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crosswords puzzle answers 19/11/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 19/11/2016

___ juris (of legal age)
Where East meets West?
Title for the leader of Chile or South Korea
The Beijing Olympics mascot Jingjing, e.g
Subject of 'How the Other Half Lives'
Subj. of the Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976
Something taken in preparation for a trip
Skated on thin ice
Salmon seasoning
Rain forest nut
Program whose prospects are looking up?
Precursor of rocksteady
Pirate, e.g
Org. featured in 2014's 'Cesar Chavez'
Olympic event with singles, doubles and team relay
Old Trans Am feature
North Carolina motto opener
Name on a range
Mrs., abroad
Miss, abroad: Abbr
Military testing grounds and such
Loser of the Drama in Bahama
Logical connector
Like some feet
Like neat freaks
Lead actress on TV's 'Scandal'
Lady of Camelot
Katey of 'Sons of Anarchy'
J. M. Barrie's Mr. Smee, e.g
Italian sausage ingredient
It's a must
It sold for a penny at its 1851 launch
It seeks pledges annually
His gravestone says simply 'PLAYWRIGHT'
Hindi for 'palace'
High class
Hardly a piece of cake
Haiti's ___-à-Vache
Had a bad feeling
Former minority whip in both the House and Senate
Food chain
Event requiring an S.E.C. filing
Doesn't toss back, say
Dish made with mayo
Counterpart to 24-Across
Counterpart to 22-Across
Common microwaveable dish
Blip on a radar screen
Author whose 'Earth's Children' series has sold more than 45 million copies
Arabic patronymic part
App tappers
Alternative to a tap
A vast quantity
39-Across, informally
'Paul Bunyan's toothpicks'
'A storm's a-brewin" – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Nov-19-2016#sthash.UL7gtKYi.dpuf

Weapon of some medieval assassins
Watson's creator
Water park feature
Visits to the plate
Vise device
Violate a treaty, maybe
Vatican City sculpture
Trial venue for swanky cases?
Tree-saving read
Travel period for the Amish?
Tierney of 'The Affair'
Text read from right to left
Texas symbol
Tetanus cause
Sweatband site
Summer getaway for family guys?
Success is its child, according to Disraeli
Studio support
Start of some choice words
Stack coating
Spreadsheet figures
Sport invented by a grouse hunter
Sound from the branches
Sound from a back rub recipient
Some nest eggs
Soft drink invented in the 1880s
Skunk of cartoons
Skunk giveaway
Signature piece?
Shrewd family man?
Shaman's hallucinogen
Shallowest Great Lake
Shakespearean title character
September birth flower
Send one out of the park
See 45-Across
Russian-born deco designer
Rosemary bits
Renaissance rival
Really small
Readies for publication
Quotable catcher
Quick communication
Pricey car with a trident emblem
Ponselle and Parks
Place for sweaters
Pitiful pesto?
Pharmacy stock, informally
Peter Ustinov's 'Quo Vadis' role
Perched on
Pathetically bad
Paper piece
Paper packs
Outback jumper
Orchard unit
One on the aisle
One of a sinful septet
Old PC component
Oktoberfest souvenir
Offhand comments
O.K. Corral name
Nor. neighbor
Next-to-last letter
Mount in the Bible
Money notice
Mold & Mildew Blaster brand
Maker of VMAX motorcycles
Major and May, briefly
Love, to Casanova
Like some artisanal loaves
Like latex
Legacy producer
Knick Anthony, to fans
Kahlo known for her self-portraits
Island ruled by the British until 1964
Indiana WNBA team, after their 2012 championship?
Imperator Furiosa's portrayer in 'Mad Max: Fury Road'
Hungry as ___
Hold site
Hit hard, as the brakes
Hectic hosp. areas
Heat alert, for short
Heart, e.g
Harsh reviews
Happen again
Green follower
Give a nudge
German-born brewer Bernhard
Gave another airing
Flickr's parent
Flat formations
First Family of the 1970s
Filled to excess
Fighting Tigers' sch
English county
Down the road
Desk device
Denali's 20,310 ft
Dance around
Copper guarding Westminster Abbey?
Conference for circus performers?
Cold kind of vortex
City in the Truckee Meadows area
Cheesy sandwich
Charmer with a tight schedule?
Casino fixture
Cary of 'Twister'
Carnivore's craving
Caps for Special Forces
Camel or fawn
Brooks of Hollywood
Broad valley
Bridge answer
Bow tie coater
Blue Bunny competitor
Blatantly disregard
Barcelona bite
Ballpark qualifier
Backwoods agreement
All net sound
Acted like a startled stallion
1975 Wimbledon champ Arthur
1972 Wimbledon champ Smith
'___ suggest…'
'The Highwayman' poet
'Mr. Television'
'Major Crimes' network
'In your dreams!'
'I've got this one, boss'
'Evil Under the Sun' sleuth
'Designated Survivor' network
'Better Call Saul' network – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Nov-19-2016—Double-Play#sthash.kJw1DS6o.dpuf

