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crosswords puzzle answers 19/05/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 19/05/2017

___ pros. (lawsuit abbr.)
Wrongly assumed
What motivates people to get to first base during a game?
What makes consumers blush?
Weightlifter's concern
Walk all over
W.W. II service member
Voice-activated Amazon device
View from Catania
They're favorites
They may be soaked up
Survivor's cry
Strong and majestic
Still learning the ropes of
Started to work
Some patrons: Abbr
Size zero, say
Show great fondness
Sheet music abbr
Savory Indian appetizer
Rid of inefficient extras
Qualifier in 46-Across
Put back together
Port whistler
Plays peacemaker
Photo ID issuers
Pet sounds
Part of a blended family
Origination point of some drips
Org. for forensic specialist Abby Sciuto
Old-fashioned letter opener
Naturally blind
Nailing a performance
Mothered or fathered
Moorish castle
Messages with emojis
Means of travel for a V.I.P
Marking for a very soft passage
Large W.W. II area: Abbr
Its honorees plan to become one
It shares a key with a caret
It may be poached
Heavy rain
Having hit successfully, say
Half spoken, half sung
Get sidetracked
French filmdom
Eponym of USA Track & Field's highest award
Dogged it
Crafty sort
Competitor of Cartier
Commander during John Brown's capture in 1859
Classic arcade game with a glass backboard that shatters
Class clown's comeuppance
Bratty girl on 'Little House on the Prairie'
Article of attire with strings
Agenda-topping issue
88 or 98
86 or 99
'The ponytail's hipster cousin,' per GQ
'Let's get real here …'
'It's now or never' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—May-19-2017#sthash.asGbnZIp.dpuf

With very little effort
Whimper like a baby
Wedding place
Valuable violin, briefly
Uninhibited art class subject
Twirl down the drain
Turned ashen
Thing that can be worshiped falsely
Thing passed from parent to child
Test a weight by lifting
Terrell Suggs, for one
Take a break
Suppose without proof
State of agitated irritation
Something the devil cheers
Something a paramedic checks
Slithery fish
Short-tailed wildcat
Short note from the boss
Senator's assistant
Sandler of films
Rework text
Rabbitlike rodents
Prefix of some skincare brands
Place for many grills
Pastoral verse
Old snowman accessory
Offensively curious
Nail-file material
Muddy enclosure
Miscellaneous mixture
Like some lectures
Like places that give cartographers headaches
Like many signers
Like exposed, week-old bread
Lambs' mommies
Jog relative
Irish county or seaport
Insurance broker
Indian royal
How some like their gumbo or shrimp
Hardly secret
Had some debts
Group of nine
Greek war god
Grabs a snack
Give in to the sun, as snow
Gets bent out of shape
Forward part of a ship
First lady
Features of unappetizing oatmeal
Family get-togethers
Eye section
Decreases in strength
Dangerous African fly
Creepy plant?
Courteney of 'Friends'
Colonize over again
Cold, dry wind across Europe
Caustic drain-clearing chemical
Cards with the most pips
Bus schedule word
Bump on an eyelid
Boat's pronoun
Band's gig divisions
Attachment to 'walk' or 'trade'
Amazon is one
'Out with the …'
'Much ___ About Nothing'
'How can I ___ repay you?'
'Green Eggs and Ham' character
'Come ___ me, all ye that labor …' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—May-19-2017#sthash.LYneaSrm.dpuf

