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crosswords puzzle answers 19/04/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 19/04/2017

___ worse than death
___ Island Red (fowl type)
___ Dillon, lead role on 'Gunsmoke'
Worry about, informally
Worries for Great Depression banks
Words before 'so sue me'
Word that can follow the ends of 20- and 54-Across and 4- and 26-Down
What the keys are to a pianist?
What pros handle things with
What a radius is part of
Two-faced god
Troubling reverie
Trattoria order?
Tipples circumspectly
They could be represented by a cartoonist's wavy lines
Tanning element, informally
Suffix with acetyl
Soulful Redding
Some, in Seville
Some SAT takers: Abbr
Slippery swimmers
Shoelace tip
Shape-shifter of Norse mythology
Shade of blue
Scottish city that lent its name to a cattle breed
Salutation among Winnie-the-Pooh and friends
Prefix with classical
One who was wished a long life, in old French cheers
One side of a longstanding feud
Olympic gymnast Strug
Nyasaland, today
Not statistically based, as evidence
Nascar Hall of Fame locale: Abbr
Mystery writer Nevada ___
Mo. of Thomas Jefferson's birthday
Log painted deceptively to look like a cannon
Like some magicians' assistants, apparently
Landscaping tool
Just make
Italian wine town
It's measured by the Richter scale
Holder of encumbered property
Hamilton biographer Chernow and others
Gold in a pond?
Flips through, as TV channels
Feedbag bits
Famously reclusive Hollywood legend
F. Scott Fitzgerald's 'Two for ___'
Exercise-induced euphoria
Eight-year Clinton cabinet member
Early capital of Alaska
Earlier: Abbr
Drink often garnished with a cherry
Cry before curtsying or taking a bow
Comes (from)
Classic song with the lyric 'Whatever happened to my Transylvania twist?'
Best Picture loser to 'Kramer vs. Kramer'
BBQ platter side
Autograph collector's enclosure, for short
Artist ___ de Toulouse-Lautrec
Andean animal with expensive wool
1917 dethronee
'___ the Law' (Steven Seagal picture)
'___ and Forget' (classic humor piece by James Thurber)
'La Cage aux Folles' enterprise
'Fly ___ spurn thee …' : Shelley
'Do ___ others …' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Apr-19-2017#sthash.GImVgQYh.dpuf

Wine quality
Where those involved in the starred crimes may end up?
Walter Scott title
Valuable extraction
Trump security adviser Powell
Traffic report source
Toro, e.g
Took charge
Throw wildly, say
Their caps feature an H on a star
The Governator, jocularly
Teri's 'Young Frankenstein' role
Tangential comments
Tag line
Sp. lady
Some rail riders
Some game enders, briefly
Skin work, informally
Sixth Greek letter
Site of a wave, at times
Sean of 'The Lord of the Rings'
Reviewers of plays
Person in a pool
Original title of Shakespeare's 'Henry VIII'
Notable period
More than taken aback
Modernize, say
Mexico has 31
Match units
Lose one's shadow
Lord's Prayer start
Little tunneler
Literary sister
Letter to an editor
Lennon's love
Knocks over
John of 'Star Trek Beyond'
It can help you raise your voice
Is for you?
I, in Ingolstadt
Glove material
Giga- times 1000
Gamer's likeness
Full of attitude
Flint products
First king of Israel
Elementary learning
Criticize harshly
Creative class
Complicated situation
Collude with
Cheer for Manolete
Capital on the Mediterranean
Bygone big shot
Bust maker
Bright entrance hall
Brick-shaped candy
Bernanke's predecessor
Author Jaffe
Assorted collection
Arctic weather phenomena
100-cent currency
*Shoplifted spud, ready to be fenced?
*Illegal scheme to sell zucchini?
*Heisted Hershey's treats?
*Fish caught illegally?
'Why not'
'Got that right!'
'Dear' advice source
'Chandelier' singer – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Apr-19-2017—Take-a-Bite-Out-of-Crime#sthash.6cgLZJ8L.dpuf

Word with 'fire' or 'transmit'
Wedding helper
Unhealthy looking
Umpire's 'Out!' or 'Safe!'
Twisted dry, as laundry
Took a bit of a rest, in a way
The scholarly world
Taj Mahal place
Sometimes spectacular opera feature
Snooty one
Poker pay-in
Place to have a spat
Phrase of estimation
Old Iranian leader
Not out of town
Not even close to land
Never let your mind wander for fear that it ..
Native of Nazareth
Narrow strip of land jutting into the ocean
Narcotic Polynesian drink
Most intoxicating
Mortise complement
Marrying a spell-caster for her money will only get you a ..
Manner of writing
Mama's mate, often
Major division of a long poem
Like much tea
Kind of uncle or treat
Kind of analysis
Irritable and touchy
If you plan on living forever and are reading this ..
I of 'I am here,' e.g
Headed up
Hauls a car
Grab bag
Go down with the ship and stay down
Give a windy speech
Get ready for OR work
Fuzzy brown fruit
Fruit drink in grocery stores
Fish delicacy
Farm female
Explorer Sebastian
Ethically lacking
English dessert
Egg-making organ
Didi of 'Grease'
Delicate and breezy
Come into view threateningly
Child's enthusiastic but selfish shout
Child minder
Cherry throwaway
Charming country scene (var.)
Channeler's state
Carbonated drink
Camel-like creature
Burlap source
Build a fire under
Breathing tube
Beaver Cleaver's father
Bard of ___ (Shakespeare)
Avian retreats
All guys
Airport section
Abbr. on ambulances
'___ all be over soon'
'What she said'
'I ___ you one'
'Driving ___ Daisy'
'Battle ___ of the Republic'
'… for what ___ worth' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Apr-19-2017#sthash.6VQiemZ0.dpuf

