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crosswords puzzle answers 15/12/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 15/12/2016

___ bag
Words to live by
Word with trip or strip
Windows that are usually closed
Window coverings
Volt per ampere
Trendy type
To some degree
To date
Title character who never appears
Tidy oneself
Sports org. with pitching
Slipper part
Slim ___ (snack sticks)
Singer with the 2008 album 'And Winter Came …'
Short-stemmed vessel
School whose mascot is Jumbo the elephant
Say with a raised hand
Safe spaces
Reuters competitor
Plot feature of Shakespeare's 'Troilus and Cressida'
Parties hard, in modern lingo
Part of a truck
Only tennis player to have won each Grand Slam event at least four times
Mrs. Alexander Hamilton
Mideastern heat?
Lines on some maps: Abbr
Lines on some maps: Abbr
Like bon mots
Larsson who wrote 'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo'
Kid's father
Juicy front-page story
Joe Six-Pack
It's not allowed in many classrooms
Is worth doing
Ill. neighbor
Home to the Sami people
Had something
Green sides
Fragrant Italian brandy
Factor in a wine rating
Doc's image, e.g.?
Dish in a tortilla
Discriminatory part of post-Reconstruction legislation
Cover with graffiti, say
Christmastime refrain
Chippendales dancers have nice ones
Came together
Bygone record label
British ___
British protectorate until 1957
Bombing, as a joke
Bob who directed the 1966 musical 'Sweet Charity'
Biblical beast
Be successful
Actor Epps
1990s sitcom about a bookstore owner
1969 film whose working title was 'The Loners'
'You said it!'
'That hurts!'
'So what?'
'I will speak daggers to her, but ___ none': Hamlet
'For shame!'
'Finally!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Dec-15-2016#sthash.KTHrtMRq.dpuf

William and Harry's aunt
Waterloo setting
Twin of 9-Across in 'Lord of the Flies'
Twin of 14-Across in 'Lord of the Flies'
Turbulence caused by conflicting currents
Time-wasting fuss
Tauromachian shouts
Sticks figure
Skate park sight
Security problem
School lockdown alert
Ruler of une monarchie
Quake product
Put one's foot down
Put away
Present place?
Permission to join
Perennial candidate Harold
Peg in a round
Outgoing Senate minority leader
One way to turn the helm
Observation about a dairy farm, to anyone with eyes?
Notes for the nostalgic
Not ___ many words
Move apace
More than tear up
Mister from Mannheim
Milky Way source
Metal detected in this puzzle's theme answers
Meridian setting
Maples planted in honor of military musicians?
Low-value coin
Knights more in need of hearing aids?
Inclusive pronoun
Hosni's predecessor
Hoping for a hit
George opposed by Washington
Free up, in a way
Food many compare to wallpaper paste
Finn's transport
Fall flat
Educational institution since 1440
Daniel Inouye's final word
Cookies with a five-pointed shape?
City east of the Great Salt Lake
Circular words
Caterer's collection
Cal. spans
Bridle attachment
Body of art?
Bobolink's kin
Birthstone for some Libras
Big palookas
Bewilderment gripping the Pentagon?
Beehives, e.g
Beach-going Burmese?
Angle symbol
Almost at hand
26, for 66-Across: Abbr
'Holy Sonnets' poet
'Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind' composer – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Dec-15-2016—Metal-Detector#sthash.mp9Zu5it.dpuf

