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crosswords puzzle answers 18/12/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 18/12/2016

___ Rica
White House sight
White House sight
Where to find grooms
Where to find grooms
What you might call a dog
What you might call a dog
What many Oscar speeches do
Walks in rain boots, say
Vingt-___ (multiple de trois)
Vingt-___ (multiple de trois)
Very busy
Vehicle used for grooming ski trails
V-shaped fortification
Tokyo, once
Tinker, for one, in olden days
Tinker, for one, in olden days
Time in ads
Time in ads
Thrown with force
This does not fly
This does not fly
These could amount to fortunes
These could amount to fortunes
The year 1601
The Marx Brothers spent a night at one
Suffix with schnozz
Stick together
Stick together
State with part of I-81: Abbr
State with part of I-81: Abbr
Square ___
Square ___
Spread dirt, in a way
Spread dirt, in a way
Something you can do with flies
Something you can do with flies
Something to brush off a jacket
Something that stuns
Small songbird
Slithy ones
Skin diving locale
Sherlock Holmes accessory
Set of clubs in a bag
Set of clubs in a bag
Run off
Run off
Remove a label from
Raise again, as a flag
Publish anew
Plains dwelling: Var
Part of a plant embryo that develops into a root
One runs through the middle of Kansas City
One of the blanks in the cereal slogan '___ are for ___'
One of the blanks in the cereal slogan '___ are for ___'
One of Frank's wives
One of Frank's wives
One of five on a starfish
One of five on a starfish
Old German ruler nicknamed 'the Short'
Nav. rank
Month after Av
Member of the cat family
Member of the cat family
Marketplace of old
Longest bone in the human body
Like Norton software
Like many a lot
Like many a lot
Like Joan of Arc
Like hand-me-downs
Like dungeons
Like a more-than-full spoonful
Liberal arts college in the Keystone State
Liberal arts college in the Keystone State
Lewd look
Legendary Egyptian queen
Legendary Egyptian queen
Japanese auto make
Japanese auto make
Instrument for an angel
Instrument for an angel
Ingredient in an old-fashioned
Hood lead-in
Hood lead-in
Home star of Cthulhu, in fantasy tales
Historical period
Historical period
Harry or Bess in the White House
Grim sort?
Gone bad, in Britain
Florida State athlete, for short
Fix, as a pool cue
First name of an Oscar-nominated actress of 1957
First name of an Oscar-nominated actress of 1957
Father, familiarly
Father, familiarly
Facefuls in slapstick
Exams required for some prep schools
Ending with syn- or ant-
En ___ (chess maneuver)
Eats (at)
Dead follower
Dead follower
D.C. player
Court concern
Court concern
Common strip steak weight: Abbr
City that, despite its name, is smaller than Little Rock
Chemo target
Certain blade
Certain blade
Caterpillar product
Caterpillar product
Caspar, Melchior and Balthazar, e.g
Caspar, Melchior and Balthazar, e.g
Carbon compound
Bus. card abbr
Boxer's reward
Blacksmith's tool
Big Australian export
Big Australian export
Barrels ___
Animal in an Aesop fable
Animal in an Aesop fable
Anagram of the letters O-N-D
Anagram of the letters O-N-D
1975 TV debut, briefly
19,101-foot volcano next to Peru's second-largest city
'___ saw a little bird …' (Mother Goose rhyme)
'___ Little Tenderness'
'What's this?!'
'Liliom' playwright Ferenc ___ – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Dec-18-2016#sthash.YSqzI7T3.dpuf

Why the drone couldn't pay the club entry fee?
What it is if moot to a drone?
What heat escapes through
Well-known wine valley
Unpleasant burden
Type of weight
Turkish bills
Triumphant first for a baby
Tournament for all comers
Ticket tear-off
Thing seeking a bull's-eye
They're held for questioning
That lady
Tennis match divisions
Syrup ingredient
Suffer a nasty cut
State in India
South American empire of yore
Small ornamental case
Simple meal
Ryder Cup entrant
Requiring secret knowledge
Renowned author Bagnold
Relative of 11-Down
Related to hearing
Quality of the humble
Prefix with 'respect' or 'prove'
Powerful jungle creature
Plan of attack
Period of history
Operate a blog
One challenged by slopes
On a liner
Not foreign
News item in passing?
Neighbor of Armenia
Musical work for Mr. Holland
Mongolian 'great desert'
Minor altercation
Luau mementos
Lowest tide
Like Harvard's walls
Kind of code
Jazz legend known as 'Count'
It flows under cities
Indoor sporting venues
Hurdles for Hannibal
Hauls off to court
Give off, as perspiration
Gentlemen, in letter headings
Furry shoulder scarf
Former Russian rulers
Fitness center
Feeling of belligerence
Fail to keep
Equine or old Ford model
Drone's 'according to circumstances'?
Courage or chutzpah
Country bumpkin
Common tree with edible nuts
Church section that may contain stained glass
Champing at the bit
Campbell of 'Scream'
Business part of a knife
Braid or plait, e.g
Bit of land surrounded by water
Barely achieve (with 'out')
Bar requirements
Apportion (with 'out')
Applies lightly or artistically
All tied up
Aid for messy eaters
'Zip-a-Dee Doo-___'
'Don Giovanni' is one – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Dec-18-2016#sthash.ojjYPiUC.dpuf

