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crosswords puzzle answers 22/10/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 22/10/2016

Website used by a lot of artisans
Was reckless, in a way
Visiting only a short time
Vessel opener
Uses without sharing, in slang
Unhand or disarm?
Translation material
Tough nut to crack
Took care of
They're 'made by fools like me,' per Kilmer
They may reduce sentences, for short
Subterranean scurrier
Still matter?
Start, in a way
Shut (up)
Shows a preference
Shared computer syst
Rugby rival of Harvard
Rollback events
Really put one's foot down
Prefix with village
Played first
Parades, with 'out'
Oscar winner before 'Grand Hotel'
One who goes on to try to conquer the Universe?
One of 'the highest form of literature,' per Hitchcock
Model material
Maugham's title girl of Lambeth
Like many offshore rescues
Like fringe festival fare
Lift one's spirits?
Language akin to Yupik
K'ung Fu-___
It operates Hamburger U
It has a Marxist-Leninist ideology
Interruption of service?
Golfer nicknamed Long John
Front-and-center section
Free of shampoo, say
Four-time N.B.A. scoring champion in the 2010s
Equipment for a rock band
End of a lap
Directory listings: Abbr
Design info
Davis of film
Daughter and half sister of Oedipus
Court position
Car payment?
Breeze (along)
Bêtes noires
Berth place
Aid in studying a culture
A place antelope lope
41-Across is a topic in it, briefly
1974 National Book Award winner by Thomas Pynchon
1955 R&B hit for Bo Diddley
17-Across, to the self-titled 'Bo Diddley'
'Huh … never mind then'
'Cleopatre' artist
'And how!'

[clued elsewhere]
[clued elsewhere]
[clued elsewhere]
[clued elsewhere]
[clued elsewhere]
[clued elsewhere]
You might select it when calling customer service
WWII vessel
Words to live by
Whichever you want
What V signifies to violinists
Voice quality
Try to get dirt on
To a degree, informally
This one is in Russia
This one is in Russia
This one is in central Europe
This one is in central Europe
This one is in California
This one is in Africa
They're sold in lots
They may be girded
They left RFK Stadium after the 2007 season
That, in Toledo
Texter's 'Wow!'
Term of endearment
Talk show guest's talk, often
Takes in
Take to the sky
Subject of many arias
Studio sign
Stud setting
Striker's demand
State that was once a Portuguese province
Spreadsheet contents
Spanker, e.g
Sounds from flocks
Site of intense magnetic activity
Show indecisiveness
Severely squished
Sault ___ Marie
Runway workers
Rollover target
River regulator
Response on deck
Remorseful feeling
Prepare for action
Port on Italy's heel
Player's support
Pithy person
Pitching no
Penultimate letter
PC key
Pair on the flag of Oman
Painting surface
Page from Google
One unlikely to pass the bar
NYC commuting option
Nails the test
Motel guest's woe, perhaps
Mathematician Leonhard
Massive mayhem
Many an emergency contact
Make cutbacks
Ltr. attachments
Low-calorie quaff
Lone Star State athlete
Like some 'Animal Farm' characters
Like Blu-ray media
LeBron, for one
Leader of the Untouchables
Laundromat leftover
King of Hollywood
Jazz locale
Ivory or Stone
Ivan ___ ('Rocky IV' boxer)
It may be on the house
It may be filtered
Isn't fooled by appearances
Island southeast of Barcelona
Image of Pluto, say
Hurtful words
Homebodies' propensity
Hathi in 'The Jungle Book,' for one
Gives up
Furry falsetto on the tube
Full of sauce
From the top
Fr. misses
First name in cosmetics
Experimental to the point of risk
Exemplar of easiness
Eden tree
Ecol. or geol
Donne and Bradstreet
Devil dog's org
Designer brand
Cures, in a way
Cross all the i's and dot all the t's, say
Creature with a hood
Covent Garden offering
Common infection, briefly
Cold War jet
Chrysler Building style
Che accessory
Captures, in a way
Bulgarian currency
Brioni buy
Bring to a near boil
Biblical brother
Bearded ruminant
Be thorough and then some
Bad looking?
Bacon pieces
Avoid procrastination
Addict's problem, often
Actor's major
'___ Perpetua' (Idaho motto)
'This Is Us' network
'Them's the breaks!'
'The Gondoliers' maiden
'That's it!'
'Rocky III' co-star
'I Can' rapper
'Better man than I' of verse