Welcome indicator
Water sports
Villain's foe
Units of work
Uncouth bounders
Type of hockey shot
The least bit
Test, as ore
Teem, as bees
Steam room site, sometimes
Stats for a slugger, briefly
Stand fast against
Some jeans
Second part of a side-dish name
Saturated and trans
Santa ___, Calif
Running behind
Reasons for burglary reports
Poker player's action
Piece of business attire, for some
Path from home to first
One of the Jackson Five
One of the deadly sins
Not as many
NBA setting
Nagging desire
Make a raucous noise
Mails or transmits
Lyric poem
Lady Macbeth or Romeo
Keg attachment
Jets or Sharks, in a classic film
Inexact quantity
Ices, mob-style
Hither and ___
Head supports
Greenish-blue color
Green plover
Gin and lime juice cocktail
Food connoisseur
Flout authority
First garden
Finished sitting
False prefix
Delicious spread
Dangerous biters
Cupid alternative
Couric of TV
Cotton with a smooth finish
Copper, for one
Cincinnati players
Chinese green tea variety
Certainly not us
Certain phone button
Certain hospital procedures
Centrally located, as in a crowd
Broadway offerings
Brain production
Biblical wise men
Biblical birthright-seller
Bess' love
B&B relatives
Arab bigwig
Any seamstress?
Aces, on occasion
252 gallons of wine
'What ___, made of money?'
'Let that sentence stay'
'I ___ you one' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Dec-15-2016#sthash.BBRezHxc.dpuf

Worthless prize in 'Let's Make a Deal'
Word that can follow the last parts of 21-, 31-, 41- and 50-
Word before appeal or change
Will Ferrell newsman Burgundy
Wile E. Coyote's explosive
Wedding gown attachment
Vice president before Gerald
Trolley noise
Top-billed performer
Timothy Leary's turn-on
Theater name that means 'jewel'
The Bard's stream
Tacoma's waters
Sticks up
Speak like a sot
Spaghetti sauce herb
Skating legend Heiden
Satellite's path
Santa's sackful
Sales staffers
Sail support
Sacred Egyptian beetle
Rubik's brainteaser
Pull a prank on
Peaks with chalets
Numbered musical piece
Not much
No longer together
Movie pig
Marathon division
Makes public
Magician's 'Behold!'
Lunch break length, maybe
Lingerie shop expert
Like pre-1991 Russia
Like many kitchens
Like a drive-thru order
Kindergarten basics
Is an accomplice to
Intense anger
Hydroelectricity projects
Honolulu's home
Harbor workhorses
Grease job, briefly
Got mellow
Goes for game
Gift for an artistic child
Gandhi's act of dissent
Frozen waffle brand
Former 'American Idol' judge Abdul
Folklore beast
Fillable flatbread
Enthusiastic, like a collector
Do a ditty
Dairy science major, informally
Coventry's locale
Copier size option
Competitor of Comet and Bon Ami
Christopher of horror movies
Chowder morsel
Chianti color
Cheap insult
Carpet feature
Candy in dispensers
Building blocks brand
Bracelet spots
Book of pictorial memories
Bombards with e-junk
Bogey beater
Blue Lucky Charms shapes
Big Mac threesome
Be a worrywart
Battalion or regiment
Baker's necessity
Amy Schumer's field
'Who ___ to judge?'
'The Twelve Days of Christmas' musicians – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Dec-15-2016#sthash.oMKeDKq6.dpuf

Wrap up
World Series lead-in: Abbr
Wines and dines
Wide of the mark
Volunteer sitter, perhaps
Video excerpts
Vexatious ones
Vacuum's acquisition
Touch borders with
This instant
Third-largest Hawaiian island
Thief, in brief
Substitute's place
Started the day late
Squeezes (out)
Something in the air
Software menu option
Signaled one's arrival
Short on customers
Retail outlet
Red-carpet walker
Put up a stake
Presently occupied
Prefix for motive
Post-coup group
Place for a lace
Pine fruit
Pay, as a bill
Money in Monterrey
Midday ritual
Metaphor for suspicion
Marsh plant
Marina del __, CA
Lopsided victories
London police force founder
Like tears
Learn about
Large number
Iso- relative
Hotel freebie
High point
Ground grain
Grammatical substantive
Goes full bore
Forceful and brief
Fit out
Executive Branch div
Elemental variants
Educational standards plan
Dull sound
Drawer pull
Director Anderson
Digital reading
Delineate deeply
Cultural figure
Crow's quarters
Cooper Mohican
Contractual detail
Burlap fiber
Bop on the bean
Bond before Roger
Be suitable for
Aware of, informally
Auto-race boss
Athletic memento
Al's "Godfather" wife
A great distance
"I Love Lucy" character – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Dec-15-2016#sthash.ARpdYNkC.dpuf

