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crosswords puzzle answers 22/02/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 22/02/2017

___ department
Wraps up
Words often spoken with a hand on the Bible
Where Matt Damon was stranded in a 2015 film
What's always good in Grenoble?
What an insider might offer
Wedding dinner speech, often
Visually assessed
Training montages, underdog victories, etc., in sports movies
Told a tale
Things handed down by kings
The Tigers of the S.E.C
Spa treatment, informally
Something a cellphone can replace
Show created by Lena Dunham
See 62-Across
Seat at a hootenanny
Rapper ___ Def
Put away
Puccini title heroine
Publisher of the old All-True Detective Cases comic books
Provocative remark
Progress indicator, of a sort
Portmanteau in 2016 world news
Person at a desk
Part of many Arabic names
Part of an order for eggs
Operating system with many clones
Online market for crafts
Not in use
Museum near Westminster Abbey
Many a chamber piece
Man exiled from 55-Down
Macbeth, e.g
Lymph ___
Lepidopterist's aid
Japanese noodles
It may help you get up
Impulse transmission point
Home (in on)
Hits hard
Heidi of 'Project Runway'
Growth in an underwater 'forest'
Greyhound runner?
Gray area
Go crazy for
Geographical quintet
Genre for the novelist Patricia Highsmith
Fit of pique
Fail on a promise
Event at a convention center
Engraver's instrument
Common bandage additive
Catch for a grizzly
Camper's tool
Call from a counter
Bump off
Board hiree, for short
Archaeologist's estimate
Annual writing award
Actress and former mixed martial arts champion Carano
6-3, 2-6, 7-6, e.g
6-3, 2-6, 7-6 and others
'You've said quite enough!,' informally
'Sweet!,' old-style
'For shame!'
'… shall not ___ from the earth': Gettysburg Address – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Feb-22-2017#sthash.LxIYCx0H.dpuf

___ prof
Word of consent
Window casings, e.g
Unassertive dude
Travelers' stops
They may ring after a concert
Temperamental sort
Tanqueray offerings
Tankard fill
Subway hazard
Slain shepherd
Sensitive piercing site
Rough guess
Respectful address
Respectful address
Really dig?
Provide with English dialogue, say
Pro behind a screen
Post-college process
Positive element
PlayStation producer
Order with scrolls
Open-mouthed Facebook reaction
One of us
Muse count
Murder mystery story
Math calculation
Mailings to labels
Low martial arts move
Like most Grindr users
Like a strong base
Like a free checking account
LGA alternative
Jim of 'Parks and Recreation'
Jethro Tull frontman Anderson
Internet sensation
Improv class routine
Happen, slangily
Grandfather, in Genova
Good grades may boost them
German industrial city
G-rated oath
Forearm med. procedure
First hill of Rome alphabetically
Feline sound of attraction
Fastest route, in theory, or a punny clue for the starred answers
Dickens pseudonym
Criticize savagely
Crib noisemaker
Copier paper size: Abbr
Computing pioneer Turing
Cockpit guesstimate, for short
Chichen Itza civilization
Celebrated gift givers
Cantankerous cry
Cafe au ___
Boardwalk treats
Biz school subject
Bench banger
Band clip
Ballet pivot
Attack ferociously
AM frequency abbr
1966 musical including the song 'When the Kids Get Married'
*Opinion piece
*Opinion piece
*Opinion piece
*Opinion piece
'Well said!'
'That's so pretty!'
'So help me…'
'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes' author Anita – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Feb-22-2017—Opinion-Pieces#sthash.hq7Rzgth.dpuf

