photographed
Pizzeria appliance
Phone-book entry
Oil cartel
Ode authors
Numbered collectible
Not very hot
Military group
Love to pieces
Lost fish of film
Licorice flavoring
Last Greek letter
Land measure
Lacking a tenant
King's address
John of Monty Python
In a sanctuary
Himalayan land
Highly skilled
Hamburger serving
Had an evening meal
Go on a tirade
Game on horseback
For days __ (incessantly)
Flight-board fig
Eggs on sushi
Dog in Oz
Discounted by
Decimal point, e.g
Crucial situations
Contents of some cushions
Charged atoms
Book sheet
Bird sound
Be fearful of
Auto racer __ Earnhardt Jr
As well
As well
Air-pump meas
Actress Sophia
23 Across on the run
"Understood" – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—May-24-2017#sthash.86oNjRSi.dpuf

Wound covering
Works on one's plumage
Wordless whisper
Wahine welcome
Vote of support
Told too often, as a joke
They're sometimes felt
Sweater, usually
Swampy ground
Subject of the musical 'Mayor'
Snarky expressions
Small battery size
Skunk River state
Short shirt
Satisfied sighs
Rehab hurdle
Red Cross supply
Quiet time at day care
Pyeongchang's peninsula
Prof.'s degree
Praline piece
Parts of hearts
Often hoppy brew
Not fancy at all
Needed a massage
Much-used base
Morales of 'NYPD Blue'
Mocha's land
Mary Kay rival
Makes sense of a situation … and, literally, what the quartet of answers to starred clues does
Magic spell
Legal profession
Leaves for socials?
Laser pointer chaser
Keats and Yeats
Justice Kagan
iPhone talker
Illuminated like some domed structures
Greek leader?
General vicinity
Find a place for
Family name of three popes
Eye candy
Eye candy
East, in Munich
Early Yucatán dweller
Disparaging remark
Crumb carriers
Croque madame meat
Crayola shade similar to Atomic Tangerine
Country that shares a 3,300-mile border with Argentina
Cleanup hitter's stat
Choir voices
Carrier to Cairo
Bun or beehive
Bespectacled friend of Snow White
Beijing-born Bond villain
Actress Hagen
*Submarine weapon launcher
*Martial arts maneuver
*Guacamole source
*Catchall phrase
'The Reader' actress Lena
'TED Radio Hour' broadcaster
'No great shakes'
'Listen to me!'
'I __ thought of that'
'I give!'
'Don't Let __ Lonely Tonight': James Taylor
'Anchors __'

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