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crosswords puzzle answers 15/01/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 15/01/2017

___ pad
___ of reality
___ department
___ Aquino, Time's Woman of the Year in 1986
Workers in some labs, informally
Women's fashion magazine
With 113-Down, product of flax
When tripled, symbol of evil
Wernher ___ Braun
Warning before lunging
W. Coast air hub
Vehicle at a ski resort
Uber-owned company that makes self-driving trucks
Truck driver?
Troop grp
Toddler garment
Time to go home
Thomas of the N.B.A
The Prada that one really wants?
The 'kid' in 'Here's looking at you, kid'
Specimen, for example: Abbr
Sources of stress for many modern workers
Source for 'Book of the Marvels of the World,' circa 1300
Something set in a meeting
Signal meaning 'no disease on this ship'
Short, for short
Several CBS dramas
Set of principles
See 123-Across
Scheduled to arrive
Sch. in Knoxville
Scale note
Santa's nieces and nephews?
Roll call response in une école
Result of a year-end review, maybe
Recipe abbr
Product of evaporation
Piece still under consideration for a magazine?
Pass over
Parts of college courses
Part of un jour
Part of the Dept. of Transportation
Part of a postal address for a G.M. plant
Part of a club selling clubs
Packers' grp.?
Outback animal
Org. concerned with water quality
Old tabloid fodder
Obama's signature health law, for short
Not we
Non-prophet group?
Nickname for a Gilded Age businessman with a penchant for jewelry
New York City's ___ River
Network standard for smartphones, for short
Muddy mixture
Most fit
Miners' aids
Makes fizzy
Long arm
Like shoppers worrying about getting the right gift?
Like kitsch
Light cotton fabric
Knight club
Kind of kick
Kind of computing
Kia model
Keep in
Japanese soup
Jacket material
Is off
Interminable task
Insect that spends its larval stage inside a fruit
Indiana Jones trademark
Hurt sharply
Hot tubs
Home to Weber State University
HBO political satire
Hand-held dish that doesn't crunch
Govt. org. that offers a monthly 'Puzzle Periodical'
Golfer's need
Ghost story?
Genre for TV's 'Stranger Things'
Foe of the Cheyenne
Fleet for many a commuter airline
First name in late-night
Fashion guru Tim
Dutch financial giant
Doctor's orders, for short
Distillery item
Craggy peak
Covered in frost
Common flower that's poisonous to eat
Chinese philosopher Mo-___
Channel buildup
Car company that owns SolarCity
Bull's urging
Budgetary excess
Brunch menu heading
Boater's wear
Blue Cross competitor
Balsa or balsam
Awkward time at family movie night
Apple product
And so on: Abbr
Amps, with 'up'
Amber, e.g
Also-ran for the golden apple, in myth
Alphabet string
Almost falls
After ___ (to some extent)
Admitted (to)
'___ Must Die' (Claude McKay poem)
'Will ya look at that!'
'Village' newspaper that's namby-pamby?
'There it is!'
'That so?'
'That deep, blue, bottomless soul,' per Melville
'In Trump We Trust' author, 2016
'I don't reckon'
'Fore – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Jan-15-2017#sthash.clO8hoPS.dpuf

Word derived from someone's name
Wish some things undone
Wind instruments
What an NFL kicker needs to kick over
Type of snake that killed Cleopatra
Type of nut
Tokyo's old capital
Things checked by HR departments
Thing gripped by a jockey
They go down the tubes
The red of litmus tests
Tank for those about to dye
Superhero creator Stan
Some members of Indian royalty
Some informal grandmothers
Smog measurers
Smear tactic in psychology?
Shows off an engine's power
Severe, dreaded virus
Rock concert musts
Reptile that resembles a crocodile
Raymond's mom on TV
Radiant beauty, to the Queen of England
Put an end to
Personal, invisible emanations
People of action
Oft-quoted mysterious author
Newman of Hollywood
Musical sound qualities
Min. fraction
Make lacework
Make an inquiry
Love very, very, very much
Little photo?
Large, in a fancy coffee shop
King Arthur's cup
June bug, for one
Joe Flacco at work
It's a green tail on a chick?
It gives you an out
It finishes Fond du in Wisconsin
It can get intensive in a hospital
It can capture a monarch
Income from wealth
Home with an incredible view?
Guy in a band with Micky, Peter and Michael
Greek 'T'
Graceful sea eagle
Go ___ great length
Go off, as a volcano
Gnawed around the edges
First-rate or top-of-the-line
Express one's viewpoint
Exploits or abuses
Deer's cousin
Decide not to continue
Dashes and vaults, among others
Crete's sea
Country wholly within another
Clunked upside the head, biblically
Chagall or Maron
Certain beer mixture
Business tycoons
Brown with a tinge of red
Broccoli portion
Brinker, the dude with the silver skates
Break into parts or pieces, with 'tear'
Boo-hoo activity
Bean appreciated in Peru?
Attention-getter in court
Artificial human of Jewish folklore
Animal with bars or business?
An automatic 'You're welcome,' for one
'Weeny' go-with
'We ___ the Champions' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Jan-15-2017#sthash.sYEtJSlR.dpuf

