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crosswords puzzle answers 15/04/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 15/04/2017

___ hall
___ ears
___ compound
Works of a lifetime
Women's World Cup sight
What you can expect
Wave off
Walks or runs
Very fair, admirable sort
Urban exercise areas
Unforeseen trouble
U.T.'s ___ Library
Try to contain, in a way, as a spill
Symbol of biblical wrath
Swimmer Thorpe with five Olympic gold medals
Sweeping, for short
Stop for James Cook when circumnavigating the globe
Some TVs
School closing?
Sandy who won the 1985 British Open
Runs through
Rich dessert
Reservoir, e.g
Ready follower?
Place to work up a sweat
Place for a decal, maybe
Pick up quickly
Org. with biennial bids
Ones counting down to vacation time?
Object of envious comparison
Microwave no-no
Metaphorical rock of Matthew 16:18
Looked (around)
Like many canine tails, quaintly
Lacking scruples
It's included in many bundles
Inits. on a master's application
In serious disrepair
Hockey legend Jaromir
Getting back to speed, musically
Get on
Formal guarantee
Feature of Earth, Mars and Pluto
Epithet for Louis VI, with 'the'
DNA pair
Dishes often served au fromage
Dim or grim
Cousin of 'OMG!'
Colbert competitor
Chips, initially
Chintz, e.g
Benzene or lead
Band that shares its name with a film canine
Auntie Em, e.g
Annual party favors
3D White brand
2011 Jason Statham action flick
1988 N.F.L. M.V.P. from the Cincinnati Bengals
'Star Trek' captain, to friends
'Man, I did good!'
'How ___!'

Yellow-orange colors
World record suffix
Word with 'first' or 'foreign'
Word of agreement on Sundays
Where to find two random five-letter Across answers (Part 2)
Where to find two random five-letter Across answers (Part 1)
Western movie director Sergio
Upper air, poetically
Unstressed vowel
Type of muffin
Type of legend or cowboy
Turned topsy-turvy
Trooper's head start?
Trade shows, briefly
Tel Aviv's country
Sicilian volcano
Rough shed
Riser in the oven
Red blood cell deficiencies
Psychic letters
Prison staples
Position of Hitchcock's window
Porch, in Hawaii
Police officer's club of India
Plasmalike fluid
Pesky thing
Outlaw hunters of the wild West
Org. for tall people
One billion years
Mother ___ (famous nun)
More uncompromising
Many Middle Eastern people
Like jugs, rabbits and basset hounds
Leather variety
Large ale holder
Kind of patch or pipe
It makes waste
In a very active way
Have the flu, e.g
Give 'er the gas in park
Flightless Australian bird
Exerciser's woes
Everyday article
Down clue that could relate to poker
Down answer that's an anagram of 'pesos'
Defend, as one's rights
Culture of an era
Common forest creature
Common deli sandwich
Chow down
Chocolate alternative
Certain West Coast NFL pro
Carpenter's wedge
Card distribution problem
Candle component
Bunch of bees, collectively
Brief stop in the action
Blurts out a secret
Bit of fire residue
Bit of butter
Be a terrible ironer
Bard's 'soon'
Baby minder
Assume to be true
Any 'Animal House' frat guy
Ambulance ltrs
Aardwolf's kin
1/6 of an ounce (abbr.)
'Well, ___-di-dah!'
'Star Wars: The Phantom Menace' kid
'Nothing but ___' (swish!)
'NCIS' network
'Don't go!'
'Day' or year 'header'
'30' to editors
'… and so on' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Apr-15-2017#sthash.1VyNQqUO.dpuf

