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crosswords puzzle answers 21/12/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 21/12/2016

___ Gardens, N.Y
You, more formally
Word with fast or fire
Water and sunlight, for plants
Walks and balks
Undertaking, as a war
Took care of the last bit
The 'E' of 14-Across
Thai neighbor
Tees off
Takes over
Sudden turn
State nobody wants to live in
Sports entertainment show since 1993
Slangy negative
Skin-care brand whose active ingredients are oat compounds
Single-named singer with the 2002 hit 'Foolish'
Simpson who lost a crossword contest in 2008
She played Rosemary in 'Rosemary's Baby'
Screeners' org
Rightmost number on an Italian clock
Places where people have withdrawals?
Norma ___ (Sally Field title role)
Message board admin
Maker of the old Speed Wagon
Magazine urging
Longtime Yankee nickname
Like the Hallows in a Harry Potter title
Hemingway who wrote 'Out Came the Sun'
Heavyweight bout venue
Heavy-metal band with a killer sound?
Hardly serious
GPS suggestion
Genius Mixes program
Gardener's bane
Faith founded in Persia
European river that inspired Smetana
Drank, as from a flask
David ___, longtime Red Sox slugger
Creatures under Wayne Manor
Court giant Arthur
Comic actor Danny
Christian supergroup?
Bring to a boil
Be alongside
Baseball's ___ Desmond, three-time Silver Slugger Award winner
Aromatherapy substance
Ariadne helped him navigate the Labyrinth
Ancient sun worshiper
6'7' Sixers #6
1 1/2-liter bottle
007 movie after 'Skyfall'
'___ out!'
'Spare me!'
'Shoot for the moon!' … or a hint to interpreting the clues to 17-, 25-, 35- and 51-Across
'Say ___'
'Rumour ___ It' (2011 Adele hit)
'I learned to be a movie critic by reading ___ magazine': Roger Ebert – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Dec-21-2016#sthash.hbb7uIF2.dpuf

Won back the favor of
Was inclined
Virtual auction site
Verdant spots
Unenlightened one
Turn in the park
Tube top
Tennis great Gibson
Take responsibility
Suit case?
Stitch up
Sound, e.g
Somerhalder of 'The Vampire Diaries'
Someone who could use a lift
Site of Christmas Mtn. Village resort
Sculpting medium
Role for Eartha Kitt and Halle Berry
Research setting
Popular Christmas gift
Polonium discoverer
Patron saint of virgins
Out of place
Orion's left foot
Open envelopes
Not supporting
Not so dim
Miniature Christmas decoration?
Meteor trail
Mascara ruiners
Manipulative folks
Lord's place
Like some commitments
Like Scrooge
Letter from the Corinthians
Israel's Golda
Hymn ender
How to Create a Nativity Scene 101?
Green sauce
Front yard, for some Christmas decorators?
Flying workers
Flasher in a nightclub
Find each other friendly
Financial share
Fill with joy
Diamond figure
Cosmetics brand pitched by Carrie Underwood
Company's empathetic words
Christmas tree topper
Christmas dinner finales
Chris of 'The Avengers'
Body with many arms: Abbr
Bearer of the heavens
Association responsible for setting up nativity scenes?
Aquafina rival
Antlered animals
1977 show for which Liza won a Tony
'___ in thy dark streets shineth…'
'You would ___ say it glows'
'To save us all from Satan's ___…'
'O come, let us ___ Him…'
'It's Christmas Everywhere' singer Paul
'I'll Be ___ for Christmas'
'A Different Kind of Christmas' author Alex
'…my true ___ sent to me…' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Dec-21-2016—Deck-the-Halls#sthash.JIDVGnyj.dpuf

