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crosswords puzzle answers 18/01/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 18/01/2017

___ du Québec (police force)
___ Chihuahua (tiny dog)
Word in Brazilian city names
Website's help section, briefly
TV show on which 'The Chanukah Song' debuted, informally
Tried one's luck
Texter's 'Didn't need to know that'
Space Invaders and Asteroids, for two
Song-and-dance shows
Soho send-off
Scanned bars, for short
Roundup targets
Rope tow alternative
Resistance unit
Render a verdict
Rap sheet letters
POTUS in Twitter's @POTUS, e.g
Platform sandal feature
Place for a grandchild, maybe
Persian Gulf emirate
One of the 12 tribes of Israel
Novelty shop buy
Not suitable
Not based on fact or research
Neil Patrick ___ of 'How I Met Your Mother'
Musician's tip collector
Like rarer blood types: Abbr
Like a fully cooked soufflé
Language suffix
Labor organizer Cesar
Klutz's utterance
Kind of port for a flash drive
Kama ___
Jon with the 1992 hit 'Just Another Day'
Joins forces (with)
Inept boxers, in slang
Ill-tempered mutt
Hipster's quality
High point
Gather dust
Fries or slaw, usually
Forever and a day
Floored it
Find new tenants for
Female caribou
Exam with a max score of 1520
Dynamic basketball sequence represented by the starts of 17-, 23-, 30-, 40- and 49-Across
Do a job at the checkout aisle
Dance around, as an issue
Cries from bleachers
Connect with
Components of some I.R.A.s
Comic-Con, e.g
Collaborative online reference
Classic Jaguar
Cereal made with a 'puffing gun'
Census datum
Cafeteria stack
Boyfriend after a breakup, perhaps
Blast from the past
Bert who played the Cowardly Lion
Bard of Gaelic legend
Anesthetic of old
Ancient times, in ancient times
Airport rental
Actress Arthur of 'Maude'
Abysmal score
A/C measure
A pep talk may boost it
'Ran' director Kurosawa
'Next year in Jerusalem' meal
'Game time!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Jan-18-2017#sthash.T0bbeclq.dpuf

___ Alamos
Wistful utterance
View from the dorms
Type a password, perhaps
Trace of color
Toward the tiller
Thimble in a Monopoly set, e.g
There are twenty in a ream
The answer is blowing in the wind
Thai or Taiwanese
Teddy bears for a honeybee colony?
Stand for business
Slumber party garb
Serengeti excursion
Sen. Rubio represents it
Seating setup
Sax great Stan
Savoir ___
Rounded vase
Results of some bargaining
React to miswriting a check?
Present identification
Popular note
Persian's plaint
Party to
Parcel out
Opera divisions
One with prier activities?
One who's toast
Obsidian, originally
Normandy city
Nikon rival
New auto of 1957
Nation between New Caledonia and Samoa
Metal precioso
Marital bliss disrupter
Make muddy
Like some chardonnays
Knives wielded by muggers?
Heats for a few seconds
Graph line
Forest females
Floods with messages
Financial report item
Farm female
Ends one's aloofness
Do some waiting
Diner offering
Diet no-no
Dark, like ocean depths
Cross bearers, often
City bond, informally
Chart model
Carpenter's need
Calendar space
Cal. marking
Buttonholes, essentially
Burns with documentaries
Brownish purple hue
Book of charts
Bifocals for boars?
Belts and plugs, e.g
Bear in the stars
Battery component
At a loss for words, maybe
Arrange a date for
'Put ___ on it!'
'Orinoco Flow' singer
'Beetle Bailey' cartoonist Walker – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Jan-18-2017—Swell-Intentioned#sthash.uKRVaqfw.dpuf

