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crosswords puzzle answers 22/01/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 22/01/2017

___ Yost, 2015 World Series-winning manager
___ Minor
___ generis
___ facto
Worn out
World's most voluminous river
Word for a name-dropper?
Wolf (down)
Witty British judge?
What Cubs fans get carried away by?
Week, on Martinique
Title at Topkapi Palace
Thyroid need
Three-legged race, e.g.?
Think tank product
They're dubbed
They'll take your measure
Theological inst
Take responsibility for something
Take a timeout
Stream, as of revenue
Start of the Lord's Prayer
Speakers' spots
Sound investments, in more ways than one
Some vaults
Site of Spaceship Earth
Sierra ___
Showy in a cheap way
Shivering fit
Secure spots
School chum, say
Salmon roe, by another name
Religious image
Relative of 'Aargh!'
Racer Yarborough
Quiz bowl fodder
Quest of 25-Across
Pulls on, as heartstrings
Property inheritor, legally speaking
Poland's main airline
Place to hang tools
Pizza, e.g
Piano dueler with Donald in 1988's 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit'
Perform a full-body scan?
Page (through)
Ortiz of 'Ugly Betty'
Opposite of ruddy
Only woman to sing lead vocals on a Beatles song
One lifting spirits?
On point
N.L. Central squad, on scorecards
Mullally of 'Will & Grace'
Mrs., abroad
Mouse's resting place
Measly amount
Mauna ___
Mantle, e.g
Manhattan, e.g.: Abbr
Made out
Lorna of literature
Like Serbia and Croatia
Like cats, typically
Leave a good impression?
Lateral opening?
Language akin to Thai
Kind of history
Key locale: Abbr
Keeps in the loop, in a way
Julie of TV's 'Big Brother'
Jet measure
It shows who's who or what's what
It lies between Cleveland, O., and Buffalo, N.Y
Informal measures of popularity
Inconceivably vast
I, to Izaak
Hindi word for 'spice mix'
Hard to tell apart
Hard looks
Half of a swinging couple?
H.O.V. lane user
Guitar Hero activity
Grist for analysts
Grant a girl permission to dis Drake?
Grammy-winning drummer ___ Lyne Carrington
Goes by
Give a new tournament ranking
Girl with a ball
Gently show the door
Gaming giant
Game for the goal-oriented?
From one side to the other
French ___
Fig. on a periodic table
Farm females
Et ___
Egg container
Education support grp
Drink commonly served with a spoon-straw
Don't work too hard
Diving disaster?
Diesel in movies
Darn things
Copies, informally
Consider anew, as a decision
Conquistador Cortés
Common thing to lie about
Chi follower
Chest pain
Chapter in early 20th-century history: Abbr
Certain steel beam
Californie, e.g
Bus. card info
Brief second?
Bedouin shelter
Baseball-like game
Await resolution
Atheist's lack
Alternative to Cinemax
Alias inits
Ability to score at Madison Square Garden, e.g.?
1990s Indian P.M
1960s sitcom set in the 1860s
'That'll be the day!'
'One of the most civilized things in the world,' per Hemingway
'Mr. Blue Sky' band, for short
'Don't worry about me!'
'America'? – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Jan-22-2017#sthash.TjO2JpFo.dpuf

___ Lanka
___ Arabia
Wristband, e.g
Worst. Football holder. Ever
Word with 'black' or 'photo'
Word from Wally or Beaver
Up to one's ears
Uncle of a yank
Throws for a loop
They play during bathroom breaks?
Switzerland's capital (var.)
Steadfastly devout
Staged thing?
Sparks or Beatty
Software test versions
Snidely Whiplash, infamously
Slyly nasty
Shun, as responsibility
She might blast a Homer
Set cry
Running contest
Pretentious poseur
Polite word to call a gentleman
Poetic blacks
Playing (with), as a cat with a mouse
Pencil lump
Ones in distress, in old movies
Officially transferring property
Not your typical pilot
Mountain climber's guide
Lithe 1960s supermodel
Like all fingerprints
Lawrence and Bishop
It's after sigma
Input data anew
Indian dish with stewed legumes
Ill-gotten treasure
Hotfooted it
His pal is 'real' Goofy
Greyhound, e.g
Froshs' superiors
Frigid-climate seabird
Ford model of old
Flimflammed, as a fireman?
Field furrower
Extinct birds
Enlarges a family, in a way
Encouraging sort
Egypt's capital
Discourage from proceeding
Diamondlike shapes
Crossword cross-referencing word
Creepy street of horror
Considerable amount
Common title word
Chinese government offices
Change with the scenery
Certain Fender electric guitar, informally
Center of Ashe Stadium?
Butcher shop hacker
Brownish-gray color
Brought to mind
Brief copy?
Big name in little blocks
Become a splinter group
Balloon filler
Atlantic pan-sized porgies
Astro companion
Arp's art movement
Arab federation rich in oil
'Give it the old college ___'
'Come again?'
'Bed-In for Peace' participant – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Jan-22-2017#sthash.FR6qxK2e.dpuf

