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crosswords puzzle answers 16/05/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 16/05/2017

[You crack me up]
Word repeated in 'Ring Around the Rosy' before 'We all fall down'
Whopper inventor
Whole slew
WASHINGTON + R = Intimidation tactic
View, as the future
Victim of river diversion in Asia
Straight downhill run on skis
SoCal force
Smoked marijuana
Short dance wear
Shaving mishaps
Segment of a binge-watch
Salad green
Sacagawea dollar, e.g
S. Amer. home of the tango
Rode the bench
Rears of ships
Put off
Professional headgear that's stereotypically red
Prince William's mom
Prepares to shoot near the basket, say
Places where oysters are served
Phishing targets, briefly
Phishing target: Abbr
Passes by
Outer protein shell of a virus
Option words
One-in-a-million event
Nod from offstage, maybe
Neither here nor there?
NEBRASKA + T = Mortgage specifications
Muslim leader
Mule's father
MISSOURI + E = 'No fooling!'
MARYLAND + O = Period in which nothing special happens
Martin who wrote 'London Fields'
Marching well
Laborious task
Imps are little ones
Hunter's freezerful, maybe
Honor with insults
Got some sun
Get dog-tired
Gave an exam
Futures analyst?
Famous Tokyo-born singer
Evelyn Waugh's writer brother
English johns
Complete block
Chicago squad in old 'S.N.L.' skits
Charge for a plug?
CALIFORNIA + N = Majestic beast
Big inits. in the aerospace industry
Ballet step
Aid for administering an oath of office
Affected manner
A Bobbsey twin
1920s car
'___ it ironic?'
'You win,' alternatively
'Understood, dude'
'Divergent' actor James
'Curious George' books, e.g
'Celeste Aida,' e.g – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—May-16-2017#sthash.yZpaGbqv.dpuf

Words preceding 'poor example'
Will beneficiary
Unbeatable tennis serve
Tomato-hitting-sidewalk sound
Tokyo, once
Tobacco amount
Thing to throw to the wind
Thing that may be hard to resist
Theater area
The many of baking soda
Start over, as an odometer
Speak in a halting manner
Sound of a bad joke?
Solo in a space flick
Sofa's smaller cousin
Slightly firm, as pasta
Sew a sock hole
Required bet, in poker
Prefix with 'thesis' or 'dote'
Port of Yemen
Owned apartment, briefly
Nearly hopeless
NBA game site
Mysterious spaceship
More inane and ridiculous
Moisten, as a turkey
Mai ___ (rum drink)
Longtime 'All My Children' role
Letters on an American fighter jet
Kind of hospital 'center'
Key inspiration?
Keanu's role in three films
James of spydom
Hr. division
Homer's neighbor
Held together by a thin wooden pin
Happen to, in days of yore
Hanging structure
Gets ready for another offensive
Feelings of guilt or hunger
Farm female
Express one's fierce anger
Enter text
Ending for 'psych' or 'narc'
Employee of Santa
Duck with fine, soft down
Distinctive group spirit
Did a marathon
Dante's inferno
City in Washington
City in Arizona
Certain grad degree
By ear
Bug spray no more
Bridge supports
Breathe like a dog
Big job for a cowboy
Beyond elderly but owns a watch?
Beyond elderly and a soil expert?
Beyond elderly and 969 years old?
Beach bum's footwear
Be amiss
Backs, anatomically
Asked too many personal questions
Artist's milieu
Arab chieftain's realm
Already alerted to
Acidic citrus fruit
'Night' prefix
'Fly off the handle' is one
'And others,' briefly
'… and ___ the fire' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—May-16-2017#sthash.D9I3UOd4.dpuf

