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crosswords puzzle answers 23/10/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 23/10/2016

___ too happy
___ dish
[Look what I got away with!]
Words preceding 'We stand on guard for thee'
Woodworking fasteners
With 109-Down, cochlea's place
What 'i.e.' means
Verizon subsidiary
University of Washington logo
Under the 67-Across
Under the 29-Across
Under the 105-Across
Twain's 'celebrated jumping frog'
Title fictional character who 'sprang from his Platonic conception of himself'
Thin as ___
Target customer of Yelp
Take on
Stick ___
Start of the fourth qtr
Spanish bear
Some subjects in Scheherazade's stories
Some P.O. plans
Small swigs
Sky light
Single-masted pleasure craft
Silly billy
Signature Obama legislation, for short
Sighed line
Selfish sort
See 102-Across
Sculpture medium for Calder
Ringing words?
Reagan has one named for him
R.E.M.'s 'The ___ Love'
Quite the hike
Put on the back burner
Print tint
Prestigious mil. award
Preserver of bugs
Potus #34
Portland-to-Spokane dir
Political columnist Matt
Playful leap
Places for studs
Parisian sibling
Over the 62-Across
Over the 27-Across
Over the 104-Across
One who can pick his work?
Olympics venue between London and Tokyo
Old line in Russia
Obsessed with fantasy role-playing games, say
Neck and neck
N.Y.C. div
Mushroom variety
Mount of Greek myth
Mother-of-pearl source
Melodramatic response
Many a Jazz fan
Man's name that's the reverse of 66-Down
Man's name that's the reverse of 117-Down
Lynn in the Pro Football Hall of Fame
Louis Armstrong vocal feature
Like quiche
Letters ending a business name
Leon ___, Henry James biographer
Kind of branch
Keeps up
John Paul's successor
International observance in 20-Down, informally
Informal acknowledgment of responsibility
Increasing in pitch
In low spirits
In conflict
House member from the Bay Area beginning in 1987
High point of a European vacation?
H. H. Munro's pen name
Guarantee that one will
Gerrymanders, say
Front and back, at a golf course
Friday, on old TV: Abbr
Food preservative abbr
Floor-length formalwear
Fired bullets, informally
Female W.W. II enlistee
Early British actress Nell
Dreidel, e.g
Debate moderator's day job, typically
Cry annoyingly
Crabgrass, e.g
Competitor of Sapporo and Kirin
Commercial prefix with Pen
Coat for a dentist
Clothier Bauer
Clean energy grp
Charlotte ___, V.I
Certain swinger, informally
Cause for a blessing
Castor ___ ('Popeye' guy)
Caffè ___
Buy-one-get-one-free deal
Bull session
British ___
Big Apple paper, for short
Be plentiful
Bank clock info
Balance sheet abbr
Application datum: Abbr
Abbr. on a company's sign
Abbr. in many Québec city names
'___ Flux' (Charlize Theron film)
'What have we here?!'
'Um … fancy meeting you here'
'Thinking …'
'Thinking …'
'That was dumb of me'
'Skyfall' singer
'Me Talk Pretty One Day' humorist

Yoko of 'Double Fantasy'
Yamuna River city
Walk back and forth
Vanity case for madam
Upper Volta, once
Transcript fig
Town news bearer of yore
Tom of Hollywood
Tire letters
Tequila plants
Sounds of reproof
Some tropical fruits
Remaining a mystery
Rabbitlike rodent
Psychic power
Prepare, as tea
Prepare for impact
Pitcher's place
Org. in 27-Across movies
Not this, that or those
Mystical medicine man
Moves like a butterfly
Mosquito-transmitted disease
Massage target
Manila's country
Lost in Paris?
Like zebras
Kabul's country
It runs slowly in the forest
Infomercials, e.g
Indian princess
Health resort
Hawaiian freebie
Hall-of-famers and such
Gulf of Guinea country
Give off, as light
Fix, in the animal world
Fish eggs
Extremely learned person
Elite military unit
Detach, as a medal
Deprived of nourishment
Deeply engrossed
Costa del ___
Coral Sea inlet
Cop's wheels
Continental currency
Conk out, as an engine
Carrying a burden
Camembert kin
Biblical verb ending
Become more uniform
Ball prop
At full speed on the water
Ask, as a question
Alabama city
Aired again
Adam's beloved
27-Across, for one
100 qintars
'___ the season …'
'The magic word'
'I ___ you one'

