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crosswords puzzle answers 17/01/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 17/01/2017

World Series official
With 61- and 37-Across, famous line by 53-Across in [see circled letters]
With 51-Down, late, beloved actress
When Polonius says 'Brevity is the soul of wit'
Tusked beast
Turnoff for drivers
Tree-lined walkway, in France
The 'E' in HOMES
Tennis champ Agassi
Squeak stopper
Speak with a gravelly voice
So far, informally
Sign of things to come
See 2-Down
See 18-Across
See 18-Across
Renaissance Faire instrument
Reference in 'Treasure Island'
Real head-turners?
Rae Sremmurd, e.g
Puppy sounds
Place where trials are conducted
Online crafts seller
Nubian heroine of opera
Not deceived by
Non's opposite
Mont Blanc, e.g., to locals
Modern lead-in to space or security
Michelangelo masterpiece
Merit badge displayer
Makeup of the planet Hoth
Make slo-o-o-ow progress
Like old, neglected sweaters, maybe
Knock ’em dead
Kind of threat
Is victorious in
In fine ___ (healthy)
Iconic role for 2-/51-Down
Hitting blackjack after blackjack, say
Hell-bent (on)
Having four sharps
Hairstyle for 53-Across, colloquially
Formerly named
Figure on an Aussie Xing sign, perhaps
Family member who was probably adopted
Essential point
Entitled sorts?
Deviate during flight, as a rocket
Deal with a broken teleprompter, say
Country singer Judd
Concealed mike
Coffee container
Chant after a fútbol goal
Certain marketing gimmicks
British derrière
Brand of artificial fat
Beer barrel
Amy Adams's 'Man of Steel' role
Alan who played Captain Pierce
Agree to a proposal
Agonizes (over)
A few
'___ late!'
'___ a trap!'
'What have we here?!'
'Same here!'
'Doctor Faustus' novelist Thomas – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Jan-17-2017#sthash.ia6qOz80.dpuf

___ Minor (Polaris setting)
World's longest river
Without charge
Winter Olympian
Winning hand, and a hint to the puzzle theme
Williams of 'Game of Thrones'
Wax-coated cheese
Two-time role for Jim Carrey
Ticklish Muppet
Take home
Take advantage of
Supporting vote
Snake-haired monsters of myth
Small bills
Skilled in
Skating sites
Singer DiFranco
Salad bar item
RuPaul, notably
River through Florence
Pressing need?
President before Hayes
Poker ploy
Place to get pampered
Ocean off Calif
Not barefoot
Musical sound
Movie beast billed as 'the Eighth Wonder of the World'
Mother who was sainted in 2016
Monsoon weather
Miles away
McGregor of 'Moulin Rouge!'
Malleable metal
Mah-jongg piece
Lip curls
Like cigars and enchiladas
Like an old cuss
Lamb's mother
Knotted mass
Headache helper
Halliwell also known as Ginger Spice
Glacier National Park locale
General Bradley
Fraternity letters
Former Yankees slugger, familiarly
Fast-running bird
Fashion designer Michael
Farrow of 'Rosemary's Baby'
Even so
Drink cooler
Danny of 'Moonstruck'
Cut, as hay
Coffee dispensers
Chamber group
Busy hosp. areas
Bullring cry
Bullring beast
British flag
Bread for a Reuben
Bloomingdale's rival
Bicycle type
Bearded antelope
Bauxite and magnetite
Banned insecticide
Asian entertainer
Army address
Archipelago unit
'Scarface' star
'Oh, got it!'
'Maple Leaf Rag' composer – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Jan-17-2017—Good-Deal#sthash.hcpB3vS1.dpuf

