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crosswords puzzle answers 23/01/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 23/01/2017

___ Ste. Marie, Mich
Wrong for the role
Writers' wrongs?
What the starts of 17-, 26-, 35- and 50-Across are
What it takes to tango
Versatile piece of furniture
Used a light beam on in surgery
Trig or calc
To whom Butler said 'Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn'
Tel Aviv native
Takes a chair
Something cleared up by Clearasil
Some pudgy, middle-aged physiques, informally
Slow-cooked beef entree
Sch. run by the Latter-day Saints
Samuel of the Supreme Court
Red Monopoly purchases
Recorded on a cassette
Put into law
Passage in a plane
One with a leg up in the circus business?
Off to the ___ (starting strong)
October birthstones
Many a John Wayne film, informally
Macy's Thanksgiving event
Long-necked waders
Little shaver, to a Scot
List-ending abbr
Like a live radio announcer
Laughs loudly
Language in Vientiane
Kindle or Nook
Indian tribe that lent its name to two states
Indenting key
High on pot
Have bills
Hang, Wild West-style
Gambling scam
Fly swatter sound
Fabled city of wealth sought by conquistadors
Detroit factory output
Described, as something in the past
Cow sound
Corkscrew-shaped noodles
Container for eggs
Coll. entrance exam
Clear the blackboard
Cincinnati team
Carb-heavy buffet area
Bottle alternative
Big name in retail jewelry
Big name in potato chips
Before, to Byron
Aware of, in cool-cat slang
Asia's ___ Sea
All thumbs
Alert to squad cars, for short
Akron's home
Airing after midnight, say
Actor Hawke of 'Boyhood'
401(k) relative
'Your work is wonderful'
'So THAT's the story here!'
'Shucks, you shouldn't have!'
'Kisses, dahling!'
'How do you ___?' (court query)
'Go ahead, shoot!'
'Evil Woman' rock grp
'50s Ford flops – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Jan-23-2017#sthash.wTY6hYI8.dpuf

___ fly
Worry-free state
Weapon for masked athletes
Utah ski resort
Ultimate act of betrayal
Super star?
Sum total
Stone of 'La La Land'
Statement that might prompt folding
Stadium level
Spoken tests
Spirit in a Moscow mule
Smelting material
School locker location
Scarlett's plantation
Saint at the Pearly Gates
Russian ruler of the past
Running shoe brand
Running gag
Ristorante fare
Possible earthquake aftereffect
Persian's weapon
Org. that issues food recalls
One in front
None too bright
NBC news anchor Lester
Mongolia setting
Molecule component
Marx's masterwork
Lippy remarks
Kubrick computer
Knock for a loop
Kind of closet
John of 'High Fidelity'
Jazz band staple
Jackson Hole beast
Infielder Ripken
In need of spices
Howled like a wolf
Healthy green vegetable
Guessed-at fig
Grassy dance attire
Gentle toss
Gas pump number
Garb for a Highland games competitor
Galileo's birthplace
Furniture seller with unique product names
Fun facts
Floppy top
Fish eggs
Fish eggs
Feat for a duffer
DVR button label
Drop in on
Dog trainer's command
Does penance
Do the laundry
Dirty quarters
Cuts back
Comes down with
Classic toy introduced in 1960
Claim on a property
Cause for some TV-MA ratings
Cat with colorful points
Bus. bigwig
Boxer's doc
Best of seven, for example
Beatles song, for example
Bart's grandpa
Bag-scanning org
Assassination, mafia-style
2001 Tom Cruise/Penelope Cruz movie
'That's a lie!'
'Sounds good!'
'Look here!'
'Hold on!'
'Gimme ___!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Jan-23-2017—Inquire-Within#sthash.STGsnyuq.dpuf