Watts of 'The Impossible'
Was attired in
Warm and snug
VMI athletes
University of Wyoming city
Toaster waffle brand
Sushi bar libation
Spy novelist Deighton
Spring bloomers
Speaks with one's hands
Some rodeo workers
Some defensive linemen
Solidarity leader Lech
Show broadcaster
Shot with lots of English
Shakepearean 'Phooey!'
Satyric feeling
Sale tag phrase
Sabot or brogan
Run-down hotel
Ready for harvest
Quarter, slangily
Quarter of the deck
Putt distance units
Puts into words
Ponzi scheme, e.g
Plot measure
Pied Piper follower
Peephole's place
Owls' prey
Ogden Nash creation
Market researcher's feedback source
Like a diehard fan
La ___ Tar Pits
Keep clear of
Jets or Sharks, in 'West Side Story'
Intensely emotional
Increased by 200 percent
In the past
Hose problem
Harry Potter friend Lovegood
H.S. course with a lab
Grant's 1860s counterpart
Fuse units
Freshman's home, most likely
Fired upon
Doubleheader half
Diet brand word
Descartes' 'therefore'
Datebook entries (Abbr.)
Cross-shaped letters
Closing credits list
Cinematographer's staff
Chin dimple
Chevy model of old
Causes an unearned run
Cause to see red
Catkin-bearing tree
Carrots, on some snowmen
Car in a Halloween parade
Campaigners' bloopers
Blended family of old TV
Birds raised for their red meat
Bearded Smurf
Batmobile rider
Barely defeat
Attorneys' org
Any of the Simpsons
Antinuclear treaty
All of the 'noble' elements
Agassi of tennis
21-Down email suffix
'___ a Lady' (Tom Jones hit)
'Yeah, sure'
'The same,' in footnotes
'Feel the ___' (Sanders slogan)
'2 Broke Girls' network

Written letter
Williams at Wimbledon
What typos on scores should do
What ice cream might top
Very, to 6 Across
Vatican surrounder
Upscale designer
Unwilling to bend
Unseal, in Shakespeare
UK flyers
Town near Santa Fe
Tight spots
The end of an __
Test for some Ph.D. seekers
Swedish-based airline
Supercharged engine
Succulent plant
Straining to see
Starfish habitats
Source of steam
Son of Jacob
Soccer prize
Sir __ Guinness
Single portion of an anthem
Shook hands with
Shades seen at sunset
Sensors, essentially
Send elsewhere
Self-conscious question
Sean of "Lord of the Rings"
Schoolyard comeback
Russian empresses
Reluctant to give details
Puts frosting on
Prayer pronoun
Pop singer __ Marie
Pop singer Furtado
Playing Chopin pieces poorly
Play parts
Picnic fare
Overly bright strings
One on a track
Omelet ingredient
Of projectile motion
Northwest capital
Neuter possessive
Nearly unobtainable
MPG monitor
Montréal mornings
Mideast region, poetically
Mexican mlle
Med. show sets
Meals with matzoh
Maine's state tree
Load, as an app
Lightweight wood
Less imaginative
Legendary flier
LBJ successor
Largest glandular organ
Lake __ Vista, FL
Kate, in "Titanic"
Is vanquished by
Invitation info
Invitation heading
Increase, with "up"
In the course of
Ice Age novelist
Hydrocarbon ending
Helpful group
Have risen for the day
Had on
Groovy acknowledgment
Governmental games
Got too hot
Gentleman caller
Future dr.'s exam
Full measure
Frozen foods, e.g
Free (of)
Foster Grant rival
Flight formations
Flaubert heroine
First calendario month
Feign feelings
Farrow of film
Farfalle or fusilli
Far from windy
Evaluation standard
Escape successfully
Entomology specimen
Ending for buck
Ending for "most" words
Editor's directive
Dramatic entryway
Diet brand descriptor
Cupid alias
CPR class venue
Compass reading
Comparatively cool
Come out with
Carpentry tools
Canine sound
Bryn __ College
Brewer's buy
Blue shade
Bird's bill: Fr
Big name in mascara
Be deserving of
Be a debtor of
Bank-acct. stat
Ballpark accommodation
B-to-B bravery
Atomic energy org
Asset excess
Apr. addressee
African fly
Addis __, Ethopia
Accustom (to)
47th Vice President
1810s First Family
124 Across winner Hammerstein
10K souvenir
"The Godfather" composer Nino
"Outta here!"
"La Traviata" composer
"Is that stringed clatter necessary?"
"I didn't play 'Moonlight' that terribly!"
"Friends" guy
"Be quiet!"

