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crosswords puzzle answers 21/05/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 21/05/2017

___-Foy, Que
___ Mill (California gold rush site)
Wrangler alternative
Words after hit or knock
Without exception
Western lily
Went on an African hunting expedition
Weasel out of
Water carrier
W.W. II zone, for short
Vowel sound in 'hard' and 'start'
Upholstery problem
United Nations entrant of 1949: Abbr
Two-time Wimbledon winner Lew
Those with clout
The Bible on where Prince Harry learned horticulture?
The Bible on ruined sugar crops?
The Bible on political horse trading?
The Bible on directions to hell?
The Bible on diet food?
The Bible on camera problems?
The Bible on bad business practices?
The Bible on an alien invasion?
The Bible on a taboo musical instrument?
The Bible on a climactic part of a baseball game?
Test site
Symbol in trigonometry
Storms of the 1990s
Stooge with a bowl cut
Start of many recipe steps
Square dance group, e.g
Sportswear brand
Sportscaster Dick
Spacewalk, for short
Something poking through the clouds
Skilled banker?
Sign of spring
Sierra Nevada, e.g
Shade of white
Setting for spring in Vivaldi's 'The Four Seasons'
Scale sequence
Safety device
Runners behind O-lines
Rear half?
Reacts to an awesome sight
Rave review
Quiet place to pray
Putin ally
Purchase via Charles Schwab: Abbr
Prefix with con
Pompeii problem
Political writer Kenneth
Photo finish?
Perino of Fox News
Pass carefully
Part of a chorus line?
Parent vis-à-vis a child's loan, maybe
OT enders, sometimes
Org. in a le Carré novel
Online mischief-makers
One of the original Mouseketeers
One doing heavy lifting
Nursery rhyme boy
Number of weeks per annum?
Night school subj
Newport event
New York town on the Hudson
Mrs. Michael Jordan
Motrin alternative
Mortgage deal, for short
Matter of debate
Losing ground?
Long, long time
Like our numerals
Like all official football games
LAX listing
Just slightly
Japanese relative of a husky
Its slogan is 'Family City U.S.A.'
Item near a stereo
Ireland's ___ Fein
In la-la land
Golfer's concern
Get going
French assembly
Forum farewells
Final bit
Film in which Scarlett Johansson is heard but not seen
Fable finale
Essential parts
Escape slowly
Erich who wrote 'Love Story'
Don Quixote's squire
Destination from the E.R
Cries at unveilings
Conical construction
Confessor's confessions
Commercial success?
Cardinal letters
Burma's first P.M
Buc or Bronco
Blood work report abbr
Being part of a secret
Before: Abbr
Avoid boredom, say
Arafat's successor as P.L.O. chairman
Approaches aggressively
Actress Thurman
A wee hour
A long way off
A hill of beans?
62-Down's political party
1987 Best Actress winner
'Would ___?'
'Unfinished' Symphony composer
'Take me ___'
'Peer Gynt' character
'Oh wow!'
'Children of the Albatross' author – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—May-21-2017#sthash.Qjbv42Dp.dpuf

___ de plume
Univ. of Tennessee athlete
United coalition
Type of bran
Try again
Thing washed daily
Thick-skinned, pear-shaped fruit
They whistle in some kitchens
They 'speak louder than words'
Speaks for ___ (needs no introduction)
Something a con artist will pull
Six-toed bird
Seekers of the most wanted
React to a horrific stench
Prior to today, to the Bard
Presidential first name
Planting machine
Pan fry
Notation in some reference books
Nineteenth in a series
Nickname for Hollywood
Napoleon's place of exile
Murdered son of Adam
Miners pick it out
Mary-Kate's twin sister
Lotto-like game
Liver's deep anger?
Like a cute, innocent baby
Leaning to one side
Last word of the Bible
Lack of sophistication (var.)
King of the jungle
Kept in a pigpen
Height, to a pilot
Hammer's faster relative
Great praise
Getting older (var.)
Frigid temperatures, in relation to zero
Fourth rock from the sun
Fossil fuel
Force to court
Fame that stretches far and wide
Fairy-tale brother
Expressed points of view
Exemplar of whiteness
Execute disastrously
Ending for 'puppet' or 'wagon'
Encouraging word
Electrical measure
Elbow bone
Einstein, for one
Egos' complements
Ditch made by water
Distribution word
Deighton, Berman or Dawson
Cookbook directive
Compass, a few thousand years ago
Cleft locale
Cipher, as a secret message
Church features
Charity recipient
Certain light provider
Carder's target
Bubble bath ingredient
Biopic starring Jennifer Lopez
Bikini part
Big name in fruit
After dusk, poetically
About half of the adult population
Abbr. on a list
'Yo!' alternatives
'Wayne's World' negative
'Furthermore …'
'Born as'
'And I'm Abraham Lincoln!'
'… and justice for ___' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—May-21-2017#sthash.IbevAdaU.dpuf

