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crosswords puzzle answers 21/01/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 21/01/2017

Xmas, for Jimmy Buffett
Works of a lifetime
Words of understanding
Women's issue?
What small cranes may produce
Warm, inviting facial feature
Violinist Kavafian
United base
Tourist haven with the capital Denpasar
They result in very fast response times
Software event
Share confidences with
Series finale
Seller of TV and magazine spots, informally
Seat of Missouri's Douglas County
Restaurant with a 'playful' name
Remarkably rapid
Reaction from a tough crowd
Producer of boxing rings
Prized game fish
Prepare, as some Mexican food
Popular playground pastime
Politician's accessory
Permanent marker
Partner of 9-Down
Partner of 50-Across
Pacific demonstrations
Oration location
News source with a 'For the Record' feature
Movie-archiving org
Midnight, e.g
Looped in, in a way
Looks down
Longhorns' rivals
Letter closing
Knocked senseless
It may be labeled 'XXX'
Install, as software before shipping
Imported wheels?
Home to the Zapotec people
He wrote 'Lust's passion will be served; it demands, it militates, it tyrannizes'
He played Ant-Man in 2015's 'Ant-Man'
French motto part
First name in infamy
Common beach policy
Come out on top
College just north of New York City
City in Central Macedonia
Charles who starred in the 1938 drama 'Algiers'
Camp classic
Bulbous perennial
Blocks, e.g
Betraying extreme embarrassment
Appropriate answer for this clue
Actress Thurman
Actress Campbell
2013 World Series M.V.P., to fans
'Superhits of the Superstars' label
'Oh yeah!'
'Nice going, jerk!'
'How ya holdin' up?'
'Far less than that'
'Dumb and Dumber' drive destination
'Dear ___' ('Double Fantasy' song) – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Jan-21-2017#sthash.aqHukmnG.dpuf

Zodiac unit
Zest source
Xenophobic policy
WWW connector
Wrinkle remover
Worked a wedding reception
With 14-Across, three-time Super Bowl MVP
White House figure
Whirlpool brand
Volleyball ace Gabrielle
Vain display
Vacant, as a flat
Utopia for a teddy bear?
Unforested tract
Two-way man crush
Traveling company
Tools for duels
Title role for Streisand
They tweet in the bathroom?
Takes a look at a Nook
Sportage maker
Slinky, essentially
Sites for childish behavior?
Significant stretches
Shower bar?
Shipping cushion
Served as an usher
See 117-Down
Refund check org
Radio studio light
Prince Valiant's son
Prez before Jack
Pot starter
Pokemon Go and the like
Pique condition?
Piece of work
Peter of 'Casbah'
Penn Sta. info
PC-linking system
PC pic
Patriot Allen
Patella's place
Papal throne site
Old map letters
Oberon's queen
Not that
Nintendo princess
Nile vipers
Need for a last glide behind the boat?
Music org. that sues pirates
Morocco neighbor
Montreal Olympics sweetheart
Monet's workplace
Mistletoe event
Mikita and Musial
MetLife competitor
Met melody
Met melodies
Mayberry moppet
Mauna ___
Marlon's 1950s director
Make waves in
Maine flag feature
Maestro Mehta
MacDowell of 'Groundhog Day'
LXVII times IX
Litter's littlest
Like a cloudless night
Lifesaver for a birdbrained skydiver?
Kind of stock
Inuit transport
Instantaneous attraction to a freeloader?
Incision indication
In the manner of
Hula accompaniment
Hotfoot reaction
Hosp. scan
Hoses down
His ___ (cribbage jack)
Hill honchos
Helvetica look-alike
Haydn sobriquet
Harrow rival
Hard to hold onto
Greek vowels
Gondola setting
Gloria's role in 'Sunset Boulevard'
Getting hitched?
Football propeller
Fiver face
Exhibit excitement
Env. extra
Ending for elephant or serpent
End for vapour or colour
Elementary education, familiarly
Eldest of the outlaw Younger brothers
Earth Day month
Duma denial
Domino's order
Disguised, for short
Devotee's declaration
Deep, lustrous black
Dating from birth
Cry from a sty
Crash consultant
Compact disc?
Clinton running mate
Citric beverage
Christian in the fashion business
Character with pipes and horns
Change a handle, say
Brake in the most ideal way?
Best Picture directed by Hitchcock
Bedouin, e.g
Bank take-backs
Art exhibit embarrassment
Arizona river
Allegory taught in an anger management class?
Agree to participate
Agent networks
2013 Spike Jonze movie
'___ were…'
'___ for the Misbegotten'
'Spring ahead' hrs
'Right away, boss!'
'Luck be ___ tonight…'
'Jazz' author Morrison
'Imagine that!'
'Clumsy me!'
'Cheers' barkeep – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Jan-21-2017—Seeking-Professional-Help#sthash.7nE24GmD.dpuf

