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crosswords puzzle answers 19/12/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 19/12/2016

Zinger response
Winter hrs. in New York
West who said 'I used to be Snow White, but I drifted'
The year 2001
Terry Gross's NPR program
Temporary break
Taste or touch
Something sent to Santa
Some windshields have them
Some of them are proper
Sitting spot for a child visiting Santa
Show on which John Candy and Eugene Levy got their starts
Sheep sound
Santa player in 'The Santa Clause'
Santa player in 'The Polar Express'
Santa player in 'The Man in the Santa Claus Suit'
Santa player in 'Miracle on 34th Street'
Santa player in 'Elf'
S.E.C. school near Atlanta, for short
River through Paris
Right jolly ___ elf (Santa)
Resident of Muscat
R.N.'s special touch
Pixar robot
Past or present
Opposite of black-and-white
One of Benjamin Franklin's certainties
One of a series at a wedding reception
Nutmeg, for one
Not more than
Neologism for an on-screen/off-screen relationship
Moves like water around a drain
Monastery leader
Mincemeat ___ (Christmas staple)
Max's opposite
Match, as a bet
Main artery
Magnetite and bauxite
Little puzzle
Like the settlers of Iceland
Like the population of Wyoming
Les ___-Unis
Legal wrongs
Joe of 'GoodFellas'
Intl. group that's the object of many mass protests
Highest roll of a die
Gun rights org
Gift tag word
Fleming who created James Bond
Flat-bottomed boat
Explorer and Escalade, in brief
Exact copy
Everyone working in an office
Environmentalist's prefix
Cousin ___ (Addams Family member)
Cheerleader's cry
Bread box, for short?
Boxer known as 'The Greatest'
Boston ___ Party
Boston footballer, for short
Big school dance
Barbie or Ken
At one's ___ convenience
Astronaut's tankful
April fool player
'Yeah, why not!'
'Yeah, why not!'
'Of ___ and Men'
'Look at Me, I'm Sandra ___'
'In that case …' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Dec-19-2016#sthash.j0ZLyTJ1.dpuf

Treasury Dept. agency
The Jetsons' dog
Tallest structure on many a farm
Spring setting
Sounds from pounds
Someone to look up to
Snow Queen in 'Frozen'
Running behind
Protruding belly button
Police, informally
Points the finger at
Person who works house-to-house?
PC reading
PBS science series
Passionate lover
Painter Lichtenstein
Pageant winner's crown
No longer nursing
Nevada neighbor
Neither terrible nor terrific
Motel staffers
Most tender to the touch
Merry tunes
Make broader
Loser to the tortoise
Like some vaccines
Lakota dwelling
Joined the chorus
Johnny Cash nickname
Italy's pre-euro currency
How some talk on their phones
Honor as sacred
Golf ball supporter
Genius Bar worker
From the country
Foolish fellow
Foolish fellow
Flow from Kilauea
Find not guilty in a second trial
Fictional nation in 'The Hunger Games'
Engaged in fighting
Earth Day month
Drink with scones
Dipped in indigo, say
Defeated by a small margin
Dark cousins of weasels
Cross a creek, perhaps
County of west Ireland
Cool, totally
Composer Satie
Classic Wilkie Collins novel
City of northwest Pennsylvania
Chaperones, usually
Cavalry weapons
Card with minimal pips
Calendar rows
Bring in
Berger of 'Major Dundee'
Be elated
Barred beds for babes
Barber's razor sharpener
Arm or leg
An angry kid may throw one
'Vive ___!'
'Rock the Casbah' rockers
'Oh, you almost got it!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Dec-19-2016—Colorful-People#sthash.R13DR5XD.dpuf

