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crosswords puzzle answers 19/10/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 19/10/2016

Word before bump or pump
With 10-Down, lead vocalist and flutist for rock's Jethro Tull
Was like Fred Astaire to Ginger Rogers
Waltz ending?
View through a wide-angle lens
Using 'effect' for 'affect' and vice versa
Twosome on TMZ, e.g
Touch emotionally
To's opposite
Sweetie pie
Something to make a hash of?
Something a journalist may work on
See 41-Across
SAT administrator, by trade?
Risqué, maybe
Ran into
Put down for the count
Pub purchase for the table
Politico Perot
Person who had a major part in the Bible?
Perlman of 'Cheers'
Part of the body studied by otolaryngologists
One of a Latin trio
Model, by trade?
Mazatlán mister
Marzipan component
Manicurists and tax preparers, by trade?
Liberal, disparagingly
Last word of 'The Star-Spangled Banner'
Jacob's womb-mate
Israeli gun
Implement for an angler
Hot and then some
Green shade
Great Lakes canal name
Goolagong who won seven Grand Slam singles event titles
Game one
Fix, as a bandage
Fiddle (with)
Feature of a 22-Down
Farm mama
Doesn't just talk
Doctor, by trade?
Dizzying designs
Dispose (of)
Disinclined (to)
Dish baked in an imu
Cremains holder
Commercial ending with Wonder
Coach Parseghian
City where Galileo taught
Choir's support
Captain Sparrow portrayer
Candy in a dispenser
Cagey debater's tactic
Bouillon brand name
Bit of gossip
Biblical garden
Beer ___
Bakery employee
Bad news in the polls
Attribute (to)
Apt title for this puzzle
'Your turn to talk,' on radio
'The Matrix' star Reeves
'S O S'
'I'll take that bet!'
'I did it!'
'… man ___ mouse?'

Word on Kilkenny coins
When compared with
What we don't reinvent?
Unfriendly look
Unfriendly look
Twinkie alternative
Track runner
Totally hammered
They're left in stitches
Thanksgiving staple
Techie, traditionally
Some RSVPs
Snow White's sister
Small fry
Sketchy NBC series
Showing additional symptoms
Shout to a posse
Shakespearean spendthrift
Service whose business is picking up
Say 'Not me,' say
Roof sealer
Resell for a quick profit
Preparation for a final
Planetarium part
Place for pumping
Pay to play
Ouida novel '___ of Flanders'
Needing kneading, perhaps
Mouse, e.g
Maze choices
Make the cut
Longtime Howard Hughes holding
Long list shortener
Like some indie movies
Like a dark road on a moonless night
Legal hunting period, or what each starred answer does
Leaving word
Leaf vein
It's not wonderful if it's outstanding
Inviting store window sign
Idyllic spot
Hamlet's cousin
Gut punch reaction
Gummy candy
Grand in scope
Gene's 'Brigadoon' co-star
Fish found in 2003
Defeat soundly
Crimson rivals
Captain of a couples' cruise?
Bread chain
Boxer's tormentor
Bona fide
Bona fide
Binary digit
Big maker of GPS devices
Amy's three-time Golden Globes co-host
*Quick alternative to a day at the beach
*Port authority?
*Liner's counterpart
*Decision in the court
'Under a Glass Bell' author
'Send My Love (To Your New Lover)' singer
'Last Week Tonight' network
'Highly Questionable' network
'Hang on, I've changed my mind'
'Girls' creator Dunham
'Calm down!'
'Ah, right'
'…just for starters'

With great enthusiasm
Whom Lennon married
Typeface with slanted letters
Traveler's rest
Three more boys
Three more boys
Three boys
Squirrel away
Spring purchase
Some models
Slip cover?
Similar stuff
Santa ___, Calif
Remove water from
Prescribed amounts
Outer layer of the skin
Open carriage
Ominous sign
Old-style computer monitor
Non-cutting sword
Napa or San Fernando
Mythical god of war
Mine entrance
Make angry (with 'up')
Maitre d's offering
Longtime Chinese chairman
Lily type
Like a circle
Learned teacher
Killer whale
Item on a to-do list
Italian farewell
It's attached to the sternum
It may be sprung
Indian bread
Hawaiian giveaway
Hairpieces, in slang
Fire remnant
Experienced one
Emerald ___ (Ireland's nickname)
Egg on
Disorderly outbursts
Dieter's no-no, briefly
Diamond or emerald
Delphic predictor
Cover old ground
Certain wading bird
Certain comedic tribute
Cataract locale
Cat's eyes, at times
C-section reminder
Bringing up the rear
Blue hue
Blarney ___
Biochemistry abbr
Bible unit
Beginning for 'graph'
Bad thing to have in one's pocket
Back end?
Avian home
At one time, at one time
African antelope
Abominable mountain creature
100 dinars
'___ you coming?'
'Who's Who' entry
'Scream' star Campbell
'Poor me!'
'Once ___ a time …'
'Comin' ___ the Rye'
'Act your ___!'