___ Bator (Mongolian capital)
Wooded valley
Whisky barrel
What creative brainwaves produce
Wait patiently
Visit on the go
Valerie Harper's TV series
Unit of land
Transported by van
They deliver the goods
Takes over responsibility for something
Supreme Norse god
Supply startup money
Student no more
State highway
Start taking effect, as winter
Source of pain
Slimy menace of '50s horror
Sleeping disorder, for some
Sinks quickly
Shredded cabbage
Ship's low deck
Sandwich cookie
Rotunda topper
Rolled with the punches
Robots, collectively
One being held for ransom (Var.)
Not as far off
New Orleans-to-Atlanta dir
Moves on to a new topic
Meat from a sheep
Largest indigenous American fruit
Kitchen appliance
Kind of jacket worn in the '60s
Japanese 'belt'
It keeps the infield dry
Invalidates or voids
Husky voice characteristic
Hoop locale, often
Grammar class subject
French soldiers' hats
Field covered with grass
Faux things?
Fa-la link
Extinguishes (with 'out')
East African republic
Divisions or offshoots
Distinctive style
Dirty rotters
Desserts that can produce chills
Deaden or dull
Cry of glee on the playground
Crow relative
Country pathway
Concerning birth
Common street sign's command
Clumsy one's exclamation
Clothing line
Close-up or cutaway, e.g
Captain's superior
Breaks small pieces off from
Bow of the foot
Blackberry drupelets, e.g
Biggest club
Aloe ___
Address abbr., sometimes
'___ Under the Sun'
'___ Beacon Teaches Typing'
'Ready, willing and ___'
'Little' comic strip character created in 1935
'I'll have the same'
'Conventional' accumulated knowledge – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Feb-22-2017#sthash.jKLuWQd6.dpuf

___ up (increase)
___ limits (election issue)
Word in French surnames
Windshield clearer
Whom the Swiss Guard guard
Where slop is served
Vietnam's Ho Chi ___
Tugboat sound
Traditional Christmas greenery
Tough nut to crack
Touched down
Take the plunge again
Strongly built
Some equine calls
Slopped, on the farm
Skin cream additive
Ship that landed in Colchis
Robin Williams alien
Revenuers' target
Real estate database site
Put the whammy on
Pub pint
Pigskin snapper (Abbr.)
Pebble Beach prop
Paris-area hub
Newcastle's river
Mudville player count
Mad magazine's specialty
Lyric poem written in couplets
Lizzie Borden's alleged weapon
Like Wes Craven movies
Like early audiobooks
Like Clark Kent's demeanor
Like a rugby ball
Le Carre figure
Key with two sharps (Abbr.)
Just sitting around
Jackson 5 hairdos
Is in the hole
Hero's antithesis, in sports
Herbal brew
Harpsichord relative
Graffitist's signature
Go like a flying squirrel
Gear part
Friend of Tigger
Equip with Uzis, say
Emperor Akihito's home
DSL or cable peripherals
Dr Pepper rival renamed in 2001
Dorothy Parker et al
Donut box qty
Diplomat's talent
Delivers a stemwinder
Creator of Bede and Marner
Common 36-Down forecast
Coach Hank who won Super Bowl IV
Clue board section
City with 'two seasons: winter and the 4th of July'
Chaney or Chaney Jr
Cash in, as chips
Call from a cote
Beauty preceder, in a saying
Back of the nosebleed section
Auctioneer's next-to-last word
Attacked, commando-style
And others, in Latin
1998 Angelina Jolie biopic
1967 Neil Diamond single
1965 Beach Boys hit
1960 Ray Charles classic
18th-century Shakers leader
'___ do'
'Modern Family' network
'Jeopardy!' production company
'Doctor Faustus' playwright Christopher – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Feb-22-2017#sthash.bPZ3LyVJ.dpuf

Write-__ (some votes)
Woolly youngster
Williams sisters' org
West African nation
Wander about
Walk onstage
USO show audience
Untrustworthy person
Tops in size
Toledo's lake
Timetable, briefly
Till stack
Tightly stretched
Taper off
Snobby one
Shave, as Parmesan
Shakespeare's river
San Antonio landmark
Russian reflex researcher
Runs out
Rickman of Harry Potter films
Reviewed badly
Reckless speed
Ram of the zodiac
Proves false
Part of speech
Oscar actress Sorvino
Optimistic emotion
Not moving
Most populous African nation
Medicinal amount
Make angry
Luxury watch brand
Luau garland
Lowly laborer
Kingly title
Interoffice mail
In solitude
Idaho product, informally
Hunters' org
Hold firmly
Head the cast
Gooey campfire treat
Golden-__ (senior)
Fresh, as lettuce
Fictional Marner
Enthusiastic reviews
En __ (as a group)
Elijah Wood's "Lord of the Rings" pal
Drinks slowly
Distress call
Derive logically
Deep in thought
Cutting tool
Concerning, in 47 Down
Clarinet insert
Choir woman
Chess castle
British prep school
Bread ingredient
Botch (up)
Bird of peace
Betsy of flagdom
Beach bucket
Barrel of laughs
Author Austen
Auctions off
Attention-getting shout
Arabian sultanate
Annoyance, so to speak
Actress Stone or Thompson
90-degree pipe
007's creator
"__ there, done that"
"Homeland" channel, for short
"Evita" guy – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Feb-22-2017#sthash.lu2FwKR3.dpuf

