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crosswords puzzle answers 22/09/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 22/09/2016

Writer whose wife said he's a 'genius, but what a dirty mind he has'
With 5-Down, creator of 24,000+ miles of road before 1600
Willa Cather's 'One of ___'
Who has won more Olympic medals than Michael Phelps
What you might be taken to
Voicer of Aslan in 'The Chronicles of Narnia'
Typical after-work times, for short
Trig functions
Tina who won a Mark Twain Prize for American Humor
Throat ailment, briefly
The Wildcats of the N.C.A.A., for short
Take big steps
Summit on Crete where Zeus was born
Strauss's '___ Heldenleben'
Star-filled night
Something to mouse over
Sole end?
Shock, in a way
See 21-Across
Secure, as loosened shoelaces
Run smoothly
Range of notice
Provides enough for
Provide the juicy bits
Portuguese king
Porter supporters?
Philosopher with a razor
Part of the Dow
Part of D.A.D.T
Palazzo ___, architectural gem of the Renaissance
Org. inspecting 64-Across
Olympics host after Melbourne
Less stuffy
Less bumpy
Job listing inits
IV measures
Its capital is Maseru
Italian ten
It's twisted
Inspection target of the 61-Across
Insecure person's query
French/Belgian river
Flower whose name means 'rainbow'
Ferber who wrote 'Giant'
Epsilon follower
E. C. ___, creator of Popeye
Dumpster attribute, often
Difficult struggle
Deep dislike
Common URL ending
Chekov, e.g., on 'Star Trek': Abbr
Bruckner's Symphony No. 7 ___ major
Bronx attraction
Big name in chain saws
Batman villain known as 'Queen of the Cossacks'
Bad decision makers may have lost theirs
Athlete's sudden loss of ability, informally
Agcy. that funds major research
Act the grandparent, perhaps
A.C.L.U. target
A number of stage items in a French play?
A number of grain-producing sites in Normandy?
A number of Freudians in Freiburg?
A number of cocktails in Berlin?
A number of chemical rarities in Madrid?
'The West Wing' speechwriter
'No way' man – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Sep-22-2016#sthash.g4uOvpux.dpuf

Utter a few choice words
Transmission devices
Train station where the pushers hang out?
Thompson who won two sprinting gold medals in Rio
Supplier to high-rises
Stuffed animal stuffing
Sound of grief
Solide, liquide ou gaz
Sister of Kim and Kourtney
Simba's sinister uncle
Sicilian smoker
She dies in the Temple of Vulcan
Shares an email with
Sahara sights
Rolled bites
Ready for baling
Powerless situation
Planter's plots
Planetarium vista
Pitchfork parts
Phaser blast to the torso?
Permanently mark
Organic acid type
One reimbursing, in legalese
One on the slopes
Oft-mispunctuated word
Not available
Most populous country not in the United Nations
Men at Work lyric '___ from a land down under'
Memorial Quadrangle setting
Makeup of some nails
Maker of Mary Janes and Clark Bars
Make calls
Long-eared loper
Largest U.S. labor union
Kindle competition
Its first capital was Chillicothe
Insufficiently skilled
Immigrant's subj
Home to eight of the world's ten tallest mountains
Holiday-free mo
Half of MIV
Hacker's cry
Funder of Central Park's Strawberry Fields
For example
First name on a B-29
Earnings figure
Dilettante's delights
Cynical snort
Course goal
Concert souvenirs, slangily
Cold shoulder given to a showoff on the slopes?
Class act?
Cheese partner
Brutish fellow
Brief but extreme heat wave?
Banded rock
Attack by a knife-wielding insect?
Annoying emailed storm alerts?
Amorous archer
A model may sport one
'Royals' singer
'Here's the thing…'
'Funky Cold Medina' rapper
'A Death in the Family' author – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Sep-22-2016—Turning-Tail#sthash.8DIXDwl8.dpuf

Use mouthwash, e.g
Unskilled working stiff
Unflattering facial marks
Under debate
Under a doctor's care
Trailed no one
They are chipped on golf courses
Some widths for printers
Some deer
Smartphone program
Slippery sea creature
Sleeper's breathing problem
Shrek, e.g
Servile servant
Private, as information
Participating in a certain line dance
Old-fashioned mode of transportation
Old sorcerer
Mysterious ancient letters
Miscellaneous assortment
Mine entrance
Milky birthstone
Many French immigrants
Many a time
Letters of pressure
Kind of inspiration
It's waved before musicians
It's attractive in cartoons?
It prevents embarrassment
It plays it
It holds water
Intense anger
Improper lighting?
Important time
Imitation, as fur
Heavy cart
Handel bars?
Got wind of
Generic family nickname
Farmer's tool
Exact retribution for
Engine supercharger
Dutch cheese
Detonating device
Daisy variety
Crumb on a dinner table
Cool, old-school
Contraction before 'seen worse'
Classic Harlem venue
Cause of wrinkles
Bounce back, in a way
Bombay dress
Assayers' subjects
As such
Angora coat
ancient Greek marketplace
Ancient goddess of fertility
Activity seen at Pimlico
'Neath counterpart
'60s conflict site
'You did ___ nice job'
'Right there, that's it'
'Doctor Dolittle' actress Samantha
'Bus Stop' playwright William
'Bravo, bullfighter!'
'… ___ he drove out of sight'
'… or ___!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Sep-22-2016#sthash.52S572TN.dpuf

