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crosswords puzzle answers 20/11/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 20/11/2016

Zuo Zongtang, a.k.a. General ___
Yossarian's tentmate in 'Catch-22'
Yoko from Tokyo
Yes vote
Write again
Wins over
Wilkes-___, Pa
What Bart Simpson has been since 1989
Wham-O toy introduced in 1961
Was creative
W.W. II beachhead
Used hip boots, say
Unauthorized withdrawals?
Trinity part
They might jump through hoops for you
Tenerife, por ejemplo
Supports the Red Cross, say
Summoned from the office, say
Spread by light strokes
Sound from the Road Runner
Something observed in church
Something observed in church
Some break dancers, informally
Signed notes
Should that happen
Separated by a hairbreadth
See 86-Down
See 66-Across
See 62-Down
See 43-Across
See 2-Down
See 109-Across
Schoolroom with brushes and paint
Register, as for a class
Ready to be drawn
Rap's Salt-N-___
Puts out
Put on
Protester's sign
Place for a home pool, maybe
Picked as the one, say
Pertaining to bones
Pepsi Max, e.g
Patron saint of soldiers and athletes
Partridge family mother
Parent's definitive 'End of argument!'
Pale purple shade
Outside: Prefix
One of the Borgias
One dishing out digs
Olive ___ (Popeye's gal)
Milk shaker?
May 8, 1945
Mantra syllables
Mama baaer
Major theme of Philip K. Dick's 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?'
Main character on 'How I Met Your Mother'
Long Island campus
Little more than
Like windows
Like jumpsuits
Like gymnasts
Like good whiskey
Letters teachers send to colleges, informally
Late actor Bill who played Radio Raheem
Jill Stein's group, with 'the'
It's easy to park
Iraq War subj
Internet ___
Instant: Abbr
In one's dotage
Highway infraction, for short
Grabs before someone else does
Goggle at
Gives the runaround
Fourth-largest news agency in the world
First Hebrew letter
Field for Alfred Kinsey
Famous crosser of the 90-Down
Famous crosser of the 70-Across
Famous crosser of the 45-Down
Famous crosser of the 39-Across
Famous crosser of the 12-Down
Famous crosser of the 115-Across
Euro pop?
Earthy color
Draw forth
Diminutive suffix
Damsel, to a knight
D.C. nine
Coral reef predators
Commerce pact mentioned in the 2016 presidential debates
Comforting words
Civil rights leader Medgar
Civil rights activist ___ Helen Burroughs
Chivalrous deeds
Certain cat
Catcher near the plate?
Cassock wearer
C.E.O. and pres
Bullpen setting
Brisk rival
Blue Moon ___, three-time World Series winner for the 1970s A's
Blow away
Bit of fiction
Biblical figure referred to as a 'son of the desert'
Ben who played the Wizard in Broadway's 'Wicked'
Baghdad's ___ City
Bad thing to be behind
As well
Anarchic action
Alms recipients
Airline with famously tight security
Actress Saldana
Abbr. seen in some dictionary definitions
9mm gun
7-up, e.g
'Whip It' band
'Vox populi, vox ___'
'The Tell-Tale Heart' author
'Teach' at a college
'Rugrats' baby
'Pretty please?' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Nov-20-2016#sthash.tegcgYbW.dpuf

What you used to be?
What a close-up may reveal
Use a worm in the water
Up till now
Tsar known for being terrible
Totally exposed
Titled lady
Time for a crisis?
Ticket for the hopeful
Stubborn beast of burden
Split apart
Small bills
Small band
Skin irritation
Searches without authorization, in a way
Sandals alternatives
Roundish geometric figure
River mouth parts
Review for an exam
Relative your dad grew up with
Quick on one's feet
Person under Caesar's reign
Person not to be trusted
Oft-concealed weapon
Not quite surrender
Not for
Male in the woods
Made into a ball
Lipinski on ice
Large holder for wine
Kitten's cry
Kind of table on an airplane
In the ___ of (among)
In need of a GPS
Grocery section
Formalwear for men
Follow as a result
Festival in Holland
Famous shroud locale
Eyelid bump
Extensions on some buildings
Dirt farmer, at times
Degree in math?
Declare openly
Crop up
Confide in
Common bathroom floor material
Challenges to a duel
Cellular stuff
Campus bigwig
Bring shame to
Bracket-braced window
Below required standards
Beckham the receiver
Beaten, B-movie gangster-style
Away from WSW
Auto garage service
Aquatic animal
Apollo 13 launcher
Acrobat's safeguard
'___ about time!'
'Steppenwolf' penner
'Sad to say …'
'Place your ___' (classifieds invitation)
'Inferno' guy
'Buenos ___!' ('Good day!')
'Beau ___' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Nov-20-2016#sthash.bkx3tK4q.dpuf

