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crosswords puzzle answers 18/03/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 18/03/2017

___ Jiabao, 2003-13 premier of China
With 9-Down, hit sitcom of the 1980s-'90s
Whale facility
Town in Connecticut's Gold Coast
Tickling response
Think over
The Allegheny and Wabash, to the Ohio: Abbr
Succession in a board game
Studio equipment
So-called 'Caput Mundi' ('Head of the World')
Set electricians
See 48-Across
School address
Rte. that ends in 22-Across
River of York
Prepare for a close-up
Polymer add-on?
Phrase usually abbreviated
Photoshop color effect
Pandorans in 'Avatar'
Packing supply
Org. for many residents
One of a pair a gardener might wear
One for the record books
Mozart contemporary Antonio ___
More than serious
Mid-luxury Mercedes-Benz line
Marine 10-legger
Marie Curie and Irène Joliot-Curie, e.g
Lounge piece
Longtime locals
Longtime Cunard flagship, for short
Line online
Like stars in a review
Like first drafts, usually
Keys are found in it: Abbr
It ended after W.W. II
It could be a blooper
Honest or respectable course
He played an escaped convict in 'We're No Angels'
Go in and out of middle management?
From the heart, in Latin
Form of the Italian verb 'to be'
Even faster than overnight
European crested ___
Distance unit of about 30 inches
Crow's-foot, e.g
Creator of Bluto and Wimpy
Competitor of Baker's Joy
Commoner contemner
Coin at an arcade
Classroom command
Central U.S.'s ___ Plateau
Cat's tongue
Bucket of bolts
Be lousy
Bad representation?
Aquarium denizen with horizontal stripes
Aggressive poker play
1991 Daytona 500 winner Ernie
'Welcome to the Jungle' singer, 1988
'The Outcasts of Poker Flat' author
'The Cocktail Party' inits
'How ludicrous!'
'Death and the ___' (Bosch painting in the National Gallery of Art)
'Clearly!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Mar-18-2017#sthash.pVE0Z5xq.dpuf

___ Scott v. Sandford
___ Loa
Zen garden swimmer
Westminster, e.g
Vulcan, e.g
Very little
Tribal proscription
Trap during a blizzard, perhaps
Towel embroidery
Tight type
They're often seen with tails
They're fired at fans in stadiums
They point the way
There's no I in this answer
The girl from uncle?
Tattoo spots
Subject of some youth sports fraud
Stout vessel
Storybook story
Statistician's stuff
Staples boxful
Sports stick that gives a game its name
Split asunder
Spare room?
Soothing stuff
Smelled the roses, e.g
Slaughter with 2,383 hits
Skating great Midori
Sites of some wasps' nests
Sign of stress
Shoots, in a way
Seventh incarnation of Vishnu
Season tally
Search deeply
Sandbox toys
Saffron-seasoned dish
Rude Sacha Baron Cohen persona
Rogue company
Rigatoni preference
Register, to Brits
Reflected deeply
Reason to go green?
Real stinker
Quick on one's feet
Press room?
Powder room?
Popular smoothie seed
Pont Van Gogh locale
Play room?
Pike, e.g
Pigeon hangout
Park with a large caribou herd
Org. on mouthwash bottles
Org. known for its brackets
On the line
O'Toole's co-star in 'Man of La Mancha'
Not generic
Name on many cans
Nabisco wafer
Mystery finds
Moves toward
MIT Sloan degrees
MIT Sloan admission test
Meadow measure
Mandlikova with four Grand Slam titles
Mammoth part
Makeup bag fixture
Lower in the country
Lazy lady?
Land divided into three parts, per Caesar
Lana of Smallville
Kirk's helmsman
It might catch a buss at a stadium
It might be buried by a reporter
Initial phases
Indigo-yielding plant
Hot place for hops
Home port of the USS Niagara
Holiday visitor with a famous lap
Hightail it
Hardly sufficient
Handy weapon?
Haggis ingredient
Gather in
Garbage singer Shirley
Galleria contents
Gal with a gat
Fozzie Bear chapeau
Former colleague of Clarence and Elena
Folk singer Guthrie
Florida or Louisiana
Filing target in 55-Across
Filing jobs, for short
Fashion monthly
Esther of 'Good Times'
Encouragement for the matador
Dubai's setting: Abbr
Dried pepper used in mole sauce
Drawing room?
Dopey picture
Diarist Nin
Destroy financially
D.C. fundraiser
Cutting room?
Cunning deception
Cry heard at home
Creepy movie villains
Cosmopolitan garnish
Cook's gizmo
Contribution of ideas
Completely lost it
City east of Syracuse
Chapel in the Apostolic Palace
Celestial sphere
Cave, sometimes
Cathedral feature
Canton east of the Canton of Bern
Branch wannabes
Board room?
Bar room?
Band-Aid competitor
Antibullying ad, briefly
Andrew Sullivan, notably
Alec's former co-star
Advil alternative
Acts like a bear
225-yr.-old moneymaker
1974 role for Marty
'There ___ there there'
'Teen Mom' network
'Such a pity!'
'Stop right there!'
'So true!'
'Render ___ Caesar…'
'Divergent' heroine
'Buyer be where?' indicator
'Be careful!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Mar-18-2017—Room-Service#sthash.6fIMOCpf.dpuf

