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crosswords puzzle answers 22/04/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 22/04/2017

___ the Great of children's literature
___ Motors, old Lansing manufacturer
___ Kemper, star of TV's 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt'
With wacky irreverence
What may involve the calf muscles?
Went after, in a way
Strike sharply
Stood fast
Sounds of pity
Slow sort, informally
Slaughter of the Cardinals
Skye, the Small Isles, etc
Singer with a recurring role on 'General Hospital'
Shade of green
Round abodes
Robert of 'Spenser: For Hire'
Riviera, e.g
Reducing to splinters
Record of affairs?
Put a dent in, say
Psychological mediator
Performed beautifully
Only woman aboard the Argo, it's said
Managed, with 'out'
Like many folk songs: Abbr
Like an ascot, perhaps
Leo with the 1977 #1 hit 'When I Need You'
Le Monde material
Jeep model
Jam producer
Its logo is based on a Pennsylvania Dutch hex sign
International treaty subject
Hit 1959 Broadway play starring Sidney Poitier
Historic conflict in and around the Yellow Sea
Guts, in part
First hit for the Police
Fiddles (with)
Fan sound
Faithful pilgrim
Derisive reply
Dancer Pavlova and others
Coastline features
Change one's tone?
Brown-bag lunch item
Bowed with adversity
Book after Proverbs: Abbr
Bar ___
Armpit, to a doctor
Any I, e.g.: Abbr
Achievements in large-scale topiary
A little tight
2002 'documentary' with 'Don't try this at home' contents
'The Sopranos' actress
'No, you don't want to do that'
'Jezebel' costume
'Drop dead, loser'
'Don't ___ thing' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Apr-22-2017#sthash.CCPNbyt0.dpuf

Yeshiva figure
Wyo. neighbor
Workout based on 124-Across
Work with finger paints
Work to be done
Work on a wall
Work on a wall
Willy Wonka candy brand
Where Jesus grew up
Wee bit
Walled area of a city
Walk a beat
Utah ski resort
Upset, informally
Unfit for youngsters
Ukr.'s former status
Trombone part
Toothbrush handle?
Took in
They're out of this world
Tax prep pro
Tapped the brakes
Sub station?
Stiff wind
State with a panhandle
Spruced up
Sport whose belt levels, from beginning to advanced, appear in the starred answers
Spartan markets
Sound from a nanny
Sound from a ewe
Some mainframes
Sleek, in car lingo
Slack-jawed state
Site of the world's first pizzeria
Singsong syllable
Shells on a plate
See 31-Across
Salts variety
Rose garden pest
Rocky outcrop
Ritz rival from Sunshine Biscuits
Rent to a new tenant
Put on the line
Potpourri bit
Pitched low
Peter out
Peppermint Patty's friend
Penance motivator
Pay for a hand
Painter's protector
Painter Max
Ouzo flavor
Nashville NFL player
Milkshake insert
Medical researcher's goal
May in London, e.g
Lukas of 'Witness'
Like mechanics' rags
Like insincere promises
Like Abner
Lawyer's org
Lacking resilience
Juicier, as a pear
Jaguar in the 'Madagascar' movies
Isn't well
Innate craving
Initials, perhaps
In stitches?
HST follower
Hockey's Colton and Bobby
Harness race
Had a shot, e.g
Gwynne's co-star on 'The Munsters'
Grass cutter
Granola morsel
Govt. note
Gold medal winner Baiul
Gifford's successor
German river
Garlicky mayo
Garden gastropod
Galapagos visitor of note
Free (of)
Fix dishonestly
First family of 1910
Firing site
Final words?
Final Four org
Explorer's heading, perhaps
Excel shortcut
Early Michael Jackson hit
Dump on 84-Down
Dumbbell abbr
Designer Ashley
Curved letter
Corp. boss
Cornfield cries
Compass dir
Cocteau's 'La Belle et la ___'
City at the mouth of the Yodo River
Chris Noth's 'Sex and the City' role
Cassis cocktail
Canyon edges
Camp craft
Cadenza played by Yo-Yo Ma
Cactus feature
Bug tail?
Brings in
Bond, e.g
Biblical balm site
Being, in Bretagne
Bassoon cousin
Ballpark figures?
Austen heroine
Asparagus unit
Appeal to the masses?
Animal between dog and rat in the Chinese zodiac
2014 World Cup mascot Fuleco, for one
*Schmaltzy writing
*Marvel supervillain who throws pumpkin bombs
*It begins in the heart of Munchkin Country
*Glowing brightly
*Cruise locale bordered by six countries
*Bring a sandwich from home
*Annual event held in Hard Rock Stadium
*3M or Microsoft, e.g
*1968 coming-of-age novel by Richard Bradford
'So cool!'
'Raiders of the Lost Ark' reptiles
'Diary of ___ Housewife' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Apr-22-2017—Tie-Game#sthash.PdCe8dBF.dpuf