What's inside many pies
WASP part
Volcanic fallout
Violinist Mischa
VFW part
Utterly lost
Usurer's offering
Upper-left PC key
Univ. teacher
Twitter posting
Tournament card game
Totally absorbed
Toothpaste brand until 2014
Took a gander at
To-do list item
Symbol of authority in the U.K
Swiss watch brand
Steak order
Steady guys
Sign of a past injury
Seized auto, for short
Scannable product ID
Scan lines on a TV screen
Saudi Arabia founder Saud
Sampling of opinions
Promoted heavily
Printer's primary color
Pot starter
Pickup truck feature
Peruvian of old
Perform superbly
Pay stub amount
Pantyhose color
Ox-eye window shape
Online crafts site
One of the Three Musketeers
One of the Seven Sages of Greece
On a road trip
Oklahoma's 'Oil Capital of the World'
Mr. Scrooge
Meyers of 'Kate & Allie'
Made a bad call, say
Litter member
Late, on report cards
Landscaper's tool
Kemo ___
Jeans maker Strauss
In the know, to a beatnik
Improve, as cheese
Home plate umpire's wear
Hanes pantyhose brand
Hand-dyeing method
Fraternity T
Fire ___ (colorful gemstone)
Eyeglasses, informally
Expected in
Doctor's 'Now!'
Division word
Ditched Russian space station
D.C. lobbying org
Confer, as an award
Coin-in-a-fountain sound
Cassini of fashion
Caroler's tune
Car service often summoned by smartphone
Call off, at Canaveral
Bird with prized plumes
Beckinsale of 'The Aviator'
Auto pioneer Karl
Angel hair or bow-tie
Add a lane to, say
14-Across offering
'___ will be done . . .'
'___ Blue?' (1929 hit)
'The San Francisco Treat'
'Kilroy was ___'
'Here Is Your War' correspondent – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Dec-18-2016#sthash.zRKmDH2D.dpuf

__ one's time (waited)
Yellowish brown
Wine grape
Wheat husk
Was indebted to
Was bold
Video arcade pioneer
Uneasy feeling
Turn out to be
Tried a new hue
Transport by truck
Track event
Tourney passes
Tortuous journey
Took a trial break
Tibet's capital
Thorn in one's side
Thin pasta
Textile factory
Tennis official
Telly watcher
Teheran native
Tech support caller
Talent series once hosted by Ed McMahon
Take one's sweet time
Syrian __ Republic
Sweater size
Sushi staple
Support for a statue
Stumbling block
Struggling with choices
Strong __ ox
Stallone's commando
Sra. Perón's homeland
Sound of steam
Sleepyhead in an Everlys tune
Scored 100% on
Rural storehouse
Ripply fabric pattern
Rec-room scrape
Range rover
Quick bite
Pulls suddenly
Preschooler's dinner wear
Porthole view
Playground assertion
Parts of mushrooms
Part of S&L
Parisian school
Parisian "Cool!"
Ornamental shrub
Original locale of Muscle Beach
Obstinate beast
Not minding one's manners
Non-studio film
Nile queen, for short
New Basketball Hall of Famer
Nephew of Donald Duck
Natural skin soother
Much of the Old World
Morocco's capital
Medieval drudge
Many "Hamlet" characters
Make a mess of
Make a mess of
Major blood vessel
Lowly worker
Loose overcoat
Limp as __
Licorice-flavored herb
Keep bothering
Isn't oneself
Interior design
Imprudent activity
Human dynamo
Hotel employee
Homeric epic
Hollywood nickname
Half a figure eight
Golden St. campus
Gave up a seat
Formally establish
Forcefully attacks
First acrylic fiber
Finish with
Fine wood
Fashion sense
Essay page
Episodic story line
Ending like -trix
Edible ears
Domino product
Data in coll. transcripts
CPR expert
Country singer Gibbs
Complains, so to speak
Color-chart listing
CIA forerunner
Church officer
China-shop purchases
Chatty get-together
Centers of activity
Celebrity's projection
Canonized "femme": Abbr
Cannonballs, for instance
Camper's stove fuel
Calf-length skirt
Brief moment
Bout enders
Bingham of "Baywatch"
Big name in wrap
Big brute
Bibliography abbr
Belittle, so to speak
Beast on Michigan's flag
Be sorry about
Basement racer, perhaps
Baby bird
Arm art
Archer's equipment
Antidrug cop
Antarctic explorer Shackleton
Airport shuttle
Aids in a crime
2009 Peace Nobelist
"You shouldn't do that"
"Without a doubt!"
"The Winds of War" author
"Take this"
"Science Guy" of TV
"Aladdin" prince
"A Beautiful Mind" star – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Dec-18-2016#sthash.jdiZP1Dj.dpuf

