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crosswords puzzle answers 20/05/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 20/05/2017

[Just like that!]
Work that shows love
Western legend, familiarly
Welcomed blessing?
Vegan sushi option
Things with periods in their names
They can't stay quiet when tickled
The Philippines' ___ Archipelago
Stadium cry
Sprint competitor
Spanish seasoning
Some shooting stars
Some chess sacrifices
Snapchat feature that alters one's features
Sloppy joe ingredient
Ski town near Mount Mansfield
Run through
Regional coverage plan?
Real-life ice age beast seen on 'Game of Thrones'
Reading block?
Political cartoonist Edward
Player, perhaps
Played for a sap
Place to pick up chicks
Part of a modern circuit
Optometrist's favorite musical note?
Onetime MTV figures
New Orleans cocktail
Muckraker who pushed for 'model tenements'
Metric for gauging female representation in works of fiction
Marble ___
Like some light smokes
Like bad drivers, often
Like a film that's 2 1/2 hours or so
Like a blue jay
Lab, for one
Hamilton settings
Gullible rodent in a Scott Adams comic
Got into a lather
Gearshift part
French pronoun
Fish market supply
Extended stretch
Egyptian sky god
Edamame discard
Driving the wrong way?
Control+Y on a PC
Celebratory move popularized by Cam Newton
Bunny picker-upper?
Brazil's fourth-largest state by population
Bit of work
Bit of work
Became clouded over
Amplifier for stage actors
Actor Ansari
'That's cheating!'
'None but the Lonely Heart' writer/director, 1944
'Mr.' who has stitches in his face
'Meridian' and 'The Temple of My Familiar' novelist
'Look before you leap' source
'Listen!,' e.g
'Heck yeah!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—May-20-2017#sthash.Des01v2P.dpuf

___ pig (test subject)
Word with 'mall' or 'mining'
Woolen Scottish cap
What it does in Buffalo in the winter
What a well-behaved child doesn't do
Washington state volcano
Wall's color spreader
Values greatly
Try to reach a talk radio host
Trunk full of blood
They can sway in the breeze
Sigourney or Earl
Rustic respites
Relative worth
Quite small
Profs' classroom helpers
Preserving, as machinery
Popular retirement plan component
Performs, biblically
People who are not heavy drinkers?
Pays, as the bill
Old Houston NFLer
Nero's three
Nancy Walker on 'Rhoda'
Mystical atmosphere around someone
Most nail-biting
Male deer
Luke's mentor, ___-Wan
Like lice
Like cornrows
Letter-shaped add-on
Just starts to flutter the eyelids
Invest, as with a quality
Internet shopping funds
Humorous plays on words
Gradually changes over time
Gerbil or goldfish, e.g
Genie offering
General vicinities
Gators' relatives
Gab session
Friends across the pond
Formulates or contrives
Formal agreement or compact
Flapjacks covering
Far from baggy
Extreme shock
Equestrian controls
Diacritical mark
Deprive of water
Continental cash
Change makers?
Caustic liquid
Cara or Dunne
Bone from the knee to ankle
Big-time tax collector
Be like-minded
Be a secret watcher
Baby boy, in Spain
Attachments for 'church' or 'party'
Arizona's state flower
Advertising industry award
Actor Aykroyd
1980s Soft Cell hit
'The ___ Queene' (Spenser work)
'Such a tragedy'
'Stately' flowery wreath
'Sister Act' extra
'Peggy ___' (Buddy Holly classic song)
'Long, long ___ ..
'John Wick' star
'His' counterpart
'By ___ means!'
'… ___ he drove out of sight …' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—May-20-2017#sthash.HryaX214.dpuf