___ of Fundy
Word with 'Mongolia' or 'limits'
With brains
What a drawbridge might cover
Wear away gradually
Vandalized an auto, in a way
Two things you don't have to refrigerate
Two things you don't have to refrigerate
To's counterpart
Title for a French gentleman
Three things you don't have to refrigerate
Thick, black, gooey substance
Terrier type
Stan the superhero creator
Splendid display
Space letters
Say 'That's nothing!' e.g
Respond to, as an opportunity
Raze (with 'down')
Prickly seed case (Var.)
Pre-owned, to a dealer
Pollution component
Place to find a shovel
Place for professional sporting events
Part of a road
One of the James Bond portrayers
On the house
Nest high off the ground
Museum feature
More than admire
Minor criticisms
Member of the British nobility
Major direction
Major blood carrier
Leapers in a Christmas song
Large, grassy plain
Lake linked to the Hudson River
Ladies of the house in Mexico
Knot in a tree, e.g
Its job is to run for you
It's quaint and roomy
It's around a foot
It engages a ratchet wheel
It can make the grade
Is in the skyscraper business
Ill-fated husband of Bathsheba
How many times 'in a lifetime'?
Greek gyro breads
Give the brush-off to
Expendables on a golf course
Eager enthusiasm
Dog irritant
Do more than just smell
Do a bit of math
Didn't sell or lend out
Cubic liter
Cropped photographs?
Come out of nowhere?
Collect, as rewards
Chinese restaurant flowers
Chanel of perfume
Center of the 'Elba' palindrome
Celebrates birthday after birthday
Blow that horn!
Bismarck the 'Iron Chancellor'
Battle-of-the-sexes team
Assistant coach, e.g
Ahs complements
African antelope with distinctive horns
Admit, country-style (with 'up')
Accept a challenge
3,600 ticks
'Rebel Yell' rocker Billy
'As ___' (letter closing) – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Dec-21-2016#sthash.ITOYoYAj.dpuf

Your, of yore
WWII menace
World Cup scores
Work on seams
Wine and dine
Wind quintet member
Wilder's '___ Town'
Where 'dos are done
Vichyssoise ingredient
Totally lose it
Top spots
Took a match to
Tex-Mex morsel
Styling goo
Spy in Canaan
Spliced, as a film
Space-saving abbr
Riyadh natives
River to the Caspian Sea
Rigatoni relative
Remote rural area
Registered, with 'in'
Ready to explode
Pres., militarily
Pollen gatherer
Poetic preposition
Philanthropic sort
Pakistan neighbor
Online investment site
No-win situation?
Nickel and dime
MetLife Stadium gridder
Merit reward
Meditation- or hypnosis-induced condition
Marching band instruments
Make amends
Madison Ave. pro
Like the Marx Brothers
Like slander, vis-a-vis libel
Like most Muslims in 60-Down
Light breakfast, perhaps
Letter before kappa
LAX listing
Laudatory verse
Jet Propulsion Laboratory org
Jan. 1 song title word
Implant deeply
Ill-fated Ford product
Heckler's shout
Having one's doubts
Hatchet-wielding temperance advocate
Group of experts
Go for the lure
Genesis setting
Flower's pollen producer
Exchange rings
Endure punishment
Dubuque native
Do an impression of
Designer Geoffrey
Decorator's asset
City famous for crab cakes
Car in an airport queue
Bring shame to
Bloodhound's asset
Billing unit, often
Barnyard abode
Arizona's ___ Fria River
Alternative to 'Mac' or 'Buster'
434-line T.S. Eliot poem
2014 Winter Olympics city
'Son of Frankenstein' role
'Push-up' garment
'Off the Court' author Arthur
'Chances Are' singer – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Dec-21-2016#sthash.DIa78yOv.dpuf

__ slaw
__ Allan Poe
Yoked beasts
Yields a profit
Word that follows 17 Across and 11 and 28 Down
With skill
Witch's spell
Wax-coated cheese
Warhol's creations
TV emcee Trebek
Toy balloon material
Tops of heads
Suggest strongly
Start the pot
Snake venom, e.g
Slow tempo
Signal via beeper
Show team support
Short skirt
Running-track shape
Run a scam on
Rug-making machine
Rude observers
Rinsed, as a driveway
Right-angle shape
Retiree's income
Remote-control aircraft
Range of view
Quick haircut
Pub patron
Prolonged attack
Pool-table hole
Photos, for short
Pencil end
Part of 9 Down
Ovenware glass
On a lease
Of higher education
Novelist Rice
Not fooled by
Neckwear at luaus
Natural soother
Mail off
Made a typo
Loosen, as laces
Lawn trimmer
Lane of the Daily Planet
Korean automaker
Keep clear of
Is abundant
Heroic act
Hay bundles
Good, in France
Go __ (agree)
Gear teeth
Frying medium
French-speaking Pacific island
Folklore monster
Fit for purchase
Faux __ (minor mistake)
Fashion sense
Escalator part
Drew in
Direction on some doors
Defective firecracker
Controlled by semiconductors
Computer storage measure
Community exercise ctr
Clarinet insert
Carefree adventure
Big party
Bearded farm animal
Annoy – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Dec-21-2016#sthash.tRIFYk1g.dpuf

