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crosswords puzzle answers 19/01/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 19/01/2017

___ piece
___ Mook, Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign manager
___ Aviv
You might empty it into a bucket
Worked (up)
Word before or after Alexander
Wash. neighbor
Trim the fat
Travel sci-fi style
Top secrets?
Title that anagrams to another title
They present hurdles
They bring speakers into classrooms, briefly
Stretch (out)
Source of the Amazon
Sister company of Applebee's
See 30-Across
School basics, informally
Sched. listings
Satirist ___ Baron Cohen
Public relations effort
Plant with fragrant leaves
Planes, old-style
Place to come in from the cold
Patterned fabrics
Part of the works
Native-born Israeli
Musical intervals from F to B, e.g
Most pretentious
Modifier on a dessert menu
Mine, e.g
Many a monument
Lottery ball containers
Looks for ganders, e.g.: Abbr
Like some R-rated movies
Liability for a political candidate … as depicted four times in this puzzle?
Leader targeted in 1989's Operation Nifty Package
Kiss ___
Kidder's cry
Ingredients in a Jamaican stew
Groening who created 'The Simpsons'
Gives a new handle
George who sang 'I Want Your 7-Down'
French possessive
Flock leaders
Economic benchmark, briefly
Do unseriously
Cork opener?
Cloth insert
Blu-ray forerunner
Bill Haley's backup band
Asiago alternative
Actress Susan
Actress Hagen
Ability of some of the heroes on NBC's 'Heroes'
'___ the Voice of the Lobster' ('Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' poem)
'True Detective' airer
'The most unexpected of all things that happen to a man,' per Leon Trotsky
'Count me in!'
'Coronation ___' (Elgar composition) – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Jan-19-2017#sthash.oq18ajTs.dpuf

Wilson of 'Zoolander'
What farmers might harvest
Wee weight
Via, informally
Valhalla VIP
Union Pacific's headquarters
Title Druid priestess of opera
Tiny dining spot
Thrown in, say
They're rounded by runners
Szyslak on 'The Simpsons'
Stock for bodybuilders and sunbathers
States frankly
Son of Jacob
Some pasta
Soap opera
Six-pack components
Sibelius, e.g
Rocking site
Rearranged wd
Prince Harry's aunt
Pound picks
Place for a stadium scribe
PC key
Oval Office honcho
On the ___ (carousing)
Not a single woman
Mule in an old song
Milky Way component
Makeup of some flakes
Long-eared lopers
Kegger quaff
John Landis Mason's creation
It may be strapless
Inits. for a tax pro
Indy 500 unit
Iceland-to-Ireland dir
Huanaco Pampa people
Hippolyta's people
Her 38-Down was 'Springtime'
Half of XOXOXO
Had a secondary study
Granada greeting
Financially secure
Fawn, e.g
Fall site
Eon divisions
DNA carrier
Defunct home theater components
Check line
Bring into play
Brest friend
Big producer of chips
Any of nine won by Madonna
Angels' home
Alibaba event of 2014
Alamo alternative
Addition column
Abbr. after a telephone no
65-Across ID employed by the Secret Service, and what each starred answer is
2016 film '___ Land'
1980s attorney general
*Ski slope bump [45]
*Chew toy material [40]
*Bill Walton, in the 1970s [43]
*1979 Styx hit [44]
*'Slumdog Millionaire' studio [37]
'What's My Line' colleague of Bennett and Dorothy
'I'm decidedly uninterested'
'A Doll's House' heroine – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Jan-19-2017—Political-Coverage#sthash.2fWIUnBD.dpuf

