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crosswords puzzle answers 21/09/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 21/09/2016

Wine casks
Wail on a 33-Down
Unit for a lorry
Uhura portrayer Zoë
Trattoria shot
Took on, as a challenge
Tony-winning musical that begins and ends on Christmas Eve
Students may pass them
Students may pass them
Stop up … or talk up
Spring into action … or an apt directive for 17-, 23-, 36- and 49-Across
Something boring
Six-legged creature, to an entomologist
Sch. with a Phoenix campus
Rigoletto, for one
Racks up, as debt
QB rating factor: Abbr
Porterhouse cousin
Pony Express's Missouri terminus, informally
Playground comeback
Phone screening service
One sharing a Wi-Fi password, maybe
O'Brien who wrote 'The Things They Carried,' 1990
Not moving
Nobel Prize-winning daughter of the Curies
News agency for a 57-Down
New York sports fan's purchase
Movie screening service
Michigan's ___ Pointe
Mayonnaise, for one
Make less difficult
Lawyer's title: Abbr
Kazakhstan, once: Abbr
Jewelry worn by Barbara Stanwyck in 'Double Indemnity'
Its speed is usually measured in GHz
It secures locks
Hazmat suit features
Go round and round
Give a long, grandiloquent speech
French quencher
Forever, seemingly
Flying furry friend from Frostbite Falls, formally
Financial news inits
Fender model, familiarly
Eye, in Ávila
Entry in an equine family tree
Div. in a 'Law & Order' spinoff
Diminishes by degrees
Detach gradually (from)
Defaulter's auto, often
Dashboard fig
Common sans-serif font
Colorist's task
Citi Field predecessor
Cherokees, for example
Buttercup family member with irregularly shaped blossoms
British record giant
Bag-screening org
Alpine goat
Albanian coin
19th-century author who wrote 'Vanity working on a weak head, produces every sort of mischief'
1962 François Truffaut film classique
'___ sure you know …'
'What's the ___?'
'My man'
'Full House' uncle
'Bite ___ tongue!'
'Ant-Man' star Paul
'And I should care because …?' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Sep-21-2016#sthash.ZvBzXC1b.dpuf
Zesty flavor
Where the Newcastle Scholarship is awarded
Where Phelps won five more gold medals
Tubes found inside this puzzle's six longest answers
Tossed around
Steamer, e.g
Stack at Baskin-Robbins
Solo in the cockpit
Small songbird
Sheet of stamps
Schreiber of 'Ray Donovan'
Put in the paper
Put away
Purple Heart, e.g
Procured wrongly, to Shakespeare
Princess Charlotte's grandaunt
Portentous event
Play thing
Parasite's victim
Palace address
Owl's asset
Orchestra VIP
Openly confess
Nick and Nora's pet
Neptune's domain
Neighbor of Java
Muse of history
Move slightly
Middle name in the National Inventors Hall of Fame
Like most testimony
Lascivious look
Knitted item in a nursery
Jeans feature
It results from not signing
Industrial tank
Incan bearer
Hotel amenities
Home of Triple-A baseball's Rainiers
Hang out
Grey Goose competitor
Goes all out
Geometry calculations
Fresh, to Friedrich
Four-time portrayer of Sgt. Murtaugh
For whom the bell tolls
Folk album of 1968
Estate on the banks of the Potomac
Elliptical, say
Driving hazard
Doc of the bay
Cutting room?
Cry of clarity
Collected anecdotes
City near Monte Vesuvio
Cause of leaf discoloration, perhaps
Call from a cutter
Caesar conclusion
Bracketed qualification
Boris's co-star in 1945's 'The Body Snatcher'
Blue Book listing
Bibliography abbr
Become established
Basketball Hall of Famer Holman
Award that depicts comedy and tragedy masks
Automaker whose models included the Statesman and Ambassador
Audition rejects
Agt. Mulder's employer
2013 Joaquin Phoenix film
'In questa reggia,' for one
'I couldn't agree more!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Sep-21-2016—Inner-Tubes#sthash.4Ro53aer.dpuf
Wild creatures
What souffles do
What a good pilot knows how to do
Watts of Hollywood
Unexplainable picked-up feeling
Ubiquitous cosmetics ingredient
Type of beef
Tough puzzle
Took up residence
The avant-garde's Yoko
Takes huge drinks
Some New York-style hotdogs
Showing signs of wear and tear
Salesperson's pitch
Sailor buddy
Related maternally
Pulled vehicles
Project for homebuilders
Prevent from happening
Pound the ground
Not deceived by
Long, long, long time
Long fishes
Like many hams
Less cordial
Lash mark
Larry Bird was one
Large-eyed lemur
Large butte
Kind of panel
Judicial orders
Instrument with 47 strings
Historic time
Harmful bacteria
Good's opposite
Golfer's rental
Goddess symbolized by a cow
Four Corners state
Fancy cracker topper
Family member who may eat off the floor
Fake butter
Eliot of the Untouchables
Double header?
Den drug of old
Delight or jubilation
Declare firmly
Choice invitees
Cause for opening a window
Cannabis product
Brown in a pan
Bounding site?
Blows it
Bit of perspiration
Big game
Becomes compost
Bad GPS revelation
Avoid work
Australian gemstone
Assert confidently
Applying to ears
'___ we forget'
'But wait, there's more'
'Buona ___' (Italian 'Good evening'
'Ars Amatoria' poet
'7 Faces of Dr. ___' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Sep-21-2016#sthash.SHjZa37u.dpuf
Yahtzee player's turn
Workers with wicker
Word before candy or contact
Where union membership isn't required
Wagon trail furrows
Unhip sorts
Those on the move
They may be burned on PCs
Talk like Don Corleone
Swiss ___ (vegetable)
Sponsors' spots
Southeast Asian cuisine item
Sour note
Soap opera plot device
Slip up
School for princes
Saintly symbol
River under the Ponte Vecchio
Pyramid's point
Polio vaccine pioneer
Plunderer's raid
Physique, slangily
Peyton's younger brother
Pet welfare org
One who believes our planet is a disc
One of the Gabors
Needing decryption
Muscular might
Murphy of 'To Hell and Back'
Mischievous, in a playful way
Minotaur's isle
MBA's subj
Margarine container
Likely to mouth off
Like a specially formed committee
Law grad's challenge
Irish ___ bread
Ink on a delt, say
Hammock holders
Gym class attire
Goat-hoofed lecher of myth
General's insignia
Gallbladder contents
Easter find
Designer's concern
Dental care brand
Dealt in secondhand goods
Cut obliquely
Cropped up
Cooler in the Kramdens' apartment
Common Core hurdle
Cocoa-and-coffee combo
Clemson's sports org
Cheater's paper
Chased away
Certain female grouse
Cajun cuisine vegetable
Build a new room, say
Brassiere brand
Brandish, as a weapon
Borough with a famous zoo
Black cats or broken mirrors, to some
Begins the planting process
Beginning stage
Beehive State natives
Ballpark beverage
Arizona State's city
Areas of rapid growth
Ambusher's setup
Altar vow
Add zip to
Accessory with a muumuu
2014 Russell Crowe epic
'Thrilla in Manila' victor
'G'day, ___!'
'Beetle Bailey' dog
'Air Music' composer Ned – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Sep-21-2016#sthash.oUFgxAVE.dpuf
__ and hearty
Wise person
Wild swine
Wild equine
Whitish gemstone
Was certain of
Walk unsteadily
Walk onstage
Volcanic outflow
Tubular pasta
Trade show, for short
Tom Sawyer's girlfriend
Throat-clearer's sound
Swine food
Swelled heads
Strip (of)
Standout athlete
Run an __ (do lab work)
Run a __ (determine differences)
Run a __ (check for malware)
Run a __ (be a strict boss)
Rose-garden pest
Ran in the wash
Racetrack shape
Quick plane trip
Pursued, as game
Prophetic sign
Prepared to be knighted
Pollution monitoring org
Poet T.S
People getting prizes
Out of the way
Look mopey
Late-blooming flower
Landlord's income
Knight's title
Kitchen fixture
Just by thinking
Jury member, in theory
Installed, as wallpaper
In years past
Imitative skill
How atlas maps are drawn
Hospital section
Holds title to
High praise
Hibachi residue
Green fruits
Frying medium
Family room
Espionage org
Economist Greenspan
Easy gait
Dog doc
Decorative fabric
Dances like Cinderella's
Couldn't decide
CEOs, VPs, etc
Casual restaurant
Cast-of-thousands movie
Captain Nemo creator
Belly muscles
At a tie score
Apply, as force
Anjou or Bartlett
Angelic topper
Ancient Peruvian
Actor's job
Absorbs, with "up"
"Star Trek" character
"Be glad to" – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Sep-21-2016#sthash.DXreIlBy.dpuf