___ up (absorb)
___ butter (moisturizer)
Yield by treaty
Words of clarification
Word before bore or basin
Wilderness Road pioneer
When roosters crow
Vaudeville offering
Tunnel sound effect
Tramples underfoot
Towed boat
Ticket datum
Swallow noisily
Stone for many Libras
Spelunker's helmet attachment
Sixth Man of the Year Award org
Siri's device
Shelter beds
Sammy Davis Jr. autobiography
Reveling Carnaby Streeter?
Public to-do
Prison protest of sorts
Pre-migraine sensation
Portfolio component
Place for a monitor bracelet
Pitchman's cohort
Performed like Jay Z
Not strict about
Muscat's land
MS-13 and the Latin Kings
More or less
Monstro, in 'Pinocchio'
McCartney, in the Beatles
Made, as a putt
Links warning
Lighten up
Lie low
Left speechless
Jeremy of 'Zits,' e.g
Jab with a prod
In vogue
In under the tag
In need of ibuprofen
Grid Hall of Famer Aikman
Grenade filler
Go like a hummingbird
Give the slip to
Gets off the fence
Frank who directed 'Meet John Doe'
Fan fave
Facial tissue additive
Early TV puppeteer Lewis
Do superbly on
De-lump, as flour
Dame Edna with lilac-colored hair
Cowardly officer?
Completely destroyed
Common dog biscuit shape
Color whose name has no common rhymes
Color whose name has no common rhymes
Collect, as rewards
Cinders of old comics
Chews the fat
Bread basket item
Bottle sealer
Border on
Body part that one may 'bark'
Bit of body art, for short
Batiking needs
Ballistics teacher?
Available for rent
Athletic officeholder?
Archaeologist's find
Agnew's plea, briefly
Aden's land
'___ Miss Brooks' (classic sitcom)
'Tommy' band, with 'the'
'That hurts!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Jan-22-2017#sthash.EhVv9fwt.dpuf

__ Reader
__ acid
White alternative
Where geese learn the ABCs of Vs?
What an unproductive worker might get
Vote for
Vice __
Vessel for the corporate lake outing?
Utah ski resort
User's service
They may clash in debates
Symphonic strings
Submerged ridge
Sticky stuff
Statistician's aid
Stand __
St. with a panhandle
St. Louis bridge architect
Spelling on TV
Songwriter Sands
Some kind of nerve
Some Jutland natives
Shrink back
Short-lived Egypt-Syr. alliance
Shameful fictional symbol
Senior's memento
Quicken product
Quaint store adjective
Put (on) hastily
Priest's fashion consultant?
Pressing concern?
Piedmont wine region
Pep up
Passable publicity?
Oscar-winning actress Mercedes __
One of the Gilmore girls
One and only
Ominous ending
Occasions for cake, briefly
Not letting things slide, briefly
Not do, maybe
Normandy department
NFL's Oilers, since 1999
Nahuatl speaker
Monk's home
Mini successors
Metallic hybrids
Massenet opera
Marketing target
Many a stray
Liquor from currants
Lincoln's place: Abbr
Like the pre-Easter season
LAX postings
Land of the banshee
Knowing one makes the best moonshine?
Information for a waiter
Indy 500 family name
Immobilize at sea, in a way
IMDb.com entries
How prancing is done
Hosp. administration
Herman's Hermits frontman Peter
Hereditary code carrier
Heavenly bear
Has the stage
Harder to see
Groups on its covers included 'N Sync and Hanson
Green shelter
Goya's 'Duchess of __'
Golf great, to his 'army'
Give in shares
Get snuggly
Genealogy abbr
Garage services
Game that sells consoles, say
Flag thrower
Finger Lakes locale: Abbr
Fair instrument
Expose in verse?
Excavate anew
Energy pricing unit
Emmy-winning scientist
East Lansing sch
Driving force
Dress size
Director Howard
Diner host's stack
Dik Browne dog
Detailed analysis
Destroys totally
C??tes du __: wine region
Cries from sties
Couldn't get enough of
Cook with high heat
Container weight
Comedy club reactions
Colorado native
Close examination of past and present English?
Classic Cadillac
Circle lines
Cinque e uno
Carved poles
Canonized ones: Abbr
Canon offering, briefly
Candidate's handout
Canberra school
Bush and Gore: Abbr
Bug and Golf
Bros, say
Biblical brother
Beaucoup, with 'a'
Architect Saarinen
Appliance with a pilot
Alternate strategy
Abbr. on old Eurasian maps
'70s-'80s Pakistani president
'__ Land': 2016 Stone/Gosling film
'__ bleu!'
'Wait, there's more … '
'Seinfeld' role
'Paula's Home Cooking' host
'I Am the Walrus' was one
'Friendly Skies' co
'Clickbait' was added to it in Sep. 2016 – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Jan-22-2017#sthash.Xij6jGs7.dpuf