Wilbur Post's equine
Where some wedges are used
This evening, on marquees
Tension-building part of an at bat
Sum up, in short
Subway fare?
Stuffed shirt
Spring growth
Slaughter of baseball
Shivaree implements
Roman roads
Prenuptial bashes
Polynesian kingdom
Perp prosecutors, briefly
Pasture sounds
Olympic speed skater Heiden
Old gray beast
Noted Titanic passenger
Moldable kids' stuff
Missed by ___ (was way off)
Michael Jackson, e.g
Manse dweller
Make like Cruella De Vil
Major under Custer
Little Boy dropper ___ Gay
Like some Greek architecture
Kramden's buddy
Justice appointed after Clarence
It's manual on old cars
In a high state of readiness
Humane Society transactions
Hosp. workers
Hawaiian coffees
Great strength or force
GPS part (abbr.)
Goes to the other side again, as a street
Goal of a box office purchase
Give a right to, as privileges
Fifth canonical hour
European travel expert Steves
Egyptian sun deity
Disney forte
Digestive juices
County in Nebraska
Cone creators
Computer term
Certain heads of state
Carpenter's tool
Become a reality
Be caught, as by a trick
Airport serving Tokyo
Acknowledges tacitly
1948 Olivia de Havilland drama
'Waiting to Exhale' star Angela
'Siddhartha' author Hermann
'Outside' prefix used in 'Ghostbusters'
'Milk' Oscar winner Sean

Worst of the worst
With 113-Across, 'Funeral in Berlin' author
Winds up or winds down
Waikiki wingding
Vice squad incursions
Vet student's workplace
Very destructive
Used Lyft, say
Upgrade, as on Yelp
Type of massage
Treat on a stick
Tossed a bone to
Tool for Cupid
Took off
Tiger, e.g
Thunder sound
Talks like Daffy
Talked a blue streak?
Sunburn salve
Subj. with unknowns
Student advocacy gp
Street fare seekers
Stooge with a bowl haircut
Sticks figure
Specialized slicing tools
SpaceX CEO Musk
Sounded nostalgic about
Shadow targets
Send for
See 49-Across
Seasonal drink
Racing Unsers
Prankster's missile
Potted dwarf
Playground retort
Peter Benchley thriller
Perry's creator
Part of a circ
Ownership claim … and a hint to the relationship of each answer to a starred clue to a word it intersects
Others, in Oaxaca
NYC commuter letters
Nursery cry
New Mexico county bordering El Paso
Name on the 1984 album 'My Kind of Country'
Mr. or Mrs
Money immediately available
Mo. town
Mining haul
Match made in heaven
Marsh duck
Make a home
Luxurious fur
Lose intensity
Looks really happy
Links seen at pga.com
Line crosser
Like jeggings
Like a paddling surfer
Lifesaver, initially
Letters connected to theater capacity
Lerner collaborator
Legal scholar Guinier
Leaves for a Chinese dinner
Lacking width and depth
King with a pipe
Kept from squeaking
It's in our genes
It's charged
It has Air, Mini and Pro versions
Ill-kept confidence
Huffy states
Hawk's domain
Have a loan from
Hard-to-imagine period
Govt. guidelines
Gloomy fellow
Giants great Mel
Furry sci-fi creature
Foreman stat
Folk tales
Fist bumps
Fervently wishes
Eight, to Mozart
Earth goddess
Duma vote
Drive-thru burger chain whose name has two hyphens
Drink, in Dover
Doctoral candidate's hurdles
Disappeared from view
Did some farm work
Dance partner
Curaçao cocktail
Courier and Roman
Country on St. George's Channel
Consequence of the telemarketing boom
Computer game title island
Company with an ironically crooked logo
Company with a blue bird logo
Cologne cooler
Collectible baseball card brand
Coarsely insulting, as language
Classic for which Pavarotti won a Grammy
Churchill, notably
Chugged, say
Chicago's __ Center
Center of Florida?
Carlo __: wine brand
CalArts degree
Boston-to-D.C. rail service
Book jacket entry
Bonnie or Clyde
Blue heron kin
Block from the White House
Bilingual subj
Beige shade
Barcelona-born muralist
Ballerina's hairdo
Award declined by George C. Scott
Approaching the hour
American Red Cross founder Barton
Almond __: candy
1990 #1 rap hit
*Second-longest reigning British monarch
*Noted WWII lifesaver
*Memorable 1968 role for Mia
*First of all?
*First human woman, in Greek myth
*English surgeon Henry
'Really, Captain Obvious?'
'Popeye' pirate
'I never __ purple cow … ': Burgess
'Fresh Air' airer

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