Wistful word
Wine city east of Turin
Wind quintet member
White-tie affair wear
Was in the hole
Walk nervously
Uses a Swiffer, perhaps
Uppity sort
Upholstery problems
Unspecified amount
Turns off, as sound
Torch's offense
Thomas Hardy heroine
Tee shot target on a par-3
Tadpoles' homes
Symbol on the Texas flag
State firmly
Socked away
Slalom entrant
Skinless chicken breast, e.g
Shot into the net
Scotch bottle datum
Scanty beachwear
Rejoices, in an in-your-face manner
Reinforced part of a work boot
Reel in
Red-carpet events
Presentation pointer's output
Pothook shape
Poking with a cattle prod
Place for a mill
Overseers of local education
On the up and up
Ohio's 'Glass City'
NO ___ TRAFFIC (street sign)
More off-the-wall
Millan, the 'Dog Whisperer'
Many Rx writers
Manage, as unruly hair
Makes more flavorful
Luau instrument, for short
Lie in store for
Letters at Indy
Keg party attire, perhaps
Just slightly
Jet Propulsion Laboratory org
Irish poet with a 'fanatic heart'
Inexact recipe amount
Inbox clogger
In need of dough
ID card feature
HF or HCl
Heap kudos on
Great buy
Foster, as a bad habit
Feels 'blah'
Feedbag morsels
Expert on social graces
Examine ore
End-of-list abbr
Earlobe adornment
Do a credit union's job
Cooling units, for short
Color of unbleached linen
Clean enough to eat off of
City northwest of Orlando
Cirrus cloud shapes
Category for many Emmys
Brings to a close
Bother incessantly
Bookmarked addresses, briefly
Banjoist Scruggs
American Theatre Wing award
'You're something ___!'
'What a klutz I am!'
'Survey ___ . . .' (game show phrase)
'My Cup Runneth Over' singer
'Let me think about it' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—May-19-2017#sthash.9UljtWnP.dpuf

__ podrida (Spanish stew)
WWII craft
Work itself (out)
Word after fast or fire
Whse., for instance
What meridians mark
What a potholder might hang on
Unlikely to help out
Ultimately realize
Tony city with an oil field
Title in Kipling tales
Tiffany of stained glass
Thunderbirds' org
Taken one at a time
Summer camp building
Sudden shake
State with five national parks
Spill it, with "up"
Source of Kremlin news
Soprano who once ran the Met
Slip past
Short informal essays
Rotarians' colleagues
Peak stat
Obsolete Canadian bills
Nation southeast of Bologna
Name in the etymology of "thunder"
Minimally sufficient
Marketable skill
Legal scholar
Knowing better now
King's dominion
Keenly interested in
It's over your head
Isn't alert
Is tender
Inlet, for instance
Hole punchers
His wrath fills the "Iliad"
Hernando's "Huh?"
Helium's periodic table neighbor
Hearth buildup
Guitar ancestor
Grand success
Ft. Erie, __
Freight in transit
Former-and-future fliers
Former term for a certain Finn
Foil giant
First user of "Escalator"
Film vault holding
Epsilon follower
End of "Aïda"
Elects (to)
Egyptian goddess
Dolphins Hall of Famer
Crunchy lunch
Clear-bell connector
California's __ Rand Institute
Bind with rope
B&B offerings
As if scripted
Approach hurriedly
Annals excerpt
Alternate title for the puzzle
Access point
Abe Lincoln's dad
"__ Wars" (Woodward 2010 book)
"To my surprise . . ."
"Not quite"
"Have a sip"
"Good to know" – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—May-19-2017#sthash.6LeqF56K.dpuf

Where Mozart was born
Vital statistic
Undefeated Ali
Times when hokey humor prevailed?
Television fare
Sounds from pens
Skill displayed at the gift counter?
Short drive
Shakespeare's jet?
Seven-movement Holst work that omits Earth, with 'The'
Settled on a branch
Send out
Seaside resort array
Sci-fi setting
Saddled with debt
Road where Mozart was born
Recurrent behavior
Pitt portraying Shakespeare?
Pine for
Paul with guitars
Part of a traditional holiday gift
OPEC unit
One seen in a ring
One seen in a ring
Omega holder
Off one's rocker
Norm: Abbr
Net neutrality beneficiary: Abbr
Mediterranean metropolis
Loosen (up)
Like the olfactory nerve, e.g
Landlord's customers
Lading measure
Kentucky Derby call
Jungian concept
Island band The __ Men
Introduction to Domingo?
His, to Henri
Highland groups
Henri's here
Half a philosophical duality
Groups at sea
Greek letter
Frozen dessert brand
Front page material
From one extreme to the other
Fish-eating raptor
Fasten, at sea
Ergotamine derivative popular in the '60s
Early stage of muffin production?
Denmark's __ Islands
Decide not to stop
City on the Rio Grande
Called from the field
Cakes go-with
Boorish sort
Beatle ending
Any 'Twilight Zone' episode, now
Aging hero Jones, in his latest film?
Acquires through cunning
1987 Michael Jackson album
'__ brillig … '
'John Wick' star
'Bambi' doe
'… such stuff / As dreams __ made on': Prospero
'… let __ put asunder': Matthew

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