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crosswords puzzle answers 18/02/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 18/02/2017

___ d'orange
When to wish someone un prospero año nuevo
Western heat?
Was almost, with 'on'
Transcription product
Title nickname of filmdom's Lt. Jordan O'Neil
Things are unlikely when they are long
They click
Therapy group?
The so-called 'People of the Standing Stone'
Sound heard shortly after 'Here's to …'
Something to work out in
Something catching?
Single curl or crunch, in the gym
Shepherd's home
Rennin results in them
Really ready to rest
Raising hell
Put off
Puff out
Prohibition's beginning
Prison in which Timothy Leary was housed next to Charles Manson
Prince George's mom
One may make tracks
Not as shy as one might think
New England staple
Many a promotional media giveaway
Loyal subject
Like some communities
Like many lines fed to actors
Like 'Last Tango in Paris,' initially
Lady's counterpart
It has a chilling effect
In stitches
Hacker's success
Fresh styling
Dollar, for one
Diocesan assembly
Desi Arnaz Jr. was on its first cover
Demolition site sight
Day spa treatment
Danger while drying out
Cousin of Manx
Cold wine-and-nutmeg drink
Bump down
Brand with a 'PM' variety
Beam's path?
Barbershop part
Bad feeling
Asks a loaded question, say
Antipiracy grp
Alternative to a 'Psst!'
Aid for an ed
10 years, for example
'You'd better brace yourself for this …'
'That makes two of us'
'Silence is golden,' e.g
'Bow your heads …'
'Ain't gonna happen'
'Ain't gonna happen' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Feb-18-2017#sthash.cEQRiAmv.dpuf

___ chi
Yank's foe
Work together
Woman with trouble opening up?
Went awry
Weapon tended to by a squire
Waterlogged region
Verizon forerunner
Uncanny ability
Unable to sit still
Track star Devers
Tool for a razor's edge
The Dow, for one
Submission move in mixed martial arts
Stat resulting from a solo shot
Some Core i7 runners
Sinks, as a short putt
Showing a profit when others are losing money, say
Show honors
Shakespearean fairy queen
Senior's blotch
Say 'What could you possibly be talking about?'
Sales rep's handouts
Rustic lodgings
Room in Clue with a secret passage to the Conservatory
Ric of the Cars
Revolutionary act
Ramirez of 'Grey's Anatomy'
Queasy feeling
Provide with a generous sum, perhaps
Priest's robe
PR person's forte
Portrayer of the Clampett patriarch
Pinkett Smith of TV's 'Gotham'
Piece in many an organist's repertoire
Photographer Goldin
Perfect Sleeper seller
Palette contents
Padma's date to the Hogwarts Yule Ball
Outfit you're not likely to wear out
Org. for people who like packing
Optional Medicare coverage
One of the three small ear bones
Official currency of Vatican City
New Year's events
Needle point
Nature Valley offering
Mug shaped like a stout fellow
Monogram on some designer clothes
Mission founder Junipero
May honorees
Mantle's cover
Male delivery
Literary reflection, from the French for 'thought'
Light a fire under
Leader of seven animals migrating south in V formation
Kramer's first name on 'Seinfeld'
Keystone site
Join the bulls
It often follows 'Goodnight Moon'
It occurs in Q3
It might facilitate personal growth
Insurance co. bailed out in 2008
Informal greeting
Hydrotherapy setting
Home of the Shinsaibashi shopping area
History book nos
Heist haul
Head for the hangar
Having the hot hand, in basketball lingo
Had some face time, in a way
Growler, e.g
Grammy's 2002 Best New Artist Jones
Give, but stubbornly
Gets bent?
Gave a real shock?
Game aim
Full of holes
Fromagerie choice
French pop
Free-fall experience
Flying annoyance
Flowers that yield saffron
Fit for a queen
Faith espoused by Voltaire
Exclamation from a real ass
Exchanges pleasantries
Entertaining sort
Dissolute fellow
Did a little of this, a little of that
Cost in total
Container made of two-by-twos?
Computing pioneer Lovelace
Component of many a presidential candidate's platform
Company with a Supercharger network
Civil rights activist King
Chuck Yeager, notably
Chronicler of the Dreyfus Affair
Chronic critic
Check out
Capone foes
Canal sight
Butter unit
Brought forth, biblically
Black Widow portrayer, in tabloids
Basque Country metropolis
Basketball Hall of Famer Thomas
Ballpark fig
Baking byproduct
Awaits a verdict, maybe
Attraction displaying diverse flora
Armored beast of old
Ali with a perfect record in the ring
Action followed by a 'Safe!' call
Accomplishing an NFL bettor's goal
'The king of knots'
'Sweet ___' (barbershop quartet standard)
'Same here!'
'Queen' megahit
'Jazz Profiles' station
'It's on me!'
'Independence Day' visitors
'Didn't I tell you?'
'Carmina Burana' composer
'Allegory of the Cave' philosopher – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Feb-18-2017—Heading-South#sthash.2NgDczKR.dpuf

