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crosswords puzzle answers 18/09/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 18/09/2016

___ fly
[I'm devastated!]
You thinking what I'm thinking?
Work of extraterrestrials? – not!
Word with sweet or sugar
Word repeated in the postal creed
Winter D.C. hrs
Whined like a baby
Where the heart is
What swish shots miss
W.W. I battle locale
Volcano output
Ushers in
Updated one's blog
Unattractive fruit
U.S. detainment site in Cuba, informally
Troupe of lesser-known actors?
Throw together
The witching hour
Talk show interviewee
Swap (out)
Start of a legalese paragraph
Something that gets MADD mad
Something starting something?
Some apartments for scaredy-cats?
Soft wool source
So last month
Smacks hard
Slowly disengages (from)
Slippery sort
Size up
Shortcuts into clubs
Sermon topics
Search far and wide
Schools of thought
Schmaltz in kids' films?
Sandwich for a dieter?
Sage swamp-dweller of film
Reef-dwelling snapper
Record half that stirs emotions?
R.V. camper's org
Question posed with feigned shock
Question from an owl?
Put together
Pranks with a roll, briefly
Popular sans-serif font
Pops some pills, say
Pat ___, three-time N.B.A. Coach of the Year
Parts of airports and fashion shows
Part of NATO
One of the Trumps
On edge
Olive or avocado
Offerings to hitchhikers
Not as bright
Navajo hogan, e.g
Muhammad had 13
Modern airport amenity
Metallic shades
Marauding group in Tolkien's 'The Two Towers'
Made damp
Locale painted on the Sistine Chapel ceiling
Like bibs and aprons
Letters on some baggage to N.Y.C
Junior, often
Joint action
Image on the Arizona license plate
Hughes poem that mentions 'the darker brother'
Home run territory, in lingo
Handy take-along
Guy into hip-hop
Goalie's goal
Get by
Game of tag, basically
Figs. in an author's acknowledgments section
Factory watchdog grp
Exerciser's target
Event for snocrossers
European country slightly larger than Malta
End of many a toast
E.W. or S.I
Drank to excess
Display clearly
Devices preventing off-hour openings of vaults
Department store department
Deli supply
Deli supply
Dark time, in poetry
Dark force
Curve-enhancing undergarment
Cops, in slang
Common newspaper feature not seen in The New York Times
Colorful pond swimmer
Chill, with 'out'
Channel that aired 'Felicity' and 'Smallville'
Certainly not wish to repeat
Certain Balkanite
Caught on, with 'up'
Casualties of streaming services
Brian of ambient music
Birthplace of multiple saints
Austin-to-Houston dir
Argument you may start in school
Appear that way
An airline now serves a Minute Maid beverage?
Aid for one going places?
Actress Kirsten
Actor ___ J. Cobb of '12 Angry Men'
Actor Williams of 'Happy Days'
Actor Joaquin's complete bio?
2016 Olympics site
'___ Wiedersehen!'
'You're almost there'
'World News Tonight' airer
'The meaning of life' once sold on it for $3.26
'That is … not looking good'
'Sure thing'
'So funny!'
'Shame on you!'
'Onward!,' in Italy
'No joke!'
'I'm ___ Her,' 2016 political slogan
'I don't mean to ___ …'
'How precious is that!'
'Gangnam Style' singer
'Challenge accepted!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Sep-18-2016#sthash.8ow9oVD3.dpuf

