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crosswords puzzle answers 23/02/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 23/02/2017

___ rose (English heraldic emblem)
Wister who was known as the father of western fiction
Where Herbert Hoover was born
Where Harley-Davidson Inc. is HOG
What might get the ball rolling
What might get the ball rolling
Wayne Gretzky, for 10 seasons
TV Land programming
Tropical fruit
Toiletry brand whose TV ads once featured the Supremes
Title meaning 'master'
Thus far
They come after 12
The devil's playthings, they say
Tale of derring-do
Tabloid pair
Song that might have hosannas
Something you might get with a piercing, informally
Some personnel info: Abbr
Short run?
School with five March Madness titles
Request at the barber's
Purplish bloom
Pulls a fast one on
Principle behind yin and yang
Org. that started during the California gold rush
Novelist Fitzgerald
Native people of Guatemala
Napoleon's place
Muslim face veil
Midwest capital, to locals
Michael who played Bruce Wayne's butler
Many a W.S.J. subscriber
Letters preceding a pseudonym
Lawman played by James Garner and Kevin Costner
Join together
Joan nicknamed 'The Godmother of Punk'
Island in the Coral Triangle
Indefinite ordinal
Hot temper
Home of the all-vowel-named town Aiea
Historical record
Highland tongue
Help stimulate the economy
Flood (in)
Fight on a mat, in dialect
Establishments that often have porte cochères
Engine cover
Electrical system
Drone's mission
Domain of Horus, in Egyptian myth
Dog, cat or hamster
Cohen who co-founded an ice cream company
Clear the dishes?
City where LeBron James was born
Capital of Sweden
California's ___ Woods
Burrowing animal of southern Africa
Alan of 'Argo'
Advisory grp. to the president
Actor Turner of 'The Hobbit'
A tater can produce up to four of these
A party to
*Bulletin board fasteners
*1970s fad item
'___ plaisir!'
'___ be my pleasure!'
'Which weighs more – a pound of feathers or a pound of lead?' and others
'Hell if I know!'
'Dr.' of rap
'Back to my point …'
'As a result …' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Feb-23-2017#sthash.U3mYtMVZ.dpuf

You might have a hand in it
Urban pollutant
They may be bitter
Take off the bench
Surface measure
Start for athlete or cycle
Spelling pro?
Short rest
Sheet of stamps
Shamefully slight
Shady spots
Severe experiences
Set adrift
Sails' staffs
Put on a new coat
Put into words
Prohibition word
Perp zapper
P at the Parthenon
Org. awarded an honorary Oscar in 1985
Onetime JFK lander
Novosibirsk negative
More likely to shock
Madrid misses: Abbr
Lots to buy
Like many thrillers
Lasse Hallstroem and Ingmar Bergman, e.g
It burns in 'Gone With the Wind'
Iranian refinery city
Ice cream parlor choices
Hit 1985 Japanese comedy film
Hamburger hollers
Haifa howdy
Godot, famously
Fall to a very low level, as sales
Enjoy a La-Z-Boy, perhaps
End of a well-known Butler quote
Ed.'s workload
County southwest of London
Contest that takes seconds
Comes to
Cheer after a charge
Cash, for one
Butterfield of 'Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children'
Breezy films
Brainstorming diagram
Best Picture in which cops arrested gang leader Barker?
Best Picture about Oberon's son?
Best Picture about Milhouse's relation to Bart?
Best Picture about a less cowardly police force?
Best Picture about a curmudgeon living in the woods?
Before, briefly
Before sunrise
Barrio visitor
Barbecuer's spice mix
Alternative to laces
According to
Abbey address
'You had your chance!'
'The Matrix' hero
'Sprechen ___ Deutsch?'
'Mr. Robot' carrier – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Feb-23-2017—Oscar-Shifts#sthash.ndvhe1JS.dpuf