___-press (wrinkle-resistant)
Yemeni port
Wrestler/actor ___ the Giant
Veronica of 'Hill Street Blues'
Turkeys cooked a fairly short time?
Treater's words
Town crier's call
Towed-away auto, maybe
Top spot
Took one's turn
Too pooped to pop
Symbol of freshness
Steal, slangily
Stalactite site
Sportscaster Andrews
Snore symbol
Six-day-a-week delivery
Sidewalk-stand buy
Rival of Enterprise and Alamo
Reunion attendees, briefly
Red Bull buy
Ran like the dickens
Quality of Rambo or Rocky
Pull a swindle on
Puccini title role
Prepare Oreos at a fair, say
Prenatal test, for short
Prefix with med or law
Plans with copays, in brief
Places to graze
Pinocchio, at times
Pie cuts, essentially
Part of a chord
Oh ___! (candy bar)
Not of the cloth
Mechanic's figure
Mani-pedi abrasive
Like near beer
Light as a feather
Last two words of 'Amazing Grace'
Knock for a loop
Kaput, as a battery
Insignificant vacations?
Hoops great whose nickname ends in 'q'
Give the heave-ho to
Free from bondage
Foxx of 'Ray'
First-aid kit item
First word of 'The Raven'
First name in jeans
Fires off, as a text
Fair setup
Epithet from Scrooge
Emotion in emo music
Elite commando unit
Early wheels, for short
Don't check, bet, fold or raise
Disgusting, in kid-speak
Dentist's request
Deli side
CIA turncoat
Chemical in drain cleaners
Cause of back spasms
Broadway opening?
Boarding pass datum
Blows it
Big Bertha's birthplace
Beefy runway walker?
Ball honoree
Air Force heroes
'___ difference!'
'Slippery' trees
'Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head' singer
'How the Other Half Lives' author Jacob
'Everyone in this room'
'A Hard Road to Glory' author – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—May-16-2017#sthash.KbBqNudk.dpuf

Z __ "zebra"
Workplace safety agcy
Women's links org
Where Noah landed
Weight-loss plan
Turtle's covering
Total failure
Throat-soothing beverage
Splinter group
Song for one
Some early personal computers
Snooty person
Snakelike fish
Small stream
Show embarrassment
Sci-fi vehicle: Abbr
Sailboats' poles
Repaired, as a book page
Relaxing resort
Ready to harvest
Rainbow shades
Prefix for chute
Peace Prize benefactor
Papas' partners
Owl's cry
Once more
New Zealand bird
Moose cousins
Makes public
Makes cozy
Long for
Lambs' moms
Kennel complaints
Ink stain
In the blink __ eye
Hatchling's former home
Guard dog's warning
Grand meal
Get comfortable
Friend in war
Flip-chart holder
Flew to great heights
Fishing line attachment
First woman
First man
Fencing sword
Farmer's earth
Engage in __ of strength
Eastern European
Don't discard
Dome-shaped ice house
Do something
Concert bonus
Clever person
Charged toward
Canine visitor to Oz
Broadway award
Being forced to apologize
Be very fond of
Be the most outrageous
At the drop of __ (quickly)
Alarm-bell sound
A bit nervous
23 Across' second son
"__ Lisa"
"The Red Planet"
"That's a shame"
"On the double!"
"If all __ fails . . ."
"Half" prefix for sphere
"Goody, goody!" – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—May-16-2017#sthash.TDddw6VU.dpuf

__ pork: Chinese dish with pancakes
Yellowfin tuna
Word with screen or block
Where to pick up 'will call' tickets
Walked (on)
Vixen teammate
Unofficial means of communication, and a hint to each set of circled letters
Underworld river
Umami detectors
Two-time Emmy winner for '30 Rock'
Tweeter's titter
Turow book set at Harvard
Trade show model
Tied, as skates
The South
Textbook division
Text giggle
Tennis drop shot
Squirreled away
Sports officials
Sooner migrant
Sixth-day-of-Christmas gift
Sites for vows
San Francisco neighborhood
Safari herbivores
Red gemstone
Records for later watching
Really sexy
Poorly lit
Place for bottom feeders
Part of BPOE
Online customer service option
Navy commando
Nautical cry
Movie trailer segment
Most weird
Monopoly square with a question mark
Like some bank accounts
Lead-to-gold pseudoscience
Latvian capital
Labor Dept. arm
Kin by marriage
Itchy red area
Insist on
Ghostly greeting
George Eliot's 'Adam __'
Former White House Press Secretary Fleischer
Fixed-term investments, briefly
Five Nations tribe
Eye part
Entry in a sudoku square
Electric cars named for a physicist
Dug up dandelions, say
Doles (out)
Dam on the Nile
Cruise stops
Clean up Time?
Chinese chairman
Catches sight of
Castro of Cuba
Buffalo's Great Lake
Broadway barber Sweeney __
Bring bad luck
Boo Boo's pal
Blues great __ Mahal
Bart, to Homer
Avoid capture by
Attack, to Fido
Artist Yoko
Annual Kentucky event
Anglers' gear
Analogy words
Almond-flavored liqueur
'80s Indiana senator Quayle
'Tomorrow' musical
'Rocky __ to Dublin': Irish tune
'All You __ Is Love'

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