Words said before a pastor
Traditional bodies of knowledge
To and ___
Tasty crumb
Takes from by force
Sushi wrap
Surround completely
Surgery evidence
Slight smell
Scenic walking paths
Runs from a battle ..
Repeat what one hears ..
Propel on water, in a way
Parking place
Opposite of a crooner
Oktoberfest tune
Mauna ___
Like the nervous system
Lifted, so to speak
Kind of wave
Kenan's Nickelodeon co-star
It's a matter of taste
In great shape
Hires different actors
Heavy, durable furniture wood
Grinder in the back
Giraffe relatives
Gathered, as cattle
Fund one can't touch?
Force units
Flat-bottomed harbor boats
Finger food of the islands
Evil spirit
Drives recklessly ..
Definitely not a rocket scientist
Crutch, essentially
Creme de la creme
Country hotel
Costa del ___
Continent separator
Confined to a pig pen
Common deciduous tree
Comes up short
Classic movie theater name
Chicago landing spot
Chef's sprinkle, sometimes
Casino bandits?
Breakfast staple
Bounce on one's knee, as a baby
Biochemistry abbr
Beyond ordinary understanding
Average grades
Artist's stand
Artist Matisse
Artificial leg?
Any person
Alistair or Sam
About to weep
A critic's job is to critique ..
'The Wizard of Oz' character
'That's a lie!'
'Tai' follower
'Much ___ About Nothing'
'Don't give up!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Sep-18-2016#sthash.OEGmZoYR.dpuf

___ ceiling (corporate barrier)
Word in some newspaper names
Without peer
Willie Nelson hair feature
Where to buy used vinyl
Whack with a pledge paddle, say
Weigh station deduction
Vowel sound in 'rain'
Transvaal trekker
Took the gold
Thirsty tot's request
Thin puff of smoke
The underworld
Tarantula feature
Summoned the butler
State that may be slipped into
Star in Orion
Sonata finale, often
Shock jock Don
Rock's Jon ___ Jovi
Rice-sized pasta
Reacts to a black light
Put the kibosh on
Pre-deal payment
Political exile, briefly
Northern neighbor of Tex
Nest egg initials
Needing salt and pepper, maybe
Mineral in spinach
Mary of 'The Maltese Falcon'
Many scoutmasters
Lowly laborer
Lincoln's Confederate counterpart
Like funny money
Like a sourball
Lacking courage
In good order
Hunter S. Thompson's journalism style
Grid great Sayers
Good buddies
Gimlet or screwdriver
Genesis son
Frozen waffle brand
Former 'America's Got Talent' judge
Food in a trough
Fight card venue
Exhausted, slangily
Emphasis on syllables
Elon Musk's auto company
Electrical power network
Dredged area, maybe
Doggy bag treats
Do a sheepdog's job
Debutante's date
Criticized vehemently
Composer Stravinsky
Close forcefully
Cleaned one's plate
Buffalo's waterfront
Blackthorn berries
Black-tie bash
Baseball yearbook listing
Bartender's late-night cry
Bar mixer
Ballpark officials
Arrive at ORD or LAX
Ambulance letters
Airliner safety threat
Airline with King David Lounges
1974 grant to Nixon
100-meter runners, e.g
'Unsafe at Any Speed' author
'Oedipus ___'
'High Hopes' insect – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Sep-18-2016#sthash.FXfJrhS1.dpuf

With no slack
Wished undone
Where wrens rest
When to eat
Western sidekick
Wee bit
Wears well
Way back when
Wally of cookies
Walk worriedly
Visual representation
Variety of quartz
Under the weather
Tropical fruit
Three-layer treats
Thing on the to-do list
Tepid rating
Take down, in a way
Sushi tuna
Stallone character
Spontaneous comment
Sounds relieved
Software prototypes
Slipknot loop
Sleuth, for short
Slap on, as paint
Sitarist Shankar
Sicily neighbor
Sense of self
See the point
Santa __ Park (venerable racetrack)
Sans-serif typeface
San __, CA
Sales disclaimer
Saddle sticker
Rub away
Rolex alternatives
Recent Education Secretary Duncan
Rambler of old
Put into words
Prophetic sign
Pretty up
Prepare to open
Prefix for present
Prefix for physical
Point ineptly
Pod that might be pickled
Plaster backing
Ostrich or emu
Ornate buttons
Old-fashioned, as humor
Old saying
Old college cry
Object of worship
Northwestern capital
Nocturnal flier
NL Central team
Namibia neighbor
Mystical doctrine
Money in 49 Down
Majestic southern tree
Like Victorian squares
Least capricious
Large water bird
Lady of pop
Knighted Guinness
Just sitting around
Just sit around
Junction points
Jeweled topper
Jazz band participant
Inst. of learning
Insect's middle
In the present
Hunters' org
Hosp. staffers
He steers ships
Guiding phrase
Golfer's target
Get rid (of)
Garlicky sauce
French state
Flora and fauna
First-rate, to rappers
First female House Speaker
Finnair hub
File download option
Extracted, as sap
Ewes' milieus
Eur. kingdom
End-of-week comment
Dynamite guy
Doesn't seem proper
Diver's outfit
Didn't fluctuate
Designer Perry
Daily fare
Croft of video games
Copy checkers, for short
Cold and clammy
Classifieds section
Celestial hunter
Carried out
Car care brand
By the __ (wine option)
Bridge statement
Boombox button
Book after Jonah
Blueprint datum
Big name in auto parts
Big bovines
Beefs about
Asp, for one
As per
Artist Magritte
Arabian native
Apprised of
Almanac section
Agenda line
Admit, informally
Add to or take from
Actress Lindsay
Action star from Hong Kong
1969 Streisand film
'80s heavyweight champ
"__ girl!"
"Very funny" or "Not very funny"
"Shawshank Redemption" characters
"Paradise Lost" character
"New York, New York" singer
"M*A*S*H" transport
"30 Rock" star – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Sep-18-2016#sthash.TPcVMPF3.dpuf