___ pressure
___ Fruits (original name of Starburst candy)
___ Dug ('80s arcade game)
Young buck
Written in the stars
Writer Blyton or Bagnold
Wrist-to-elbow bones
Word with first or financial
Wade's legal opponent
Up to, in brief
Two eights, e.g
Twitter titter
TV host who touts his show as a 'No-Spin Zone'
Trouble that you'll find doubled in each of the longest entries
Tragic monarch
To no ___ (in vain)
Ticker that's hung
Tick off
Thriller novelist Daniel
Supermarket section
Still in play
Spanish province or its capital
Some Tetris pieces
Slim to ___ (long odds)
Senator's stretch
Rice-growing area
Remain unsettled
Pesky insect
Part of NPR
Paraffin-coated cheese
On the horizon
Official at Ohio State, say
Mop's mate
Monty Python member Michael
Minecraft explosive
Metallica's first Top 40 hit
Making stuff up
Little sucker?
Lesley of '60 Minutes'
Leaves in a bowl
Large cargo amount
Jubilant feeling
Henna and others
Have a bug
Gag reflexes?
Florida footballer
Flat highland
Eric Clapton classic
Duo stripped of their 1989 Best New Artist Grammy
Drones' home
Decorative vase
Curved paths
Cry out loud
Cry out loud
Courtroom conference
Cold remedy available in LiquiCaps
Brothers at the O.K. Corral
Brit's pit stop
Bookmarked address, briefly
Beer-battered fish
Be dependent (on)
Awesome, in old slang
Astronomer Hubble
Aquafina rival
Animated penguin that debuted in 1953
Animal that bugles
Anatomical container
1998 eBay event, briefly
1979 sci-fi blockbuster
'___ My Children'
'The Long Goodbye' genre
'Hamilton' creator ___-Manuel Miranda
'Bridget Jones's Diary' star Zellweger
'Amazing' magician and debunker – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Feb-22-2017#sthash.v3NKXkQO.dpuf

__-Coburg: former Bavarian duchy
__ a clue
Word of amore
Tunnel out, maybe
Tomato product
Tenerife, por ejemplo
Take the helm
Surface layers
Stereotypical family spoiler
Stars and Stripes land: Abbr
Spot for an AirPod
Slightly open
Slept like __
Slangy pounds
Skin, but not bones
Simple dwelling
Shade of gray
Shade of gray
Riyadh resident
Renaissance painter __ della Francesca
Religious prefix
Religion of Basra
Recurring theme
Pulitzer-winning novelist Jennifer
Prefix with con
Preference indicator
Portable Mongolian dwellings
Pop-up foul-up
Part of D.A.: Abbr
Pal of Nancy, in comics
Of a battery terminal
Neurologist's order, briefly
Necessity for a game of Ultimate
Moscow currency
Minute quantity
Metaphorical moments of time
Marine shade
Many future presidents, as it turned out
Luck, pluck or duck ending
Like 'Stranger Things,' e.g
Latin I verb
Kind of evidence
James with three NBA titles
Jacob's wife before Rachel
Input for a refinery
Homer's neighbor
History class assignment
Go out on a limb
French novelist Zola
Fort with billions in bullion
Fish __
Financial help
Family car
End __
Elec. or water
Ecclesiastical council
Distant and then some
Crock-Pot server
Corn Belt tower
Color in a Spanish rainbow
Clogs from France
Class requiring little effort
Chowder morsel
Brought about
Brewery kiln
Bookshelf bracket shape
Big name in vision care
Barely advances
Angrily ignoring the first half of the answers to starred clues?
*One with noble lineage
*Floral papal ornament
*Fictional road material
*Cola flavor
*Chard, by another name
'… man __ mouse?'

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