___ de Triomphe
___ Aviv, Israel
Word with 'flotation' or 'mnemonic'
Where to let your fingers do the shopping?
Where to find Santiago
Wheel shafts
Wet marshy place
Was picturesque?
Turn tail
Tree part used for timber
The Inuit, old-style
Temporary property holder
Taking a personal day
Supply the food
Spiral-horned African creature
Some missing soldiers
Soccer mom's org
Soaked up some rays
Shoe type
Sheepish expanse
See 32-Across
Sang 'Silent Night' here and there
Royal Indian woman (var.)
Resist a roaming charge
Ran its course
Ramble on
Plumber's pipe material (Abbr.)
Part of an English exam, often
Part of a willow tree
Not a st
Neptune is one
Name tag, essentially
Muzzleloader accessory
Miner's valuable discovery
MacKenzie of old beer ads
Long, broad strips
Like some islands
Like Count Basie's 'Doll'
Least wild
It's far from the point?
It knows which way the wind is blowing
Infra's opposite
Honey relative?
Hit the horn on a subcompact
Handy pencil holder
Greek lyric poet
Glide high
Flat back muscle, briefly
Flaps the gums
Feature of a building in Oz?
Fairy-tale beast
Eye part
Equipped and trained for the job
Eggs, in a lab
Drummer's forte
Dressy trousers feature
Dentist's directive
Den newcomer
Comedy, sci-fi or drama, e.g
Columbus' state
Cleans oneself
Chisel for a stonemason
Cancel, as a law
Butting heads
Bracket-braced window
Blooper originating in an alley?
Batting practice structures
Bad thing to have at a housewarming?
Atty's. group
Athletic supporter?
Alfred Hitchcock-shaped fruit
Achieve victory
90-degree joint
'It doesn't matter which'
'Eight ___, and all's well!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Jan-17-2017#sthash.5jowp7OO.dpuf

Words on a box of dishes, maybe
Word after black or photo
West Virginia resource
URL suffix for AA or AARP
Triumphs over
Trade verbal jabs
Tex-Mex snacks
Ten C-notes
Tabloid twosomes
St. Louis landmark
Sporty auto, for short
Spock, in part
Sell, as an automat does
Score before ad in
Ready to serve
Rash symptom
Rail rider
Put on hold
Princess Fiona, for one
Picnic contest, perhaps
Parkinson's treatment
Paleontologist's find
Origami bird
Off one's rocker
O, on a greeting card
Norman who created the Bunkers
Minnesota state bird
Merchant's supply
Memory unit
Luau greeting
Like some family history
Like Mayberry
Like die-hard fans
Level or bevel
Leprechaun land, in poetry
Kitchen allure
Kept back
Jury member, in theory
Judgment slip-up
Jawbone source, in the Bible
Jagger and McCartney, for two
It's on the house
Inherited item
In a funk
Honor ___ thieves
Henry VIII's house
Hefty volume
Heart chamber
Hard to rattle
Goes to seed
Gathering clouds, to some
Fraternal fellows
Flipped item
Fifth-century sacker of Rome
Fairy tale starter
Destinations of some errant drives
Deejay's smooth transition
Dark ___ (Hogwarts subject)
Cruiser driver
Cross to bear
Cat calls
Carbon monoxide's lack
Calculus pioneer Leonhard
Brief time, briefly
Baskin-Robbins implement
Barley brew
Bake sale sponsor (Abbr.)
Arabian Peninsula sultanate
Any of the Dionne quints
Aerie babies
ABM part
44-Down, e.g
41-Across multitude
1933 Erskine Caldwell novel
1-Down et al
'Sully,' for one
'Frozen' snowman – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Jan-17-2017#sthash.rx58HxUb.dpuf

