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crosswords puzzle answers 16/12/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 16/12/2016

___ Balbo, right-hand man to Mussolini
Word before ball or shot
Was vindicated
Was involved with
Voodoo doll action
Victimizes, with 'on'
Spoke forthrightly
Silvery fish
Setting for paintings by Tintoretto and Hieronymus Bosch
Server of pink champagne on ice, in song
Scandalous '80s initials
Quickly put (together)
Postprandial handouts
Pasta strip
Passover month
One calling the shots on court?
Old-fashioned verb suffix
Michelle of 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon'
Memo abbr
Manifest, e.g
Maine's ___ Bay
Like some bulls
Like Beethoven's Symphony No. 7
Ivanka's younger brother
Is perfectly punctual
Incline press target, briefly
In concert
Henry VIII's sixth
He can help after a crash
Grate expectations?
Gen ___
Full of moxie
French seasoning
Flower known to attract butterflies
Fine and dandy
Drowned valley, maybe
Doesn't proceed
Current positions?
Cross swords
Crash-prone 'Catch-22' pilot
Crack investigators?
Company concerned with net profits?
Compact item
Collector's item
Classic theater name
Bunker Hill general
Black Friday scene
Bittersweet spread
Big name in pop
Bad cholesterol letters
Back on the plane?
Apple on an iPod, maybe
Agent's handful, say
1937 Shirley Temple title role
'___ Please, We're British' (1971 stage farce)
'___ Ho' ('Slumdog Millionaire' song)
'Robin ___' (old Irish ballad)
'Rent' showstopper
'Laborare est ___' (Masonic motto)
'It's showtime!'
'Isn't ___ bit like you and me?' (Beatles lyric)
'Fooled Around and Fell in Love' hitmaker of 1976 – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Dec-16-2016#sthash.ljWtt1WX.dpuf

With 57-Across, sign while passing the buck?
White Swan in 'Swan Lake'
Waikiki welcome
Trio of gift givers
Treat like a megastar
Tooth that turns
Tolkien's Beechbone, e.g
They're at the heart of some celebrity scandals
Taker of romantic shots
Sweet-talker's specialty
Sundial numeral
Still in the envelope, maybe
State of bliss
Spot for recyclables
Sky streaker
See 23-Across
Save soles
Russian legislature
Red Bull serving
Ready to hit the showers
Prize hopeful
Plunger in a churn
Plug part
Pelley's place
Parade horse
Over the top
Onetime Heathrow sight
One was 'tapping, tapping at my chamber door'
One having a ball?
Office whoop
Offered some juicy gossip
Like some stockings
Like Scrooge
Last Olds off the assembly line
Kit's mother
Justice Dept. agency
It might have four legs
In that case
In readiness, as champagne
Herbert of 'Pink Panther' films
Have a mortgage, say
Hammer part
Green Party candidate of 1996
Green opening
Frisbee, e.g
Form a queue
Forgone, as a possible path
Flight unit
Flash, in Frankfurt
Enter again
Email button
East Germany initials
Durable, in product names
Dick with three Emmys
Christmas centerpiece
Chichen ___ (Mayan city)
Called before the big day
Bygone Mauritius native
Bowl over
Blaze a trail
Bismarck lead-in
Bedroom poster subject
Bar from the shower room
Abrasive powder
5:15 on a compass
2016 World Series MVP Zobrist
'___ been robbed!'
'Lethal Weapon' director Richard
'Blame It ___' (Michael Caine movie) – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Dec-16-2016—Sign-of-the-Times#sthash.v1Q0hMyq.dpuf