Zaragoza's river
Word that can follow the first parts of 17- and 60-Across and 11- and 29-Down
Weight of an empty truck
Utters, as invectives
USSR part
Treat for a trick
Tennis stadium near Citi Field
Tempe sch
Summer weather fig
Suffix with kitchen or towel
Stack-serving chain
Source of chocolate
Sondheim's 'Sweeney ___'
Some pass catchers
Shop lingo
Second Amendment issue
Say 'B-E-E,' say
Santa suit stainer
Rob who played Michael Stivic
Recruit's fare
Pub round
Proofs of age (Abbr.)
Process, as sugar
Pro or con, in a debate
Prefix with trust or rust
Poodle ___ (1950s wear)
Place to shop
Pick on playfully
Pays for a hand
Party boat rental
Paine and Jefferson, theologically
Nineveh's kingdom
Neptune's domain
Musical with the song 'Memory'
Marsh growths
Mark for life
Many a Dust Bowl migrant
Malia, to Sasha
Macho man
Lode yields
Like Buffalo winters
Like an instinct
Libidinous god
Leave undisturbed
Lead-ins to holidays
Island strings, for short
In alignment
Headgear for Elmer Fudd
Guitarist's gizmo
Groups of gym reps
Golden calf et al
Goes public with
Goals to strive for
Fork-tailed shorebird
Fenway team, on scoreboards
FedExed, say
Faberge collectibles
Disco ___ ('The Simpsons' character)
Diesel or Wankel
Diarist Anais
Comes down in buckets
Chopin practice piece
Causes of some celebrity clashes
Cartoonist Addams, familiarly
Brief operatic solo
Bonnie and Clyde job
Blows one's stack
Blond shade
Blend with a spoon, maybe
Bit of vocal fanfare
Beer after a shot
Baskin-Robbins serving
'Frankenfood' letters
'Be silent,' on a score
'Arrivederci, ___'
'Amores' poet – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Feb-23-2017#sthash.mzqYWpc8.dpuf

Year-end temp
Walking-on-air feeling
Walker alternative
Wagon wheel groove
Ungentlemanly sort
Tooth points
Things for underwater work
Thing to do at the end of one's rope?
Strip of equipment, as a ship
Stick in the mouth?
Some African nut trees
Small overnight bag
Sharp mountain ridge
Serving others?
Secluded vale
Reached ground
Puts straight, as car tires
Prayer conclusion
Police car warning
Plot progression
Pledge of Allegiance word
Phrase before 'carte' or 'king'
Past enthusiastic
Open, as a soda bottle
One TV Spelling
Not for many to know
Missile housing
Minivan kin
Metal fastener
Man with a theory
Man with a salty wife
Male of the flock
Major water carriers
Machine gun from Israel
Long, narrow fish
Like some artwork or letters
Like a worn footpath (with 'well')
Light-blue shade
Letters that roll?
Lake Lucerne canton
King who had a gilt complex?
Kind of campus protest
India's longest-serving P.M
Hinder legally
Group of 100 in Washington
Gets 'warmer'
French farewell
Foot digit
Fixed, as broken tiles
Fits in
Fighting wildly
Eye part
Evidence that is hard to refute
Entrance to a patio, sometimes
Entertaining circus creature
Emulate a bull
Eggs of old Rome
Dutch cheese in a ball
Collection of anecdotes
Clear clutter
Campus VIP
Bug and then some
Attracting device
Actor Beatty
'Ten o'clock and ___ well'
'Nim's Island' author Wendy
'Don't make ___!' (freeze)
'Beware the ___ of March'
'And what have we here?'
'12 ___ or less'
' ___ the ramparts …' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Feb-23-2017#sthash.zItSnEWN.dpuf

Wonderland bird
Whom Whoopi succeeded on "The View"
Wheel turner
What might get a "Brava!"
Wedding acquisitions
Trade center
Subtle atmospheres
Stat in hockey or baseball
Squirrel away
Skyscraper support
Skip past
Silent acknowledgment
Silent acknowledgment
Shade of gray
See-through dessert
Seats of conceit
Royal flush component
Roll along, in a way
Ritual rest
Poet Dove
Physical, for one
Pharmacy measure
Part of many makeovers
Pac-12 member
Online health-info source
One of the Titans
Occult signs
Norway's patron saint
Multilayered lunches
Middle of a Mamet title
Major vessel
Major muddle
Legislative largesse
Invoice abbr
Inflict, as mayhem
Hot stuff
Holography device
Flamboyant artist
First responder crew: Abbr
Final-season "Idol" judge
Faux pas
Faux pas
Extend with
Edifice complex
Dukes and earls
Do perfectly
Do perfectly
Distillery fixture
City near Sacramento
Chicken style
Championship game
Casual clothes
Brief "in" things
Book before Romans
Beatrix Potter contemporary
Auto flaps
Apocrypha archangel
Abundant spread
"This instant!"
"Madame Butterfly" costume – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Feb-23-2017#sthash.doyWJmA9.dpuf

