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crosswords puzzle answers 15/05/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 15/05/2017

Wonderland girl
With 62-Down, a spring festival
Weaving machine
Virus in 2014 news
The Enterprise, for example
Talked incessantly
Symbols of resistance
Spy novelist Deighton
Special Forces cap
Soft drink in a green bottle
Smallest OPEC nation
Skirt fold
Sigher's words
See 10-Down
Schoolteacher's org
Schmoozing gossip
Quetzalcoatl worshiper
Pub purchases
Polo mount
Played (with)
Pig's digs
Paths of pendulums
Part of a person's psyche … or a hidden part of 18-, 23-, 39- or 48-Across?
Opera highlight
One-third of pitching's Triple Crown, for short
Nelson Mandela's org
Navigation instrument
Mathematician Turing who was the subject of 'The Imitation Game'
Many Monty Python skits
Mani-pedi place
Letter that doesn't need an envelope or stamp
Historic California route, with 'El'
Govt.-issued security
Got into a row?
Genetic copies
Fruit often seen in still lifes
French designer's monogram
Forwards, as a misdelivered letter
Fable's message
Election mo
Elaine's last name on 'Seinfeld'
Easel, e.g
Ducked (out) furtively
Divisions of a play
Division of a play
Desirable feature of a rented room
Designer Geoffrey
Crumb carriers
Cpl., e.g
Common computer peripherals
Command between 'Ready!' and 'Fire!'
College officials
Chocolate-covered morsel often eaten at the movies
Chill out
Century 21 rival
Car deal that's not a purchase
Bottoms of high-tops
Bother persistently
Book with handwritten thoughts
Black wood
Ancient France
Altar affirmation
2016 film for which Viggo Mortensen earned an Oscar nomination
2000 Summer Olympics city
'___ Enchanted' (2004 film)
'Was ___ das?' (German question)
'Super' group buying campaign ads
'High' times
'Here's to the newlyweds!,' e.g
'Gimme a minute' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—May-15-2017#sthash.u5ipW83s.dpuf

Writes musical symbols
Whole-yards link
When trains are due in (abbr.)
What to do with a lost package floating asea?
What to do with a comped thing?
What actors memorize
Was introduced to
Very lenient toward
Type variety
Type of software test
Turned sharply
Synthetic silklike fabric
Sinister guru
Sailor's org
Rocket launch cancellation
Roast pig side dish
Ring, like bells
Rigs something like a general practitioner?
Place to be cast away
Patch of woods
Part of a hedge
Nuts, in Spain
Newborn zebra
Motivator with the words 'giddyup!'
More frigid and slippery
Make adjustments
Lyrical work
Luau accessory
Longer of two forearm bones
Like old bread
Large continent
Kind of shot that prevents lockjaw
Keen observer or jotter
Jewish religious leader
It's dynamite stuff
Infamous emperor
Indian royal
In ___ of (rather than)
Human thing to do
Honey bunch?
Greek woodland gods
Golf course discards
Funny bone joint
Foot in a line of poetry
Felonious 'artist'
Feeling picked up from someone
Far from fat
Emulates an attacking eagle
Eight bits, in computer-speak
Egret relative
Dr Pepper or Mr. Pibb
Criminally assists
Covert ___ (army assignment)
Cover story
Caribbean island
Bowls over or blows away
Bicycle part
Biased point of view
Bean type (var.)
B&B alternatives
Australian gems
Almost fanatical
Affliction suffered by FDR
Adult stage of insects
A B vitamin
'To ___ own self be true'
'That was ___ of fun!'
'Monkey ___, monkey do'
'It's ___ cry from …'
'Groovy!' relative
'From ___ Eternity'
'Arabian Nights' voyager
'A Nightmare on ___ Street' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—May-15-2017#sthash.9RzJYQij.dpuf