Yodeler's range?
Woodwind with a conical bore
Where the strike zone begins
Weasel family member
Weapon for a hawk
Valley known for wine
Ultimate degree
Type of skater or water
Twelve Oaks neighbor
Train times?
Ticket part
Throw lightly
Those with upturned noses
Stick with a blade
Stat for Zach Britton
St. ___ (Windward island)
Spoiled, as food
Small bit of laughter
Shield's boss
Resting on the highest point
Refugee's request
Recognizing the intentions of
Ram from the rear?
Put down some chips?
Proverbially wealthy man
Plaster of Paris
Pals or compadres
One in the business of cultivating soil
Olympic skating champ Kulik
Obsolete TV dial abbr
Nursery moppet
Mythical craft of Jason
Moved like a cannon ball
Montevideo's place
Lira's replacement
Like some numbers set to music
Land and its buildings
Killers along the Nile
June 6, 1944
Johnny Five's need
It plugs a port
It may come out of a trunk
Intense anger
Hand holder?
Gorillas, e.g
Give off, as radiation
Genesis brother
Geisha sash
Fish-eating diving duck
Festive, luxurious affairs
Fat farm creature
European football
Eruption stuff
Ecstasy's opposite
Easter container
Dumpling of India
Distress-at-sea message
Covered with gold
Clothing of a distinctive style
City in Texas
City in Norway
Brief conflict
Box for fitness
Bird of prey around a shore
Begin again
Be a generous kid
Basketball position
Attachment to a snaffle-bit
Admirable achievements
'Sesame Street' resident
'Enough!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Jan-19-2017#sthash.fv3nxDDL.dpuf

Zamboni's milieu
Where originally placed
Where Bowie fell
Where 'Tallyho!' may be heard
What candles may indicate
Whale's blowhole, e.g
Way around London, once
Warehouse customers
Wallpaper pattern, say
Upper limit, for short
Turn sharply
Tread heavily
Took measures
Texter's 'I believe'
Test for freshness, in a way
Take a recess
Surfboard flaw
Stop up
Spot on a tie
Sonic the Hedgehog's company
Satchel in Cooperstown
Rope-a-dope boxer
Rogue computer in '2001'
River in a Strauss waltz
Rightmost till stack
Raise, as curiosity
President of Israel, 1993-2000
Prefix with hazard
Portland, Maine's bay
Pine goo
Pelted on Halloween
PC storage medium of old
One of two in 52-Across
Office dupes
Nook's partner
Nonlearner, in a proverb
New Mexico city
Mythical man-goat's instrument
Ms. reviewers
Monks' hoods
Mob informer
MLB part
Look upon with disdain
Like Splenda or Equal
Legendary loch
Legal drama with Susan Dey
Language of Vientiane
Korean War jet
Jolly Roger, e.g
Jersey or Capri
Igloo's shape
Hounds' quarries
Hole-punching tool
Hill climbers of rhyme
Hens' homes
Grant of 'To Catch a Thief'
Gin-flavoring fruits
Floating in water
D-Day beach
Crime lab evidence
Corrida cry
Compass doodle
Common chess ending
Coal deposits
Befitting a king
Bathtub outlet
Basra natives
Australian outlaw Kelly
Apt. features, in ads
Applies sloppily
'You're fired!' speaker, 2004-2015
'That'll do it for me'
'Spider-Man' director Sam
'Cabaret' director Bob
'Buyer beware' phrase
'Be silent,' on a score
'Any day now . . .' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Jan-19-2017#sthash.p3mPYJ5q.dpuf

With 37 and 61 Across, island sharers
Up to, for short
Tupperware sounds
Trunk attachments
Train station adjunct
Traditional battlers
The Bard's "food of love"
Talk-show group
Storage container
Some Arizona flora
Snack that can stack
Sharp criticism
Seven Dwarfs leader
See 20 Across
See 20 Across
S&L offerings
Room to relax in
RI summer setting
Remain unchanged
Rather unusual
Radio station format
Potion holder
Poppins, for one
Pivotal line
Pendulum direction
Onetime Boston Garden pro
Old Line State birds
Museum piece
Maneuvers or mechanisms
Make harmless
Lisa Simpson's instrument
Lindbergh destination
Less assertive
Impressive group
Household pest
Hotel facility
High-fat fruit
Great time
Go to bat for
Give feedback
Future husband, perhaps
Freshness metaphors
For example
Flooring measure
Flashy sports-car color
Fjord, for example
Exodus quarters
Epitome of cinematic grace
Drives out
Drained of color
Direction on deck
Designer designation
Day-shift hour
Da Gama destination
Crescent border
Choice for a chowder
Butter preceder or follower
Bono's birthplace
Bit of a compound
Begin tiring
Become more successful
Beagle bane
Aural discernment
Approach the gate
Aleve alternative
Actress Mendes
"That's it!"
"Jurassic World" beast
"Downton Abbey" title – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Jan-19-2017#sthash.EKA5NEIO.dpuf