___ Paulo, Brazil
Yoko of music
Winter Palace ruler of old
What Wednesday's child is full of
Tree chopper (var.)
Thin trails of smoke
Tap-danced, in slang
Take eraser to sketch pad?
Swiss canton
Super introduction?
Stuff to the gills
Stage item
Sneakers' needs
Skin cream ingredient, often
Shakespearean 'very soon'
Right-angled shape
Regional plant life
Prohibition ender?
Prefix with 'phone'
Poetic contraction
Person to have lunch with, perhaps
Oven for hop-roasting
Olympic powerhouse
Obviously befuddled?
Obedient dog, at times
Narrow board strip
Message from a successful riot squad?
Mama bighorn
Lawn intruder
Know intuitively
Hot breakfast staple
Hit with a 'Star Trek' gun
Held to its full time, in music
Formers of the wave
Flower part
Flanders of TV
Fit of fever
Feeling of rage
Exerciser's target, often
Escaped, as from jail
Enter new data
Enjoyer of any product
Englishman, slangily
Emcee's opener
Eldest son of Isaac
Dries up in the sun
Double-high checker
Dole's 1996 running mate
Do sum work
Disgusted and then some
Dance named for an aviation hero
Cry on a hound hunt
Croquet target
Corn part
Converses, in '60s slang
Come out of hiding
Certain woodwind
Business attire
Body of cultural values
Bend with a breeze
Beige cousin
Beachcomber's discovery
Bans from one's country
Baltic Sea republic
Bacall of old Hollywood
Axed to the ground
Asian tie
Any clothing brand
Animal aviator
1st or 2nd type of number?
'Where are you?' response, sometimes
'Help, quick!'
'… ___ gloom of night …' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Feb-18-2017#sthash.YAaUDooh.dpuf

___ mater (brain covering)
Word with exit or straw
Woodworker's support
Women's rights activist Lucretia
Within arm's reach
Twice-baked breads
Turned ashen
Traveler's stopover
Touch on
Took umbrage (at)
Tomato plant support
Takes five
Take the rudder
Synagogue singers
Supermarket section
Styled, as hair
Strikers' demand
Stevedores' milieux
Spruces up
Spock's prominent features
Spitfire fliers (Abbr.)
Seventh heaven
Scribble in the margins, say
River through Aragon
Quarterback Brees
Portion of a repair bill
Play for a patsy
Place for a mud bath
Pilates class need
Parking meter site
Paris' Palais ___ Sports
Parcel units
Paperless boarding pass
Panhandler's request for a territorial assignment?
One of the Ponderosa's Cartwrights
Narrowly defeat
Monopoly deed figure
Molded garnish
MDX and RDX automaker
Long. intersector, on a GPS
Lo mein morsel
Like some white opals
Like Elton John's outfits
Like a squid's discharge
Leave unsaid
Jessica of 'Sin City'
Is afflicted with
IHOP offering
Hurling or curling
Holds the title to
Hieroglyphics bird
Grimm meanie
Grammatical mistake?
General in gray
Flow back
Float in the breeze
Effect's partner
Drops an easy one
Down-lined lingerie item?
Direct-deposit payment, for short
Dallas Cowboys emblem
Clarinets and such
Chest muscles, briefly
Change buses or trains
Canyon comebacks
Build-it-yourself buy
Bug spray ingredient
Buddy in a British city?
Bogart's sleuth
Be inquisitive
Barrens trees
Arizona's ___ Desert
20 Questions turn
'The Raven' start
'Night Moves' singer Bob
'Call Me Maybe' singer Carly ___ Jepsen – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Feb-18-2017#sthash.GKDojRoe.dpuf

