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crosswords puzzle answers 20/12/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 20/12/2016

Weed out?
Two-toned horse
Trip around the track
Title heroine who says 'I would much rather have been merry than wise'
Texter's 'As I see it …'
Synagogue singers
Surface-dwelling race in 'The Time Machine'
Starting place, on a map
Start of Caesar's boast
Spa specialty, briefly
Sounded kittenish
Something that fits in a lock
Something controlled by rigging
Software fix
Sloping water trough
Similar (to)
Remove, as spilled ink
Reed of the Velvet Underground
Purge (of)
Public squabble
Pilgrimage destinations
Pamphlets, postcards and such
Pack (down)
Org. concerned with climate change
Omani money
North Pole worker
Muchacho's sweetie
Mr. ___, host of 'Fantasy Island'
Mark Twain, notably
Marie Antoinette lost hers in la Révolution française
Mad ___
MacBook ___
Like the D-Day assault on Normandy
Like some fancy basketball passes
Johnny of 'Sleepy Hollow'
Jewish organization on campus
Item in a box in the basement
How this puzzle's three drinks have been served?
Hägar the Horrible's dog
Get the ball rolling?
French royal line
French cake
Ernie in the World Golf Hall of Fame
Enforcer of the Fed. Meat Inspection Act
Decadent, as cake
Cool, quaintly
Color of unbleached silk
Cocktail usually served with an orange slice and a cherry
Clear adhesive
Certain jabs
Cardamom or turmeric
Bridge support
Bottom-feeding fish known formally as the morwong
Bad car to road-trip in
Backpackers' routes
Back out of
Allergy sufferer's lifesaver
Add details to, with 'out'
A, in Andalusia
1961 space chimp
'___ Squad' (2016 hit movie)
'___ Andronicus'
'Eww!' inducer – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Dec-20-2016#sthash.phh6Zoqc.dpuf

Where there was no room
Wee whelps
Uris and Spinks
Underground residences in Tolkien's Shire
Tree in the birch family
Stocking stuffer
Stand the test of time
Scrooge cry
Santa sound, and a hint to the puzzle's theme
Sailor's shout
Residence used at Christmas
Rathskeller vessel
Quiet times
Quarters in a sultan's palace
Punk's Dee Dee, Tommy, Joey or Johnny
Prop for Frosty
Play divisions
Place for peas
Peaceful silence
Part of a Santa suit
Old-fashioned dance
Note before la
Night flyers
More faithful
Monster slain by Hercules
Mail, as Christmas cards
Lively Spanish dance
Like some profiling
Lavish celebration
Keep for ransom
Jai alai arenas
In need of a massage
Idyllic garden
Hilton competitor
Have ___ in the matter
Have a balance on one's Visa
Hammer and Spade
Flower part used to make tea
Fireplace residue
Fireplace flickerers
Field of plants?
Feathery wrap
Farrow of film
Exclamation of insight
Emeril Lagasse's French Quarter restaurant
Derisive sound
Dedicatory verse
Clearances to proceed
Chicago trains
Chiang ___-shek
Carolers' song
California-based oil giant
Broadway's Bernadette
Bowl game whistler
Book jacket quote
Bed on a boat
Back muscle, briefly
Also not
Aerie hatchling
'___ in a Manger'
'What have we here!'
'What do we have here!'
'The Merry Widow' composer
'Peace on earth, good will to ___'
'Pay attention,' informally
'His eyes–___ they twinkled!'
'A Visit from St. Nicholas' and the like – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Dec-20-2016—Secret-Santa#sthash.DBDoIoFS.dpuf