Word that can follow generation or age
Western 'necktie'
Vietnam Veterans Memorial designer
Unstated assent
Umberto who wrote 'The Name of the Rose'
The best
Starting from
Some big pharma marketing pitches
Six ___ (quality assurance term)
SEA guesses
Rocker Clapton
Review of the books
Relieves (of)
Really liked
Pro ___ (for now)
Place to get a pint
PC puzzle game of the 1990s
PC fixer
Opposite of sans
NL East squad
Nickname for a scandal-plagued Chicago baseball team
Musician's asset
Monopoly acquisition
Minstrel's strings
Mario ___ (racing game)
Main thoroughfare, of a sort
Lund in 'Casablanca'
Lose it
Long sentence
King Priam's kingdom
Kia Sportage or Toyota RAV4
Jazz feature?
It might evoke nostalgia
Intelligence tactic that's a mind game, informally
Indian yogurt drink often flavored with mango
Honolulu's locale
Heart of the matter
He followed Benedict IV
Green Jedi master
Gimli's weapon
Genre for 'Spectre'
Frogman's gear
Fortune 500 name in food service
Force difficult to resist
Foldout furniture … and a hint to what's moving across 17-, 28-, 48-, and 62-Across
Feudal workers
Exclamation of discovery
Cookie Monster's peepers
Chip in some security tags, briefly
Character in Bizet's 'The Pearl Fishers'
Captain in a Verne classic
Calm spells
Bruin superstar
Broker's suggestion
Bireme mover
Big kahuna, briefly
Big fat nothing, in slang
Between, poetically
Bear or Berra
Bartender's staple
Bar of gold
Apollo 15 astronaut James
'You don't say'
'Wait just a second!'
'The Dukes of Hazzard' deputy
'Prepare to be knighted!'
'No blips in the plan yet!'
'Land Shark' sketch show, briefly
'Ivanhoe' novelist Sir Walter – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Dec-15-2016#sthash.BaQ9qZ0o.dpuf

Young adult fiction writer Griffin
Wisconsin-based tool manufacturer
Vegas routine
Trial version
Those two
Tall and thin
Tahari of fashion
Tach nos
Subject that may come up in a frank discussion?
Stone-pushing Winter Olympian
Sphere of influence
Soothing brew
Some road atlas pgs
Some PX patrons
Sierra or Yukon
Security lapse
Santana's '__ Como Va'
Red hair and green eyes
Provided the hands
Point at which commitment occurs
Pantyhose shade
Oktoberfest souvenirs
Official lang. of Trinidad and Tobago
Ocean predators
Neural junction
NBA part: Abbr
Moves with effort
Move, roots and all
Masterful ability
Masculine principle
Mardi Gras purchases
Lab fluids
Knight's attendant
Keep __ distance
Italian sonnet closing
It makes a lot of dough
Indication of cooperation with ones hidden in this puzzle's four other longest answers
Hunted one
Having one sharp
Harper Lee's home st
Got elected
Golden Fleece ship
George Lucas' alma mater: Abbr
Garage sale caveat
Fridge convenience
Dr. Evil's cohort
Dr. Evil portrayer in Austin Powers films
Disney daughter of King Triton
D-Day code name
Cushy class
Connect to a power source
Cleaner with a blade
Citrus greenhouse
Carroll specialties
Capital on the Aar
Bishops and pawns
Balkan native
Avignon article
Any '30 Rock' episode, now
Actor Stephen
1957 #1 song title that appears in the line after 'I'm in love'
'The Last Supper,' for one
'Key Largo' co-star
'I'm impressed!'
'I can't believe I missed that!'

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