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crosswords puzzle answers 22/11/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 22/11/2016

running production in Broadway history
___ Lingus
Word before and after 'will be'
When you get it
When doubled, a South Seas island
What's punched into an A.T.M., redundantly
Voodoo spell
Versatile eating implement
Trick-taking game with a 48-card deck
Tour de France sights
The Canadian loonie or toonie, e.g
Talking horse of 1960s TV
Sweater ___
Something record-breaking
Something might be brought back by this
Shoppe descriptor
Sault ___ Marie, Ont
Rehearsed a piece through from start to finish, in theater lingo
Quite a ways away
Proactiv target
Preppy shirt
Pizza chain found in many food courts
Opposite of 57-Across, to Muslims
Onetime arcade giant
One of the Marx Brothers
Old radio show set in Harlem
Musical talent, informally
Musical syllable after 'oom'
MSNBC's 'Morning ___'
Most sensible
Momma's partner
Mineral in layers
Mideast's Gulf of ___
Memorable 2011 hurricane
Meeting point for tailors?
Max's opposite
Marmalade container
Like yarn
Like the four things named in the circled squares
Kind of client
It might involve mutual raising of tariffs
In working order
Himalayan land
Hand, to Javier
Grace ender
Garrison Keillor's home state
Frank who directed 'Mr. Smith Goes to Washington'
Film character who was asked to 'Play it'
Expressed amazement
Elitist sort
Eastern or Western, for hoopsters
Decorates, as a cake
Dark brown rodents with long tails and large eyes
Dallas cager, informally
Crack shooters
Cousin of a cobbler
Coke or Pepsi
Cock and bull
Casual sign-off in a letter
Carolers' repertoire
Capital of Jordan
Bro or sis
Belligerent Greek god
'Where the heart is'
'This doesn't look good'
'Haha, u r hilarious'
'Carmen' setting – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Nov-22-2016#sthash.8wykcJ1l.dpuf

___ Dhabi
Words to a black sheep
Weekly magazine from 1883 to 1972
Turns back to zero
Trivial fault
Terrarium dweller
Ten below?
Snoop's sometime collaborator
Slogs away
Skiers' lift
Sites of some wedding receptions
Scorecard lineup
Result of a long day at the beach, perhaps
Resistance unit
Remain on hold
Plantation pests
Piglets nurser
Performs pitifully
Parkinson's disease drug
Pair with a flare
Over again
Organizing principle of the universe
Online auction site
One-celled organism
Mother of Alexander and Cookie, in the comics
More chilling
Monica's TV brother
Mercury or molybdenum
Member of 1912's Progressive Party
Meat-inspecting dept
Macaroni shape
Lumberjack of lore
Looks up to
Long, swelling waves
Lionel Hampton's instrument
Jason's ship
Island invaded by the Americans in 1945
Inuit abode
In addition
Hoity-toity types
Gucci of fashion
Get used (to)
Garden framework
Fly catcher
Fireplace remnants
Fat substitute brand
Fashion designer born in Fort Wayne
Daybreaks, poetically
Creative pursuits
Clark's partner
Checkout scanner feature
Cass of the Mamas & the Papas
Business card no
Bro and sis
Bismarck-to-Lincoln dir
Auditioner's goal
Arrives without an appointment
Amundsen's goal
'___ the Girls I've Loved Before' (Julio Iglesias/Willie Nelson song)
'The X-Files' org
'The King and I' setting
'The Jungle Book' python
'Please, I have to know'
'Not gonna happen!'
'Hallelujah, ___' (Jolson classic)
'Entourage' role – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Nov-22-2016—Vowel-Play#sthash.EkeL9TYb.dpuf