___ out a living (barely manages)
What bouncers are hired to take care of?
Try to influence, in a way
Trick ___ (unpredictable joint)
Took a quick glance
Teen drama set in Newport Beach
Streak in the night
Strad's relative
Step on a ladder
Stealthy mercenary
Starbucks option
Sounds from spas
Some tofu sources
Some revolutionaries
Some rectangular symbols on scores
Some police operations
Scottish turndown
Rhyme for 'Roboto' in 'Mr. Roboto'
Reddish-orange grazing place?
Procreate, biblically
Plenty full
Place of paradise
Place for imagination, so to speak
Passenger conveyance
Org. employing codebreakers
One prone to kvetching
One of the HOMES lakes
Negative conjunction
Nash of humorous rhymes
Mr. Potato Head accessory
Memo intro
Member of a fam
Member of a fam
Majors' place
Listing on a British noble's sked?
Line dance of old
Like some powerful rockets and missiles
Kitchen implement that's flying off the shelves?
Ineffective look of anger?
I, on the periodic table
High-level cover-up?
Had a bite
Got smart
Gone from black-and-white to color, perhaps
Goes gooey
Get rid of contaminants in
Georgia of 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show'
Forever and a day
Football lineman
First half of LIFO, per accountants
Feminine side, to Jung
Evenings, in adspeak
Elf of 'The Lord of the Rings' trilogy
Director often seen at Knicks games
Dictator Amin
Denizen of many a petting zoo
City west of Stillwater, Oklahoma
Chinese philosophical concept
Champs-___ (Paris tourist attraction)
Capable person
Bus. card info
Bauhaus artist Paul
Awards some stars to
'The ___' (financial barometer)
'The Sonnets to Orpheus' poet
'That is so cool!'
'I'm good to go'
'How could you stab me in the back like that?'
'Close enough, I guess' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Feb-23-2017#sthash.6IrLRwQi.dpuf

__ Lingus
__ Her Way
__ Adams
Waist-length jackets
U.S. neighbor
Trademarked weapon
Swears by
State as fact
Spade creator
Sounds at spas
Slanted piece
Siren's victim
Singer's warm-up syllables
Singer Kitt
Sign-off words
She, in Cherbourg
Screen __
Rib eye alternative
Polynesian archipelago natives
Philip Glass' 'Einstein on the Beach,' e.g
Openly enjoy, as soup
One-piece beachwear
Oldest U.S. capital
Norse explorer
Much-followed star
Much toothpaste
MSN, for one
Miracle Mets manager Hodges
Metaphor for jobs
Melodic movements
Like siblings
Letter between November and Papa
Lav, in London
Kind of bath
Kelly's ex-partner
John who composed the 'NBA on NBC' theme song
Jesus of baseball
Jazzy Jones
Is serious
Indy-winning family name
Impulse conductors
Impede, as a plot
Heads up
Guinness suffix
Gorge crosser
Gather up
Frozen fruit-flavored drinks
Four Corners state
Former Chrysler head
Former #1 golfer Lorena who hosts an annual Guadalajara LPGA event
Faint trace
Ethan of 'Boyhood'
End of a baseball game, usually
Early Jewish scholar
DIRECTV parent
Director Lupino
Daughter of Agamemnon
Corny state?
Convened again
Bummed out
Blog comment format usually interpreted as the word spelled by eight aptly circled puzzle letters
Belgian treaty city
Bar opening?
Ante- kin
Ancient region now part of France
Adorable one
Actress Vardalos
66, e.g.: Abbr
2017 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee
2015 Big Ten champs: Abbr
116-year-old prize
'Who __ you kidding?'
'Picnic' dramatist
'Just like that!'
'I'm good'
'A Clockwork Orange' narrator
'… __ quit!'

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