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crosswords puzzle answers 18/10/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 18/10/2016

___ of faith
___ Master's Voice
Wine: Prefix
What I may stand for?
What birds of prey do
What 50-Across is … or a clue to 17-, 29-, 35- and 45-Across
Top fighter pilot
Time of one's life?
The 'A' of AIM
Tentacled marine creature
Tattoo parlor supply
Subject for Watson and Crick
Stock of words, informally
Start of a magician's cry
Sri ___
Singer Streisand
Salinger title girl
Roasted: Fr
Rhyme scheme in the last verse of a villanelle
Reprimand to a dog, maybe
Razzie Award word
Rap's Dr. ___
Ralph ___ Emerson
Public transportation system in the capital of Catalonia
Pub fixture
Progeny: Abbr
Prefix with -syncratic
Plumbing problem
Olive oil alternative
Obsolescent data storage device
Neighbor of Tanzania
National Historic Landmark in Pearl Harbor
More spooky
Marvel Comics superhero wielding a nearly indestructible shield
Key with four sharps: Abbr
Italian restaurant chain
Iranian holy city
Illusionist Henning
Id's counterpart
I-85 and I-77 to get from Atlanta to Cleveland, e.g.: Abbr
Hawaiian shirt go-with
Gulf of ___ (arm of the Red Sea)
Guess things
Gas brand rendered in all capital letters
French city named after the Greek goddess of victory
Followers of lambdas
Flying start?
Enterprise counselor
En pointe, in ballet
Egg: Prefix
Country's McEntire
Commercial alternative to waxing
Cleveland player, for short
Clarinet need
Cigarette stat
Change from 'I do' to 'I don't'?
Carnival city, casually
Belarussian, e.g
Bank deposit?
Attire for Atticus
Asia's disappearing ___ Sea
As a result of
Actress Gardner and others
3M product
1983 Michael Keaton comedy
'___ Little Teapot'
'Wuthering Heights' genre
'The Fast and the Furious' racer
'Safe!' and 'You're out!'

Where dos are done
Transmission components
Trainer's place
Toque wearer
Topic of some talks
Top mark
Steakhouse order
Spooky woman
Son of Aphrodite
Socially inept
Site of some waves
Sevigny of 'Big Love'
Running behind
Range separating Europe from Asia
Put down one's hand, say
Prospecting finds
Prospecting find
Prior to, quaintly
Press into service
Praiseful poetry
Possible sequence of events
Pitchfork part
Outmoded entertainment source
Org. that may say no to drugs
One of the rooms on a Clue board
Observe Yom Kippur
Movie ad list
Medal recipient
Look after
Limerick people
Let off steam
Led Zeppelin's 'Whole ___ Love'
Jack's place
It's between indium and antimony on the periodic table
In flames
Hold up
Graph lines
Gold, in Granada
Gives addresses
Geometric surface
Fox series whose last episode was 'Dreams Come True'
Fascinated by
Fanatical following
Emmy winner Ruby
Demonstrate flexibility
Cruise stops
Critical down
Concentration on a body of water?
Comet competitor
Colleague of Trinity and Morpheus
Click a thumbs-up icon, say
City of Ukraine or Texas
Charger part
Causes of some breakdowns
Cashmere and angora
Carriage for a Brit's baby
Capone adversaries
Bring up
Body of water you can bring to the family?
Body of water to stash your nest egg in?
Body of water owned by essayist Charles?
Blueprint info
Blowgun projectile
Betting cutoff at the track
Ballerina description
Avenue liners
Angelic accessory
4,840 square yards
'Away with you!'

___ Lanka (Ceylon)
___ and aahed
Word with 'first' or 'band'
Window parts
Visibility helper
Valuable rock
U.N. workers protection gp
Treat for a babysitter
Totally prepared
Sounds of understanding
Some freshwater ducks
Some culture mediums
Some coins
Shop VIPs
Set straight, as tires
Section of a lyric poem
River to the Rio Grande
Pothook shape
Pizza fractions, often
Picnic pest
Parenthesis, essentially
P on a frat house
One who has your home covered?
Ogre's lack
Name on a billboard
Musical exercise
Move very gradually
Mixtures or medleys
Medicos, briefly
Major network
Like Swiss cheese
Like some sugar units
Lecherous gaze
Kiwi's extinct relative
Keg spigot
Item name derived from a person
It's tough to fight, it's said
Isle of exile for Napoleon
Island nation east of Fiji
Human thing to do, it's said
Huge ship
Honeybunch alternative
Gun, as an engine
Express audibly
Down in the dumps
Director Spike
Device in the beauty salon
Cuban couple
Crime committed with bad lighting?
Crew member
Court figure, briefly
Comparatively sicker
Command to a dog
Clothes presser
Clear a blackboard
City in Pennsylvania
Cheese chunk
Certain Ivy Leaguer
Boy Scout, at times
Bit of severe weather
Barnyard honker
Auction offering
Apt end to a peaceful day
Approaching, poetically
Ann ___, Mich
Amber, for one
Akin to
'Just as I predicted!'