___ about (rove)
World's fastest shark
With 'my' and 40-Across, frozen waffle slogan
Wished undone
Turned out to be
Touched the tarmac
The Bard's stream
Tennis great Lendl
Tattooist's 'canvas'
Stuck in the attic
Stiffener in a salon
Steve, the first pitcher with four Cy Youngs
Spews, as oil
Spartan serf
Sloth's hangout
Slight lead
Shoot the breeze
Seventh in a series of citrus fruits?
See 25-Across
San Francisco's ___ Hill
Rustic stopover
Reacted to a tongue depressor
Raven's call
Radar's drink, on 'M*A*S*H'
Predator of seals
Practice for the SAT, say
Place to sow
Place to attempt 100-foot putts?
Place for a pint
Picking from a lineup, for short
Pete, the Beatles' drummer before Starr
Pet transporter
Paul McCartney and Ray Davies
Patricia of 'Hud'
Paint can instruction
Opera redone by Elton John and Tim Rice
Nurses at the bar
Not taken in by
Mulligatawny seasoning
Many a sculpted work
Make goo-goo eyes at
Lithium-___ battery
Like some winks or grins
Like some college walls
Like milk, in a proverb
Like Astaire's career, before Rogers?
Japanese dog with a curly tail
It's tied with 'Argo' for the shortest name for a Best Picture
Is in agreement
Horatio who created Ragged Dick
Home of St. Francis
Herb in chicken saltimbocca
Hat trick component
Got off the fence
Geishas' garments
Folklore fiend
Female birds with showy mates
Fellow from Saskatchewan's capital?
Ernie's 'Sesame Street' pal
Emphasized, like some type
Editor's 16-Across mark
Dumpster emission
Dodge, as a question
Dance done to 'Hava Nagila'
Crunchy bits at a salad bar
Cosmetician Curtis
Cocoon creator
Canter or trot
Bering or Borge
Ballet leap
Armada units
Angst-ridden music genre
All squared away
44-Across, for one
'Tommy' rockers
'No ___ luck!'
'Go back,' on a PC
'Cast-iron' body part – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—May-21-2017#sthash.qWKwq203.dpuf

__ fides (credentials)
You love: Lat
Wright's architectural style
Work at
Wonton kin
Winter hat extension
Willing to try
William Piper contemporary
United Steelworkers' affiliation
Treated, as acidic soil
Transparent, as ponds
Trans-Canada Hwy. measures
Top players
Three-legged stand
Tavern tribute
Sweet drinks
Storage units of a sort
State song of Kansas
Some of the earliest Web browsers
Some early PCs
Solid and sturdy, as some counters
Small town
Sleek, for short
Shakespearean schemer
Serious questioner
Sedan, for one
Second Green Gables novel
Scanned bars
Scandinavian capital
Scan, as bars
RPM gauge
Roping event
Road repair material
Replay speed, for short
Recycling candidate
Recipe amt
Racing-form listings
Quarterback's setback
Puts out some Z's
Provide gear for
Proofs of age
Previously stated
Prefix meaning "flow"
Prefix for body
Possibly pedigreed pet
Pastel shade
Part of a wintry mix
Paella morsel
Overhaul, as a lawn
Oriole cousins
One-million link
Not oneself
Noodles with tofu
New hire, often
Moray, for instance
Minimal-power computer mode
Mild oath
Marvel superheroes
Marks, as some boxes
March-to-November hrs
Magic potion
Lei giver's greeting
Least forthcoming
Lava source
Lasting mark
Kiowa or Comanche
Jeweler's magnifier
Janet Yellen's deg
IRS 123 Down
Infield cover
In braids
Improve by editing
Hole for coins
Henry Higgins creator
Have something
Hard feelings
Half of dodeca-
Grilling candidate
Green refuges
Grain bundle
Glide downhill
Getz of jazz
Get on peacefully
Genesis twin
Galley gear
French article
Formerly possessive dairy brand
First-year Cooperstown inductee
Film excerpt
Family nickname
Familiar sound
Exchanges from 98 Down
Erstwhile Atlantic crosser
Eddie Bauer competitor
Earth tone
During which, in Devon
Drapery, essentially
Dough or bread
Director Lee
Curt affirmation
Cuban coin
Cranky one
Country singer Evans
Contented sound
Conductor Georg
Closer to 81 Down
Classified ad listing
Check for fit
Certain singers
Center of worship
Celebratory suffix
Cause of some wild weather
Casual footwear
Casts aside
Cast figures
Cannons on wheels
Bungle, with "up"
Boxer's delivery
Born yesterday
Boot-camp driller
Bet first
Barnyard beasts
Aussie reptile
Any of the Simpsons
Angelic, in a way
Accept gladly
Absorb, with "up"
"The Daily Show" host
"Rule, Britannia!" composer
"I'd be glad to"
"Fresh and local" produce descriptor
"Beetle Bailey" dog
"60 Minutes" reporter – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—May-21-2017#sthash.5jj8XnG4.dpuf