Word on a bathroom door
What all divers must do
Weeper of myth
Way through the woods
Type of large bag
Type of kiss that involves noses
Things discouraged in society
Thing to seek forgiveness for
Small songbird
Rustic cross
Performances for one
One way to go
Not rushed, to a conductor
North, to Manhattanites
Mud dauber, e.g
More cushiony
Mixed bag
Material on a coarse board
Like an active kite
La Brea hazard
Kitchen appliance
Kick the bucket
High dwelling
Hide out for a bit
Hawaiian dish
Happening, as 'the game'
Hangman's creation
Hairdo one picks out?
Flight data, briefly
Farmer, at times
Evidence acceptable in court
Don Draper, e.g
Destiny, to a Hindu
Death notice, briefly
Courtroom addressee (with 'your')
Comply with
Coke complement
Cleopatra's Antony
Cigarette remains
Cheerios grain
Characteristic carrier
Chad's neighbor
Calculating snake?
Burgundy grape
Burglar deterrent
Brother of Janet Jackson
Bread type
Brat's outbursts
Brains or intelligence
Big first for a baby
Be acclaimed and then some
Ballpoint, e.g
Bale binder
Balcony section at the opera
Baked, crusted entree
Auto's four
As from
Arm of the sea
Arm bone
Admirer at a distance
Accused's need
According to
Absorbed, as a cost
A Muse
1492 ship of note
1,000 kilograms
.0000001 joule
'Snowy' bird
'Sir' alternative

Ziegfeld Follies costumer
Zellweger of 'Miss Potter'
Worth a 'D'
Word of prohibition
Whispered bit of information
Ways to go
Volleyball team complement
Tries to prevent a sinking
Topper for Che Guevara
They catch smooches at stadiums
Steinway & ___ (piano maker)
Source of fine wool
Small stream
Skid row denizen
Salaried sportsman
Recycle Bin, on a PC
Recedes, like the tide
Reaction to a bad pun
PRNDL part
Privy to
Pitching staff stats
Pinstriped player, for short
Peak in Catania
Pajamas' rear opening
Opie's father
One of the 'north 40'
Ned who wrote 'Air Music'
Military chaplain, informally
Mild cigar
Microscope insert
Make really mad
Major League exec Joe
Lock brand
Like Rudolph
Layers on the farm
Lacks the ability to
Key point
Joan of Arc, notably
Is in the lineup
Intense pain and struggle
Inscribe with acid
In good order
Improbable, as a tale
Honda's luxury line
Historic French forest
Hazards during dry season
Hatcher of 'Desperate Housewives'
Half hitch and sheepshank
Hail ___ (desperation pass)
Grid great Tarkenton
Funhouse sounds
Fruit-packing unit
Franc's replacement
Flowerless houseplant
Eccentric sort
Dryer residue
Drawing room piece
Director Kazan
Columnist Coulter
Co-op alternative
Chipper for one's age
Buggy-riding religious group
Boot a grounder, say
Bonus for performing a cool act
Bakery or brewery need
Artificial bronzing product
Antioxidant-rich berry
Angst-ridden music genre
Adoring biblical trio
26-Across, e.g
'___ So Shy' (Pointer Sisters hit)
'Okay by me'
'Norma ___' (Sally Field movie)
'It takes two' dance
'Doubt it'
'Arf!' or 'Woof!'
'Aquarius' musical (and a word that can precede the first parts of 17- and 55-Across and 9- and 24-Down)