Where many pull their own weight
When some retire for the night
Was the first band of several
Ultimate degree
Typical opera villains
Type of secret
Type of cloth or closet
Trampled (with 'on')
Tragic destiny
Throw all over the place, as seeds
The zodiac's carnivore
Tall flightless bird
Tabloid front-page feature, often
Suitable for an ink-jet
Suffix with 'Wrestle' or 'Beatle'
Substitute for the unlocked?
Stalking feline
Small, to a child
Serving no useful purpose
Scrabble piece
Roaster's rod
Put together
Prevent from scoring
Prefix with 'solve' or 'respect'
Place to get a pedicure
Place for a mini-fort
Person's inescapable outcome
Paisley or Pitt
Open the floodgates
One-one, for one
Motion pictures
More out of one's gourd
Military scout's job, for short
Lock with length
Like some circles
Insultingly small, as in amounts
Indy round trips
Ids' counterparts
Human hotdog
Highest level
Hairy jungle creatures
Grouchy 'Sesame Street' regular
Going back to a former practice
Franklin's stock in trade
Feminine suffix
Fad follower (with 61-Across)
Eyelid eyesore
Entrance hall or room
Emirate emigres
Copies Bessie
Collection of miscellaneous pieces
Clickable PC item
Chills, as a beverage
Cheap cleaning item
Calculator, at times
Bulky grayish-brown eagle
Blvd. relatives
Belonging to those people
Be all ears
Aviation prefix
Atheist, to a believer
Accelerates, as an engine
'___ the Rainbow'
'___ Quixote'
'Union' no more
'The Great Pretender,' for one
'The Ghost and Mrs. ___'
'May I show you your seat' speaker
'It's ___ cry from …'
'Get outta here!'
'Dude,' 'guy' or 'bro' kin
'Dad' relative
'… happily ___ after' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Dec-19-2016#sthash.xOaYutGQ.dpuf

YouTube postings
Yarn spinner
Word before bar or torch
Winning by a point
Weasel sound of song
Utter nonsense
U.S. Marine with a single stripe
Toothpaste tube topper
Three-layer cookie
They may be stroked or bruised
Tape deck insertion
Sprayed clean, with 'off'
Spoke wildly
Spin doctors' employers, for short
Sniffle-stifling substance
Sleep fitfully
Sheep sheds
Semicircular part of a cathedral
Sealed tightly
Scarecrow stuffing
Rugby ball shape
Rat-tails, e.g
Put back to zero, perhaps
Pumpkin-picking place
Pulls into
Prefix meaning 'air'
Post-race posting
Portraitist's prop
Ponce de ___
Oblige the paparazzi
O. Henry-esque twist
Not deceived by
New Ager from Donegal
Most Saudis
Medium for many call-in shows
Magazine filler
Made less severe
Line with a Star of David logo
Land bordering Lake Titicaca
Insensitive sort
Initials before an alias
Indulged excessively
In a frenzy
Idi Amin's fate
Has confidence in
Hand over formally
Fourth cousin, say
Former Little League star Mo'ne Davis, for one
Flute's smaller cousin
Flies off the shelves
Finds a function for
Fandango.com purchase
Elton John-Tim Rice musical
Drops from the staff
Downy duck
Does zigzags, say
Demond's 'Sanford and Son' costar
D.C. ballplayer
Connecticut state quarter tree
Colorless fuel gas
COLA part
Cargo quantity
Boxer biter
Blunted blade
Biblical beast of burden
Away-from-the-studio transmission
Audio boosters, briefly
Anti-drug cop
Ali of folklore
'The Zoo Story' dramatist Edward
'Is there anything ___?'
'Haven't the foggiest'
'Blast it!'
'Big' or 'little' digit – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Dec-19-2016#sthash.eLHiEcAs.dpuf

Ye __ Tea Shoppe
Wood used for homebuilding
Wide-footwear letters
Wide belt
Where Lima is capital
West Coast campus, for short
Warm and cozy
Wandered aimlessly
Wall-climbing vine
Voicemail tone
Truant soldier's offense: Abbr
Triple-decker cookie
Too nervous to speak
Telescope glass
Tavern mug
Spruce up an article
Spiny desert plants
Solemn promise
Sleep in a tent
Shorthand pro
Shirt-pressing appliance
Shah's onetime domain
Scientists' workplaces
Played a trumpet
Performed a ballad
Out of the office
Opera solo
Old-fashioned school cheer
Not fooled by
Nevada casino city
Neck of the woods
Naval rank below capt
Moves like a kangaroo
Lover boys
Love of sugary desserts
Less humid
Insincere support
Initial stage
Husband or wife
Husband or wife
Heredity carrier
Half of a quart
Goes bad
Get to one's feet
Fuel-carrying ship
Fail to include
Eve's garden
Escape from
Error in printing
Enroll for a contest
Dwellings with leases
Dutch cheeses
Day before Fri
Constant talker
Christmas songs
Chicken __ mein (Chinese food)
Chicago airport
Change one's residence
Cattle group
Breathing organ
Book category for do-it-yourselfers
Bird's home in a tree
Become, eventually
Bat's underground home
Barrel tapped at a frat
Banquet host
Attended an event
Anticipate, as an arrival
Angry mood
Angel's topper
A Great Lake
24-__ gold
"That'll __ now" ("That's enough")
"Golly!" – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Dec-19-2016#sthash.BcNnMpfk.dpuf