Wield authority
Where many all-nighters are pulled
Wasn't kidding about
Walk like Jessica Rabbit
Venue for cash-based commodity trading
Two-thumbs-down reviews
Tosses in
Too smooth-talking
Swings in the breeze
Sorrowful word
Snakes on Egyptian artifacts
Sign up to serve
Salad servers
Ruffle the feathers of
Rockies resort town
Riverbank romper
Ring exchange locale
Proves helpful
Product tapped from birches
Prescription drug taker's risk
Pound a Selectric
Potter's material
Piece involved in castling
Pest caught in a 'motel'
Partner of fortune
One may be thrown from a horse
One in four face cards
On a whale-watching tour, say
Of the same family
Number of Astros World Series wins
Needing tidying
Movie with 'the Force'
More precious
Marked, as a ballot
Mangoes are high in this sugar
Mailroom gadget
Lowers with a rheostat
Javelin trajectories
Home to subterranean rats
Home for a pet rabbit
High-flying elite
Have down cold
Guest of the Mad Hatter
Grab some shut-eye
Gossipy sort
Golden acquisition for Indiana Jones
Gain a 12-Down on
Futures dealer?
Fur coat-defacing org
Frying pan residue
First word in 'Scarborough Fair'
Finger-pointer's pronoun
Facebook approvals
Etsy wares
End the business day
End of a lame pickup line
Embassy staffer
Drink with a polar bear mascot
Devoted, like many 50-Across
Demander of a bedtime story
Delivering wisecracks
Defeat by a whisker
Components of scorpion venom
Chick's home
Charge toward
Blow from Moe
Bleacherites, e.g
Bend the truth
Behrs of '2 Broke Girls'
Autumn bloomer
ATF agents, e.g
Apple debut of 1998
Alternative word
Action movie firearm
20-Across princess
'This Kiss' country singer
'Scram, kitty!'
'I've got the answer!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—May-15-2017#sthash.54PcSyGd.dpuf

__-back (easygoing)
__ and crafts
Where tonsils are
Very enthusiastic
Tug-of-war cords
Thick slice
Theater walkway
Theater level
Swiss miss of kid lit
Surgeon's assistant
Student acquiring skills
Stare at
Stage performances
Spot of land in the sea
Solemn ceremonies
Snake charmer's snake
Slangy refusal
Showed gratitude to
Sesame-__ bun
Sees eye to eye
Sci-fi saucer: Abbr
Sci-fi being
Ripped up
Reschedule for later
Ready for a nap
Rate of walking
Pigpen sounds
Performs a part
Pay taxes online
Paid out
Open-handed hit
Noah's boat
Near-failing grades
Money in Italy
Mined rocks
Make an escape
Mail away
Long-running disputes
Lamb's father
Isn't truthful
Islam's Almighty
In the center of
Horse-hoof sound
Hold firmly
Hint for a detective
Hawaiian feast
Has a meal
Hard to lift
Had to have
Had sore muscles
Flow onto the beach
Finish quickly
Females' youthful time
Farmland measures
Fairy tale meanie
Escorted from the premises
Drove too fast
Desert caravan beast
Deflated tire
CPR specialists
Court order
Con game
Clumsy person
Book jacket
Boca __, FL
Be victorious
Approved of
Airport lander
Admit the truth, with "up"
"Cross my heart!" – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—May-15-2017#sthash.vEU9xTEO.dpuf

__ about: circa
Youthful bar patrons are usually asked for them
You, in French
Wine stopper
Whence chocolate
Trampled (on)
Tolkien tree creature
Tibet's continent
Take the bus
Take advantage of
Sty calls
Stitch's movie pal
Soul automaker
Soccer shoe's turf grabber
Ship fronts
Shaq of the NBA
Romance novelist Roberts
Rich person's suffix
Restful resorts
Really old
Prefix for an intoxicating weed
Phys. or entom
Part of NYSE: Abbr
Organ knob
Old Italian coin
Not windy
Modernists, informally
Mild Dutch cheese
Mercury Seven astronaut John
Mandela's land: Abbr
Leave the stage
Kitchen invader
Kicks back
Jazz singer James
How 'The Raven' poet signed some of his letters
Heroic exploit
Hawks and eagles
Has lunch, say
Gray hue
Golf great with an 'army'
Game one for season ticket holders … or, literally, what each word in the answers to starred clues can have
Gambling city near Tahoe
French brother
Ford flop
For the most part
Experience, as emotions
Drummer Ringo
Driver's one-eighty
Donald Duck, to his nephews
Czech Republic region
Cows' milk glands
Colorful aquarium fish
Capital of Ghana
Bleak, in verse
Big name in packaged soup
Beach sidler
Ball-balancing circus animal
Back at sea?
Arthritis detectors
Algerian seaport
Adobe file format
51-Down's 'Chicago' role
*Where the biggest headlines are
*Sports industry mogul
*Handyman's forte
*Frolic unrestrained
'__ we meet again'
'__ trip!': 'Let's travel!'
'Republic' philosopher
'Holiday Inn' holiday
'Here comes trouble!'
'Chicago' co-star Zellweger
'… why __ thou forsaken me?': Matthew

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