Work, as a bar
Word on some road signs
White as a sheet
Wang of wedding fashion
Under deadline pressure
Typical Kuwaiti
Type of caddy or cup
Trident feature
Tossed off the covers and stood
Topmost spot
Thousands of pounds
Teammate on 'Family Feud,' often
Take an ax to
Table crumb
Supreme Court Justice Bader Ginsburg
Summer coolers, briefly
Struggle to breathe
Stone paving block
Some large deer
Slim woodwind
Short upright piano
Shake with laughter
Send to a different doctor
Scandinavian royal name
Rural water source
Rizzuto of Yankees fame
Responsibility of an NFL coach
Respectful title in India
React to an 'applaud' sign
React to a shock like an angler?
Protective covering
Prey clutcher
Prefix with 'angle' or 'pod'
Pinot, for one
Ping-Pong table feature
Period pieces?
Perfume that sounds verboten
Performs on Broadway
One's 'humble' residence
Oar holder
Not in the clergy
Natural timekeeper of one planning a family
More rational
Mark of Zorro?
Map showing planned features of an area
Made angry
Long past the shelf date
Leaves quickly
Kind of ski lift
Kind of gun or stove
John or loo
Job for Mr. parker?
Italy's capital, to natives
It has 13 diamonds
Info-gathering mission
Important joint
Home out on a limb
Hollywood offering
Genesis tower place
Fill a position
Female sheep
Diva highlights
Court org. or old court org
Cotillion locale
Coded message
Certainly not far from
Carpenters find it boring
Calc prerequisite, typically
Bubble bath ingredient
Browning product?
Before, in old poetry
Bard's 'above'
Baker or Loos
Attachment with 'walk' or 'trade'
Assembly of school singers
Albanian coins
'The Middle' network – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Jan-18-2017#sthash.Yka4OL3h.dpuf

Wine list column
Went from tween to teen, say
Weight-and-fortune cost, once
View from a mountaintop, say
Urge forward
Unsettled issues
Unreturned serve
Totally absurd
Sup in style
Stares slack-jawed
Speak reverently of
Sort of
Skating legend Henie
Sinking ship's signal of old
Shooter's stockpile, briefly
Shade similar to turquoise
Served, as time
Sensei's teaching
Screen dimension unit
Sci-fi escape vessels
Rush-job initials
Roll to the runway
Repaired, as a boot
Ready for a pitch
Pre-election face-offs
Plus others, briefly
Placed in an archive
Periodic table fig
Other than that
Oblong tomato
Obit, essentially
Nutty, slangily
Napa Valley climber
Mount Carmel's land (Abbr.)
More thirsty
Marmalade tidbit
Marauding horde member
Many a titled Brit
Manx murmur
Maggie Simpson or Stewie Griffin
Made beloved
Lo mein morsel
Like Death Valley
Like Clark Kent, but not Superman
Letters on a Forever stamp
Kleenex, Sinex or Rolex
James Mattis was one
It may be pierced or plugged
Heaping chips-and-cheese fare
Guacamole needs
Greta of 'Grand Hotel'
Former GM make
Flag pin's place
Ferrets out
Fastener that's 'bucked'
Farr of 'M*A*S*H'
Evidence of a laceration
ERA part
Diamond Head's island
Deeply ingrained habit
Dapper ___ (snappy dresser)
Crime lab specimen, and a part of 17-, 28- and 47-Across
Comfortable state
Comaneci with five gold medals
Coasting toy
Cause of a white Christmas
Captures on cassette
Caplet shape
Called a halt to
Brady who said, 'Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!'
Boombox component
Better qualified
Began a Broadway run
Barnyard females
Assisted living attendant
Arm-raising muscles, for short
'Once' follower, in stories – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Jan-18-2017#sthash.UA8dvUK7.dpuf

__-book test
Woodwind instrument
With 1 Across, "M*A*S*H" star
Whirl on one foot
Warning signal
VIP's auto
Trip segment
Tears (up)
Taxing trips
Talkative bird
Takes to heart
Take a chair
Sweet potato
Striped house cat
Sprinkler attachment
Slightly moist
Sew temporarily
See 1 Down
Rich layered cake
Ram constellation
Prayer's last word
Pointed (at)
Picturesque cavern
Peace Prize benefactor
PD alert
Opinion piece
Not yet used to
Move higher
Mink relative
Maximum velocity
Make smile
Lacking principles
It surrounds the Vatican
Hoops great Shaquille
Flying mammal
Fish-eating bird
Film __ (dark movie genre)
Fencing sword
Doctors' org
Dictionary entries
Cry of dismay
Coral island
Considerate one's comment
Considerate one's comment
Considerate one's comment
Comrades in battle
Carryall bag
Bullets and bombs
Brunch, for instance
Brown shade
Borscht ingredients
Bone-connecting tissue
Be overrun
Be a drain on
Barbecue bit
Arm or leg
America's uncle
Alps and Rockies: Abbr
Adored one
Actor Neeson
Absorbent cloth
"Wheel of Fortune" host
"Now it's clear"
"I do"
"Billy" beast
"A mouse!" – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Jan-18-2017#sthash.hxByCbuz.dpuf