Word of approval
Word hissed to an attack dog
Votes in favor
Uncomfortable and squirming
Thing for a lawyer to study
They rise in surprise
They may be stripped by new drivers
They feature big pork bellies
They facilitate ins and outs
They chase human varmints
Start of an old-fashioned magician's phrase
Spaghetti complement
Soothing balm
Some fairy-tale creatures
Small, fatty, pinkish salmon (var.)
Shoots with a sci-fi weapon
See 46-Across
San Antonio pro
Reptilian nickname
Red Sea nation of 25 million
Put to work
Prototype detail, informally
Pirate's treasure container
Performing couple
Pass on, as a baton
Opposite of host
One whose goose is most certainly cooked
One of a lot on a lot
Off-white shade
Not prerecorded
Not even close to conventional
Neighborhood or general vicinity
Mysterious creature of the Himalayas
Misspelled NFL matchup?
Misspelled Don Henley song
Misspelled Burns/Matthau film
Many spouses
Lying on one's back
Loan shark's interest
Like a complete 0-0-0 baseball game
Kind of saxophone or clef
It makes a pupil work
It can be written off in April
Insect stage
Home for a little queen
Henry VIII's Catherine
Gather over time, as interest
Feminine pronoun
Don Draper, e.g
Distress signal
Disrespectful talk
Disreputable woman
Deli order, sometimes
Decorative sewing kit
Declare solemnly
Dark-colored food fish
Courtroom attention-getting shout
Couple in Mexico?
Cookie brand
Common winter wear
Collection of miscellaneous things
Clumsy galoots
Certain storage structure on a farm
Boots out
Bachelorette no more
Audience's joyful shout
Achy spots
'___ porridge hot …'
'This ___ hurt a bit'
'How Great ___ Art' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Mar-18-2017#sthash.PF5XXuZs.dpuf

___-mutuel betting
Wolfgang Puck eatery
Wind-up watch part
Where Bowie fell
What you're wearing
Standing at attention
Sporty Chevy, for short
Slave girl of opera
Sire, biblically
Ryder rental
Ruffles potato chip feature
Round-buyer's pickup
Regard with suspicion
Rebuke to Brutus
Racking up overtime, perhaps
Quotes as a source
Put's opposite, on Wall Street
Post-grace exhortation
Popeye's nemesis
Points an accusing finger at
Phishing, e.g
Partner of anon
Part of a triad
North Atlantic hazards
Needing mending
Name after 'AKA'
Muscle cramp, e.g
Missing dog in an Inge play
Medal recipient
Many microbrews
Love to pieces
Like the Beatles' Sadie
Like Jack Sprat's diet
Like auto shop floors
Letterman list items
Lehar's 'The Merry ___'
Justice 'Whizzer' White, formally
Is sufficient
Impossible task, so to speak
Iams competitor
Hang in the balance
Greg with four consecutive Cy Youngs
Give the thumbs-down to
Ghostly pale
Gets the point of
Garmin line
Fill-in for a striker
End, as a losing streak
Emma Peel's show, with 'The'
eHarmony.com linkup, perhaps
Did in, as a dragon
Depict with a bias
Dark German beer
Crow's-nest locale
Corner piece
Concert halls, e.g
Clumsy as an ox
City retaken in July of 1944
Christian of fashion
Chill out
Casual turndown
Carnival city, for short
Calculus calculation
Brillo alternative
Brigadier general's insignia
Bit of film
Author George who was a woman
Attend, as an event
Angst-ridden music genre
1972 Elton John hit
'___ takers?'
'To a . . .' work
'The Plague' city
'J'accuse' author Emile
'Inked' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Mar-18-2017#sthash.kKMEiM76.dpuf