Work sites for stained-glass installers
Word in the etymology of "fief"
Winnow (out)
What Ahab called the whale
Turns down
They're essential to some exit strategies
The ultimate in knots
Tempura candidate
Superhero concealer
Succeeds at mediation
Something shifted in debate
Sight on a trip down the Bosporus
Shallow channels
Serengeti weapon
Sandbags, essentially
Place to chill, ironically
Pete's conqueror in the 1992 US Open
Perioperative occupation
Paranormal field
Org. finding places for unwanted toys
Operator of cookiekahuna.com
Not exactly choice words?
No longer a threat, perhaps
Network purchases
Movie-serial recurring roles
Military rainwear
Marseille-to-Cannes direction
Marked by turpitude
Make glacial progress
Lose momentum
Light golden-brown
Layout measure
Land with a harp on its coat of arms
Item in ads with Lucky the Leprechaun
Himalayan ancestor
Headed downward
Have no industry
Ham hobby
Functions properly
Free Soil Party issue
Fourth word in Sarandon's Wikipedia article
Floorboard fixer
Fighters, for instance
Doesn't curb one's enthusiasm
Did groundbreaking work
Dickinson's percher "in the soul"
Daily mover of many millions
Copenhagen premiere of 1879
Coiner of "sellyfish" and "nectacled"
Character makeup
Care __
Calendar watch letters
Brown-bag staple
Blows smoke at
Bit of paste
Band on the soundtrack of "The Hunger Games"
As soon as
Aim-endorsing org
Agua que fluye
"The Road to Wealth" author
"Grey's Anatomy" production company
"Game of Thrones" hatchlings
"Frankenstein" inspiration, possibly

Vehicles with semiskilled drivers?
UPS circuit
Ties up
Tai ___
Tagged, perhaps
Supreme singer?
Start to occupy?
Speedsters at a speedway
Some court attempts
Sicilian volcano
Short necklace
Search quickly (through)
Rock band loudeners, familiarly
Renaissance officials of Venice
Put on the payroll
Put a question to
Probate subjects
Prankster's invisible stuff
Pottery fragment
Peter seen in 'Casablanca'
Person paid per item produced
Pack to the max
Open-and-shut facial features
Ominous date for Caesar
Nobel Peace Prize winner with Begin
Nastase of tennis
Medicinal succulents
Mauna ___ (Hawaiian volcano)
Maker of Mighty Motorized vehicles
Main subject
Lucy of 'Ally McBeal'
Loose leaf product, at times
London lav
Lets up
Key WWII figure
Joey's refuge
Jackrabbit, actually
It may be commemorative
Idaho's most populous city
Hotels for the desperate
Hippocratic oath takers, briefly
Give off
Gardner of Hollywood
Fond du ___, Wisconsin
First American casualty of the Revolutionary War
Data skewer
Common cruet contents
Clothes closet menaces
Church tower
Change for a five, maybe
Buck passer, briefly?
Boxy Highlands garb
Blanc who voiced many toons
Biblical escape vessel
Ballplayer hoping for a save
Area of devastating World War I battles
Allies, to the Axis
'The Luck of Roaring Camp' writer
'My pal!'

Young Darth's nickname
WWI hero portrayed by Gary Cooper
World leader whose name shares its last four letters with a state
When the French fry?
Turning point?
They may provide track details
Terrible's two
Station that employed Lou Grant
Some dadaist works
So five minutes ago
Signs of infrequent cleaning
Shake, as a tail
Senegal neighbor
Sale area
Running, with 'on'
Roundup group
Rose of rock
River through Umbria
Presented an invention?
Ovoid winds
Org. with Colts and Cowboys
Not much at all
Nixon-Brezhnev missile pact
Much of Botswana
Medical suffix
Mathematical approach to military strategy, say
Mall Santa, probably
Longtime Indiana senator Dick
Line after Casca's 'Speak, hands, for me!'
Like doormats
Last pres. born in the 19th century
Incidental catches by South Pacific tuna fishermen
Impressive lineup
Hall of Fame outfielder Richie of the '40s-'50s Phillies
Golfer with an 'army'
Focus of an EPA phasedown introduced in 1973
Final crossing?
Film Warren commissioned?
Endodontic therapy
Dr. for women
Dig action
Cross off
Creepy look
Coventry coolers
Corfu locale
Compared with
Common computer manual step
Chess luminary Kasparov
Canada's highest peak
Browning field
Break fillers
Bond yield: Abbr
Barbecue seasoning
Automaker that introduced headlight wipers
As expected
17th-century Flemish painter
'Teach __ number our days': Psalm 90
'South Park' kid
'Finding Dory' studio
'A Room With a View' author

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