Zoo creature
What's unearthed on a golf course?
Variety of 12-Down
Utilize a microphone
Up and buzzing about
Trip taken in vain?
Third-quarter mos
Tees and button-downs
Supposed fortune-teller
Sugar in the field
Subtracted by
Squirrel's quest
Speaker's platform
Some Scottish waterways
Smart ___ (wiseacre)
Simple brochure (Var.)
Shoe securers
Runners' place
Retail well
Respond conclusion
Raise trivial objections
Programming whiz
Play divisions
Place or site
On a deck on 11-Down
Noted chip maker
Not this
Non-buying arrangement
New Zealand parrot
Name tags, e.g
Mawkish sentiment
Lucy's sitcom friend
Lock-fastening devices
Leave the nest
Knight's address
Kind of roast
Just barely
Indian, for one
Iditarod state
Harsh bugle sound
Guitar attachments
Golf expendable
Goldman's Wall Street partner
Goings-on or commotions
Garbage-hauling boat
French cheese town
Earsplitting noises
Drawn Brown
Does a woodworking chore
Dentist's reminder
Data processor?
Composer Stravinsky
Chanel who made scents
Certain venomous snake
Certain rial spender
Certain gridiron positions
Caulks again, e.g
Build, as a fortune
Bowling ball paths
Bobby in England
Better an edge
Before, in old poems
Bad thing to marry in
Abstain from
'With the greatest of ___ …'
'Spring ahead' letters
'Murder, She Wrote' locale ___ Cove
'Let Us Now Praise Famous Men' author
'Let us know,' to an invitee
'Dancing Queen' pop group
'Alice' star Lavin – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Nov-19-2016#sthash.nvSPhxqj.dpuf

___ filings (chemistry set item)
___ Beach, Fla
Zorro costume item
With 8-Down, inform on
Whitewater conveyance
Vogue competitor
Use TurboTax, say
Train a hidden camera on a coach, say
Tom Clancy hero Jack
TKO caller
Tied the knot
Tap into one's nest egg, perhaps
Take to the skies
Superman or Mork
Spitfire fliers of WWII
Social skill
Sleep research acronym
Sgt. or cpl
Seek to stop being ignored
See 7-Down
Santa's reindeer, not counting Rudolph
Rub raw
Reroute, as traffic
Ratio phrase
Ranger's workplace
Pub round
Pre-cable TV need
Pine exudation
Permit access to
Pay for a hand
On a par
Nine-day devotion
Netanyahu, informally
Napa Valley plants
Moth-___ (tattered)
Malia's little sister
Long haulers
Like some postgrad exams
Like Harvard's walls
Like a one-run game
Letter starter
Lauer of 'The Today Show'
iPhone accessory
Huge fan
Hostess ___ Balls
Hold the throne
Helpful connections
He caught Larsen's perfecto
Grand ___ (Wyoming peak)
Geometry topic
Gator cousin
Game with falling shapes
G or F, on sheet music
Fraternity hell night, say
Flight board posting, for short
First word in many toasts
Fielding average lowerers
D.C. ballplayers, for short
Cy Young Award stat
Crook's take
Comfy slip-on, for short
Cause for a recall
Bivouac shelters
Autonomous region of Spain
Atomizer output
Astronomical dist
Applies gently
Aida or Androcles
Aid for a solver
Act the snitch
'Yesterday!' on memos
'Looks ___ everything!'
'Abominable' beast
'A Sorta Fairytale' singer Amos – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Nov-19-2016#sthash.ukZDCEKW.dpuf