Wild, dangerous and fierce
What the smaller portion is
What clothes that are too big or too small are
Warbling sound
Voice above a tenor
Triteness or staleness
Thing's housemate
Thermal graphics machine
The eyes have it, really
Texas city
Sweet wine
States with conviction
State of deep unconsciousness
Small cap with a propeller
Slangy machine gun
Seek to win one's affections
Schoolyard game
School bake-sale org
Quimby of kid lit
Print type, briefly
Prefix with 'approve' or 'respect'
Play a part
Phrase before 'king' or 'carte'
Perfect in all ways
Part of a savings plan
Out like a light for the night
Orioles and Cardinals org
Nowhere near here
Move to the music
Miner's worry
Marble variety
Man mentioned in Genesis
Main song, on old 45s
Long narrative poem
Like the Mile High City, obviously
Legendary Yankee Yogi
Legendary actress Myrna and others
Kind of code or chart
Indian bread (var.)
Hummed in a dull manner
Hollywood actress Mimieux
Great house with lots of land
God, in Portuguese
Frozen quarters
Force units
Fish more slippery than many
Filling a drink that's not empty
Fierce sea monster
Far from wealthy
Expense for those in chem class
Dual number?
Diacritical mark
Delicate, sparkly crown
Defunct spy org
Crow or Navajo, e.g
Cowboys are popular there
Cooler heads prevail with it?
Concession stand beverage
Con carne dish
Composer's work
Classroom no-show
Checkout machine inits., sometimes
Causes to accept gradually
Botanical seed cover
Board info inside LAX
Bias or Deighton
Beloved of Tristan
Atmospheric pollution
Any part of JFK?
Aladdin's benefactor
'Would ___ to you?' ('Believe me!')
'Signing off'
'I made a mistake,' slangily
'Begin shooting!'
'Be that as it may' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Jan-21-2017#sthash.sny0CbUW.dpuf

___-Blo (fuse brand)
___ Kettering Institute
With the bow, on a score
Where one lives (Abbr.)
W.C. Fields expletive
Travelocity mascot
Travel far and wide
Trash hauler
Toupee, slangily
Time co-founder Henry
Tickle the fancy of
Taco Bell condiment
Super 8 alternative
Speak from the rostrum
Sparkling wine town
Sing the praises of
Sikh leader
Sets as a price
Sends to the canvas
Sam with 82 PGA Tour wins
Restaurant pickup
Regatta team
Reason for a facelift
Prospector's find
Potemkin Stairs city
Overly studious sort
Our ancestors, hypothetically
One 'in the woods'
On a paraglider, say
Nonstick cooking spray
Muscular fitness
Movie queen voiced by Idina Menzel
Mild cigar
Many Stephen Foster songs
Many microbrews
Makes a patsy of
Like either of two extremes
Like a peacock, in a saying
Lay church officials, perhaps
Johnny B. of song
It may be upped
Irritant in one's side, so to speak
In ___ land (dazed)
Hose down
Homage in meter
Heavy load
Gooey mass
Furtive 'Hey!'
French-speaking African nation
French site of Roman ruins
Focus of Poe's 'The Gold-Bug'
Feature of marbled meat
Eject, as lava
Dorothy Lamour's trademark garment
Dominate, in sports lingo
Diamond theft
Covert ___ (spy doings)
Concert venue
Code broken by mob informers
Certain Andy Warhol creation
Carrier to Ben Gurion
Brutish sort
Boater or bowler
Black cats, to some
Bird on a Canadian dollar
Big Apple tennis stadium
Beyond tipsy
Before the bell
Assault from Moe
Any of 10 won by 'Seinfeld'
Antarctica's ___ Sea
Alexander or Cookie Bumstead
Activate, as an alarm
2016 opponent of Hillary
'The Taming of the Shrew' city
'Sign up to drive' company
'Roll Tide' team, for short – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Jan-21-2017#sthash.i85AO7BY.dpuf