Words before 'new standard'
Word used when there is none better?
Where the fight rages on
Where someone will do the 'do
What doctors order
What annoying people pick
Well-known role for a ballerina
Was seen on TV
Type of vote
Tie the knot
Thing underfoot?
Thing in the sky for dreamers
Thing acquired after a day at the beach?
Sunglasses, in slang
Stuff of vinyl on many homes
Stairway part
Shimmery, wavy silk
Schwarz with the toys
Rice Krispies sound
Residential suffix
Quilt relative
Post-revolution group in charge
Plural pronoun
Piece of software
Pesky insects
Part of a generic dog bark
One means to get the word out
Offering from a friendly dog
Not digital, as a watch
Not before or after
Natives of Tirana
Muscle for bums?
Mineral that contains metal
Methods, as of transportation
Little piggie, for one
Like man's best friend
Lennon and millions more
Leftover scrap of food
Large cask
Kind of party
Indian tourist city
Important person in a hospital
Historical period
Hill, to a pitcher
Heckled or teased
Have regrets concerning
Get milk out of a pitcher
Fish eggs
Finishes the finale
Files roughly
Female kangaroo
Features of a popular flag
Excessively ornamented, especially with gold
Egypt's bane
Dude or pal
Disney dog
Clock standard, briefly
Classified material?
Certain colorful duck
Called off a mission
California wine valley
Bird similar to an ostrich
Beleaguered mission of 1836
Bagel choice
Any apartment, to the super
Another type of duck
Ambulance letters
'You can't fool me!'
'Lilies of the Field' extra
'Devine' one of a film title
'Any day now …' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Dec-16-2016#sthash.e2GLoBBM.dpuf

___ Island ('Jaws' town)
Zola heroine
Well-informed about
Was in awe of
Vaulters' needs
Types in again
TVA product (Abbr.)
Turkish metropolis
Tony and Oscar, for two
Tin can eater in cartoons
Terrorist group, to Obama
Tarzan's chimp pal
Symbol of purity
Stimulant-yielding leaf
Soap opera set in Tuscany Valley
San Antonio battle site
Rebel yell, e.g
Put on the books
Problem-solver's wear, figuratively
Pitchman's partner
Pinochle play
Piano key material, once
Philbin of TV
Perez of 'Fearless'
Paul Ryan hairline feature
Pastoral expanse
Paquin of 'X-Men' movies
Our genus
Oscar Madison, notably
Org. that does PreChecks
Nobelist Wiesel
No longer stuck on
Mouselike rodent
Means justifiers, some say
Links obstacle
Like diet soda
Lewis who voiced Lamb Chop
Late hours, in ads
Keep close tabs on
Is in the hole
Infant's discomfort
IHOP serving
How gazpacho is served
Housefly's undoing
Hora dancers' formation
Gossipy sort
Ginger cookie
Garden statuette
Ferris wheel locale
Eye part that's useful in biometrics
Evidence of decay
Eggs on canapes
Descartes' 'therefore'
Dermatologist's concern
Cubicle fixture
Cry one's eyes out
Crier's employer
Classic cola brand
Choice seats at the opera
Bridge seat
Blunt-tipped sword
Bit of mock fanfare
Berlin divider, once
Available if needed
ATV part
Assents on the briny
Apia's land
Angst-ridden music subgenre
2009 sci-fi movie that grossed over $2 billion
'Virtua Fighter' game company
'Star Wars' princess
'On the half shell' bite
'Mr. Bean' actor Atkinson
'Candy is dandy . . .' poet Nash – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Dec-16-2016#sthash.EmVFbcXc.dpuf

Word on boarding passes
Web access co
Was awful at the Improv
Use one's scope
Unexpected delight
Type of shirt
Two-legged plant, perhaps
Turn aside abruptly
Trait determinant
Traffic symbol
Tokyo shopping center
Sub __ (secretly)
State of matter
Spa wear
Sleep study acronym
Shirt spoiler
Shirt spoiler
Rush order of a sort
Response to "Good job!"
Remove, as a brooch
Ratchet (up)
Range of understanding
Rabbit follower of fiction
Put back into service
Prefix for date or room
Power-plant measure
Pork purchase
Partly open
Part of some twill suits
Orange coats
Not far at all
Neck annoyance
Most shivery
Make known
Loft lessee, maybe
Let off steam
Leave-taking word
Large sharks
Just painted
HMO personnel
Go cross-country, in a way
Frat letter
Force open
Exude, as charm
Extra privileges
Easily taught
Dutch island
Designer's bottle
Dean's list no
Days of old
Danish alternative
Cub Scouts setups
Critic's count
Cozy retreat
Covert summons
Court entry
City near Scottsdale
Certain Chippendale collectible
Buckle, as a board
Bowl over
Boot camp figure
Auction advisory
Accept as true
"Variety" guffaw
"Middlemarch" author
"Easy" phrase ender – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Dec-16-2016#sthash.xlGqnOTO.dpuf