Written with a keyboard
Wordsmith Webster
Word with England or Mexico
Wine glass feature
Wind surge
Wedding tribute
Von Sydow with an Emmy nomination for 'Game of Thrones'
Unlikely Mr. America
Unappetizing bit of fruit?
U.K. clock standard
Twice-a-day school lineup
Truck scale unit
Tribe once found around the Great Lakes
Treasured 1700s violin, familiarly
They hold volumes
Tex-Mex menu pick
Sugary topper
Station wagon cousin, for short
Start of a Clement Moore Christmas classic
Stares in amazement
Sound from a beleaguered winter shoveler?
Something to sniff out
Saint Laurent of fashion
Rte. displayer
Rope-making fiber
Roddick swinging a racket
Rocket trajectories
Rhino's weapon
Result of a sale on beer?
Removes all doubt
One going for the gold?
Oft-quoted Yankee legend
O'Brien on late-night TV
Noted spinach devotee
Many early PCs
Luau instruments
Long John Silver, for one
Like Montmartre
Life stories, briefly
Learn in passing
Israel's parliament
Huge bird of lore
High-ranking Brits
Greeted the day
Frosty coating
Deal with tough times
Dangler on a hook
Craft that weathered the storm
Comic actress Martha
Comes down hard, maybe
Clown around
Capital replaced by Brasilia, familiarly
Bygone ruler of Iran
Broke ground, in a way
Bring to bear, as power
Big name in the kitchen or laundry room
Before now
Air traffic controller's spot
Air gun ammo
'___ the Man' (2006 film)
'You'll have to ask someone else'
'Here's your bacon, straight from the fryer'?
'Don't worry, no problem'
'Chicago' actor Richard
'Blessed ___ …' (Joan Baez album) – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Dec-19-2016#sthash.CD9h18Uz.dpuf

Words said with a nod
Up until now
Tortoni's cousin
Timeline start
Tend to the flames
Stick (to)
Stadium ticket designation
Sour substances
Some 'Wheel' prizes
Smallest American coin
Sights in la Méditerranée
Seize illegally
Sch. in Charlottesville
Rude and crude
Rhea's Aussie relative
Pricey watches
Play at the highest volume, as a radio
Pilfered German fruit bread?
Pentathlon blades
Part of USNA
Opposite of fresh
One of two in seven
Musical quality
Mistake in the field
Mil. no-show
Measures by pacing
Matzo __: Jewish egg dish
Make more than merry
Little League precursor
Like a weak excuse
Length times width
Lavish bash
Keyboard work for two
Jeweled headpiece
Intro-to-painting course
Infamous skater Harding
H??tel __ Invalides: Paris landmark
Herr's home
Hayworth and Rudner
Harbor puller
Hall of Fame catcher Carlton
Genre for do-it-yourselfers
Gave reluctantly
Gaslight and Big Band
French painter of café scenes
Final course in the Sahara?
Fake drake, say
Exec's three-piece
Evidence of Russia's currency collapse?
Distant and cool
Deviate from a course
Dance floor units
Dadaist Max
Cotton thread
Chorus from the pews
Cheering noisily
Cartoonist Addams
Bravery award
Bow and __
Belafonte classic
Before, in odes
Back muscles, in the gym
B-movie safecracker
Author __ Stanley Gardner
After-lunch sandwiches
'Yes __?': ultimatum words
'What's __ for me?'
'Mister Ed' dot?
'Gee, cool!'
'Fear of Flying' author Jong

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