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crosswords puzzle answers 16/11/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 16/11/2016

When doubled, a 2010s dance
Time in history
Tennis player who posthumously received a Presidential Medal of Freedom
Teen's affliction
Tee preceder
Singer of love songs
Silent screen actress Naldi
Record of the year
Rare blood type, for short
Quickly pan (in)
Question repeatedly posed by Ferris Bueller's teacher
QB Brett
Pub orders
Post-lunch pick-me-up
Org. with a '100 Years … 100 Movies' list
Org. for the New York Liberty
Olympian war god
News network with a stock ticker
Musher puller
Mop, as a deck
Modest two-piece bathing suit
Mini-albums, informally
Microsoft's defunct digital encyclopedia
Maple syrup, essentially
Little Italian girls
Like yellow 17-Acrosses
Like most knock-knock jokes
Like a virgin
Kicked off
Jacob's first wife
Indian drums similar to bongos
Hendrix famously used one in his Woodstock rendition of 'The Star-Spangled Banner'
Hawaiian coffee region
Hamburger holders
Gives a bad review
Gift of ___
Get better
Genghis Khan, e.g
Embarrassing laugh accompanier
Easily bruised fruit
Early American diplomat Silas
Duke Ellington's 'Take the ___'
Diarist Frank
Crowd reactions to a daredevil
Country singer Loretta
Cool, in the 1960s
Cookie that started as a Hydrox knockoff
Computer cooler
College in New Rochelle, N.Y
City called the 'Silicon Valley of India'
Citrus drinks
Chows down
Chomsky who wrote 'Syntactic Structures'
Build-___ Workshop (toy retailer)
British soldier in the Revolution
Bob Cratchit's job in 'A Christmas Carol'
Big name in sports shoes
Bees collect it
Bart or Ringo
Ball's partner
Bad to the bone
Available from a keg
Ask 'Can I?' repeatedly, say
Altar vow
Actress Davis of 'Beetlejuice'
Achieve great success
2015 Whitey Bulger biopic
1960s TV icon whose name follows a pair of letters found, appropriately, 16 times in this puzzle's Across answers
'Why should ___?' ('No, it doesn't bother me')
'This weighs a ___!'
'Apocalypse Now' setting, familiarly – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Nov-16-2016#sthash.tezJfYUg.dpuf

Young beaver
World's longest mountain range
Works with libretti
Workplace watchdog, for short
Wolfed down
Wise daughter of Zeus
Unlock, in poetry
Unbridled anger
Time of change
Theater award
Thanksgiving dish
Tagalong's cry
Tabriz residents
Swabbed specimen
Sunday paper section
Sunday paper section
StubHub's parent
Stimulant-yielding shrub
Slasher film archetype
Sicily sight
Selected at random
Seize illegally
Second person
Revels in victory
Pricey medical device in 2016 headlines
Poor sport's cry
Polio researcher Albert
Pinochle scores
Penn of 'Designated Survivor'
One who coordinates with the director of photography
One might be powdered
Official language of Mozambique
Nunavut's nation
Not uniform
Neptune, e.g
Mug, e.g
Muesli bit
Messy room
Med. sch. subject
Martin Luther King Jr., e.g
Low square
Lake seen from Toledo
Kin of turquoise
Hosp. areas
Hen holder
Haul into court
Fists, slangily
Fish ladder setting
Express publicly
Early Beatle Sutcliffe
Dumbo's wings
Draft classification
Crowdfunding choice, and a hint to the beginnings of the starred answers
Copy room package
Cook's predecessor at Apple
Conversation ender
Clarinet cousin
Bilingual 'Sesame Street' Muppet
Bed size
Batman portrayer between Michael and George
Applies, as a coat of primer
Ancestry diagram
Allentown-to-Phila. direction
Accompaniment for hot wings, perhaps
*Pedestrian's path
*Motorist's path
*Ethical person's path
*Eco-commuter's path
'___ the season…'
'___ la vista, baby'
'Science Guy' Bill
'King Kong' star
'It's a mouse!'
'Gaspard de la Nuit' composer – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Nov-16-2016—Foot-Paths#sthash.vfizqHZX.dpuf

