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crosswords puzzle answers 20/02/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 20/02/2017

___ and haws
Writer Hemingway
Worked on an essay or novel
Women's stockings
Wedding figures
Washington's Union ___
Vegas casino developer Steve
TV ratings name
Tourist destination in County Kerry, Ireland
Tom Jones's '___ a Lady'
Tibetan priests
Submit a tax return online
Stubble remover
Sports figures?
Space streakers
Soprano Fleming
Soil-related prefix
Sign of an earthquake
Seasonal thinning in the atmosphere over Antarctica
Scent picker-upper
Sacred song
Roman goddess, protector of women and marriage
Printing mistakes
Photos, informally
Only president whose grandfather was also president
Only president to serve as both vice president and president without being elected to either office
Only president to scale the Matterhorn
Only president to have 15 children
Only president to be married in the White House
Only president to be a lifelong bachelor
Only president to administer the oath of office to two other presidents
Only president born outside the continental United States
Nut from Hawaii
Musial in the Baseball Hall of Fame
Move like a bunny
Mend, as socks
March Madness org
Marc Antony's lover, informally
Make a quick note of, with 'down'
Love, to Lorenzo
Legal entities for partnerships: Abbr
Lead-in to historic
Last words?
Jazz up
Iron and tin sources
Inc., overseas
High in the air
Had on
Greek P's
Give in to gravity
Fund, as a university chair
Former Afghan leader Karzai
Fine, thin cotton fabric
Excruciating pain
Eurasian duck
Epic poem starting with the flight from Troy
End in ___ (require overtime)
Diva's solo
Defense alliance since 1949, for short
Deal (with)
Dalton who played 007
Cheerleader's cheer
Cheer (for)
Catherine of ___
Card that just beats a deuce
Building annex: Abbr
Bo or Checkers
Bill ___, the Science Guy
Bespectacled Disney dwarf
Be sick
Airport pickup driver's info
'Mack the Knife' singer Bobby – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Feb-20-2017#sthash.UiFvr3v7.dpuf

Wrap for Indian ladies
Words making connections
Where it's OK to have a muddy face
When TGIF feelings start getting real
When pastors shake many hands
What human moles are
Vast mass of humanity
Type of patch
Type of flu in a 7-Down?
Tournaments for any
Too-inquisitive person
Time div
They may hit the ground running
Submarine detection systems
Structural member
Some glee club voices
Slithery fish
Skin pigment
Show with lots of bucks?
Serving after pi?
Service charge
Savings option
Sash for Yum-Yum
River to the Rio Grande
Ready-made computer graphics
Prefix with 'bus' or 'rod'
Potential 29-Across
Place to play with a dirty pigskin?
Pinocchio, when making a point?
Person to impress
Paint crudely
Painful head and heart attachments?
One of woe
Old Testament 'will do'
OK voiders
Oft-illegal car maneuver
Make corrections to written work
Love madly
Lousy egg?
Liners' rear ends
Light, semitransparent fabrics
Leg bone
Job ___ (priority)
In other words, to Caesar
Hyperlinked item, often
Honorific for Macbeth
Hollywood's Watts
Grenade pull-out
Gourmet mushrooms
Frosted, as cupcakes
Female hormone
Elongated 90-degree shapes
Disdainful look
Contrived (var.)
Common skin-care ingredient
Color lightly
Coffeeshop order, sometimes
Clinging seed vessel (var.)
Charge falsely
Cause wonder
Cargo weight units
Beingness or existence
Beginning for 'cent'
Bachelorette no more
Around-the-world trip
Apple type
'___ have to do'
'So what ___ is new?'
'Musket' suffix
'Lord of the Rings' creature
'I just discovered this!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Feb-20-2017#sthash.S34MZKKh.dpuf

__ Scotia, Canada
__ de Cologne
__ and zags (swerves)
Whistle sound
Walk unsteadily
Unruly crowds
Tried to do something
Trees with acorns
Ton of, informally
Thick string
Table supports
Syrup source
Sports stadium
Southwestern brick
Solo in a 14 Across
Snarling dog's sound
Small songbird
Second to __ (best)
Says "Ask me again sometime"
Ripped out
Revolve quickly
Quick kisses
Pretzel topping
Performed a ballad for
Part of a PBJ sandwich
Paperweights meant to be shaken
Papa's spouse
Pants-pressing appliance
Out of whack
Ooh and __
Novelist Truman __
Nome's state
New Orleans music
Mouse-catching device
Money in France
Moccasin or sneaker
Midmonth day
Male deer
Makes a request
Make the first bid
Make a sketch
Long story
Lock insert
Late burst of energy
IRS form expert
Initial stage
Heroic tale
Great enthusiasm
Great enthusiasm
Got started
Gig for a soprano
General's fighting force
Gelatin shapers
Find a new home
Cast member
Caribbean cruise stops
Capital of Greece
Cairo's country
Bullets and cannonballs
Brand of toy blocks
Be durable
Barton of the Red Cross
Ballet skirt
Ball-__ hammer
Away from the office
Attorney's expertise
And others: Abbr
Admired one
Actress Davis of "Thelma & Louise"
A Great Lake
"This is terrible"
"Darn it" – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Feb-20-2017#sthash.CYMJ0btR.dpuf