___ facto
Yemeni port
Will Smith title role
When to include a tilde or cedilla?
Was ready for the heat, for short
Waits for the catch before advancing, in baseball
Velvet finish?
Uses, as a credit card
The former Formosa
Swiss river
Surveillance org
Surrealist Magritte
Spots for shots
Source of Popeye's strength
Sounds of hesitation
Sandwich shop offering
Roosevelt predecessor?
Revival response
Put a move on
Protection during a joust
Poker player, at times
Player whose motto might be 'the puck stops here'
Part of a geometry assignment?
Part of a car's exhaust system
Nursery purchase
Nation founded in 1948
Musical chairs objective
Move, to a real estate broker
Morlock prey
More helpless
Moisturizer additive
Meeting at a changing table?
Mecca natives
Like some handshakes
Italian wine region
It's played by a visiting team
IPA component
Hockey's Phil, to fans
He played Shoeless Joe Jackson in 'Field of Dreams'
Have ___ of good luck
Harmonious place to swim?
Greek section of campus, familiarly
German chancellor Merkel
Former Cub slugger Sammy
First name in 1950s politics
Figure of speech
Execute perfectly
Eponymous Scottish inventor James
Dots on a map
Creepy cinema street
Colorado skiing mecca
Cheats at hide-and-seek
Charge following a failed Breathalyzer test, briefly
Certain Muslim
Bit of ink, slangily
Bambi's aunt
Baby Moses was found by its brink
Awkward way to be caught
Alternative rock genre
Affair of the heart
1970 Kinks hit
'There, there'
'Let's hurry!'
'It should come ___ surprise …'
'A Hologram for the King' novelist Dave – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Jan-19-2017#sthash.qVf1qIkz.dpuf

Youngest Brontë
Wild bunch
Weight allowance
Wax-coated cheese
Wall Street figures
Travel org. freebie
Swiss river
Study, e.g
Stud, e.g
Start of a hands-off declaration?
Stamina-testing ballroom event
Something in the air
Site of Shah Jahan's tomb
Short rests
Sheltered side
Rose garden pests
Ricoh competitor
Result of a messy breakup?
Rampart topper
Quick on one's feet
Protective charm often adorned with feathers
Pigs out (on), briefly
One-half base times height, for a triangle
Not shady
Nice thoughts?
Naproxen brand
Movie trailer unit
Morning fare since 1952
More than just edgy
Miss an easy grounder, say
Longtime Labor Day telethon org
Like some warnings
Juillet's season
It can follow directions
ICU worker
Ice cream maker Joseph
Holed a five-footer, say
Guns N' Roses' Rose
Green-skinned 'Return of the Jedi' girl
Gold units: Abbr
German industrial region
Gad about
Fresh answers
Forensic analyst's discovery
Documentary divisions
Device found in this puzzle's three other longest answers
Dennings of '2 Broke Girls'
Decorative globe
Creole vegetable
Come & Get It! pet food maker
Cold drink brand
Cake with a kick
Bit of work
Bishop John for whom a Georgia university was named
Big affairs
Actor Baldwin
Action figure?
1980 Chrysler debut
'Too true!'
'The Good Wife' wife
'Peter Pan' pooch
'Business @ the Speed of Thought' co-author 

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