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crosswords puzzle answers 20/01/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 20/01/2017

___ Mo', three-time Grammy-winning bluesman
Yankees closer Rivera
Unlikely husband material
TV character who fronted as a waste management consultant
Turnpike ticket listings
Turnovers, e.g
Training tally
They play just north of the Ravens
Spot for spirited worshipers
Sound repeatedly heard at a wedding reception
Sorority character
Something to enter with a card
Setting of Sisyphus' perpetual rock-pushing
See 50-Down
Scores of these may plague high schoolers
Royal Stewart and Clan Donald
Queen's longtime record label
Postal sheet
Only remaining home of the Asiatic cheetah
One who might drug a boxer
One of three for Sisyphus?
Old blacklisting org
No-frills: Abbr
Needs blessing, maybe
Name on an excavator
Looks like a 41-Across
Little green men
Like some stalled vehicles
Like some census data
Like pork pie and clotted cream
Less than slim
John with an Oscar
It's capped and often slapped
Husband material
Hoffman won Best Actor for playing him
Have more stripes than
Has way more than enough, for short
Ginnie Mae's dept
Genre for Ladysmith Black Mambazo
French seasoning
Florence's ___ Palace
Flags down
Femme with a halo
Eponymous physicist Ernst
Chief flight attendant
Chat, across the Pyrénées
Cape Ann's area
Brownies with cookies, maybe
Better adversary to deal with, in a saying
Best Actress nominee for 'Philomena,' 2013
Approximate end of a rush hour
Apartment that's a second home
Almond or pecan
Aid in clearing the air
Additions after closings, in brief
Activate, as a wah-wah pedal
1984 biography subtitled 'The Man, the Dancer'
1967 Cold War suspense novel by 9-Down
'The Great' or 'the Terrible'
'Not gonna happen!'
'Junior' or 'senior' mil. figure – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Jan-20-2017#sthash.ybYcU22v.dpuf

Y chromosome carrier
Working hard
Words on a cake in 'Alice in Wonderland' and 'Animal House'
Walton of Walmart
Viking territory
Underground business
Two of 206
Till bill
Till bill
Stravinsky and Sikorsky
Store with the same colors as the Swedish flag
Stern with a bow
Spork part
Soul sisters?
Small digit
Signal to the auctioneer
She lives in a sty
Root beer brand
Restaurants with several syrups
Quill liquid
Powerful diamond
Photog Adams
Pacific paste
Noteworthy stretch
Not repeatedly
Not after
No manly man
Must, casually
Middle range
Marsh growths
Like two Max Scherzer games in 2015
Letter measurement
Leave out
Its highest point is Mount Ka'ala
Its first letter stands for 'untersee'
Iconic start?
Hot stuff
Harnesses the wind
Hand over
Grant Wood or John Wayne, e.g
Georgia city, casually
Garten in the kitchen
French legislative body
Foreordain the result of
Every-decade count
Easy marks
Eastern European capital
Denver paper
Defamatory statement
Country that split into two in 2011
Corner key
Considering everybody
Chip giant
Campus drilling org
Bowler's assignment
Apple on a desk
Aix eye
*Roll the dice
*Land and structures
*It features scrolls up top
*Immediately upon looking
*Conestoga circle
*Added up
'That so?'
'Sounds like fun!'
'Gimme ___!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Jan-20-2017—That's-an-Order!#sthash.69ZBGPxU.dpuf