White with frost or age
Was a straphanger
Walked off with
Volcano that housed Vulcan, in myth
Verb on many paint cans
Vanishing Asian sea
Tick away
Takes a trimmer to
T-shirt, shorts, and sneakers, for Bart Simpson
Surround closely
Sunni Triangle country
Sufficiently talented
Steer around
Spot on Alfalfa's cheek
Sneaker brand since 1979
Siam or Sudan suffix
Score-stopping play
Saudi neighbor
Road on a Beatles cover
Rat, cat, or bat
Race car safety feature
Provide with a hideout, say
Prove helpful to
Port city north of Pittsburgh
Polite address with an apostrophe
Physique, for short
Peter of 'The Maltese Falcon'
Peanut sauce cuisine
Party preparation period, perhaps
Parlor piano
Over half
Offered, as a farewell
Not ignorant of
National Museum of Immigration island
Mr. Smithers, to Mr. Burns
Mower spinners
Metropolis menace Luthor
List-shortening abbr
Like Tonto's partner
Leggy wading bird
Leaves dumbstruck
Knee-slapping story
Healthful fiber source
Head honcho
Golfer's glare shield
Gaffer or key grip
Forfeit voluntarily
Fool successfully
Flight attendant's beat
Flea market space
Fibber's terse admission
Fathered, as foals
Fashionable shopping area
Enjoy thoroughly
Do-it-yourselfers' buys
Color that's sometimes 'burnt'
Coil in a garden shed
Bring up from the bottom
Bridget's portrayer in a Hollywood trilogy
Brain trust's goal
Bonus, and a word that can precede the last words of this puzzle's four longest answers
Bobbing on the surface
Bench press muscle, slangily
Become firm
Aussie's pals
Any of the Ninja Turtles, agewise
All-in-one computer model
Abode of the O'Haras
1950s Detroit dud
'You and who ___?'
'The trick is done!'
'That's a cogent comment'
'Shogun' sash
'No ___ Traffic' (road sign message)
'Gimme a ___' ('Gonna do it soon')
'Duck Dynasty' garb, briefly
'Cheers' draft – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Feb-20-2017#sthash.d1zFq62w.dpuf

__ Christian Andersen
Where to find Lima and llamas
When time is running out
When baseball closers usually shine
Wash or spin
Votes in favor
Vert. counterpart
Use the delete key, e.g
Underwater vessel
TV signal part
Totaled, as a bill
Throw away
Throat dangler
They're often big in showbiz
Thanksgiving tuber
Tennis match segment
Sch. near the Strip
Saintly rings
Robotic maid on 'The Jetsons'
Rice field draft animals
Rescued damsel's cry
Regular payment
Quick fix for an elbow hole
Precipitation stones
Paris newspaper Le __
Panama Canal nickname
NYC thoroughfare that becomes Amsterdam at 59th Street
Not as forthright
Monday, in Le Mans
Mint of money
Mensa nos
Mail again, as a package
Lorena of LPGA fame
Like grandpa's jokes, probably
Like farm country
Jazz combo horn
Insurance rep
High school junior, usually
Have __: freak out
Golfer's starting point
Garbage email
Gandhi's land
Four-sided campus area
Extended families
El __: weather phenomenon
Don Ho's instrument
Dickens villain Heep
Cuba libre fruit
Contemporary of Mozart
Computer image
Cincinnati ballplayers
Capital of Latvia
Breakfast grain
Billiards stick
Bicycle feature
A pop
'Still sleeping?' response
'Pomp and Circumstance' composer
'Old MacDonald' letters
'My mistake'
'I'm hungry enough to __ horse!'
'Gone Girl' co-star Affleck
'Giant' author Ferber
'Get moving!'
'Garfield' pooch
'Abominable' critters – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Feb-20-2017#sthash.IvYx0qvh.dpuf

___ out (apportion)
Wood for toy planes
Walk-___ (cameo roles)
Vegetable in V8
USA Today report
Toward the stern
Ticked off
Tea of 'Madam Secretary'
Taser sound
Stratospheric layer
Splits evenly
Special ___ (SEALs missions)
Source of anthracite
Sought a seat
Social calendar entry
Skip the fancy wedding
Sitter's nightmare
Self-titled 1988 country album
Secluded valleys
Sass, in street slang
Romeo, to Juliet
Roma tomato's shape
Ranch rope
Racehorse's father
Prior to, to bards
President born farthest from D.C
Points the right way
Periods in history texts
Patient care grp
Paid for, as a program
Noble gas in some lamps
Mucky area
Mound in the Mojave
Milk-Bone, e.g
Make a choice
Luau serving
Lose intensity
Like some prices or slopes
Like some chemical bonds
Like Latin, as languages go
Like a leprechaun
Letterless phone button
Lengthy test answer
Humane Society adoptee
Has a craving
Granola grain
Go into detail
Give a deep massage to
Fish or corn yield
Editorial bias
Earth Day month
Each, informally
E-cigarette output
Dust particle
Dance that 'takes two'
Dance like Bojangles
Cut from the short loin
Cry to the matador
Cougar automaker, informally
Correction of a misconception
Cheshire Cat's feature
Cause of a stampede
Burrito alternative
Brown songbird
Break or brake
Boot out
Blarney Stone's land, to poets
Beagle's drooper
Baseball bat maker's tool
Bar bill
Acts the siren
'___ there, done that'
'What a disaster!'
'Picnic' penner William
'Or ___!' (threat ending)
'Later, dude!'
'Gunsmoke' setting

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