WWII-era prefab quarters
Word first used by Arctic explorers
Wizard role turned down by Connery
Where Ouagadougou is capital
What metalworking ended
Watson in "Elementary"
Very precious
USAF's Peacekeeper
Tudor monarch moniker
Toward confusion
Threw much mud at
Succeeds unerringly
Strong approval, when shouted
Strong approval
State-issued designation
Source of retail profits
Smoothly white
Slice of film history
Sign that follows an equinox
Sidekick on ABC's first hit show
Secret Service bestowal
Secondary rte
Scotch and soda
Roller on some rockers
Risked an accident, perhaps
Red state
Rail installed near a mirror
Pay-for-play service
Part of many a 41 Down
Paint stains
One way Marie says "the"
Now bright
NL West member
NL Central member
Messages to mailing-list members
Lumbar spine flexors
Line on many business cards
Liking hiking, say
La tête du monastère
Katie, in "Dawson's Creek"
Kate Mulgrew's Netflix series role
Impress indelibly
Immunologist's isolations
I sing, in the "Aeneid"
Horseshoe handlers
Hornet, for one
Hold up
Highly hopefully
Hear clearly
He has an early cameo in "Ben-Hur"
Grp. working on issues
Genoese contribution to Italian cuisine
Far from positive
Excavator giant
Emulates numerous "Dancing With the Stars" contestants
Descriptor for some asteroids
Copious source
Causes a mix-up
Card count in a Rorschach test
Block game
Blends in bags
Big name in digital fonts
As a follower
Apt to be cut
Approval-seeking query
Air, since 2008
A buck or two
'70s series that became a '99 film
"What's Opera, Doc?" singer
"No animal shall sleep in __" ("Animal Farm" commandment) – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Feb-18-2017#sthash.XyDmko8j.dpuf

___ Fountain (Rome attraction)
Words With Friends, e.g
Word with crust or chart
Word on an octagonal street sign
Wine barrel
White sale purchase
Subcompact car formerly produced by Chrysler
Some toothpaste choices
Slithery swimmer
Rubs out, in mob slang
Rubik with a famous cube
Response to a rude remark, maybe
Refrain from farming?
Records the numerical outcome, as in gin rummy or baseball
Property claims
Polite request
Photographer Adams
Pestered, and then some
Pasta often baked
Participate in a primary
Part of CBS (abbr.)
Oscar winner Tatum
Online music source
Old Italian money
Neo's portrayer in 'The Matrix'
Mideast gulf or seaport
Matt of 'Today'
Madam's counterpart
Lynx or ocelot
Log-in requirement
Letters that make a Broadway backer happy
Jaguar competitor
It will never be charged again
Irish New Age singer
Important no. in college admissions
Home Depot offerings
Heavy burdens
Have an allergic reaction, perhaps
Greets breezily
Green sci
Go astray
Gathers bit by bit
From the US
First place?
Feel sorry for
Exams for would-be attys
Elbow roughly and rudely
Dickens villain Heep
Cushiony forest growth
Conductor Seiji
Colombia, for example
Cocktail party serving
Civic center?
Calendar column (abbr.)
Bean variety
Bad review
Art museum in Trafalgar Square, London
Art Deco designer
Arrive ___ understanding
Anne Rice vampire
Aleppo resident
Ages and ages
Actress Lupino or muckraker Tarbell
Actor Davis of 'Grumpy Old Men'
Absorbs, as a loss
Abe or Ike
'___ the season to be jolly'
'Blazing Saddles' director Brooks – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Feb-18-2017#sthash.pF9dP3PA.dpuf

__-Neisse Line, western border of 42-Across
Yahoo! alternative
With 37-Across, 'No problem'
What hearts may do
Vintage tape format
Venus counterpart
Vein locale
Uncle __
Two-point contest?
Turn in
Tree in a carol
Toledo native
Together, in Toulouse
Three-time Tour de France champion LeMond
The Hugo Awards are presented at one
Thankless bunch
Store accessibly
Songwriters' org
Some subordinates: Abbr
See 48-Across
See 32-Across
Salon coloring
Rite sites
Rested (against)
Rectangular Manhattan attraction
Reacts to staying up, perhaps
Queen __ Revenge: Blackbeard's ship
Product originally called Croup and Pneumonia Salve
Not inclined
Moore co-star
Military address
Mil. addresses
Like thou, say
Its Gold Medal features a profile of Franklin
Improved book list?
Home to many warthogs
Give a hard time
Fixed, in a way
Fix things
Farm animals
Efron who voiced Ted in 'The Lorax'
Eastern servants
Digital emergency signal
Conversational softener
Come across
Become decent?
Apes' lack
Albanian currency
Adapt in a dangerous way
1860s-'70s Black Hawk War combatants
122-square-mile republic
'__, Sing America': Hughes
'St. Matthew and the Angel' painter Guido
'L'?%82ge __': Buñuel-Dalí surrealist film
'Green Mansions' heroine played by Audrey Hepburn
'Bossypants' memoirist
'… the morning __ her golden gates': Shakespeare

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