What kid lit's Horton hears
Web addresses, for short
Voluminous British lexicological work (abbr.)
Union's opponent in labor negotiations (abbr.)
Type of embankment to which the Chevy was driven, in 'American Pie'
Trifling amount
Tottenham Hotspur's zero
They're checked out during colonoscopies
The ___ State (Massachusetts's nickname)
State VIP
Sony cofounder Morita
Snow White's dwarfs and Hawthorne's gables
Smallest Great Lake, by volume
Shows hospitality at the door
Send a titillating cybermessage
Santa ___ (dry California winds)
Rough, woolen fabric, from the Latin for 'thread'
Roger who left Fox News under a cloud
Reason for the high ratings on the Celtic version of 'Three's Company'?
Rap artist with a name that melts in your mouth?
Plumber's paste
Pitchfork feature
Pine (for)
Pester with a honey do list
Parties in a postdivorce skirmish
Osmose, perhaps
One-half of Desilu
Oedipal title
Number that's the basis of the decimal system
Number of events in a pentathlon
Medicinal vial
Meat lover's entrée
Mastercard rival, familiarly
Makes faces
Lingerie purchase
Lepidopterist's device
Kristen of 2016's 'Ghostbusters'
Iron deficiency
Impossible to replicate
How rent is usually paid
Home of the Div. I Spartans
He's a real turkey
Haw's partner
Haw's opposite
George Stephanopoulos's current gig, for short
Failure to add the spice when making Red Hots?
Express contentment, in a way
Designation on a Parisian restroom door
Deli counter call
Creature of Himalayan legend
Colonial news deliverer
Chauvinistic cheer at the Olympics
Cash back?
Cantina order
Bit of glitz on an aileron?
Bequeath in favor of
Automobile ad abbreviation
Additive in some bodybuilders' shakes
A twerker works it
A hundred smackeroos
1994 comedy film based on Julia Sweeney's 'SNL' character
'The lowest form of wit,' they say
'Sweet Love' singer Baker
'Right now!'
'Magic Mike' size, in the sequel
'Legally Blonde' protagonist
'Cool Hand' guy of film
'Back in the day …'
'57 Varieties' food company – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Jan-20-2017#sthash.5vch5wmA.dpuf

Zurich-based sports org
You can skip it
X or Y preceder
x or y follower
Welcomes warmly, as a visitor
Was sorry to have set the alarm?
Venomous snake
Uses a fireplace tool
URL ending
Told a fantastic story, perhaps
They're fixed shortly after being intentionally broken
The Platters' genre
Texas-Louisiana border river
Telegram period
Taco toppings
Superhero symbol
Small creek
Sign next to free samples
Senior, to Junior
Say no to
Rubber stamp partner
Romantic dining spot
Ready in a big way
Reached the 2016 Olympics the hard way?
Random selection
Put in one's two cents
Played hooky from the office?
Plants used to make tequila
Pizzeria staples
Piaggio transport
Online workshop
North __
Mrs. Cullen in Stephenie Meyer's 'Twilight'
Meter or liter
Metaphorical title word in a McCartney-Wonder hit
Meet at the poker table
Major composition
Made it through the Civil War?
Lunchbox container
Luau entertainment
Long in the tooth
Little, to Luis
Lab coat
Journalist/author Larson
Joker, for one
Identify on Facebook
Hound sound
Highlight provider
Gratified and then some
Give a halfhearted effort
Gala giveaways
Emulates Eminem
Dr Pepper Museum city
Cupcake cover
Crystalline stone
Continental divide
Cashed, as a forged check
Bush advisor
Bump up against
Bench mates?
Barnyard regular
2001 Apple debut
'Without further __ … '
'Wait Wait… Don't Tell Me!' airer
'I know, right?'
'For that reason … '
'Electric' swimmers
'Buffy' spin-off
'… happily __ after' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Jan-20-2017#sthash.xWL8kDhq.dpuf

Whitman of HP
What starts some games
Volkswagen Group brand
Uncanny ability
Two cents' worth
Talk trash to
Step out
Starts attending
Star in Lyra
Stage crew
Spherical striker
Slope selector
Skinny cells
River denizens
Reach wildly (for)
Playground item
Plant's "bandage"
Photo archive org
Parlor worker
Opera star Fleming
One of the B's
Movie villain
Mole, for example
Metal precioso
Medical imperative
Manorial system figure
Major mess
Laudatory lines
Largest-area state capital
Introduce, with "out"
Hear on the bench
Harbor unlawfully
Gallery on the Thames
Fiber source
Fable's moral
Fable's byline
Errand runners
Endodontist's deg
Emotional episode
Distressful feeling
Did not play
Diamond, e.g
Cuyahoga River's destination
Craggy peak
Continental divide of a sort
Chairlift alternative
Certain wine container
Call from above
Bridge score-pad word
Bluster, so to speak
Big name in "Life of Pi"
Beginning on
Bart's former teacher
Bank's promotional phrase
Back from here
As soon as
Applied science, for short
2008 Olympics host
20+ of Ali's wins
"Unplugged" airer
"Skyfall" studio
"Didn't know that" – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Jan-20-2017#sthash.dJUQwIi7.dpuf