__ cooker (dormco.com offering)
__ carriageway (Brit's divided highway)
__ art (line-printer graphics)
Worked on a clog, say
Word from Old French for "dwell"
With 58-Down, Cristal Stylus and Softfeel Stic
What may follow a cut
What an anchor is found on
Turn slightly red, perhaps
Touching things in sports
Ticket-pricing category
Thor, in two billion-gross films
They're not known by many
See 62-Down
Saxtuba cousin
Risk region east of India
Restraining order
Put down
Project Mercury launch rocket
Perspective-changing pose
Organic catalysts
One of Time's Top 5 Fashion Icons of the 2000s
Military band
Mantis voice in the "Kung Fu Panda" films
Like some cleaners
Kumquat category
Kissinger's original name
It might include "Hey, hey!"
Inspiration for Columbus
Hummus flavoring
His birthday is Read Across America Day
Hall of soul
Groomers employed at some resorts
Getting a pass, perhaps
Function in Teslas
Freestyle regimen
Either end of a gridiron
Dow Jones Transportation Index stock
Dimes for dollars
Dietitian recommendation
Deutsche Telekom subsidiary
Crooner in "The Godfather"
Crime alias that's Spanish for "shorty"
Cool, a while back
Centrifuge component
CBS daytime show
Capital on the Arabian Sea
Breaks at Oxford
Breakfast beverage
Brandenburg Concertos participant
Boa kin
Austrian artist
A lost cause
2014 OWN docuseries subject
'80s First Daughter
"There's meaning in __ snores": "The Tempest"
"Some of the old songs, __" ("Casablanca" line)
"No way!"
"Can't wait!" – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Mar-18-2017#sthash.ytWG76xI.dpuf

__ Valley, Calif
__ room
X-Ray __: U.K. punk band
Windows alternatives
Wife of Igor of Kiev
Track bar
Track apparel
They might be about nothing
Teaching methods
Succeed big-time
Storefront sign abbr
Some recliners
Socrates or Plato
Socially awkward type
Showman named Phineas
Shady time, for some
Self-named 1954 or 1964 jazz album
Salon substance
River to the Laptev Sea
Reach new heights
Putting in jeopardy
Publication for pitchers?
Pool habitués
Overcomes, as adversity
One of Pete Rose's record 3,215
Old-time screen vamp Bara
Old crate
Novelist O'Flaherty
Noodle bar order
Myrna's role in 'The Thin Man'
Musical closing
Miss an easy spare, say
Metaphorical social barrier
Meditative discipline
Marathoner's need
Managed care gps
Like many beginners' piano pieces
Leave off
Largest Italian lake
Kennebunk-based personal care products brand, familiarly
Keith Hernandez, e.g
It has two jaws
Handled carelessly
Gather in a mass
Fix, as copy
First razor with a pivoting head
Far from shiny
Exists no more
Ernie Banks' sobriquet
Disgruntled fans, slangily
Court judgment
Cleaning up a mess?
Classroom with mice
Chiang Mai native
Burn slightly
Brooklynese pronoun
Bobwhite, e.g
Binge-watcher's aid
Beset by dire circumstances
Beer openers
Battleship goals
A quarter of a half?
'80s-'90s co-star with Betty, Rue and Estelle
'I have a lady in the balcony' old radio/TV quiz show

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