Windshield cleaner
Where there's water, water everywhere
Western state
Was bleeped on TV
Under, poetically
Tracks persistently
Tosser of a jump ball
The correct form of this puzzle's theme
Talents and owned properties, e.g
Stuff made in a mixer
Stock allotment
Staircase post
Something that may fall out of Vogue?
Some marginalia commands, editorially
Slight traces of color
Savings vehicle
Sam of the Watergate hearings
River of Rome
Right-hand page of a book
Renting out, as an apartment
Put in a foul mood
Press coverage, so to speak
One who's a 'little' busy in December?
Neighbor of Egypt
Muscle-bone connector
Moral guideline
Make viewable, in a way
Lower electrical capability
Like many country barns
Like delayed broadcasts
Legendary Ripken
Legendary director Billy
Indicate a direction
Imposing, light-filled lobbies
Hospital stat?
Hissy fit
Half a cocktail name
Gun, as an engine
Gummy, sticky substances
Greek x
Grace land?
Fig. that goes around and around
Fake pats on the buns?
Emulate a pilot
Eight acting as one (var.)
Dating from
Cremation vessels
Crack a crossword
Corolla part
Conception of perfection
Color spreader
Coin destination, sometimes
Chivalrous chaps
Center or the guy next to him
Cause of a blackout
Calls off, as a mission
Bird beak
Beirut's there
Behave in an unruly manner
Before, poetically
Asian sash
Artificially formal
Airport abbr
67.5 degrees on a compass
2000s, for one
'Goodness gracious' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Nov-22-2016#sthash.8OVcM784.dpuf

Waiter's electronic gadget
Vane heading
Uses a hidden bug
Up to the task
United competitor
Trellis parts
Trash can insert
Total nonsense
Took charge of
Tom-tom neighbor
To this point
The Trojans of the Pac-12
The D-backs, on scoreboards
Spot for a seaweed wrap
South Pacific island nation
Sources of salt
Sheet material
Rose of Guns N' Roses
River of Amiens
Results of chafing
Prison movie highlights
Prepare for a trip
Portfolio holding, for short
Pop-up path
Photoshop creator
Photo-trimming tool
Paella base
Pacific salmon
One of Stengel's 'Amazin's'
Olympic blade with a touch sensor
New Year's resolution, often
Mustard family plant
Metal to be recycled
Member of the board
Many a Syrian
Make a decision
Loosens one's purse strings
Long-tongued dog of comics
Loaf at a deli
Lincoln Center offerings
Likely to mouth off
Knight or bishop
Ingredient in some cat food
Informal goodbye
Inexact recipe amount
Hidden problem
Glass for a brewski
Genius's forte
Freshly painted
Family nickname
Extreme rarity on a par-4 hole
Educational support org
Edison's 1,000+
Dream stage letters
Dim sum appliance
Crowd-scene actor
Cop in a bust
Common computer typeface
Common chess outcome
Cocktail garnish
CBS military law series
Cash, slangily
By means of
Burro kin
Bump from behind
Bronte governess
Bandmate of Jack and Ginger in Cream
Baking soda targets
Arthur with four Davis Cup wins
Album half
Age of Reason philosopher John
90-degree pipe fitting
2013 role for Johnny Depp
108-card game
'___ fightin' words!'
'I didn't do it!'
'Aw, shucks!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Nov-22-2016#sthash.ZAyvenVt.dpuf

__ de Cologne
__ and haw (be indecisive)
Zodiac sign with a mane
Worked too hard
Without wasted words
Window covering
Walks unsteadily
Trump ex
Top poker card
Top bunk
Tiny bite
Tidbit in hot cocoa
Throat-clearing sound
Sweet breakfast bites
Stadium level
Soft metal
Soda fountain ingredient
Small rugs
Sentry's order
Sch. near Harvard
Saudi Arabia neighbor
Sandwich shop
Ready to harvest
Plant firmly
Pirate's box
Old maxim
Oil cartel
No problem at all
Movie excerpts
More frosty
Midmorning hour
Marriage vow
Many state legislatures
Make happy
Lost traction
Large fruits
Keogh alternatives
Jousting weapon
Job details, for short
Jeans fabric
Himalayan land
Highly skilled
Heroic tale
Gripping device
Green gemstone
Gets hitched
Gas in some store signs
Garage task, for short
Furnace product
From Havana
Fencing sword
Discount events
Director Brooks
Church dignitary
Call off a project
Business name abbr
Brown stocking shade
Break sharply
Blood bank fluid
Be untruthful
Barbie's boyfriend
Arrive via plane
Aide: Abbr
Actress Mirren
Actor Alda
50 percent
"__ in Sweden"
"Venus de __"
"Treble" music marking
"Mass" news sources – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Nov-22-2016#sthash.LSEkHyRE.dpuf