__ Romeo
Young __: tykes, in dialect
Work the aisles, slangily
Went astray
Very familiar with
Valerie Harper sitcom
USN clerk
Unhook, say
Ungentle giants
Touchdown spot
Title for Prince William's wife
The 'thee' in 'Get thee to a nunnery'
Take steps
Stroke with a wedge
Stereotypical Geek Squad employee
Sofa decor
Sledding spot
Skin pic
Skimpy nightgown
Shear (off)
Shar-__: wrinkly dog
Seeing the sights
Scout gps
Scottish isle denial
Sailor's pronoun
Sailor's pronoun
Rude dismissal, in slang
Pupil's cover
Prince William's wife
Prefix with technic
Pour love (on)
Post-performance celebration
Passage between buildings
Paper staff, briefly
Onetime rival of Delta
Not spontaneous
Not as demanding
NBC skit show broadcast from 30 Rock
Mass-mailing tool
Log-shaped pastry
Letter-bottom letters
Kenneth __, portrayer of Judge Lance Ito in 'The People v. O.J. Simpson'
Item draped on a rack
Instagram upload
Having a key, in music
Haul to the shop
Go against
Full of energy
French explorer who named Louisiana
Folksy greeting
Finger-clicking sound
Drawn-out account
Doctrinal suffix
Display for lecture illustrations
Desktop with an AppleCare option
Defiant retort
Cocoon contents
Charitable gift
Bygone weight-loss pills
Baker's protection
AWOL seekers
A little laughter
'__ matter of fact … '
'True Detective' network
'Siddhartha' author
'Operators are standing by!'
'Good Guys Wear Black' star
'Canterbury' story

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