__ monster (Arizona lizard)
__ Major (Big Dipper locale)
When planes should leave: Abbr
Vote in
Vocal inflections
Veggies in minestrone
Unruly kid
Unable to move
Traffic tie-up
Tango or waltz
Talks and talks
Takes advantage of
Take to court
Swelled heads
Squeaking rodents
Spherical hairdo
South Pole's region
Small citrus fruits
Singing star Lady __
Side order with eggs
Short golf stroke
Second-year student
School attendee
Sandwich fish
San Francisco baseballers
Sacred music genre
Remove chalk from
Read electronically
Ram of the zodiac
Racing bikes
Players who are paid
Pellet shooter
Pay-__-view movie
Pacific or Atlantic
Offer for purchase
Movie excerpt
More elegant
Loch __ monster
Likes a lot
Less common
Laundry appliance
Japanese money
Japan's continent
Informal talk
Huff and puff
Hoofbeat sound
Honey source
Greek liqueur
Great poker cards
Get a glimpse of
G sharp alias
Furniture to sleep on
Football arbiters
Fly high
Drop __ (visit briefly)
Copper-coated coin
Classroom furniture
Charged towards
Breakfast potatoes
Block, as a river
Billionaires' boats
Barnyard cacklers
Baking appliance
Atmospheric layer
All over again
A Great Lake
"That's too bad"
"Taps" instruments
"Once __ a time . . ."
"Hurry up!" – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Jan-17-2017#sthash.NJ0mfLoL.dpuf

___ choice
Words that encourage people to do as they're told
With a traveling band
Wind down
Ward off
Varsity QB, to some
Trojan War hero
They smell in a pigsty
Taking care of business
Sounds of disapproval
Snapped out of it
Small diamond, perhaps
Served up a whopper
Sean Connery, for one
Really bad coffee
Raggedy doll
Pulled tight
Proctor's call
POTUS appointee
Participates at a certain kind of meet
One who gets everything
Muscle quality
Most intense
Middle of London?
Man of La Mancha
Makes exactly the same
Lucky strike
Low tie
Lode load
Liqueur flavorers
Lang follower
KOA customer
Kindergarten disrupters
K.C. zone
Journey part
Ivy in Rhode Island?
Identical in size and shape
He suceeded Johnny and preceded Jimmy
Guinness suffix
Full house, e.g
Fashionable French first name
Eat away at
Drive by
Dec. 24th VIP
Covers with crumbs
Copy, for short
Coin with 12 stars on it
Clues that mislead?
Classic Jaguar
City north of Carson City
China setting
Change colors again
Car bomb?
Bolshoi rival
Big jerk?
Biblical setting
Biblical plot
Beetle juice?
Bad day for Caesar
Assignments for English class
Alitalia destination
Abbey area
'I Gotta Feeling' band?
'Get going!'
'Baloney!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Jan-17-2017#sthash.wYNqd6JH.dpuf

__ of: done with
Wide shoe widths
Tree's sticky output
Traditional Hindu retreat
The USA's 50
The Judds, e.g
Taking the place (of)
Suffuse (with)
Suffix with pay
State without proof
Spitball need
Slowing, on a music score: Abbr
Skating leap
Silly sort
Sick __ dog
Series of related emails
Samoan capital
Razor name
R&B singer Baker
Prefix with -lithic
Postwar British prime minister
Polish port where Solidarity was founded
Pay with plastic
Ornamental pin
Numbered musical piece
Not at home
Not accented, as syllables
Nissan model
Next of __
Neck mark from necking
Music producer Brian
Move in the wind
Migration formation
Lustrous fabric
Luau instrument
Little point to pick
Layered cookie
Ivory in the tub
Irish county bordering Limerick
Infantile vocalizations, and a hint to the starts of 17-, 25-, 37- and 50-Across
Illegal parker's risk
Help with a heist
Have a good laugh
Grunting female
Fort Bragg mil. branch
Formal pronouncements
Fermented honey drink
FDR agency
Facial expression
Face adversity well
Eyelid sore
Ex-GIs' gp
Dueling sword
Disputed Mideast territory
Delivers a lecture
Dates one person exclusively
Dandelion, e.g
Curved molding
Cries of triumph
Confined, as a bird
Bridal attire
Boston hrs
Bogart film set in a California range
Bell hit with a padded mallet
Baja vacation spot
Avocado dip, for short
Autumn blossom
Anniversary celebration at the Met, say
Address for a noblewoman
Actor Erwin
'That's all __ wrote'
'Hannah and __ Sisters': Woody Allen film
'Come again?' sounds

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