Zoo barrier
Zen riddle
With 17-Down, warning cry
Winter Palace resident
Wimpish newspaper writer?
Very important
Vehicle with caterpillar treads
Tiny particles
Tech. schools
Sweet Sixteen org
Succeed after leaving the band?
Straighten out
Statue base
Starch-producing palm tree
Spherical opening?
South Carolina river
Song and dance
Soft sweater
Small birds with complex songs
Sister of Osiris
Simple life some strive to get back to
See 49-Across
Pulitzer-winning Ferber novel
Printemps period
Press release?
PGA part: Abbr
Patsy's 'Ab Fab' pal
Painful rebuke
Online security feature
One on the stand
Old Italian capital
Old Aspen music maker?
Ocean ring
Name of eight popes
Muddy home
Move furtively
Mine, in Marseilles
Methuselah's father
Medicinal amt
Loudness unit
Long-distance commuter's community
Log-in requirements
Like some organisms modified in labs
Letter-moving gp
Late October option
Kind of cookie?
Katniss' 'Hunger Games' ally
Just out
Jupiter's wife
Jays and Rays
Item on a belt
Italian hot spot
It's generally higher on the hwy
It's driven
It might be picked
It has an eye on television
Home on the range
Highway safety org. since 1980
Highlands native
Heather family shrubs
Have second thoughts
Hammett hound
Half a matched set
Gardening during karate training?
Game ragout
Fixates (on)
Fit the facts
Fields who founded Mrs. Fields
Eye care solution brand
Emperor after Claudius
Early Irish alphabet
Driver's choice
Doughnuts, shapewise
Divvy up
Demotion in 2006 news
Daybreak goddess
Data transmitter
Curry spice
Curbside call
Corleone family member providing free downloads?
Common thing?
Comes down with
Color quality
Closet concern
Class guides
Circular gaskets
Chariot-riding god
Champagne buckets, e.g
Carpet manufacturers' contraptions
Captain of the Nautilus
Capone colleague
Capital on the Danube
Came upon
Bring up
Bowlers, e.g
Bourbon and others: Abbr
Bothered big-time
Blew it
Black Sea port
Biol. or chem
Bermuda Triangle locale: Abbr
Baloney, to Brits
Bacon serving?
Auction cry
Atlas stat
Astronomer's aid
As to
Anatomical walls
All fired up
Agcy. that does searches
Actress Gershon
A bit cracked
20th-century blight victim
'__ tree falls … '
'Your point being … ?'
'The Haj' novelist
'The comedian just wasn't funny'?
'Still Me' memoirist
'Something to Talk About' singer
'SNL' castmate of Ferrell and Gasteyer
'Shame on thee!'
'Right on!'
'JAG' spin-off
'Forget it!'
'Casino Royale' Bond girl Vesper __
'And how!'
'America's Funniest Home Videos' host 


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