___ Moines River
Word from Beaver Cleaver
Wish undone
Way back when
Wavered back and forth
Warring factions in an H.G. Wells classic
Unmanned aerial attack
Triumphant cry
Things of passing interest in Washington?
Swiss high points
Sticky stuff
Solution for dry eyes
Sister of Meg, Jo, and Amy
Silently agree to
Short distance
Shoe named for an antelope
Rudely jabs
Response from the henpecked
Priests from the East
Point at a church?
Piles on the floor
PBS science series
Org. for a Big Apple cop
Orchestral reed
Numbered hwys
Noted tart stealer
Not concealed
Nonrenters, perhaps
Maze objective
Many bucks?
Mai ___ (tropical drink)
Live and breathe
Like some division
Like many horror movies
Liberal pursuits?
In the past
Hideaway hidden inside 17-, 29-, 47-, and 63-Across
Hide-hair connector
Golfer's shirt
Go here and there
Get too personal
Freshman's grade
Florist's vessel
Fleming superspy
Flamenco cry
Fist pumper's cry
First name in fragrance
Feudal superior
Discount word
Diminish slowly
Decimal point
Decimal base
Cut with a sickle
Cry to Cratchit
Corn Belt denizen
Completely cover
Common lotion ingredient
Clean air org
Clams and crabs
City west of Madras
Church dignitary
Bygone Turkish dignitary
Burrowing member of the squirrel family
Before of yore
Beer chaser?
Become more complicated, as a mystery
Be ready for
Bakery fixtures
Anatomy class teaching aid
Amazon, for one
'I ___ Teenage Werewolf' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Dec-16-2016#sthash.bmImHwdz.dpuf

With 33-Down, part of it is now a desert
When repeated, Cult Jam singer
Vegetation in underwater forests
Usually disappointed one
U-verse provider
Trot, say
Thorough investigation
Think alike
Test pattern
Sure-footed critters
Start of something big?
Square figure
Spring bloomer
Sport that hints at this puzzle's theme
Split-resistant wood
Spinner in a numbers game?
Source of tweets
Source of flowing water
Sorbonne student
Some TVs
Side in a decades-long war
See 61-Down
Sci. concerned with biodiversity
Satisfied sounds
Sales figure
Quiets, in a way
Pulitzer-winning author James
Pub pick
Pruning ideology?
Presidential nickname
Peseta replacer
Party time, casually
Pants part
Opposite of bumpy
Online service option
One eschewing leather, perhaps
Offhand greeting
Not a hit, usually
Multiple Emmy-winning legal drama
Mountain air
Missouri river
Long bout
Large soda bottle label word
It's heard in a herd
Insulated cable
Hive member
Hills of Rome, e.g
Henry Ford, e.g
Go on
Former constellation that included Vela (the sails)
Fair-hiring agcy
Exec's reminder
Excavating aid
Elaborate in design
Eddie __, detective involved in the actual 'French Connection'
Early or late hr., depending
Driver's gadget
Draped garment
Discounted buy
Daring exploit
Composer Khachaturian
Chisholm Trail city
Bird that's a national symbol
Beginning to cure?
Aviation pioneer Sikorsky
'What __ you thinking?'
'Don't waste your money on that pendant'?
'CSI' setting
'Chasing Pavements' singer

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