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crosswords puzzle answers 24/04/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 24/04/2017

Word cried twice before 'gone'
Woodchuck's escape route
Who wrote of 'sorrow for the lost Lenore'
What amusement parks provide
What a shamed person has to 'eat'
Web designer's code
Used a lever on
Up in arms
Time in Manhattan when it's midnight in Montana
Swiss peak
Store department selling suits and ties
Steal from
Stand on three legs?
Spoonful of medicine, say
Slight amount
Sheep's coat
Scot's cap
River through Paris
Put forward, as an idea
Promise-to-pay note
Plan that might include mutual funds, in brief
Place for a bud or a stud
Pet safety org
Path of mowed grass
Part in a movie
One wearing an apron and a puffy white hat
One includes 'My cup runneth over' in the Bible
On the ___ (recuperating)
On the decline
Obstacle for a drone
Notes of a chord played in rapid succession
Nebraska's capital before Lincoln
Napped leather
Modern and cool
Mideast native
Metal canisters
Marksman with an M40
Looked open-mouthed
Lock of hair
Like Jefferson on a list of presidents
Like a wolf's howl in the dead of night
It was often dropped in the '60s
It might capture an embarrassing comment
Hot spring
Has debts
Hair that hangs over the forehead
Habitual tube watchers
Grandson of Adam
Flying horse of Greek myth
Flower that's also a girl's name
Feels remorse over
F.B.I. worker, informally
Ethel who sang 'There's No Business Like Show Business'
Down Under bird
Do laps in a pool
Club ___
Clock-setting std
Celebrity psychic Geller
Capital of South Korea
Book consulted by a do-it-yourselfer
Body of water that separates Africa and Asia
Bit of appended text
Big fat zero
Airline app datum, for short
2016 prize for Bob Dylan
'___ is me!'
'The best is ___ to come'
'See ya!'
'Save me a ___!'
'It's certainly possible …'
'Golly!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Apr-24-2017#sthash.0U7ivAXu.dpuf

___ Paulo
You can bet on them
Vivacious style
Universal donor's type
Tree of knowledge raider
Takes a breather
Subtle alternative to 'Hey you!'
Stop, as the flow of blood
Shorthand pro, for short
PC key
Participated in a medley, perhaps
Overtime cause
Opulently extravagant
Opposed to
Opened envelopes, in a way
Not worth debating
Not in the in crowd
Makeup of some heads
Made an effort
Lopsided sports victories
Like undercooked eggs
Like the decimal equivalent of 1/3
Kansas or Alabama
Joined the glee club
iPad download
Golden Rule preposition
Get together
Georgia neighbor
Gambler's calculation
Galileo's birthplace
Fuzz in a pocket
Folkie Guthrie
Final destination for a gunslinger
Farm enclosures
Epic poem of the Trojan War
Do this and that
Divisive political topics
Decided on
Dahl of 'Bengal Brigade'
Count start
Couldn't help but
Cold War barrier
Cobra or copperhead
Circus sight
Cavett, Carson and Colbert
Cavalry stations
Catfish coat
Cat coat
Brooks Brothers buys
Braz. neighbor
Bitterly regrets
Big door-to-door marketer
Bedding for animal pens
Bank lobby convenience
Backup plans for parades
Author Eudora
Aussie critter
Art class staple
Antlered animal
13-Down and others
'The Simpsons' bartender
'The Mary Tyler Moore Show' spinoff
'Hamilton' trophy – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Apr-24-2017—Course-Requirements#sthash.CEOa4dtU.dpuf

Yellowstone bugler
Without peer
What the Green Monster's '310' signifies
Watson of Harry Potter movies
Warm the bench
Unlikely to smile
Take a bite of
Statement accompanying a shrug
Spud state
Simple Lionel layout
Silo site
Sics a lawyer on
Shops with slicers
Roomba, for one
Rod with a linchpin
Remove a bolt from
Region including Earth's atmosphere
Rapper's entourage
Presidents Day events
Prefix with cycle or sect
Plumb tuckered out
Play opener
Peoria, notably
Pasta sauce brand since 1937
Pass along, as a Facebook post
Partner of means
Mystery author Paretsky
Mother canonized in 2016
Moccasin adornment
Many a Little League coach
Like an available flat
Like a quiche
Letter carriers' beats
Lava, while still underground
Laid-back greeting
Knock senseless
Island strings, briefly
Inflate, as a basketball
Icicles' locales
Hoses down
Go beyond the limits of
Gem in Chinese carvings
Geek Squad callers
Football helmet feature
Food court fixture
Fail to keep pace
Energy or drug honcho
Election outcome
Earthbound Aussie avians
Defeat by a hair
Cover with interlocking stones, say
Conclude one's case
Concession stand beverage
Commercial prefix denoting coldness
Collector's goal
Chaplin or Skelton persona
Cause for shouting 'Eureka!'
Cast wearer's annoyance
CareerBuilder.com listing
Capture on a board
Buddy who played Jed Clampett
Borgnine of 'Marty'
Biz bigwig
Be a parent to
Badminton barrier
Awaiting further action
Andersen offering
Airline with a King David Club
Abbr. on mountain road signs
911 responders (Abbr.)
'Is that an order?'
'If I ___ you . . .'
'I did it!'
'Heinz 57' dog
'Flip or Flop' concern
'Fine by me' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Apr-24-2017#sthash.vPiJTH4H.dpuf