___ vera
Works for, as a living
Withered from heat
Winged stinger
Water feature?
Waste away from weather
Type of exam
Two hot things
Two hot things
TV program you saw before
Three hot things
Swelling, in botany
Sr. compared to Jr
Sofer of the soaps
Skier's lifting aid
Shredded cabbage side dish
Short moral story
Sediment at the bottom
Sci-fi beam
Scene of any event
Say stuff
Say 'Nyah, nyah' to, e.g
Save socks, in a way
Rx overseer
Puts in hock
Property tax estimator
Pointedly avoids
Plant fiber used in rope-making
Period pieces?
Patronizes a diner
Part of an opera
Palindromic Bobbsey
Our planet
Opposite of love
O'Neill classic, '___ Christie'
Not imagined
Nighttime noise-maker
Neckpiece of Hawaii
Movie 'Citizen'
Mine bonanzas
Manner of marching in file
Make fun of playfully
Lose tautness
Like a mechanic's hands, sometimes
Large pot supported with several hands
Hightails it
Halloween option
Grew like a weed
Good chums
Goings-on, old-style
Friend in Mexico
Formal response to 'Shall we?'
Fence openings
Escape capture from
Elbow locale
Duck variety
Droopy cheek
Detects at a distance
Declines to participate
Company emblem
Class with the old joke, 'What's your sine?'
Church council
Certainly wasn't a follower
Canvas over the infield
Blade making waves
Beatnik's applause
Aussie bird with a powerful kick
Auction finale?
Apollo organization
All hands on deck?
'How can I ___ thank you?'
'Hee ___'
'Ant-Man' star Paul – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Apr-22-2017#sthash.Krr9Aeye.dpuf

___-ray (disc format)
___ Day (Hawaiian celebration)
What a dog may do to the last parts of 17- and 51-Across and 11- and 25-Down
Weapon in the game Clue
Watch div
Vitamin units, often
V-shaped twill pattern
Unwelcome winter forecast
Thin wrapping material
Texter's guffaw
Take unfair advantage of
Sublease, say
Stadium-smooch capturer
Soaks to the skin
Sleep stage letters
SASE, e.g
Relatives of Anjous
Ready-mix construction material brand
Rams' attacks
Pres. on V-E Day
Poker great Ungar
Plays for a chump
Pitcher Jim who wrote 'Ball Four'
Parrot or mynah, at times
One in a seagoing wolfpack
Nile waders
Ned who composed 'Miss Julie'
Monogram on pricey handbags
Menzel of Broadway's 'Wicked'
Mattress supporter
Marked wrong, in a way
Many a 'Star Trek' character
Many '20 Questions' replies
Lith. or Ukr., once
Like the Badlands' climate
Like Sen. Sanders
Like gifts from joke shops
Libidinous Greek god
Lessening of diplomatic tensions
Lad's partner
Kind of football with eight-man teams
Ipanema's locale, for short
Inventor Whitney
Hog's desire
Hoedown seats
Hill-building mammals
Held in check, with 'in'
Healthy Naturals pet food brand
Having the skill
Fortuneteller's prop
Fixes, as a horse
First lady McKinley
Fills to the gills
Ewer's mate
Emerald Society band wear
Disc brake part
Cook at 500 degrees, say
Compose, as for a print job
Cleopatra's undoing
Circular ___ (wastebasket)
Charlotte ___ (rich dessert)
Carry the pigskin
Bridal veil material
Brass or bronze
Boy in TV's 'Lassie'
Banishes to Siberia
B.A. or M.A. part
Any of three semifinalists, eventually
Any of the Florida Keys
Amplifier plug-in, for short
Alkali used in soapmaking
Airline seating option
Ab ___ (from the start)
'The soul of wit,' in a saying
'Call it in the air' call
'Bearded' bloom
'Arrivederci, ___' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Apr-22-2017#sthash.HW6Nr9fb.dpuf