___ socket
Word heard at a New Year's Eve party
Wolf modifier
WNBA team that plays its home games inside a casino
Weekly speaker
Use a stiletto on
Unfortunate outbreak
Undergarment with spaghetti straps, briefly
Trade secrets, say
Tomato option
Sucrose source
St., ave., or blvd
River on the Illinois/Indiana border
Radio format
Publisher's reference
Popular kitchen color of the '70s
Persian's pupil, at times
Peak's opposite
Parlor piece
Ovid's 'I love'
Oreo alternative
Opportunity to take notes
Olympian who punished Echo
Off-rd. ride
Obsolete means of communication
Needing more salt, say
Nancy Drew, for one
Modern-day name of Christiania
Michael of 'Saturday Night Live'
Mammals with liquid diets
Letters in an address window
Leading man?
Kung fu movie staple
Keeps from running
Jumper that misses everything
Imported wheels
Hypo units
Holiday that may fall near Valentine's Day
Greek gratuity, perhaps
Gladiators' bashing weapons
Flub, as a grounder
Extra action
Esteemed sage
Emanuel of Chicago politics
Drop off
Did one's darnedest
Crater feature
Couldn't hide one's wonder
Conclusion of a dean's address
Cocreator of Professor X and Magneto
Cardigan and leotard, e.g
Candy shape
Bygone Ford
Bowie's 'Berlin Trilogy' collaborator
Base path?
Barbecue receptacles
At pique's peak
Any minute now
Amarillo's area
Alpine transport
Almost up
Aid in choosing starters
Actor Cenac of 'People of Earth'
1979 TV debut
'What the problem is …'
'Well, shut my mouth!'
'The plot thickens!'
'Night Moves' rocker Bob – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Jan-22-2017#sthash.clUJAhwk.dpuf

Worker's raise
Winslow Homer work
Whodunit informer
What encloses some cells
USPS deliveries
USPS deliveries
Undue quickness
Underway, to Sherlock
Turns to slush
To be: Lat
Tiresome talker
Thrifty, in brand names
Tampers with
SUV ancestor
Summertime woe
Suffix in cellular biology
Standards of excellence
Spectrum revealer
Speak from a lectern
Sleep symbols
Singing group
Significant other
Shrek's love
Salad green
Render inoperative
Red-ink figure
Recipe amount
Reacts angrily to
Quebec neighbor
Publicity ploy
Precedent setter
Poet Pound
Place for a figurehead
Pheasant female
Pectoral, e.g
Paper purchase
Paid promos
Operatic selection
Only just
Odd-numbered page
Northeastern capital
News executive
New Testament king
Nearsighted toon
Name on the cover of "The Odd Couple"
Musk of Tesla Motors
Munched on
MS. enclosure
Molecule part
Mine transports
Milk mishap
Milanese money
Lute-shaped fruit
Legendary trailblazer
Ledger entry
Leak slowly
LAX predictions
Laundry room bottle
Large lake since the 1930s
Kissed quickly
King of rhyme
Keep hidden
Jag alternative
Italian wine region
Islam's Almighty
In unison
Historical span
Highway markers
High society
Hardwood trees
Had a hankering
Greedy person
Gravy holder
GPS reading
Go really fast
Girl in the "Little House" series
Game with kings and queens
Former "Top Chef" judge
Floppy-eared dogs
Fishing-line mishap
Filled and then some
Felt sore
Fabric quantities
Executive Department appointment
Evert of tennis
Espresso beverage
Escorted to one's office
Entertainer Bette
Easy life
Deer relative
Days __ (yore)
Dairy sounds
Cry of accomplishment
Cozy spot
Covers with concrete
Cops' org
Computer operators
Compose, as prose
Committee leader
Clucked disapprovingly
Cheney successor
Cheater's references
Certain palm-tree fruit
Certain Ivy Leaguer
Carpentry tools
Car's custom ID
Calligrapher's tip
Bull Run battlefield
Brigham Young University city
Briefly worded
Boot part
Black, in verse
Bit of heredity
Big talk
Belief system
Bearded beast
Be worthy of
Battery pole
Barely passing grade
Ballet move
Bag-screening agcy
Ave. crossers
Attack from all sides
Artichoke serving
Alerts from PDs
Al or Bobby of racing
Academic periods
2006 Court appointee
"The Python Years" diarist
"Telephone" game of a sort
"I warned you!"
"I want to know . . ."
"Exodus" author

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