With brevity
Wing tips, perhaps
Wing alternative
Unlikely winner
Track action
Totally busted
Those who worship
They might attract workers
The Steve Miller Band's 'Fly Like an ___'
Supply for a plastic surgeon
Strait's 'All My ___ Live in Texas'
Society newcomer, briefly
Small African antelope
Slow equine gait
Slangy negative
Showy annual
Ship's records
Schubert's '___ Maria'
Retro golf wear
Represent falsely
Race start?
Put on the shelf
Pundit's page
Printer powder
Pops up
Perseus, to Zeus
Paints delicately
Onetime VHS rival
One of the deadly sins
Object with multiple heads
Non-Latino, maybe
Most curve-laden
Morales of 'NYPD Blue'
Montana mining center
Modern pictograph
Milk source
MacFarlane of 'Family Guy'
LAX approximations
Israeli notable
Hungarian name in showbiz
Handle poorly
God, in Italian
Glacial soil deposit
Futures dealers?
Following a military order
Far northern American port
Fabled Himalayan creature
Excessive interest rate charges
ERA and RBI, say
Early outcast
Do some camber work
Disciple's query
Dermatologist's concern
Delmonico, e.g
Controversial 1922 novel
Conservative strongholds
Concerning the ear
Children, in legalese
Chicken ___
Bills featuring Hamilton
Bar or bakery order
Bank employee
1946 Literature Nobelist
'Lady and the Tramp' cat breed
'It may come ___ surprise …' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Dec-18-2016#sthash.QqXYumv3.dpuf

__ nerve
Young __: political reformer
Yoko from Tokyo
Where Tibet is
Vampire's daybed
U.S. global monitor
Type of air passage
TV classic '__ Three Lives'
Turtle of comics and film
Trials for aspiring D.A.'s
Track official
To be safe
Title in a Poitier title
Title awarded only once to a New Englander (Connecticut, 1933)
The Rams of the Atlantic 10 Conf
Terrible turnout
Tabloid twosome
Strong wind
Strauss waltz subject
Stadium cheer
Spice holders
Spanish airline
Space fillers?
Some audio books
Skin coloring, briefly?
Sigourney's 'Gorillas in the Mist' role
Shoulder neighbor
Sherpa, usually
Shapiro of NPR
Scornful look
Rock formations that often meet in dark places, as illustrated here
Result of a leadoff single
Residential ending
Red choice
Raw fish dish
Portraitist Charles and his artist sons
Poitier title role
Places to raise dough
Pipe material
Per person
One way to sit
Often harmful bacteria
NYC dance company
Muckrakers' subjects
Mouthy munchkins
More diaphanous
Mars or Venus
Marketing of pieces?
Lock fixers
Little pigs, e.g
Liquid measures
Like the flight of a boomerang
Like architectural drawings
Like 'Et tu, Brute?'
Lemon-lime drink
Last check, maybe
Lascivious look
Lacrosse position
Korean imports
Knighted composer
Indian dignitaries
Hurler's stat
Hunk's pride
Hint of color
Hangout for the Dark Knight, and for creatures in the answers to starred clues
Ham's response
Half-moon tide
Grammar subject
Get fewer votes than
Gather bit by bit
Garden plot
Future tweeter
Fruit in a Poitier title
Fried rice veggie
Former Uh-Oh! cookies, now called Golden
Former TWA owner
Floor in la maison
Fishing nets
Fall behind
Explorer Ponce __
Eponymous electrical units
Edmonton skaters
Dresses down
Does as humans do?
Distress letters
Disguised, for short
Demagogue, e.g
Decisive parts of some NFL games
Court matter
Comes clean about
Color named for a flower
Clothing store section
Charlemagne's domain: Abbr
Chaotic situation
Caribbean destination
Carbon compound
Capriciously, with 'on'
Big name in gaming
Big name in civil rights
Auto suspension component
Author Wiesel
Arnaz-Ball collaboration
Aphrodite's love
Alice's workplace
Alarm sounds
2016 FedExCup winner McIlroy
122-Across user
*Traveled to Europe, say
*Middle Eastern staple
*Lots opposite
*Go all in
*Be blessed by Lady Luck
*Annual postseason game played in Arizona
*'Sweet Love' R&B singer
'40s Giant manager
'__ want for Christmas … '
'Wicked Game' singer Chris
'Very funny'
'The Da Vinci Code' priory
'Oh gee'
'Mercury' coins
'I see'
'Doesn't do much for me'
'Baseball is __ percent mental. The other half is physical': Yogi Berra
'All that is or ever was or ever will be': Sagan


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