__ de Cologne
Watch display, for short
W. Coast clock setting
Turn off the sound from
Take a chair
Suggest indirectly
Suffix for novel or violin
Subj. for immigrants
Steam or mist
Stanley Cup org
Sound judgment
Song in the Bible
Sleep phase initials
Sandwich exterior
Prepare for action
Prayer-ending word
Pays attention to
Parisian "yes"
Paramedic's skill: Abbr
Pampering resort
Outfielder's topper
Not trendy
Not quite right
Neckline shapes
Music class impediment
Make changes to
Make amends
Make a dash to hide
Light lunches
Legal step in a home purchase
Lazy __ (revolving tray)
Kids' card game
Justice Kagan
Judge's order
Jacket arm
GI hangout
For each
Floor-washing implements
First in line
Egg carton quantities
Each, informally
Digit to point with
Danish flavor
Cry of accomplishment
Crop up
Corn Belt state
Clear up, as a car window
City Hall leaders
Capitol Hill aides
By way of
Butterfly catcher
Big pig
Big Aussie bird
Between ports
Begin a trip
Attacks with snowballs
At the proper time
Aruba or Cuba
Artichoke center
Annoying ones
America's Uncle
All thumbs
"__ ain't broke . . ."
"Well, __-di-dah!"
"That's a shame"
"Imagine that!" – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Apr-19-2017#sthash.vRbNeT6U.dpuf

__ setter
Work together
Vest fabric
Twice-baked cookies
Tool box item
The Euphrates flows through it
Something to chew
Some kitchen appliances
Ship with liquid cargo
Shepherd's dinner, perhaps
Security breaches
Santa __ Mountains
Responds in court
Racer's swimwear brand
Quick snooze
Pts. by Vikings
Price of admission
Present mo
Pop singer Grande's fragrance
Polishing targets
Perlman of 'The Mindy Project'
Pearl Jam frontman Vedder
Pan flying
On the sidelines
Officejet printers
Like King Kong
Like 'Fifty Shades of Grey'
Legendary fighter
King Kong, e.g
It often has four doors
Ingredient in some Asian soup, or, literally, what each answer to a starred clue has
In itself
Hosp. areas
Home buyer's choice
Hog fare
Hit the slopes
Highest peak in Ore
Has too much of, briefly
Handle on many elevators
Golfer's four, often
Golfer's birdie, often
Flight stat
Finnish tech giant
Emotional states
Electric guitar pioneer
Devours eagerly
Dallas-to-Houston dir
Critter rescue org
Country that won the most Olympics medals in Rio
Color named for a planet
Coffee maker unit
Christian sch. in Tulsa
Celebrity chef Paula
Cave feedback
Business card no
Bus stations
Bone, to Botticelli
Big name in home security
Big name in business jets
Bento box staple
Barbecue spice mixture
Annoyed reply to 'Are you awake?'
A handful
*Testimony preceder
*Garment with a fitted waist and flared bottom
*Garage alternative
*Droopy-eared dog
*Common cause of food poisoning
'Well, looky here!'
'Tommy' band
'Only Time' songwriter
'I've seen better'
'Darn it!'
'Come right on in!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Apr-19-2017#sthash.cUKGy7sX.dpuf

Word of regret
Wolf's warning
What a tieback may tie back
Urgent appeal to the Coast Guard
Up to this moment
Unable to throw strikes
Twist the arm of
Trunk outgrowth
Topping for some sushi
Took part in the Tour de France
Theater sign with red letters
Straggler's position
Stand the ravages of time
Stadium demolished in 2009
Spongy mushroom
Sounds from pounds
Sorted, as eggs
Simple sort of question
Shows the way
Savory jelly
Rock group's boosters
Really gross
Really get to
Pupil of Socrates
Pottery fragment
Paperless exams
Organ that stores bile
Ooze, as charm
Oktoberfest group
Not at all lopsided
Nestling's noise
Mythical temptress
Movie double's feat
Marriage or graduation
Mannerly man
Line-winding gadget
Like Dixieland tunes
Like Bart, to Lisa or Maggie
Kick off
Just slightly
Invention's origin
Industrial mogul
In poor taste
In a noble manner
God with an eight-legged horse
Get exactly right
Friendly peck
Franc's replacement
Feast with hula dancers
Fantasy author's creation
Fan club's focus
Elegant in manner
DVD player companion
Downey of 'Touched by an Angel'
Discounted by
Decadent emperor of Rome
Cruz, 'the Queen of Salsa'
Consolation prize recipient
Colleague of 51-Across
Charismatic glow
Caramel-filled Hershey's brand
Bret who created Poker Flat
Be in accord
Base of operations
Attendance sheet notation
Atlas statistics
Assist in crime
Andrews of 'Dancing With the Stars'
Act the chauffeur
Abductors, in tabloids
'We Have the Meats,' e.g
'We Have the Meats' chain
'Star Trek' engineer, informally
'Jeopardy!' phenom Jennings
'CSI' evidence analyzer
'60 Minutes' sound effect 

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