___ out (declined)
___ firma
___ con pollo
___ 51 (super-secret site)
Way up or down
Visibly nervous
Virus named for an African river
Untouchables name
Teri of 'Tootsie'
Tennis official's call
Team with a mule mascot
Starbucks size
Silverheels or Depp role
Sign above a door
Sidewalk Santa, e.g
Secure in the harbor
School basics
RPM part (Abbr.)
Roll call response
Rocky Balboa was one
Roan or sorrel
Puccini's 'La ___'
Prospector's strike
Prefix with room or date
Positive or negative particle
Pompeii burier
Polished in manner
Poker ploy
Penultimate fairy tale word
Patronized Uber
Parfait glass feature
Napoleon victory site of 1796
Nadir's opposite
Motorcycle stunt apparatus
Mixologist's mixer
Memory slip-ups
Man-eating giant of myth
Make a hasty exit
Main ore of lead
Loud, like the surf
Los Angeles Angels logo item
Lone Star State moniker
KGB figure
Jocular term of address
Jazz combo instruments
Is regretful of
Irrigation system units
Inside dope
Idaho product, informally
How ham is often served
Ho-hum attitude
Herculean types
Helen who sang 'I Am Woman'
Guardian Angels topper
Gold Rush state
Go beyond, as authority
Gen-___ (boomers' kids)
Formal wear at Royal Ascot
Fateful time for Caesar
Exec's note
Event with a king and queen
Encarta's medium
Droning lecturer, e.g
Declare true
Court postponement
Captain of the Nautilus
Barfly's perch
An amoeba consists of one
Agenda entry
Address to a sovereign
Ability to defeat an opponent
'What's more . . .'
'What ___ is new?'
'Parental Guidance: ___ Lyrics' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Nov-20-2016#sthash.rrlGEpaa.dpuf

__ for the long haul
__ about (circa)
Without purpose
Without nervousness
Winning steadily
Wine specification
What aren't found in filets
Was incorrect
Wang of fashion
Vid-playback option
Tuber, informally
Trips with a guide
Toaster oven setting
Thread puller
Thoroughly enjoyed
Terrier, at times
Telltale signs
Tech-support caller
Tarzan nickname
Talk nonsense
Take off
Tagged along
Tab taker's phrase
Symbol of sanctity
Sweepstakes submission
Sushi-bar soup
Stolen goods
Started the hand over
Spicy cuisine
Special talent
Source of a classic medicinal oil
Sonata movement
Show fright
Shot down
Shoemaker's supply
Shield carrier of old
Sent away for
Scored 100 on
Scattered about
Salt Lake City athletes
Roast beef au __
Rights org
Relay-race gear
Rags-to-riches writer
Quiet and modest
Pump figure
Public to-do
Protested a shearing
Predator of 12 Down
Powerful beam
Posy holder
Post-season college football game
Popper of rhyme
Police matter
Plumbing piece
Playground fixture
Place to bike
Peter the Great's house
Person in pursuit
Part of mph
Part of Hispaniola
Part of a box cutter
Parasite's home
Paraglide, say
Pack overhead
Open a bit
Onion cousin
Oklahoma city
Novelist Sholem
Nondairy milk source
National Anthem contraction
Name on a pet tag
Musical compositions
Musical composition
Muddy up
Morally obligated
Microsoft partner of Gates
Mete out
May honorees
Make uniform
Literary twist
Like prefab houses
Like "it," grammatically
Kid around
Judean king
John of "Full House"
Italy's third-largest island
Iowa State city
Introspective sect
In pieces
Important industrialist
HS lab class
High praise
Health-care invoice
Having red-green difficulty, perhaps
Has a bug
Green Berets' service
Great distinction
GOP elephant creator
Gather selectively
Furry pets or pests
Frisbee maker
Force back
For all to hear
Flash on and off
Flamboyant style
Fires off
Emeril exclamation
Dyer's vessel
Dumbo's wings
Dependent on manual work
Declare false
Dark red
Dark purple
Danish musical humorist
Czech/Polish river
Credits listings
Creamy cheese
Cranberries source
Couldn't stand
Cooked in oil
Comics dog
Codebreaker Turing
Coal deposit
Clever ones
Chinese zodiac animal
Certain roaster
Bummed out
Big-budget advertiser
Big racket
Big Island port
Aesopian ending
Actress Pressly
Actor Penn
1899 Gold Rush city
007's first film foe
"__ beaucoup!"
"O Sole __" – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Nov-20-2016#sthash.LArQI2BO.dpuf