Words of rejection
Word often cut from headlines
What's at the end of a tunnel, proverbially
What high spirits and eagles do
Vacation involving packing
Unidentified Jane or John
Tinker with text
The stuff of bird feeders
The Roaring Twenties and others
The act of sticking together
Tattered clothing, e.g
Strong impulse
Starchy veggie, in slang
Stand around aimlessly
Series shutout
Semi-aquatic alligator relative
See 24-Across
Romantic poetry's 'before'
Relief or alleviation
Really strapped for cash
Poker player's giveaway
Poker fees
Place with water jets
Part of a phone number
Outpouring, as of words
Old-fashioned 'Goodness!'
Nice book?
Nautical spine
Monstrous loch
Mas' guys
Makes wine 'fine'
Main artery from the heart
Load on board
Like many cars for sale
Like a wet noodle
Leak slowly
Kind of lodge
Killed, as a dragon
Kidnapper's demand
Keats offering
It's far from a full meal
Involuntary twitch, e.g
Ink mishap
Hyperlinked item, often
Harp ancestors
Good buddy
Glimpse in the distance
Gas burner of labs
Former Italian currency
Flower with sword-shaped leaves
Fizzle on Broadway
Father's female sibling, to you
Fairly matched
Dovetail joint part
Dignified manner or conduct
Create text
Court summons
Cook's thickening agent
Common spicy snack
Colossal, in the film biz
Colored part of the eye
Cockatoo topper
Chinese 'bear'
Champion's prize, sometimes
Blueprint contents
Bitter brew
Bit of land in the sea
Betsy Wetsy maker
Beaut or stunner
Be extremely generous
Be a good sport
Bathsheba's ill-fated husband
Arrow-shooter on Olympus
'It's been ___ pleasure!'
'Do-well' start – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Jan-23-2017#sthash.CrcC5Rks.dpuf

Woman from the barrio, most likely
Without prior inspection
Winding downhill course
Where swine dine
Upside-down sleepers
Typography option
Trevi Fountain coin, once
Those folks
Tex-Mex dips
Tender strokes
Target rival
Symbol of gloom, in comics
Switchboard staffers
Stop on a movie studio tour
Stone for some Scorpios
Steinway string material
Steep-roofed house style
Standard reply
SpongeBob's milieu
Spike Lee's 'She's ___ Have It'
Shipbuilding wood
SEALs' org
Sans escort
Rugged, as a cliff
Rotund desert plant
Rock band Blink 182, for one
Recipe phrase
Ready to pluck
Razor brand introduced in 1977
Quick to learn
PX customers
Pugilist's weapons
Pricing word
Pooh's 'hunny' holder
Playground plank
Pitch-checking gadget
Phone-to-phone message
Pendulum's path
Patches up
Overly permissive
Online pop-up producer
One who's no pro
More like a milquetoast
Misleading maneuver
Mineo of 'Exodus'
Medicinal measure
Masseur's target area, maybe
Make a wrong turn, say
Lauder of cosmetics
Land in a lake
King Kong or Donkey Kong
Husbands of countesses
Hardly any
Get one's mitts on
Dove's home
Day-___ paint
Croquet opponent of the Queen of Hearts
Cream-colored horses
County or country statistics
Cornerstone abbr
Common coffee break hr
Chinese Disney heroine
Causes to see red
Cause of goose bumps
Camelot, to King Arthur
Bronco's offspring
Before now
Bearded Smurf
Be dishonest with
Barnyard brayer
Assign new actors to
Amusement park transport
'You may kiss the bride' spot
'Speak up!'
'South Park' co-creator Parker
'Bye, old bean!'
'. . . and children of all ___!'
'&' follower in some business names – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Jan-23-2017#sthash.Zipa3VRP.dpuf