__ canal
Woodshop specialty
With 32 Across, Brigham Young rivals
Whodunit stock characters
Wash, to the 10 Down
Vests with laces
Up-and-comer's dream
Turkey's antithesis
Tropical omnivore
Traditional balker
TLV Airport's locale
Timesavers for birds
They might portend citations
Storage unit
Spain's "Doctor of Prayer"
Short satire
Short break
Setting for a wet bar
See 63 Across
Respond well to a rubdown
Purveyor of the Toothflix app
Preliminary measures
Pre-take-home taker
Policy prohibiting singing
Penguins play there
Parent of Odin's horse
Not charged
Not button-down
Name derived from a Western French region
Mini __ cheesecake
Medicare's hospital insurance
Means of avoiding flights
Maritime menace
Maître d's voice in "Beauty and the Beast"
Jackweiler, e.g
Its website has Government Contracting blogs
Its notes have Arabic and Kurdish text
It's big in Italy
Is grammatically correct, in a way
House __
Have trouble with stress?
Hands go around it
GM predecessor of the Sonic
Faint trace
Eyedropper extremity
Elucidation lead-in
Elementary matter
Either of two opposites
Division of labor
Designation for early camcorders
Descriptor for informal reports
Dept. inspired by Nightingale's service
Croquette of a sort
Constant reminder
Comics character called Olafo in Mexico
Clears the way for, say
Article II, Section 1 subject
African bull or cow
Abdul-Jabbar, notably
50 Across measures
"__ with the love of sacred song": Milton
"Your strictest judge," per "The Fountainhead"
"Sink the Bismarck!" setting
"Puh-leeze!" – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Apr-22-2017#sthash.xRoZsnpB.dpuf

Youngest of Chekhov's 'Three Sisters'
Yoga class regimen
Word in pregame instructions
Valets, e.g
Usher's creator
Time to 'Run for the Roses'
Tie up in surgery
They may be humble
Thatcher or Blair, e.g
Teen introduction?
Stud venue
Still-life subjects
Some conversion targets
Soaking solution
Shout from Speedy
Shared between us
Setting for 'Slumdog Millionaire'
Safety feature for zoo visitors
Rotten Tomatoes caution
Rockport's cape
Refrain part
Prufrock's creator
Provider of a small raise
Problem addressed by counters
Preceder of beauty?
Powerball and others
Power concern
Plain to see
One who shuns shaking
Oktoberfest setting
Make fun of
Like many 32-Across works
Lhasa __
Leafs, e.g
Has legs, so to speak
Half a luau serving?
Feuding (with)
Father of Phobos and Deimos
Fashion item used for protection in ancient Egypt
Drive shaft component
Dixie elision
Devils' playgrounds?
Club at a club
Close one
Check phrase
Cellular messenger
Capital since 1797
Canonized pope who persuaded Attila not to attack Rome
Bump souvenir
Bar talk?
Ballpark phrase
Bad lighting?
Automaker's bane
Angler's hope
Accessory for Miss Piggy
2008 financial crisis mantra
'The Phantom Menace' boy
'Star Trek' record
'Roundabout' rock group
'Mad Men' extra
'Losing My Religion' group
'Kiss of the Spider Woman' star Sonia
'It Don't Come Easy' singer
'I'm a fan'
'Allow me' 

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