Word before doctor or cycle
Wintry weather map feature
Traps by trawling
Torch wielders in 'Frankenstein'
Tokyo-based automaker
Toddler's taboos
They're made by maids
Tetley alternative
Symbol of slipperiness
Stooge's pie target
Stem-to-stern piece
Sound in a 'Star Wars' shoot-out
Shakespearean advisor-turned-adversary
Shake up
Rock-crushing contraption
Puts on notice
Pull the fuse from, perhaps
Progressive commercial character
Portable player since 2001
Per unit
PA system components
Oldest of the Three Musketeers
Okefenokee growth
Mouselike worm eaters
Monster in Tolkien tales
Major setback
Made like a model
Like some eclipses
Layered haircut
Just around the corner
It can be bellied up to
Invite through the doorway
Hungarian composer Béla
Hierarchy level
Herb in many stuffings
Heads-up from the head office
He sells Squishees to Bart
Harsh quality
Hardly any
Grind together
Grasp of what's going on
Go like the Road Runner
Garfield's predecessor
Fuming feeling
Fudge the facts
Freshly honed
Foolish types
Flared dress style
Figure skating team
Far from flabby
Evens out
Driver's license datum
Doomed Genesis shepherd
Do some branch management?
Disapproving syllables
Dip, as a doughnut
Daring beachwear
Core idea
Complies with the commands of
Colloquial carefree guy
Coil on a fire truck
Classic Latin reproach
Certain pinochle scores
Calf-length trousers
Biceps, slangily
Backstage clashers, perhaps
1958 Pulitzer winner James
'___ Teen Hunger Force' (Cartoon Network series)
'___ it obvious?'
'You've got mail' ISP
'Thriller' singer, in tabloids
'The Hunt for Red October' device
'That's my cue!'
'That did the trick!'
'Beetle Bailey' vehicle – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Dec-21-2016#sthash.Hz560I9M.dpuf

Words after a long delay
Word in a threat
Website with a Collectibles & Art section
Washington bills
Was humbled
Up to the task
Type of exam
Throw caution to the wind
Thailand's previous name
Test rodent
Stun, in a way
Stereotypical dog's name
Sounding shocked
Some museum art
Smelting waste
Small valley
Service charge
Security group
Ruth's Chris request
River of Spain
Ring unit
Prefix with cure
Part of 52-Down
Palm or beech
Overgrown lot, e.g
Open to attack, and based on the starts of the answers to starred clues, what this puzzle is
Old photo tint
Not suitable
Montreal brewery founded in 1786
Mixed martial artist Holly
Miles off
Marquee listings
Magazine with Don Martin cartoons
Long fish
Lille lily
Leavened flatbread
Kilmer and Keats
Join together
Is sorry about
Indigenous plant life
Indiana Jones' creator
Inconsequential quarrel
Holiday tubers
Herbal emanation
Got mileage out of
Good news for borrowers
French twist, for one
Former Prizm maker
Formal wear at the Forum
Entire spectrum
El __, Texas
Drawn-out tales
Doesn't continue
Convection oven brand
Cola with emoji bottle labels
Cockney's wish?
Chi.-based flier
Chaotic mess
Biller, eventually
Article often ignored in alphabetizing
Aptly named novelist
1953 Leslie Caron film
*Pretend to be out
*Exchange insults
*Come-on for new customers
*'I'd like a hand'
'¿Cómo __?'
'Tap the app, get a ride' company
'Get a move on!'
'Dark Angel' actress Jessica

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