__ so (nevertheless)
__ of the time (now and then)
__ and crafts
Young grizzlies
Words of concern
Wide necktie
West Coast coll
Went by bus or train
Walkway between floors
Walk through water
Volcano's outflow
Venetian blind strip
Unfortunate accident
Twilled suit material
Turn to slush
Touch on the shoulder
Took a tour
Tiresome person
Tiny bite
Tavern projectile
Suspicious (of)
Spelling contests
Soon-to-be grads: Abbr
Song from long ago
Snug and warm
Sedans and coupes
Scottish caps
Remote-control button
Read a bar code
Prom dresses
Point in the right direction
Piece of lettuce
Paid out
Old furnace fuel
Nickname for a noncom
More skilled
Mo. city with the Gateway Arch
Minestrone, for one
Mine passageway
Medicinal amount
Mall alternatives to a 49 Across
Make happy
Make amends (for)
Lawyer's customer
Is introduced to
Horses' paces
Hollywood award
Hawaiian garlands
Has a meal
Had debts
Garden soil
Garden nuisance
Farmland measure
Fake wood in a fireplace
Eight-person band
Drive too fast
Do great on a test
Direction finder that points north
Con games
Complete collections
Ceiling painter's climbing aid
Camper's shelter
Bright fire
Automated alternatives to a 49 Across
Attend a party alone
Arrest, informally
Any carbonated soft drink
Antlered animal
Admired one
"Spoiled" kid
"Now it's clear"
"Is it Miss, Ms., or __?" – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Jan-23-2017#sthash.ark0R3Rm.dpuf

Young socialites
Wrangler alternatives
Went wild
Way off base?
Tijuana tender
Thief of a sort
Téa of 'Jurassic Park III'
Takes forcefully
Take a break from cooking, say
Sparkling wine source
Sound systems
Sonata closers, often
Some Mustang models
Sixties trip starter, initially
Renounce, as a family member
Reality show judge Cowell
Ready to rock
Queen ___ lace
Professional org
Post-performance performance
Popular place for visitors
Point toward the sunset?
On the briny
Oft-chewed item
Negative responses
Needing kneading
Moves like lava
Mmes. of Tijuana
Martinez with three Cy Young Awards
Look here and there
Lightly fry
Liechtenstein's range
Least obvious
Knock for ___ (astonish)
Kite part
Joined, as the military
It's a ball
It might be out on a limb
Informal repayment promise
Heroic narratives
Headline, and feature shared by 19-, 34-, 39-, and 53-Across
Harbor helpers
Frequent flier
Eyes amorously
En ___ (all together)
Drive-through decision
Dentist's directive
Debate side
Crystal ball user
Cough medicine dosage, often
Cool-sounding musician?
Controversial music genre
Check entries
Business goal
Boxer's doc
Beehive State player
Bag-screening org
Attacked with gusto
Actor's minimum wage
Acquired relative
'The Age of Anxiety' poet and family
'Mater' lead-in
'In memoriam' item
'Hold off!'
'For Whom the Bell Tolls' poet John
'Don ___' (Mozart opera)
'By yesterday!'
'A Fish Called ___' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Jan-23-2017#sthash.neUggmUu.dpuf

Work a crossword puzzle
With 31-Across, flying exhibition
Vegas signs
Trouser material
Top-left PC key
Sundial number opposite I
Summer of disco
Sudden burst
Soil-moving tool
Sitting on
Shoes that make you look taller
Shade-loving plant
See 30-Across
S.A. country at zero degrees latitude
Rock gp. with winds and strings
Right triangle ratio
Ques. response
Pull's opposite
Prepare to advance after a fly ball
Petting __
Outdoor faucet attachment
Operatic icon
NYSE listings
Natives for whom a Great Lake is named
Most of the Atlantic, to Columbus
Most fit to be drafted
Moscow's land: Abbr
More than fair, less than great
Monday, in Metz
Meetings of self-improvement seekers
Massage facility
Like Superman's special vision
Like a clever devil
Lay eyes on
Kitty coat
Joke with a homophone, say
Itinerary word
Indian flatbread
Hidden downside
Hebrew or Latin, e.g
Hanger near the shower
Glamorous Gardner
Giants great Mel
Game with rooms and weapons
Form 1040 and schedules
Elevate to sainthood
Easy run
Early spring blooms
Dubai's fed
Doctor with a pager
Dinner, e.g
Developing egg
Desert plants
Cpl., for one
Contractor's detail, briefly
Composer Bartók
Child of a boomer
Cereal grain
Buckeye State sch
Broadband letters
Bridge partnerships
Be a debtor of
Army vet
Allow to board
Acronym for a big mess
About to happen
'That's __!': 'Piece of cake!'
'Macbeth' cauldron stirrer
'It all happened so fast' memory
'Impractical Jokers' network __TV
'Frozen' queen
'CSI' evidence
'Ben-Hur' setting

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