Yuletide quaff
Wiping clean
Winged monster of Japanese cinema
Whip-and-chair wielder
When 'M*A*S*H' was set
Volcanic peak in the Cascades
Very, in slang
Ultimate degree
Tropical smoothie fruits
Treasure State's capital
Transportation for dogs and cats
They may be loaded or stolen
Surfacing goop
Super-size screen format
Suave, like 007
Stone from which Buddhas are carved
Stickball locale, often
Sources of misery
Sharp-snouted game fish
Share a border with
Seaweed wrap locale
Scratch or scuff
Respond to reveille
Recite, as a chant
Raises a glass to
Quick plane trip
Pod in southern cuisine
Pedals on potter's wheels
Oil quantities
Number cruncher's raw material
Mushroom or marigold part
Monopoly payments
Mireille of 'The Catch'
Meadows who played Alice Kramden
Macklemore's music
LP scratchers at dance clubs
Lawn-Boy parent
Joining metal surfaces, in a way
It's sought by scouts
iPhone alternative
Investor's concern
Infiltrate slowly
Human mind at birth, so it's said
How audiobooks are enjoyed
Hotel guest's bucketful
Hair stiffeners
Got one's fill of
Giggling Muppet
Faucet problem
Epps of 'Resurrection'
Eavesdropper's plant
Easily carved, as meat
Dollywood's state (Abbr.)
Creme de cassis cocktail
Corporate alias abbr
Chicken or chocolate choice
Chew like a chipmunk
Charge for a hand
Chapel promise
Canvas holder
Brainpower figs
Bowler's gyrations
Big first for a baby
Best Picture of 2012
Beat the stuffing out of
Bat's navigational aid
Amazon ecosystem
Aficionado, informally
12-year-old seductress of film
'Walking against the wind' performer
'The Daily Show' specialty
'Steady as ___ goes'
'Star Wars' initials
'Snake eyes' pair
'NBC News' special correspondent Tom
'I've had my fill, thank you' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Jan-20-2017#sthash.VHKhrmYS.dpuf

___ Bator, Mongolia
You can really take off from here
Worker with lots of baggage
Wash dishes, perhaps
Was in harmony
Turns around an axis
Traveler's rest
Throws in
Things locked in battle
Thing requiring a balancing act
They've got brains
Tell tall tales
Team's best starting pitcher
Start to wake up
Some, but not all
Skipper's word of approval
Sexual desire
Self-referencing, as a work of art
Security for a tightrope walker
Satisfied sounds
Santa's helper
Run-amok elephant
Romanian currency
Retaliated and how
Puts out there for all to see
Provide evidence for
President McKinley's first lady
Prefix with 'European'
Port-au-Prince's island
Places where weddings become official
Place where chemicals are mixed
Phrase on a buck
Pear variety
Parting shot
Organ attachment?
One in the reeds
Old TV's '___ Academic'
Nest egg nugget
Muslim greeting
Mr. in India
Makes cookies
Major-league athlete
Mai ___ (cocktail)
Like an angle greater than 90 degrees
Light automatic rifle
Jazz singing technique
It can be a lot of land
Indian Ocean island
In a bit, of yore
Home office locale, often
Heavenly body with a tail
Hang around
Groening of animation
Good service indicator
Folktale stuff
Float gently, as an aroma
Field marshal?
Exercise that gets the heart pumping
Drove (along)
Didi of 'Grease'
Covered like three-ring circuses
Coin that's not legal currency
Checked-off type of list
Catch a bug?
Casual talk
Bubbles, moons and the like
Away from WSW
A scolding and then some
A real sight
(As written)
'What ___ the choices?'
'Meet Me ___ Louis'
'Hark! The ___ Angels Sing' 

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