___-mo replay
___ rage (juicer's aggression)
Whitman of 'The Duff'
Villain's look
Unnoticed observer
Unit of angular measure
U-Haul rental
Twist the arm of
Treater's pickup
Totaled, as a cost
Tony Soprano's outfit
To any degree
Throw out, as a line
Tennis stadium near Citi Field
Subsidiary of Panasonic
Subjects of nuclear treaties
Sprain application
Software on Apple smartphones
Secret supplies
Schoolyard retort
River of Orsk
Puente, 'The Mambo King'
Publicity, informally
Powerful shark
Postage stamp separators, for short
Place to dock
Piedmont wine center
Part of, as a scheme
Part of an Adirondack chair
Part of A.D
Paid, as for a hostage release
One-pot dinner
Not on target
No longer sleeping
New York city on the Mohawk
Like a trapped cat, perhaps
La Brea fossil preserver
Jouster's weapon
Item made at a bee
Interviewee's hope
Interfere with, as a radio signal
Hemispherical home
Headed for overtime
Half the 'Bang Bang' singing duo
Guys to hang with
Gloats after a win, say
Glazier's unit
Game in some pub leagues
Family nickname
Dunkin' Donuts buy
Dull as dishwater
Do some tailoring on
Deke on the rink
Decathlon segment
Daring deeds
Corner square in Monopoly
Components of alloys
Coffee-flavored Italian dessert
Chip's cartoon partner
Cheap jewelry
Certain way to lose money
CEO of Tesla Inc
Caterer's vessel
Cash on the Ginza
Cariou of 'Blue Bloods'
Business owner's policy
Bean favored by Hannibal Lecter
Amazon.com sales
Alamo rentals
50-50 chance
'The Lion King' lioness
'SNL' alum Gasteyer
'Modern Family' network
'Many moons ___ . . .'
'Hinky Dinky Parlay ___'
'Crunched' muscles
'America' contraction – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—May-20-2017#sthash.1HZ19EgW.dpuf

__ Harper Lee
__ Central (FSU student website)
Youngest French Open champ
Word from Old French for "waiting place"
Witness, once
Wine __
Wild ride
Whom Namath first played for professionally
When "Truth or Consequences" debuted
What a sculptor might hold
Vital info for connections
Very sharp, most likely
Unlikely to be hurt by
Transporter of scraps
Traditional Japanese entertainment
Third-largest city in the Americas
Subject of the 1998 book "Tainting Evidence"
Start of some English kingly names
Soon to have a turned-up nose
Some dinar spenders
Small-town suffix
Seat first made of stone
Sacks, steals, or saves
Retro show of support
Response to an accusation
Partridge family member
Part of some shampoos
One's bag
One with good core knowledge
Not laid up
Meter leader
Measure of flight capacity
Luxury of time?
Line producer
Lincoln Center benefactor
Its last revolution was in 2001
It holds a marathoner's number
Impresario who brought the Bolshoi to America
Impair impartiality
Host of "World's Craziest Fools"
Honolulu Harbor's __ Tower
High to the left?
Henry VIII in "The Other Boleyn Girl"
Greeting often followed by a predicament
Film viewer of a sort
Extract with care
Exobiology activity acronym
Evidence of shyness?
Crying indicator
Crop dusting, for instance
Contract category
Common cruise-line lineup
Charcoal pieces, e.g
Certain lodge member
Call for a wrap, say
Calabrian contraction
Beat big-time
Aural comforter
Argentine sports daily
Antonym of "singular"
Al's sister in three films
Adverb on grocery flyers
"__ is the moon and bright": Keats
"If I Only Had a Brain" verb
"Crisantemo" or "rosa" – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—May-20-2017#sthash.CxTJSspB.dpuf

__ wage
__ learning
__ dos: both
Winner of the most Grand Slam singles titles in the Open Era
Vowel-free lunch
Violinist Mintz mentored by Isaac Stern
Title role for Roger Moore and Val Kilmer
Texas city near Juárez
Stein's partner
Small stream
Small part of a big machine
Small group
Slugfest feature
Skein makeup
Sampras rival
Run with abandon
Rose on the charts
Reel off
Recess in church
Prefix with drama
Pico de gallo pepper
PC components
On tap
Neat wrap-up?
National capital from the Algonquin for 'to trade'
Mus. version
Movie makeup dept. creations
More angry
Monterey and Montclair, for short
Milky Way cousin
Metro abbr
Maryland state bird, e.g
JFK skill
Ipanema greeting
Idris of 'Zootopia'
High-end fashion accessory, briefly
Having an unusually large yellow part
Go together well
French physician Paul for whom an area of the brain is named
Former White House daughter
E-card occasions
Divider's opposite
Dialogue box?
Confident walk
Company known for programming languages
Commonly long-handled tool
Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos
Capacity count
Canine fixers
Canine cleaners
Brown nemesis?
Be unproductive
Baited with a red herring
A's in Hebrew school?
2010 role for Denzel
'¿Qué es __?': 'What's this?'
'__ Maria'
'__ Fideles'
'That's enough outta you!'

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