What no one can stand to have
Web searcher's aids
Very narrow at the end
Unsuccessful invader of Persia
Talks about
Take back for polishing
State park southwest of Chicago
Spot for tots
Southern state's symbol
Source of the Golden Fleece
Sound enamored
Small-car specialist
Shout of approval
Setup of sails
Sets off
Sent back to the dugout, often
Retailer's collection
Quickly raised
Price numbers
Player in the West's "unofficial anthem"
Piercing or pungent
Pet Hair Erasers, e.g
Overused Facebook request
Overstate as great
Opposite of "acquired"
One of Twain's occupations
One finishing a donut
Numbers from Berlin
Nickname on 45 Across uniforms
National Humor Mo
Metaphor for success
Major parties
Macaw aunt's voice in "Rio 2"
League with the top avg. player salary
Inconvenient to inhale
How many keep words apart
High-end dog bed covering
Genesis 8 setting
Genesis 6 complements
Fully grasped
Frequenter, so to speak
French word for "boss"
French abstract artist
Flier in red and white
Exams offered by College Board members
Entry requirement of a sort
Edible from mines
Earn naming rights for
Do nothing
Discernment skill
Department near many bakeries
Cry like "Oh my!"
Contest contingents
Compare poorly
Catalyst, for short
Camus, by birth
Business matter
Budget business
Brand whose plural was decided by popular vote
Box bought at Best Buy, perhaps
Blade first made as a scalpel
Big name in economics history
Be older than
Be durable, or not
Artist ennobled by Juan Carlos
Amateur captain
A thing of the past
8 Down stopping place
33-mission shuttle
"Barometer in a Bottle" home-demo offerer – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Nov-19-2016#sthash.pGeKOvZT.dpuf

William and Harry's college
Where not just any airline passenger may sit
What's needed for cold days?
Went by, as time
Unabashed techies
Tuna type
Tide designation
Terminal points
Sunny season, in Strasbourg
Stuffed oneself
Sticky stuff
Sporting a 10-Down purchase, maybe
Speedy note taker
South America's ostrich cousin
Showing firm determination
Ship-loading structures
Ship's stem-to-stern stabilizer
Save a bundle on the wedding
Rock band's gear, familiarly
Really impressive church area?
Reached the base feet-first
Rapidly swirling current
Prof, probably
Priests and ministers?
Poetry section rung out in church?
Pitcher Ryan in the Baseball Hall of Fame
Philly campus
Person on a pedestal
Pathway for an Ithaca wedding?
Org. for travelers
Nessie's milieu
Motel rental
Monogram for Jekyll's creator
Maude portrayer Arthur on 'Maude'
Madison Square Garden, for one
Macaroni variety
Luke's sister in 'Star Wars'
Like a typical snake oil salesman
Lend a hand
Kitchen gadget often used for cheese
Jekyll's evil self
Household hints guru
Honor for a standout MLB pitcher
Government-decreed ban on trade
Gardner of 'The Barefoot Contessa'
Gap spin-off since 1994
From Cardiff
Fountain fare
Form of address for a feudal lord
Figure skating jump
Feudal estates
Fanning of 'Maleficent'
Ernie on a fairway
Enjoying some drunken revelry
English poet William who illustrated his own works
Delicacy in a shell
Chooses (to)
Calligraphy needs
Big month for the IRS
Bagful in the pantry
Artist's composite
Art that packs some punches?
Appointment of a new bishop?
'___ that the truth!'
'___ knows?'
'Yay, tomorrow's Saturday!'
'Let's do this'
'Hedda Gabler' dramatist – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Nov-19-2016#sthash.1RFlAEIJ.dpuf

__ out a victory
Young adult fiction author Vizzini
WWII conference city
Words with a dismissive wave
Water __
Voldemort's title
User of recording devices called quipus
Unicellular alga
Unequivocal rejection
Unable to look away
Trey Anastasio's band
Toys with strings?
Thick paint applications
Subjects of IRS Pub. 590
Soft drink ending
Smoking evidence
Shuffles, say
Shake up
School offering belts
Scary story sound
Sautéing substance
Rihanna album whose title is a common prefix
Rapper Kendrick __
Prefix with tourist
Persian for 'crown'
Pasta ending
Other: Pref
One of a prohibitive septet
Old hoops org
Mitt with ten fingers
Mennen skin product
Likely to be returned
Key of Beethoven's Sym. No. 7
Japanese hot pot dish
Italian recipe word
Industry bigwigs
Indian flatbread
Idyllic settings
Home of MLB's Redbirds
Hide out, with 'down'
Gets ready to eat, in a way
French handle?
Firming (up)
ESPN game show where four expert panelists compete debate-style
Early U.S. Navy flag motto
Diagnostic aid
Desert bordering the Altai Mountains
Cosmic balance
Cookie containers
Clipped affirmative
Chaney of the screen
Athlete's wear, for short
Analogy part
An ace is under it
Alcott's 'Little Men' sequel
Actor __ Elba of 'The Wire'
'Peer __ Homecoming': Grieg work
'Luck Be __': 'Guys and Dolls' song
'Leave __!'
'I see now'
'Citizen Kane' studio
'42' subject

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