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crosswords puzzle answers 23/05/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 23/05/2017

You, in Tours
X-ray alternative
What an air ball misses
Wash. neighbor
Village Voice award
TV show that comes on at 11:29 (not 11:30) p.m
Train system: Abbr
Throws a fit
TD Garden athlete, informally
Talent for music
Suffix with morph-
Start of a web address
Some mechanics' tool collections
Silent 'Welcome' giver
Sashimi staple
San ___, Italy
Salmon type
Rainbow ___
Quaint fashion accessory
Potentially offensive
Pond organism
Plays charades
Pie ___ mode
Penn of 'Harold & Kumar' films
Pekoe, for one
Part lopped off by la guillotine
Others, in Oaxaca
Onetime giant in consumer electronics
Neither fem. nor masc
Native of Mocha
Nanny goat's cry
Marriott competitor
Make rough
Make a pass at
Main line from the heart
Lies by the pool, say
Kitchen cabinet
Isthmus land
Informal cry from someone who is duped
How pasta may be prepared
Gorge oneself, with 'out'
Future perfect tense in grammar class, e.g
Fully explain
Friendly Islands native
Figure skating event … or what the circled items always come in
Fairy tale meanie
Fair-hiring letters
Enthusiastic assent
Early anesthetic
Drugstore location, often
Dress down
Dig deeply
Deposited soil
Dalmatian feature
Coveted, as a position
Cousin of lager
Core belief
Cold one
Cause of yawns
Brian who composed 'Discreet Music'
Bread that's often brushed with ghee
Bounce back
Bloom on a pad
Big step for a young company, for short
Big college major, informally
Bank jobs
Baldwin known for his presidential impersonation
Audited, as a class
Aquafina competitor
'Wow, unbelievable!'
'Well, all right then'
'Live Free or Die Hard' director Wiseman
'Be quiet!'
'A Dream Within a Dream' writer – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—May-23-2017#sthash.0rkR9zDG.dpuf

Youthful time
Yosemite and Bridalveil, in Yosemite National Park
Whip up some cookies
Up to
Unstressed vowels
Trade show
The curb is often painted next to them
Teensy pest
Tallow source
Take to the slopes
Take to court
Take offense at
Steinbeck novel with a title from Genesis
Singer Joan
Singer Joan
Shoots the breeze
Seething state
Scuba tank fill
Prodigious pipes
Post supporting a banister
Path to enlightenment
Order to Spot
One of 500 in a ream
Nods, perhaps
Nods, perhaps
Narrow cut
Musical that includes the song 'The Name's LaGuardia'
Muffin material
Mel who was a New York Giant for 22 seasons
Match division
Malia Obama's younger sister
Lowish cards
Like some poker games
Like some jokes and some cops
Letter before iota
Lend a hand
Junior, to Senior
John or Paul
His presidential library is in Austin, Tex
Have ___ for (crave)
Got to one's feet
Genealogist's determination
Forest creature that's unaccounted for?
Food and a den, for a forest creature?
First female
Fellow who compromises his values
Eva's 'Green Acres' role
Electrically hot
Deborah's 'The King and I' co-star
Dark brown forest creature?
Crow cry
Climber's challenges
Cheese usually made with sheep's milk
Check points?
Campbell's offering
Caiman's cousin
Brewery sight
Brewery product
Brass and bronze
Brand whose first flavor was Pep-O-Mint
Boat's backbone
Barista's creation
As ___ (generally)
Arrived unexpectedly
Amicable forest creatures?
'Maybe' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—May-23-2017—Out-of-the-Woods#sthash.2cXI5nXE.dpuf

___-brown potatoes
Word heard in church
Win every game in a series
Wild American plum
Wild Alpine goat
When doubled, a dance
Warning of imminent danger
Village People classic
Type of maniac
Type of hygiene
Tricky billiards shot
Tribal symbol
Trait carriers
Tiny parasites
Thailand, once
Tennis pro, often
Some are noble
Skin pics
Sierra ___
Siberian city
Show satisfaction, in a way
San ___, Calif
Restaurateur on 'The Sopranos'
Response to a threat
Relating to early morning
Placed, as floor tiles
Perfume bottle amount, often
Part couch, part bed
Out-and-out or downright
One reason to get a wheel alignment
Ohio town with lots of rubber
Make a slight move
Made a sound of relief
Lecherous men
Large group of people
Jacket arm
Have a strong desire for
Half an African fly
Gabbana's partner in fashion
Fun, energetic things for older people to have
Full of spunk and lip
Friend or supporter
Four before?
Former couple
Fireplace residues
Figure out by deduction
Fertile soil
Farmer's moneymaker
Eyelid protuberances
Evasive and congerlike
English river
Discrimination against the old
Defeated everyone else
Courtroom event
Cooking fat
Common piano lesson
Certain Native American (var.)
Bye, in Milan
Boy doll
Big Board inits
Beehive state
Baseball tallies
Bad-weather contingency
Any platter of the '50s
Anonymous surname
Anagram of 'soar'
Almond or eggshell relative
'That's certainly true!'
'Rock-___, baby …'
'Can you ___ little slower?'
'Bitter' part
'And did I mention …' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—May-23-2017#sthash.R7jLCAkr.dpuf