___ Antonio
Word after 'look' or 'ran'
Whiskey order
What a person does daily
VP Mike
Victimized Genesis brother
Utter, as a double-play?
Thing in the trunk
Thin wood strip
Territories, to gang members
Taking apart
Stereotypical place to be stranded
Speck of dust, e.g
Something you can't live without
Some barnyard noises
Slice off, as a branch
See from afar
Scientific eggs
Resurrection Day
Reproductive egg cell
Render void
Relative of a donkey or zebra
Prima ___
Play matchmaker
Picnic pest
Ornamental notions case
One attempting to earn badges
Old-school commotion
Old Russian monarchs
Musical Mars
Muse of poetry
Migratory skinny fish
Maryland crustacean
Make irritated by rubbing
Like krypton and some other gases
Jungle primates
Italian evening
It's printed?
It's preferred over death
Ingredient in many cosmetics
Indication that coffee is brewing
Indian dress
Good relations
Genetic inits
Fowl pole?
Eyelid inflammation
Emulate Jake Arrieta
Ease off, as a tide
Dust jacket plug
Dracula, in another form
Crisp, thin cookie
Cranberry's maturing site
Completely reverse
Common bookbag item
Column crosser
Church cry
Causing a certain NBA violation
Capital of South Dakota
Butcher's leftover mess
Bone in the leg
Big hunks
Bid alternative
Be a model
Australian gemstone
Anything in one's hometown
American elk
All eyes and ears
Admires beach bodies
A neutral tone
A foodie may cleanse it
7:1, e.g
'The Raven' author
'Single' digit
'Hasta luego'
'Before I let you go …'
'And more' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Apr-24-2017#sthash.aArlDt4D.dpuf

__ a soul (no one)
Wear away
Ventilation shaft
TV watchdog agcy
Tuxedo's collar fold
Touch down at an airport
Top of a wave
Tips of shoes
Time for the evening meal
Tennis racket target
Teheran's land
Take it easy
State south of Okla
Soprano solo
Solemn ceremonies
Soft metal
Soaks in the tub
Size below Medium
Size above Medium
Schedule book
Scare suddenly
Scallion-like veggie
Salt Lake City's state
Rich cake
Property claim
Prepare to propose
Poker stake
Player who's paid
Outer rim
Opulent residence
One __ million (rare)
NASA affirmative
More adorable
Meat inspection agcy
Made simpler
Lions' lairs
Karenina of fiction
Just before the deadline
Incoming plane stat
In tatters
Hot chili pepper
Historical records
High-schooler, usually
Heroic tales
Hawaiian hello
Have some food
Football six-pointers: Abbr
Foamy bar drinks
Fastest mover on a clock face
Employees learning the ropes
Elaborate deception
Do not possess
Decorate anew
Crystal ball user
Convey, as wisdom
Churchgoing group
Bulky TV screen
Bottom-left PC key
Biol. or chem
Beast with humps
Apply, as effort
Animal shelter transaction
Alda of "M*A*S*H"
Agassi of tennis
A few of
301 in Roman numerals
"That's all there __ it!"
"Tell the truth!"
"Steady as __ goes"
"Of __ I Sing"
"All kidding __ . . ." – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Apr-24-2017#sthash.sPBzQ5jG.dpuf

__ reaction: instinctive feeling
What some hogs hog, with 'the'
Volcanic debris
TV series starter
Traditional Asian sauce base
Took a sharp turn
Tokyo-born Yoko
Storied loch
Soft slip-on
Silent approvals
Sheet for plotting in math class
Seventh Greek letter
Scissors snips
Rx, for short
Running by itself, and where the first words of 17-, 35-, 42- and 64-Across can be placed
Rich rocks
Restore to health
Reference containing insets
Reaction to a bad pun
Puts frosting on
Provide a fake alibi for, say
Prohibition __
Points a finger at
Photoshop maker
Org. busting dealers
Online financial site
One-named Tejano singer
Object of adoration
Nibble (on)
Mystic's deck
Misspell or misspeak
Minimal effort
Militant '60s campus org
Miami Sound Machine sound machines
Menlo Park inventor
Member of the Apocalypse quartet
Market research target
Many a manga fan
Like the diving-board end of the pool
Like Croats and Serbs
Life story
Keebler cracker
Jogger's pace
Hotel employee
Hindu melody
Hard-to-resist impulse
Gridiron pass-defense scheme
Go like heck
General Bradley
From the beginning
Fort Worth sch
Expels by force
Estimate words
Eggs __: brunch dish
Dr. with Grammys
Door openers
Doone of fiction
Don Juans
Disney's '__ & Stitch'
Dish Network competitor
Come together
Cold War prez
Carton sealers
Brand for Fido
BOLO equivalents
Big name in luxury hotels
Author Capote
Attach, as a name tag
Advent mo
Added to the collection plate
Abu Dhabi's fed
'Magic' transport
'Coming Out of the Dark' singer Gloria

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