___ Gurion Airport
___ cost (free)
Wine bottle figure
Ways partner
Wax eloquent
Uncommon sense?
Tried to get, as a job
Strongly advises
Stress-free state
Standing tall
Southern Comfort concoctions
Slot machine feature
Slippery sort
Slightly ahead
Sighed word
Sharpies, e.g
Send in, as a payment
Second-person person
Regalia sphere
Receptacles in alleys, perhaps
Razor feature
Quite a few
Pocket watch attachment
Pile up
Picnic throwaway
Pesky swarm
Parting word
Paper measure
Overly sentimental
Ostrich's cousin
Org. for docs
Oldest Brady Bunch boy
Old photo tint
Offering peace and quiet
O'Donnell or Perez
Not snowed by
North Pole helper
Non-clashing color
Nigeria's largest city
Newbies on the job
Mover's vehicle
Moore of 'Ghost'
Miffed states
Little devils
Light emission unit
Life of ___ (46-Across)
Jokers and jokesters
IRS audit challenger
House Beautiful topic
Hot under the collar
Hole number
Gullible sorts
GPS calculations (Abbr.)
Genetic inheritance
Gamblers' strategies
Flexible couplings in axles
Faucet problem
Emotional upsets
Ecology-minded org
DTs sufferer
Drano target
Doesn't waste
Dietary fat unit
Dickens' Uriah
Decimal base
College VIP
Boutonniere spot
Bit ground at Starbucks
Beach confection
Be a buttinsky
Ann's advice-giving twin
Angst-ridden music genre
$5 bills, slangily
'Well done!'
'Star Wars' elite
'I ___ thought of that'
'A ___ coincidence!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Sep-22-2016#sthash.2CO1iyEA.dpuf

__ Day (April observance)
Zen question
Workout count
Willamette Valley city
What some guards protect
Weevils, for example
Wed in haste
Two-flat key
Tenant starter
Stuffed, in Mexican cuisine
Sticky substance
Stare at
Squirrel away
Some shirts, for short
Some Native Arizonans
Sloth's habitat
Shown to be innocent
Showing approval
Sews up
Secluded spot
Rooster topper
Radio frequency meas
Queensland nuts, in the US
Puts away
PBJ alternative
Patterned fabric
Part of NAFTA
Palme __ (Cannes award)
Neighbor to Homer
Learn about
Lacking flavor
Knotted scarf
Kinsey's creator
Iconic shootout site
Hat piece
Greek Stoic philosopher
Future atty.'s exam
Frequent URL ender
Frat letter
Familiar with
Entire range
Elizabeth I's mom
Crammed in
Closer to fruition
Certain sultanate subject
CD flaw
Brown shade
Boy in "la familia"
Bogus plan
Biscotti flavor
Big spring
Beach party of a sort
Australian tennis great
American Ballet Theatre star
All together
20-vol. lexicon
"That's all wrong!"
"Plus others," in full
"In other words," in full
"Airframe" author
"A Few Good Men" director – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Sep-22-2016#sthash.MuFU0KRg.dpuf

Wings eaters' needs
Where to see a wake
What a light bulb may mean
Well-versed artist?
Veteran seafarer
Variety show array
USDA inspector's concern
Troublesome tykes
Treat badly
Third-generation Genesis name
Striped quartz
Stage layouts
Some browns
Slender-stemmed palm
Sky scraper?
Saturate (with)
Runs aground
Ruined in the kitchen
Remote button with a square
Raise stakes in a game … and a hint to a hidden feature of five Down puzzle answers
Put in stitches
Pork-filled pastry, e.g
Ph.D. hurdle
Pedometer measure
Pearl Harbor battleship
One out for blood
Number in an outline, perhaps
Many millennia
Lover of Psyche
Like many apps
Let off the hook
Lease alternative
Late bloomer?
Ketch kin
Kentucky Fried side
It's often a stretch
Irish New Age singer
Illegal firing
Hung sign
Holes in sneakers
Historic beginning?
Grim, as a landscape
Green sign information, traditionally
Garage contraption
Fast-forward through
Europe's highest active volcano
Entrechat, e.g
Disdainful look
Debit card choice
Deadly slitherers
Cop to the crime, with 'up'
Cold War Baltic patrollers
Capital on the Willamette
Call at home
Brooke Baldwin's network
Brewery fixture
Bit of subterfuge
Bad-blood situation
Babies, or what some babies wear
Auto parts giant
Angel who replaced Jill, in '70s TV
Aloof demeanor
Address with an apostrophe
Account exec
'The Deer Hunter' setting
'In thy dreams!' 

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