Write for another
Winter affliction
Vampire costume part
Update the decor of
Unrevealing skirt
U-turn from SSW
Tips holder
Threw in
They can be pumped or bumped
The Polar Express, for one
The March Hare's brew
Take a breather
Sticking point, metaphorically
Stein filler
Spray can contents
Some flower girls
Sign on a prank victim's back
Shut down
Scotch partner
School near the Thames
San Antonio shrine
Roberts of 'That '70s Show'
Risk a perjury rap
Resist authority
Rainy day rollouts
Raffle culmination
Prone to goofs
Portray unfairly
Poison in some whodunits
Player-picking event
Plantation in a classic 1939 movie
Plant pounded into poi
Partook of
Partner of cease
Org. in Jason Bourne movies
Mystical radiance
Lymphatic system mass
Leaves speechless
Last Oldsmobile made
Key of Beethoven's 'Eroica'
Junkyard buy
Junior, to Senior
Jackson of country music
Is noticeable
Inscribe with acid
Indifferent to ethics
In a frenzied way
Hula dancer's swivelers
Gossipy sort
Golf shoe gripper
Flat-changers' needs
Fine apparel
Feather wearer of song
Exhibit-funding org
Dubai dignitary
Criticism, informally
Crest competitor, once
Charge toward
Casual dining spots
Brubeck of jazz
Braying beast
Banded cameo stones
Balladeer Burl
Any 'noble' element
Alternative to a designated driver
Accountant's journal
Absorbed, as a loss
'Well, ___ you clever?'
'The Thinker' sculptor
'Space Invaders' company
'Mad TV' segment
'Deal or No Deal' host Howie – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Nov-16-2016#sthash.g3whgFE7.dpuf

___ cum laude
Winter jacket feature
William the Conqueror's decisive battle
Where to find an acting president?
Was begging for a citation
Very pleased with oneself
Two magic things
Turn a cold shoulder to
Transferred sticker
Tom Hanks film
Three magic things
Tax expert
Suffix with 'Darwin'
Sudden impulse
Strip of wood
Spot of an illness?
Somewhat peculiar
Some big cats
Sharp feelings of pain
Saved-up supply
Salon services
Round Table member
Rich soil component
Recipient of transferred property
Recipe amt
Pickle's place, often
Part of a dovetail joint
Ovine creature
One of a common couple
One Magic and a magic thing
On an ocean liner
Old senate wrap
Nickname within the family
Nervous feeling
Neighbor of Zambia
More than eager
Mopes about
Minor mistakes
Mind someone else's business
Less than decent
Leg part
Large African antelopes
Kind of room
Journal notation
Jeweler's viewer
It's in the blood
It's debatable
Inner forearm bone
Humble Mongolian residence, sometimes
Hosiery color, often
Hop and jump partner
Greedy one's request
Gathering clouds, to some
Freeze, as a windshield
Fill a ship's hold
Far from assertive
Exxon Valdez calamity
Earth dweller
Downs' opposites
Conceal, as a card
Coating of frost
Certain speech impediment
Butts into
Birthday suit material
Balloon filler
Always, to a poet
A famous Amos
25-Across, for one
'The Way We ___'
'For ___ the Bell Tolls'
'Belly' or 'back' attachment – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Nov-16-2016#sthash.xmK7bHEy.dpuf

__ Diego
__ avail: fruitless
Young zebras
Word with book or opera
Traitor's moniker
Taunting remark
Take __: decline to participate
Summer cooler
Speak to
Skunk cabbage feature
Sixth sense, initially
Silvery food fish
Sealed tight
Sea of __: Black Sea arm
Prevent, in legalese
Presents too aggressively
Prefix with gram
Pill amounts
Pigged out (on), briefly
Passionate god
Old-timer's moniker
Not many
New England NFLers
Nerd's moniker
More flimsy, as an excuse
Michelle who was the youngest female to play in a PGA Tour event
March on Washington monogram
Man, but not woman
Like Death Valley
Lawn-trimming tool
Lambs' moms
Krispy __
Italian noble family
Indulge, with 'on'
In the cellar
Genius' moniker
Former New York senator Al D'__
First name in skunks
Ending for marion
Didn't like leaving
Detective's moniker
Destination for the last flight?
Dealership lot array
Cry out loud
Court calendar entry
Cornell who founded Cornell
Compact 48-Down
Coming to a point
Cave in
Captain Kirk's 'final frontier'
Bubbles up
Bonny one
Bodyguard, typically
Ballet move
Bakery offering
Attention getter
Attention getter
At risk of being slapped
Apple players
Anti-inflammatory brand
Airport waiter
Actress Tierney
Actress Gabor
A long way
'You've got the wrong person!'
'My concern is … '
'Look ma, no hands!'
'Clean Made Easy' vacuum brand – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Nov-16-2016#sthash.gjLgbFYg.dpuf