___ quarterback (home critic)
___ card (storage device)
Wife of Abraham
Water, in Mexico
Vow at the altar
Trash transport
Totalitarian of old
Tom of 'The Seven Year Itch'
That's partner
Stomach soother
Some Vegas flashers
Some pears
Snack offered in a 'Spicy Sweet Chili' variety
Slogan for Reno's eco-conscious?
Shiba Inu, e.g
Series of chain letters?
Safe spot
Roomy selection
Rock out
Roadie's haul
Receptionist on 'The Office'
Really bothered
Rapper in 'Black Nativity'
Queen mentioned in 'Romeo and Juliet'
Period noted for high-volume production
Peak in Greek myth, for short
Patel of 'The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel'
One of Bolivia's capitals
Once more
Often on the move
Now aware of
No great actor
Nabisco cookie named for its flavor
Musician Shankar
Mixed drink hinting at its potency
Mini, e.g
McQueen of 'The Great Escape'
Letters connecting two names
Leave at the altar, perhaps
Kleptomaniacs, in Lincoln?
Judo maneuver
Huge party
Hoi polloi
Golf great Lorena
Glass of NPR
Get up
Garb for a certain frat party
Freudian interest
Frenemy to Sherlock
Four Corners state
Firefighting Red
Fig. on a passport
English class assignment
Curry, e.g
Crimson Tide, for short
Crime novelist Grafton
Colorful flower
Christmas classic featuring Will Ferrell
Bob Marley classic repeating the words 'little darlin"
Blow away
Bird, in Helena?
Big name in printers
Banks on runways
Augusta, when the joint is jumping?
Annoying buzzer
Angle symbol, in geometry
ABC talk show staple
A gift of the Magi
'___ you for real?'
'___ no bother'
'Sin City' genre
'Raging Bull' protagonist
'Frozen' reindeer
'As if!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Jan-18-2017#sthash.BvFQ3PVy.dpuf

Zagreb native
Word of greeting
Wolfs down
Wielded an ax
Went ballistic
Way through the trees
Ward of 'Sisters'
TurboTax option
Travel section listing
Tram loads
Toy in many 'Peanuts' panels
To a degree, informally
Tight hold
Subjects of the first 10 Amendments
Starting on
Small number
Showy Japanese school
Sch. near Topeka
Recon goal
Ragu rival
Pub crawlers
Prolonged assault
Pilot's stat
Picket line placard
Palette choices
Pageant headpiece
Pageant band
Outer edge
Online pop-up tailored to individual tastes
Not a fearful roadster for arachnophobia sufferers
Not a fearful place for acrophobia sufferers
Not a fearful fund for agoraphobia sufferers
Not a fearful Camus work for xenophobia sufferers
NBC weekend skit show
Name on the 1967 album 'I Was Made to Love Her'
Main squeeze
Madre's boy
Kitty starter
Key econ. indicator
It's over a foot
Iolani Palace island
High-tech worker
Haul to the garage
Got up
Golf bunker tool
Future MBAs' exams
Folk rocker DiFranco
Fix, as a pet
Fix, as a horse
Elusive Himalayans
Elemental forms used in carbon dating
Early sitcom co-star Arnaz
Droop in the garden
Droid download
Deft tennis shots
Damon of 'Interstellar'
Curly cabbage
Cotillion attendees
City with ferry service to Copenhagen
Chinese lantern color
Casino lineup
Banjoist Scruggs
Ballet class bend
Aries symbol
Admired reverentially, with 'of'
Actor Byrnes and announcer Hall
401(k) alternative, briefly
'Not happenin"
'Button it!'
'Button it!'
'Batman' actress Eartha

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