Wyo. neighbor
Wistful word
Tournament games where many future 62-Down stars shine
Top-billing boxing match
They may pop up
Thanksgiving veggie
Sweater or tee
Surveyor's map
Suffer deprivation
Sports org. hidden in each of this puzzle's longest entries
Solder or soldier material
Sewing machine insert
Semper Fi org
Scrooge's 'Phooey!'
Sarcophagus snake
Runs out of gas
Role for Perkins and Highmore
Relay, as information
Quick energy source
Prince Philip, to Queen Elizabeth
POTUS, for one
Plaints from pups
Pioneer in women's rights
Overzealous one
Order of pancakes
Not even so-so
New Zealand's highest peak, briefly
More cranky
Maker of Good Grips kitchen tools
Long-armed ape
Live and breathe
Lisa of folk rock
LIRR depot
Like some vbs
Like many collectible coins
Jewelry for noses and toes
Jail, in slang
Italian dessert made with espresso
Hog the phone
He-Man's twin
Grant-granting gp
Finished flitting around, say
Feathery scarf
Doc who takes out tonsils
Derek Jeter, until the end of 2014, for short
Deli order
Deighton of spy-fi
Decline to decline
Curved part of a foot
Cultural group
Cross-legged meditation position
Cousin of calypso
City in Utah County
Chapeau's perch
Cause of a bar mix-up?
Baseball's 'Master Melvin'
Autocorrect target
Attach with a cord
Astringent in taste
Actress Plummer
Act like a sponge
Acknowledge with a head gesture
Acapulco-to-Monterrey dirección
2,000 pounds
'The Time Machine' race
'The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake' novelist Bender
'The Jungle Book' snake voiced by Scarlett Johansson
'Stuart ___' (E.B. White classic)
'Sea of Love' costar
'Have a bite'
'Deadwood' territory
'Before I went to bed …'
'American Top 40' deejay Casey – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Nov-22-2016#sthash.TRGmGZXe.dpuf

__ out a living
__ colada: cocktail
Win over gently
Wake-up call alternative
Voting mo
Visa rival, for short
Very shortly, to Shakespeare
Utmost effort
Universal donor's blood type, briefly
Twitter's bird, e.g
Trendy, with 'the'
Took a powder
Tokyo, long ago
Tar Heel State university
Talks like Sylvester
Sugar cube
Suffix with arab
Spreads, as seeds
Sound of pain
Smell bad
Sitting around doing nothing
SeaWorld orca
San Andreas __
Salinger title girl
Reality show hosted by rapper M.C
Real estate calculations
Real estate ad abbr. after 2 or 3, commonly
Perfume that sounds forbidden
One of a daily three at the table
NFL team that moved from St. Louis in 2016
Mournful toll
Mother's nickname
Military marching unit
Mid-21st century date
Luxurious fur
Lip-curling look
Like much breakfast bread
Jungle chest-beater
Israeli currency
Iraq's __ City
In base eight
Hunting dog
Horse-and-buggy-driving sect
Heart rate
Halfway house activity
Gunslinger's 'Hands up!'
Guffaws or giggles
Golfer Aoki
Girl with a missing flock
Gambling town northeast of Sacramento
Ga. neighbor
Fries sprinkling
Frat party robe
Former OTC market regulator
Foes of us
Fiber-__ cable
Drink cooler
Ditching class, say
Costs for sponsors
Cornea's place
Code of conduct
Brooks' country music partner
Brit. honor
Blender button
Affectionate nickname
Aardvark fare
'Wonderfilled' cookie
'The Bourne Identity' star Matt

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