___ Bo (fitness system)
Xenophobe's dread
Whittle down
Well-worn pencil
Voicemail items (Abbr.)
Triumphs over
Tibia's place
The Scoville scale measures it
The Mohs scale measures it
The Marx Brothers' straight man
The Fujita scale measures it
Support above a door
Starbucks selection
Some glee club members
Shortstop or second base (Abbr.)
Shia counterpart
Scungilli, calamari, etc
Sacred serpents of Egypt
Rotunda topper
Rolle of 'Good Times'
Rise on hind legs
Resistance unit
Protestant work ___
Planet, poetically
People to hang with
Pentagon, e.g
Overly prim and precise sorts
Organ with a drum
Old navy man
Nametag word
Manhattan's East Harlem, colloquially
Like the steppes
Letters on the Gerald R. Ford
Largish combo
Large section of an atlas
Kind of eclipse
Jai alai basket
Israeli author Oz
In addition
Impossible NFL score
ID checker's concern
Homer's neighbor on 'The Simpsons'
Helsinki natives
Hamburg's river
Hair snarl
Grand ___ Opry
Goalie's milieu
Gives a heads-up to
Get ___ of (dump)
French fashion magazine
Flea market caveat
Feared fly
Faddish berry
Face the hurler
English majors' degs
Crepe ___ (dessert)
Circumnavigator Bly
Cheese similar to Parmesan
Burn, as with hot coffee
Building detail, briefly
Break a fast
Bossa nova cousins
Blew it
Bird in a Hooters logo
Big Apple tennis venue
Beast of burden
Bar mixer
Baggage-inspecting org
Badlands formation
Area 51 creatures, it's said
Apply gently
Aids in crime
After-school org
Acts the shrew
'Winnie-the-Pooh' author
'In the headlights' animal

Very pale
Underworld of Greek myth
Tilts a little
Think alike
That group's
Telescope sight
Tale with a gingerbread house
Tale with a baby swan
Tale with a "guess my name" guy
Take note of
Stops marching
Stop-sign color
Stick around
Spot of land in the sea
Sleeper's headrest
Skillets and woks
Secret writing
Scandinavian capital
Rocket interceptors: Abbr
Recedes, as the tide
Prickly shrub
Point opposite WNW
Photo __ (camera sessions)
Performed a tune
Peevish moods
Numerical info
Nothing, in Mexico
Not so much
News summary
Need to scratch
Nebraska's largest city
Mystical glow
Mil. jet locale
Letter before tee
Less specific
Leg joint
Jogging pace
Ireland nickname
Husband or wife
HS student's exam
Group's response to "Who's there?"
Great pitcher
Get __ of (grasp)
General Powell
Garment for Caesar
French female friend
Fishing basket
Feel intuitively
Enlarge, as a road
Drive-__ window
Dorm room sleeping spot
Does poorly on stage
Diarist __ Frank
Coyote's cry
Corrosive substance
Corned-beef concoction
Clothing tag
Cheerless atmosphere
Biblical paradise
Balloon contents
Atlantic and Pacific
Artist Salvador
Animal's den
"__ matter of fact . . ."
"Now hear __!"
"I've no idea"
"Gone With the Wind" surname

Young fellow
With 66-Across, crisp serving with pâté
What the winning quarterback may do as time runs out
Was sorry for
Voice of Carl Fredricksen in 'Up'
Video game spots
Theatrical 'Good luck!'
Super Bowl party bowlful
Stimulated, as one's appetite
Starting on
South Pacific island nation
Sotomayor colleague
Some iTunes downloads, briefly
Snake that bit Cleopatra
Singer with the albums '19,' '21' and '25'
Singer Guthrie
Shrimp kin
Shoulder wrap
Senate aide
Seine season
See 1-Across
Scoop up, as salsa with a chip
Rowlands of 'The Notebook'
Road problem needing patching
Rita Moreno or Gloria Estefan
Remote batteries
Queen __
Prosecutors, for short
Plant that is poisonous to livestock
Pitch in
Pfizer rival
Mug for the camera
Mountains between Europe and Asia
Meat markets
Lounge with keyboard music
Lack of vim and vigor
iPhone, e.g., briefly
Hot spot
Gush forth
Granola kin
Grand soirée
Govt. assistance program
Fraternal club member
Fake it
Error remover
Enjoy to the max
Do the slightest thing
Dixie general
Detectives follow them
Cry of fright
Crooks may have fake ones
Contemptible sort
Company car, e.g
Colorful flower parts
Chianti and cabernet
Catcher's protection
Bring on board, workwise
Battery post
Aware of
Australian gem
All __ sudden
Aggressive poker words
'__ goes there?'
'You lie!'
'What's up, __?'
'Terrific … not!'
'Really, bro?!'
'I'm freezing!'
'Holy smokes!'
'Caught that movie last week'

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