You can't live without it
Yoplait competitor
Yoga position
Wrong at the start?
Wrapped Mexican fare
Words after make or take
Wish were here
Weather-sensitive airport stat
Weather Channel concern
Waits for an agent, maybe
Vintage vehicle
Versatile NFL defenders
Usually single-stranded molecule
USC, for one
USC part: Abbr
Universe of Energy locale
Tylenol result, ideally
Twists, e.g
Twist in a tale
Treated very roughly
Tom or Jerry
Tolkien monster
Think (over)
The __ Store
The end of its name is also its natl. airline
Teeny tiny
Taste enhanced by shrimp paste
Sun. speech
Spy with a sweet tooth?
Siri's Amazon counterpart
Short filmmaker?
Short cut
Sharp criticism
Sharable doc format
Secretly kept in the message loop, for short
SeaWorld performer
Sea once home to 1,100-plus islands
Scout rider
Salon treatment
Rulers in a line
Public outcry
Pronoun for a skiff
Prior president who swore in two subsequent presidents
Preventative power
President's daily delivery?
Plants of immortality, to ancient Egyptians
Pharmacy pickups
Penne __ vodka
One who may cease to exist when underappreciated?
NutraSweet developer
North Pole yoga need?
Nailed the test
Mythical bird
Movie promoters
Mop tamer
Minor tiff
Milan moolah
Mayflower notable
Make more than
Love, Italian-style
Loop in a cattle drive
Live-in nanny
Lines for an audience
Limerick neighbor
Like revealing memoirs
Like most cheeseburgers
Library attention-getter
LaserJet printers
Lab gel
Jungle chest-beater
Juice-and-fish-broth product
Joined forces
John of 'Star Trek'
John of 'Hairspray'
Its logo contains Hebrew letters
It's only make-believe
It helps you focus
IMF division?: Abbr
Iditarod trainee?
Hearty comfort food
Having a kick
Had the most points
Grand Canyon rentals
Grafton's '__ for Burglar'
God in the Vatican
Give the green light
Foamy eye-opener
Foam finger number
Floral ring
First name in virology
Filmy fabric
Exhibit with a baby
Drama written in code?
Donor drive target
Dell operator
Dash gauges
Cuba libre ingredient
Court figure
Corp. symbols
Computer download
Common town ctr
Chews the scenery
Chew the fat
Check for doneness?
Change, as a will
Certain entrance fee
Cell dweller
Cat's tail, maybe?
Burrower servicing borrowers?
Brown on a shelf
Bronco's bailiwick
Big Pharma dept
Big name in labels
Biblical backstabber
Bear's advice
Arco de Constantino locale
Aligned, with 'in'
Acknowledge the general
Acknowledge the general
Ace accountant
'The Simpsons' disco devotee
'That's clear'
'That's a shame'
'That hurts!'
'Off' is often printed on one
'Nebraska' Oscar nominee
'I did it!'
'C'mon, let's go!'

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