___ Day (Feb. 29)
William with a crossbow
Wild and crazy sort
Watch an entire TV marathon, say
Uber alternative
Turns sunny
Toys with tails
Toon vendor of anvils and TNT
Summon, as a memory
Soup toss-in, perhaps
So last year
Slice on a burger, maybe
Site for cyber-bids
Silk and spandex, for two
Setting a world record, say
Set units, at the gym
Seek an answer
Seeded or seedless loaf
Santa's rosy features
Salon services
Put up with
Porcine tusker
Play chords, perhaps
Place to hibernate
Opera set in Egypt
One of the Gershwins
Nursery noisemaker
Nourishing repast, of which 17-, 26- or 44-Across might be a literal component
Niagara Falls phenomenon
Much of it is junk
Mineral abundant in kale
Mega- or giga- follower
Marple or Piggy
Mardi Gras follower
Like yesterday's donuts
Lie alongside
Leave in stitches
Kids around
Jackrabbits, actually
It's unbeatable in war
Interviewee's wear, perhaps
Ingrid's role in 'Casablanca'
Inaugural ball, e.g
In a perfect world
Gridders with a horseshoe logo
Golfers' bookings
General Mills product in party mix
Gene, 'the singing cowboy'
Gas brand with a triangular logo
From this moment
Foal's mother
Flower resembling a fleur-de-lis
First name in daytime talk
Field of expertise
Feathery accessory
Eggy, buttery French bread
Drain of energy
Door frame part
Defective cherry bomb
Day care attendee
Cook in the microwave
Conclusion from the flock
Comfy corner
Class for newcomers to the U.S
City skyline obscurer
Burroughs' jungle boy
Blue-green shade
Big name in skin care
Bat's navigation aid
Avoid taking action
Assemblage of ants
Almanac tidbit
'Vette roof option
'___ had it!'
'The Hobbit' hero Baggins
'Thar ___ blows'
'Kemo Sabe' speaker
'Enchanted' role for Anne Hathaway – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—May-23-2017#sthash.vJ0qlCnL.dpuf

__ mater
Work hard
Word game square
Whitish gem
Weightlifter's bane
Video chat device
Valentine flower
Toledo's lake
Tiny amount
Three-layer cookies
The present time
Summit or apex
Study all night
Start admitting both boys and girls
Staircase bar
Spicy chip dip
Snow vehicle
See the world
Sedan or coupe
Sculptor's work
Rope supporting a bridge
Rock used to make sparks
Resting on
Provoke to anger
Poetic "before"
Pepsi or Coke
Parts of a constellation
One of a courtroom dozen
One more time
Of the moon
Not quite shut
Not much, as of paint
Nevada city
Nearly all
Mouse-catching device
Motel's swimming spot
Memo-directing abbr
Maui or Oahu
Mama's mate
Jabbed with a finger
Is able to
High in calories
Helpers: Abbr
Hardy's comedy partner
Hair stylist's shop
Greet casually
Gooey stuff
Get __ the ground floor
Garb for Julius Caesar
Garage job, for short
Force back
Des Moines resident
Crunchy sandwiches, briefly
Concave navel
Changed the color of
British blokes
Because someone clued you in
Atlas contents
Armored vehicle
"__ said it!"
"So that's it!"
"Auld Lang __" – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—May-23-2017#sthash.pOp7d1yw.dpuf

With competence
With 71-Across, rocker whose first name anagrams a West Coast airport code
Winter ailment
What the nose knows
Volcanic rocks
Vineyard unit
Tot's piggy
Theater guides
Terrier on the Yellow Brick Road
Tackled, as a task, with 'at'
Sumatran ape
Spy org. created under Truman
Spencer of 'Good Morning America'
Sonic the Hedgehog game company
Small fruit pies
Skewed view
Ship's backbone
See 63-Down
Saloon slugfest
Recipe instruction
Really wiped out
Pure joy
Promotional connection
Private's denial
Prefix with centric or caching
Potato holder
Plant used in tequila production
Place to de-stress
Place for wet cannonballs
Picasso who painted Gertrude Stein
Move like a river
Mortimer on Bergen's knee
Ming museum piece
Like many resold items
Like an accurate hockey shot
Like 24-karat gold
Layered cookie
Intensely excited
Iberian Peninsula country
Hometown of St. Teresa
High-ranking angel
Get one's tootsies wet
Filmdom's Flynn
Fair-hiring letters
Essential point
Dubai's fed
Dreadlocks wearer
Died down
Dermatologist's surgical tool
Comparatively outlandish
Civil rights gp
Case workers' org.?
Black, to a poet
Arctic or Indian
Arbor Day month
Appetizer often served with duck sauce
Angelic glow
Altar words
Allow to pass
2016 Best Picture (no, wait; it wasn't!) … and a fitting place for the answers to starred clues?
*Teaching aid for learning foreign tongues
*Superboy's girlfriend
*Satisfaction after setbacks
*Deep blue gemstone
*Cowboy star with a bullwhip
'__ skies of blue and clouds of white … ': 'What a Wonderful World'
'__ la Douce'
'__ I lie to you?'
'__ girl!'
'St. __ Fire'
'Cheers' waitress
'Believe' singer

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