Word before bones or knuckles
Untouchables member, for short
TV chef Graham
Turn on the waterworks
Traditional Friday fare
Timbuktu's land
Thoroughly confused
They did bin Laden in
Supermodel who was married to Bowie
Superman's birth name
Stranded like Crusoe
Stiff drinks
Spelling of '90210'
Snaky shape
Slam dunk by NBA great O'Neal
Six-legged worker
Singer with an ego
Sign, as a contract
See-through, as hosiery
Say ___ (decline)
President on a dollar coin, informally
Praise insincerely
Post-press conference session
Place to get 35-Down
Place for bulldogging
Online help topics, for short
One of the Four Evangelists, briefly
Muslim ascetic (var.)
Mortimer ___ (dummy voiced by Bergen)
Mob family member
Missile with feathers
Maker of Stylus Pro printers
Lyricist to George
Loft's contents
Libidinous god
Less loopy
Lena who sang 'Stormy Weather'
Jeter's manager for 12 seasons
Jamie Foxx title role
James of 'Gunsmoke'
Ivanka's mother
Instrument on the Beatles' 'Norwegian Wood'
Highest peak in Tasmania
Greasy spoon offering, informally
Go down swinging
GM line until 2004
Geometric or geographic measurement
Gear parts
Former TV cohost of Strahan
Five-star general Bradley
Finish in the top three, in the Olympics
Female bird with a showy mate
Entered, as data
E-commerce site once owned by eBay
Dressed to kill
Dr. Peter Benton portrayer on 'ER'
D.C. ballplayer
Counterintelligence org
Corp. home base
Cookies deep-fried at fairs
Cash in Baghdad
Cabernet and 44-Across
Bordeaux wine
Boot camp fare
Boggy area
Beach bum's shade
Baptism or bar mitzvah
Attorney's abbr
Atlas or Prometheus
Algerian setting for 'The Plague'
Admiral Perry victory site
1/1 song title word
'___ So Fine' (1963 Chiffons hit)
'What'd you say?'
'Socrate' composer Erik
'Fuzzy Wuzzy ___ . . .' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Apr-15-2017#sthash.9N4GqeKI.dpuf

Word before horse or hero
Very well hidden
VapoRub ingredient
UFO passengers
Trafalgar Square honoree
Tidy up
Stereo speaker
Spherical topper
Sound of consideration
Some brokers
Smokey Bear commercial, e.g
Shrub with olivelike fruit
Shape of rotini
Seascape master
Sat around
Reach by air
Portrayer of Gump, Jr
Pole, for example
Planner's project
Piece for Italian tenors
PBS funder
Part of Jessica Rabbit's outfit
Order to a projectionist
Obviously little-used
Nation on Borneo
NASA spacewalk
More than a little diligence
Michel who scored "Yentl"
Low-wavelength radiation
Looney Tunes regular
Looney Tunes regular
Lima ladies
Least spirited
Knocks over
JFK, in the '50s
Its website has Filing and Payments sections
It may be felt above you
Israeli day
Insured's outlays
In flames
In accordance with
Hymn finales
Heaps, to Hamlet
Get well
Frequent tabloid topic
Frequent tabloid topic
Former nutritional std
Floral attractions
Escape slowly
Environmentally sound
Eight-time Grand Slam champ
Editorial misses
Edison's industrialist pal
Don't mean it
Do wrong
County near London
Core muscle group
Brown-toned photos
Blade brand
Beefy servings
Batman between Michael and George
Baby bottle
Active volcanoes
61 Across success
35 Across title: Abbr
"It's a Wonderful Life" villain
"Cabaret" director – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Apr-15-2017#sthash.TcOLRp1y.dpuf

Young would-be 19-Across in 2000 news
Yippie Hoffman
Word heard before a pistol fires
Water or gas
Walk quartet
V-shaped cut
Thin coat
Tahari of fashion
Sounded displeased
Solar __
Silver tongue
Sheikdom of song
Seriously hurts
Selena and others
Sch. in the same system as Berkeley
River across Quebec, in Quebec
Record flaw
Rathskeller turndown
Protective display cover
Prepare for a new assault
Pasta ingredient
Oakland's county
Nevada's state flower
More than a little unpopular
Moonraker, for one
Make bubbly
Lily's 'Laugh-In' operator
Like some winds
Like some mounts
Like many candles
Liftoff sensation
Lab dish subject
Janitor's supply
In silence
How many TV shows are aired
Hold ’em holding
Historical Oder River region
Heavy traffic may affect them, briefly
Hawthorne's Prynne
Half of Bennifer
Grafton's '__ for Burglar'
Get to
Flies over Africa?
Fishhook connector
First date concern
Dairy line?
Currency exchange fee
Collector's targets
Coach of Nadia and Mary Lou
Civil War battle site
Charmingly rustic
Carousel riders
Candidate for Photoshop
Campaign pro
Calif. NHL team, on scoreboards
By the book
Business that requires browsing
Biblical wife of Ahab
Becomes ripe
Asylum seeker
'You kiss by the book' speaker
'Unfaithful' co-star
'Joyful, __ nations, rise': carol lyric
'Inferiority complex' coiner

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