Words before a happy note?
Word from a gracious Parisian
Wood-shaping tool
What the comic pointed in court?
What the comic in the smoky bar told?
What a hungry comic will do?
Visual leader?
Variety or ilk
Type of Dutch cheese
They are hard to resist
The three of old Rome
Take the long way, in a way
Symbol on a staff
Supreme acting prize
Spreadsheet fodder
Spray that brings a tear to one's eye
Source of some tears in the kitchen
Smallest member of the family, often
Small jazz combos
Saudi neighbor
Rollback command
Renowned actress Patricia
Public speaker
Practice one of the five senses
Perform at karaoke
Pageant attire
Orange castaway
Olympic legend Korbut
Most ancient
More than fear
Mighty monarch no more
Metric weight, for short
Makes a postscript
Make a prediction that may pay off
Madame Curie
Leave port
Lab vial
Jekyll's alter ego
Japanese aborigine
It supports proposals
It struck Chicken Little
Important vending machine part
Hand-to-mouth comments?
Grinder in the mouth
Graphic start?
Good-sized lot for a city dweller
Goaded, at breakfast?
Get ___ a good thing
Frau's man
Fosters or assists
Fleming who created Bond
Farmer's avian nemesis
Elevated nest
Early Scotsman
Does' beaus
Deceived in February?
Curved woodworking tool
Colony builders
CD player malfunction
Capital of Hawaii
Bumped off
British rule in colonial India
Big shot in a bar?
Ain't right?
African fly that carries a threat
'You ___ to know better!'
'Ick!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Dec-20-2016#sthash.8KqUf02A.dpuf

___ a soul (nobody)
Wedding party member
Up to the task
Uncool kid
Trial runs
Tear to pieces
Take a risk
Syria's Bashar al-___
Subway fare?
Substance banned by MLB
Sheepish look
Service for an afternoon break
Security system device
SEATO part
Seafarer in a Coleridge poem
Rug buyer's calculation
Rub the wrong way
Rock's ZZ Top, e.g
Roald who created Willy Wonka
Resell illegally, as tickets
Reduce to confetti
Quill pen points
Pure as the driven snow
Place for toys or treasure
Pink-elephant-sighter's woe, for short
Picked from a lineup, for short
Pennsylvania port
Olympian's blade
NPR part
Musical chairs goal
Muscle woe
Muppet with a rubber duckie
Moral standard
Melissa who sang 'I'm the Only One'
Line from the heart
Like some talk or print
Like many Keats works
Like a desert
Lewis who voiced Lamb Chop
Largish combo
Knuckle under
Kachina doll carver
Interpreter of omens
In one's birthday suit
Green-___ (jealous)
Gowns' companions
Former Vice President Agnew
Former president, perhaps
Food Network figure
Food fight site
Financial bind
Feedbag morsel
Fairy tale starter
Evolution or relativity
Essayist's piece
Dreidel, e.g
Down and out
Dot follower in some addresses
Deer-and-antelope playground
Crops up
Corporate VIP
Completely confine
Claim on property
Christian and Prohibition, for two
Break off
Black-bordered notices
Auth. unknown
Application datum (Abbr.)
1922 Physics Nobelist Niels
'The Sandbox' dramatist Edward
'Nolo contendere,' e.g
'My Way' lyricist Paul
'Bye!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Dec-20-2016#sthash.aT42W7Gb.dpuf

__ of the time (occasionally)
__ Angeles, CA
Ziti and spaghetti
World Series org
With 52 Across, big name in dictionaries
Wash thoroughly
Was victorious
Very spacious
V-shaped indentation
TV network with pledge drives
Turkey or duck
Tubular sandwich
Try to locate
Tries to win over
Tra __ (singing syllables)
Tiny amount
Three-layer cookie
Talk endlessly
Suffix for kitchen
Strummer's accessory
Standing tall
Spills (over)
Spherical roofs
Showed the way
See 34 Across
Scattered, as seeds
Rower's blade
Robin Hood's friar friend
Refuse a request
Principle of faith
Percussionist's accessory
On the ocean
Most stylish
Monumental in scope
Marry on the run
Light hair color
Labels on desk mail trays
Knife named for an Alamo soldier
Keyboardist's accessory
Islam's Almighty
Health clubs
Having a twisty path
Have a good __ for music
Grizzly, for one
Green citrus fruit
Gets married
Fiddler's accessory
Feeling of compassion
Extreme fright
End-table lights
Egg on
Easy __ (simple)
Dot of dirt
Didn't throw away
Crunchy sandwich, for short
Comics cry of distress
College or academy
Clipped, as a sheep
Clay-target shooting
Chopped down
Car owner's document
Be bratty
Batting game for tots
Appears to be
"__ lay me down . . ."
"Yes, that's clear"
"That's for sure!"
"Roses __ red . . ."
"My country, ’tis of __" – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Dec-20-2016#sthash.hBw0UVFj.dpuf