Utah's state gem
Use emery on
Use a surgical beam on
Unmannerly sort
Touch-screen image
Ticketless train rider
Thriller partly set aboard the Orca
Three-layered snack
The Beatles or KISS
Tennis do-overs
Tends to a squeak
Stone of 'Casino'
Stick shift selection
State solemnly
Square dance song
Spherical solids
Spend wastefully
Span often named for a president
Some smokehouse selections
Snagged with a lariat
Smoking an e-cig
Settles onto a settee
Semifrozen downpour
Scatter, as seeds
Rose of Guns N' Roses
Professional with lots to offer
Price to play
Prepares for painting
Porker's quarters
Poet who inspired 'Cats'
Pentathlon blades
Not normal
Nile Valley nation
Nature documentary subject
Move, in 5-Down lingo
Mountain climber's view
Mile or milligram
Medical researcher's goal
Mallard's call
Maalox rival
Keynote giver, e.g
John who sang 'Daniel'
Island in 1-Down
Indonesian tourist spot
Heisman Trophy winner Flutie
G. Gordon of Watergate
Firecracker feature
Excessive, as force
Enchilada alternative
Eden outcast
eBay offer
Each, slangily
Devious tactic
Cut from the crew
Courtroom panelist
Contrary gardener of rhyme
Constellation component
Closes in on
Clog-clearing chemical
Classic sneakers
Caught a few winks
Category for the first words of 17-, 30- and 39-Across
Car battery end marked '-'
Cameo shapes
Burgundy grape
Breath-taking snakes
Bottom of the strike zone, roughly
Blue ribbon, e.g
Blackjack option
B or O, at a blood bank
Autumn air quality
Act the worrywart
'If I could get a word in . . .'
'Humble' dwelling

__ Arbor, MI
__ acid (vinegar component)
Young puppy
With 53 Down, late-night flight
Washer cycle
Walton of Walmart
Walking __ (blissful)
Utah national park
Understand speaking without hearing
Turns sharply
Through, on an itinerary
Supposed sixth sense
Spicy dip
Snugly contained
Site suggested by the starred answers
Sing "Deck the Halls"
See 55 Down
Rude bus rider
Reverend Jackson
Rack for roses
Ponce de __
Pay out
Packard's high-tech partner
Oceanic ring
Nautical "Halt!"
Minstrels' instruments
Michael of "Interstellar"
Maze marking
Mary who wrote "Frankenstein"
Letter after sigma
Leaves port
Kids' pellet dispensers
Instrument of India
Instruction to a cabbie
Incoming LAX flight
In its __ (replacing it)
Hotshot pilot
Hotshot celebrity, for short
Horse's dad
Hockey great Gretzky
Head covering
Has a tilt
Grapple in a ring
Grammy category since 1989
Goof up
German highway
French water
French author Émile
Flung skyward
Fire residue
FDR-era agency
Containing nothing
Coax forth
Cast member
Casino $$$ source
Bring blushes to
Bridge non-bid
Bit of folklore
Big help
Antarctic water
Air-leak sound
A la __ menu
*Whirly Olympic event
*Noisy Verdi piece
*Before-the-foxhunt drinks
'70s war zone
"Arabian Nights" name
"60 Minutes" producer

__ chair
William of 'Broadcast News'
Whom to trust, in 'The X-Files'
Where to see IBM and JNJ
Ventriloquist Lewis
URL ending
Unlike this clue, obviously
Tip to one side
Tenochtitlán natives
Strong string
Star's statuette
Southwestern farm owner
Some Neruda poems
Snack since 1912
Salmon eggs
Researcher's garb
Recent medical research subject
Rear ends
Ready for the piano recital
Puzzle with a quote
Prize in a case
Prepare, as avocados for guacamole
PayPal's former parent
Part of un mes
Overalls material
Org. operating full-body scanners
Opera house level
One-named singer with 10 Grammys
Mushroom cloud makers
Musée Marc Chagall city
More than impress
Hawaiian tuna
Hardly scads
Hang loosely
Fla. city
Financier aboard the Titanic
Everycity, USA
Etiquette expert Baldrige who was Jackie Kennedy's social secretary
Enterprise choice
Driving force?
Does well at the casino?
Deschanel of the musical duo She & Him
Delighted state?
Conversation piece?
Concert finale … and what 17-, 25-, 50- and 60-Across have in common
Comes back with
Climbed aboard
China's Zhou __
Cereal box factoid
Bridge call
Bible book before Romans
Beer choice, briefly
Bar regulars, and then some
Astronomer Hubble
Archer of myth
Ancient theater
Ancient Greek region
Add sneakily
Academic figure
1960s dance
'You eediot!' speaker of cartoons
'Tradition' singer
'See ya!'
'In Here, It's Always Friday' letters

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