___ bargain
Zumba class accompaniment
Wound up
Word with winning or losing
Word on a gift card
Whirling current
Voice-activated assistant
Utterly ridiculous
Typical solitaire size
Trackers' clues
Splits up
Source of pressure
Sign of note for a stranded motorist
Shrink-wrap, say
Rider on candy boxes
Reverberating tone
Really clobber
Put over high heat
Puff on an e-cigarette
Prophet with a chapter in the Koran
Philippine coin
Pharmaceutical vessel
Overly familiar
Not together
Muppet who speaks in a falsetto
Makeup of some strands
Lost track?
Likely to be criticized
Like seats for standby passengers
Legendary sewer
Kegler's no
Jacked up
Hombre, once
Hangover locales?
Hands-free devices for new parents
Great Plains language family
Got by
Frequent flier?
Find a new letter for
Final word
Duffel stuff
Drum filler
Defunct jeans brand once owned by Fruit of the Loom
Chutney ingredient, at times
CBS franchise since 2003
Caustic solutions
Carrier since 1948
Burst with pride
Brush choice
Branch location
Boston Marathon sponsor
Bloody Mary, for one
Bits of Morse code
Bar offering
Attire, informally
Astronomical sighting
App identifier
Alias of Marvel Comics superhero Wolverine
Adele, e.g
32-Down speakers
'___ of the Ocean' (August Wilson play)
'Done this a few times before'
'Chandelier' singer
'Book of the Dead' figure – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Nov-20-2016#sthash.I6B4SJIc.dpuf

__ Romeo
__ review
__ eyes
__ buco
Zoo animals with Chinese names
WWII submachine gun
Where to find flat beer drinkers?
Volunteer's phrase
Violent anger
Tropical fruit used in salsas
Trims in the garden
Trapper's prize
Tied, briefly
Thus far
Thick slice
The dot-com boom coincided with much of it
Sweet spot?
Sushi roll topping
Supplied, as a forgotten line
Sports testing subjects
Sounds of discovery
Some 'Doctor Who' creatures
Sneaker brand
Smith of Fox News
Sitarist Shankar
Seeks earnestly
Seedy digs
Santa __ Valley: California wine region
Rowdy sorts
Robin Williams title role
Rhone tributary
Revolutionary diplomat Silas
Relaxes on the porch, say
Raggedy dolls
Radio settings
Quite a journey
Question of responsibility
Property owner's income
Pollen source
Picture file acronym
Pest control brand
Peaceful relations
Peaceful and relaxed
Part of A.A. Milne?
Outer: Pref
Org. in some le Carré novels
Org. for the great outdoors
One lacking roots
OFF! ingredient
NYC line with a Babylon branch
Museum piece
Muddy ground
Mower handle?
More Spartan
Min. divisions
Mezzo Marilyn
Media mogul Murdoch
Mauna __
Many a woman, vocally
Make public, in a way
Lover of Aphrodite
Longoria of 'Telenovela'
Latin trio part
Large amount
Kiln, e.g
It might have the family name on it
Island ring
Indian pastries
Ill-fated energy company
Huff and puff
Hogs the mirror, say
High-end hotel
Grimm meanie
GoPro competitor
Goliath, to David
Gathered (in)
Friend of Claudius I
Free Wi-Fi provider, often
Fracas, and a hint to both words in the answers to starred clues
Forearm bones
Foe of Rocky
Flying start?
Federal Reserve chair Yellen
Expert in futures?
Endangered state bird
Digs in the snow
Desert or tundra
Daisylike bloom
Cry of surrender
Crockpot dishes
Contend (with)
Comes into view
Coastal raptor
Chipotle option
Chipotle option
Cheap collegiate cupful
Charlotte __
Character set
Cassandra's prophecy
Carnival treat
Building guideline
Brown in the kitchen
Brick-shaped candy
Born, in Bordeaux
Bolt on the track
Bluffing words, perhaps
Black Sea resort
Aveeno rival
Auction ender?
Assist in a gym
Annual stage award
Anchovy containers
A.L. East team
*Western nickname
*Retail enticement
*Reporter's credential
*Many sandwiches are made for it
*Mall rarity at Christmas
*Like much farm decor
*Airport employee
'You'd like this'
'Yeah, right!'
'Word is … '
'The Aviator' Oscar nominee
'Some girls with a snuffle / Their tempers are uffle' poet
'No duh!'
'It's what you do' insurance company
'Homeland' actress Miranda
'Go for it!'


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