Yelp user, perhaps
What a quarrier quarries
Wetland writer?
Water balloon sound
Wait on
Vintner's valley
Vietnamese soup expert?
Unjust verdict
Tool to make balusters and bats
Tiguan and Touareg, briefly
Tesla contemporary
Takes steps
Tach readout
Stave off
State of a hoarder's home
Stage of development
Serpent's home, maybe
Send via cyberspace
SeaWorld symbol
Sci-fi's 'Doctor ___'
River feature
Revered philatelist?
Remote controlled craft
Perfect school grade
Parisian summers
Pantomime performer
Mr. or Mrs
Morales who played the President of the United States in the HBO comedy 'The Brink'
Memo starter
Maternal figure at a fitness resort?
Margret and H. A., creators of Curious George
Make less difficult
London river authority?
Letter afterthoughts
Leprechaun's gold container
Legally block
Kitty cries
King or queen, but not jack
Keeps after taxes
In the style of
Ground covering placed by the grounds crew
Got clean
Give off
Gaucho gear
Former Iranian leader
Former frosh
Facebook entry
Criticize severely
Crater edge
Cigar bar residue
Chicago hub
Chain that's long on short stacks
Bus. card info, perhaps
Bro's sib
Brewery controller?
Bowling alley target
Big-eyed bird
Big sport in Japan
Bathroom cleaning brand
Alternative to Yahoo!
Actress Peet or Plummer
'The Simpsons' merchant
'Standing in the Shadows of ___' (2002 documetary featuring Detroit studio musicians The Funk Brothers)
'Snowden' subj
'No ___!' ('I've got this!')
'Muscle ___' (2013 documentary featuring Alabama studio musicians The Swampers)
'How goes it?'
'Hawaii Five-0' setting – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Dec-20-2016#sthash.mzBExSOX.dpuf

Wipe out
Web address part
Was heedless behind the wheel
Vigor's partner
Unseemly disclosure of personal details … as seen in 17-, 27- and 43-Across?
Tribal leader
Texas A&M athlete
Take from the top
Small amount
Showy accessory
Showers or drizzles
Seal-hunting swimmers
Sea cow
Scolding sound
Sch. with a Providence campus
Run __: go wild
Recital pieces
Rapper West
Prized by collectors
Previous to, to Dickinson
Prepare, as new students
Prepare for a bodybuilding competition
Platypus feature
Place to retire
Place for a massage
Outback hopper, for short
Online discussion venue
Nick of 'Cape Fear'
Musical Hawaiian souvenir
Mortgage figure
Mentioned earlier
Maureen known as Hollywood's 'Queen of Technicolor'
Mardi Gras events
Makeup mishap
LP's 33 1/3
Low card
Losing lawyer's recourse
Like too-quick decisions
Like Limburger cheese
KGB country
Keeps from being blue?
Irish playwright Sean
Grows older
Gift for the poor
Geological Hawaiian souvenir
Gambler's concern
Freon or neon
Flag maker Betsy
Explosive letters
Disney's Little Mermaid
Cos. with Xings
Composer Stravinsky
Clued in about
Careful types take them
Card that may be high or low
Capital of Bangladesh
Bring about
Brian of ambient music
Bits of sand
Began without hesitation
Baking spot
Amusement park thrills
Actor Ving of 'Pulp Fiction'
A Gabor sister
'Well, howdy'
'Eat up every moment' breakfast chain
'Around the World … ' hero Phileas

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