Yearning for a diversion
Writer James with a posthumous Pulitzer
Water pistol emissions
Uttered amorously
Up to the point when
United Nations translator, e.g
Unhurried gait
Unforeseen problem
Suspect-clearing statement
Stylist's stiffener
Stupid mistake
Strove to earn forgiveness
Street fleet member
Strait of Hormuz adjoiner
Stat on a showroom sticker
Soviet prison camp
South or ski follower
Sheets and pillowcases
Sharing a family tree
Senor Ricardo's portrayer
Sandal securer
Russo whose big-screen debut was 'Major League'
Purged from the payroll
Pro ___ (in proportion)
Poetic muse often shown with a lyre
Plunderer's pile
Pirated album of country singer John's hits?
Phone ___ (exert little effort)
Nutrition label unit
Most common card value in blackjack
More stale, as a trail
Longs to have
List-curtailing abbr
Liniment target
Like a butte's sides
Layers in a Christmas tune
Katey of 'Sons of Anarchy'
It may include deleted scenes
Impedes the progress of
Howling wind
High chair occupant's wear
Greek vowel containing three English vowels
Great American Ball Park player
Golf course feature in August?
Frat party costume
Feign fear or fury
Far from sensible
Exhibit gumption
Esteem excessively
Enjoying a day off
Ending segments, or what has been attached to common phrases in 17-, 27-, and 43-Across
Earthshaking occurrence
Duff Beer holder at Moe's Tavern
Drop-leaf table for the very wealthy?
Dominates, in sports slang
Does a summer job?
Creature on Halloween decor
Cornrow coverer
Completely consumed
Chiropractic concern
Cheer with an accent mark
Central Switzerland river
Catwalk strutter Campbell
Cartoonish bouncing sound
Brand of can openers and cutting boards
Athlete declared a national treasure by Brazil
Ant farm passageway
Andean wool sources
Air quality alert prompter
Abbr. on potato sacks
80% of the Kentucky Derby's length
2016 Best Musical award for 'Hamilton'
'Who wants dessert?' reply, usually – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Nov-16-2016#sthash.EqbznwZT.dpuf

Winged mammal
Whitish gem
Whisper for attention
Where Israel is
Wheat proteins
Whale's habitat
Wed on the run
Tricky puzzle
Treasury Dept. agency
The third planet
Small bills
Shoelace substitute
Sarge, for one
Salutation in Sydney
Road branches
Restore to health
Restaurant review app
Repurposed T-shirt, perhaps
Rating for family programming
Pizza crust, e.g
Person from Dubuque
Parrots and poodles
Parachute material
Mine extraction
Mentalist's claim, for short
Mens' wear accessories
Man of mystery
Make an inquiry
Make altar promises
Make a sudden change
Little hopper
Like Clark Kent's parents
Leave out
Keep __ (persist)
Industry kingpins
In the red
Hosp. professionals
Held onto
Has bought
Harvest vegetables
Group of graduates
Grew new molars
Golf pro Ernie
Gather abundantly
Furniture supporter
Funnel shape
French gal pal
Former UK record label
Fiscal exec
Fight verbally
Essential part
Electoral rout
Distress signal
Diarist Anaïs
Creme-filled treat
Coop cackler
Clues in, with "off"
Clipped, as sheep
Chitchat about the past
Bird of prey
Big galoot
Big Apple-based fashion brand
Before the first witness
Altar affirmation
Addressee on many December letters
Actor Kutcher
A Gospel writer
6+-mile race, for short
"__ for Lawless" (Grafton book)
"Don't panic"

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