__ rock (Springsteen, Santana, etc.)
__ paper
__ Lit (English class)
Word from the Latin for "little grandfather"
What surrounds Canada's southernmost land
Web extension
Trackless trains
They're on many concert T-shirt backs
Thanksgiving cookie shapes
Temp's field
Target for driverless cars
Symbol in a Tolkien alphabet
Strive for currency acquisition
Standard units for ship-hull depth
Sotomayor, in the '80s
Softest known mineral
Sociology subdivisions
So, to Malraux
Smart __ (targeted-therapy component)
Set forth
Section of goarmy.com
Seat sharer with Berlin
Scheduler, e.g
Saw what there was to see
Royal Albert Hall topper
Render ineffectual
Rarely used backup
Preceder of rate and time
Poet with a 1909 Harvard BA
PETA's 2014 "Best Vegan-Friendly Chain"
Part of 47 Down blueprints
Pac-Man maze marker
Org. cofounded by Babe Zaharias
Opposite of "Shoot away"
Offers minimal help
Oddjob's weapon
Ocarina material
Much of pulp fiction
Model project for science class
Metaphors for uncertainties
Many motels, ostensibly
Many florists' orchids
Kid's bedtime complaint
Josiah Wedgwood contemporary
Interfaith forum speaker, perhaps
Hogwarts Divination class topic
Hail Mary source
Even once
Down-to-earth sound
Determine in favor of
Depiction on an Emmy
Database operations
Data provider for the Uber driver app
Curry-house stack
Cuisine favoring chilies
Cloud-atlas entries
Class Notes subject
Certain sales course
Camera's diaphragm
Behold, of old
Beast associated with Palm Sunday
Basketball was invented in one
Army rescue team
Animal cam view, often
American Legion __ (vet cyclists' group)
Adjective in optical navigation
"The same old __ that I knew" (Billy Joel lyric)
"Planted" player
"Doggone it!" – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Jan-21-2017#sthash.4kMutDwu.dpuf

Word on a boarding pass
Ward (off)
Verb reduced to its middle letter in texts
Upper atmosphere gas
Unifying idea
Suggested strongly
Suffix for winter, but not spring
Style-obsessed guy
Splenda alternative
Some have built-in beds
Smoking or swearing, to some
Slowness symbols
SiriusXM medium
Signer of the SALT agreements
Sight range
Shooter's supply, for short
Setting stones
Scotland's ___ Flow
Science-based PBS show
Satan's stock-in-trade
Russian river known for sturgeon
Renders docile
Regard respectfully
Racks at tailgate parties
Put underfoot
Positive aspect
Popular period for pupils
Pope elected in 757
Plays some impromptu jazz
People on the payroll
Partner of heart or body
Pack away
Offers an afterthought
Multiple Tony winner Hagen
More contemporary
Mannerly fella
Make a muddle of
Kicks out
It's pumped during pit stops
Hunker down
Howe who had people in stitches
Handle effectively
Gush out
Funny pages segment
Forbes article subj., at times
Floor or flight follower
Firearm mechanism
Feudal worker
Fanged flapper in a fright film
Facebook 'nudge'
Does roadwork, say
Doctor's wall displays
Dizzying drawings
Disneyland shuttle
Cut from the crew
Cry from Charlie Brown
Complexion complication
Common air freshener scent
Brooding rock genre
Broad scarves
Blowout sufferer
Bind (up)
Billboard chart listings
Biblical figure formed from dust
Be frugal
Await approval, as a patent
All-knowing advisor
Advertising agency presentation
'Wicked' prop
'Sonic 3D Blast' company
'Game of Thrones' suit
'Can't argue that point'
'Burlesque' actress – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Jan-21-2017#sthash.aQEoe3J1.dpuf

__ St. Louis
William Donovan's WWII org
What one taking a flight doesn't use?
Traffic sound
Toll road convenience
They may leave prints
Terrier type
Sweeping stories
Speeds (up)
Sources of remote power
Some summer homes
Some breaks in the NFL action
Slugger who began and ended his career as a Texas Ranger
Site of Napoleon's last exile
Shakespearean title word
Robin on '60s TV
Radius neighbor
Power eponym
Pollo partner
Participates in a camp activity
One of a cube's dozen
Office quantity
Nursery noise
Mustang rival
More than familiar with
More affected, in a way
Mischievous kids
Marshland waders
Longtime 'Sexually Speaking' host
Liquid diet component
Library exchanges
Jethro Tull frontman Anderson
Hybrid hatchback
Hwy., e.g
Hardboard brand
Great spell
Grace closing
Goes wild
Fruity chip go-with
Exodus pronoun
Engine with a lot of juice
Dropped jaws
Dreaded figure?
Drea de Matteo's role on 'The Sopranos'
Dos cubed
Dark personification
Contemporary 'Be yourself'
Computer media
Common soccer result
Cold sound?
Coach Eric Taylor's wife on 'Friday Night Lights'
Catching flies, so to speak
Brown of publishing
Biting criticism
Big name in printers
Base command
Arrive copiously
'__ e Leandro': Handel cantata
'We __ Start the Fire': Billy Joel
'Think Like a Man Too,' e.g
'The Time Machine' race
'Star Trek' rank: Abbr
'Look, amigo!'
'Are we there yet?' reply

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