___ one's time (was patient)
Worked, as clay
Word that can follow the first parts of 16- and 59-Across and 15- and 28-Down
TV antenna of old
Turn tail
Tiger who says 'They're grrreat!'
Tatum with an Oscar
Sty dwellers
Songs on doorsteps
Ski resort manufacture, maybe
Simmons of KISS
Showy bird's mate
Share a border with
Seoul-based automaker
Sell from a pushcart
Scotch-and-vermouth cocktail
Rural dance sites
Rickman in 'Harry Potter' movies
Remove the rind from
Rap producer Gotti
Much Groucho humor
Miss Piggy pronoun
Mined materials
Minds junior
Middle East expert
Meal on a skewer
Lose elasticity
Long Island village near Sagamore Hill
Like a ghost town
Lerner and Loewe's Mr. 'iggins
Lacrosse score
Lacoste of tennis
Jesus, to John the Baptist
James ___ Carter
Jamaican cultist, informally
Insects with rear pincers
Injected fluids
Heyerdahl's '___-Tiki'
Headed for overtime
Hat-tipper's polite response
Hardly wordy
Half gainer, e.g
Grove unit
FOX talent show winners
Football standings column
Flax-based fabric
FAQ part
Fallon's predecessor
Fall blooms
Exile site of 1814-15
Exec's benefit
El ___ (Pacific current)
Editor's 'leave it'
Double Stuf cookies
Does as directed
Dived-for gem
Disorderly bunch
Congregation call
Comes down in buckets
Campfire remnant
Broccoli ___ (leafy vegetable)
Beat walkers
Balaam's mount
All but one ABBA member, by birth
Airline name meaning 'skyward'
Act lookout for, say
A natural in craps
2000 Subway Series stadium
'What's ___ for me?'
'Unhand me!'
'Steppenwolf' novelist Hermann
'Mercury' coin until 1945
'If all ___ fails . . .'
'I didn't do it!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Jan-15-2017#sthash.KeptzaIz.dpuf

__ Selassie
__ a clue (is ignorant)
Young equine
Wrap snugly
Wranglers alternatives
Woolen fabric
Wooden shoes
With 48 Down, "Volcano" star
What "-saur" means
West African nation
Traveler in boxcars
Too wild to tame
Thurber's dreamer
Tax-free bond, for short
Synagogue worshiper
Symbol of sturdiness
Sushi bar eel
Suriname's capital
Surfer's concern
Suffix meaning "scenery"
Stylish ones, in the Beatles era
Strong denial
State of irritation
Specialized market
Source of gin berries
Something comparable
Some tennis judges
Solemn pact
Smallest sovereign state
Silent greeting
Show to a seat, informally
Shaved-ice treats
See 93 Down
Sand trap, e.g
San __ Obispo, CA
Sacred text
Rowboat gear
Rite place
Republican elephant creator
Puts on the brakes
Pricey steak
Pressure meas
Pose to propose
Port of Pennsylvania
Plowing measure
Parking lot posting
Out of port
Oscar actor Benicio del __
Of few words
Not filled in
Nonglossy finish
No longer sleeping
New employee
Needing a drink
Native Arizonan
Moving around
Military actions
Meal for the humbled
Mead subject
Maugham character
Mars alias
Make sure of
Late hr. for breakfast
Large garages of a sort
Large book
Land once known as Upper Volta
Kelly of "Chaplin"
John __ Lennon
iPod Nano predecessors
Ill-gotten gains
Icy sports surface
Hyde, to Jekyll
Hoops venue
Honduras' capital
Home of the NBA Spurs
Hoarse voice
High point of Tanzania
Hardware experts
Hardness scale mineralogist
Grilling utensil
Green Hornet's partner
Grade school subj
Gobi's locale
Gettysburg general
Genesis landing spot
Gemstone weights
French lace
Founding Father nickname
First to portray Obi-Wan
Fills to excess
Fathers and sons
Fails to be
Ethiopia's capital
Equine fathers
End of a fencing challenge
Eggs: Lat
Ed of crime fiction
Eating areas
Doubter's comment
Dog from China
Distinctive flair
Director Anderson
Did a blacksmith's job
Current fashion
Crime fiction characters
Cone topper
City on both banks of the Mississippi
Captain's wheel
Bus patron
Black key near D
Beyond repair
Between-meal snack
Austen novel
As good as it gets
Artists' quarters, at times
Arles agreement
Another: Sp
Afghanistan neighbor
Actress Delany
A quarter of tetra-
2011 Pan American Games host
'70s missile pact
"The Prince of Tides" star
"On the Waterfront" director
"Let me answer the door"
"In other words . . ."
"Arabian Nights" name – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Jan-15-2017#sthash.tIBnSphe.dpuf

___ nous
Worshipper in a horror movie, perhaps
Wii forerunner, briefly
Way to go
Wall Street figure
Unstressed vowel
Unagi, at a sushi bar
They get what's coming to them
Thailand, once
State bird where the state tree is the kukui
Stashes out of sight
Spears on the waves?
Spanish soap?
Something you're in when you're behind
Sleeveless cloaks
Sleep disorder
Sky, in Versailles
Skunk River city established to serve the Cedar Rapids and Missouri River Railroad
Sales figure
Real estate offering
Radio fan
Pressed platters
Pay stub?
Oklahoma city
Neighbor of Nor
Minecraft masters
Made public someone else's private info
Like some premium streaming services
Hazing, perhaps
Half of sei
Gradually substitute
Goldfish flavor, also known as 'original'
Goddess of witchcraft
Get the picture
Frozen treats at the movies
From the US
French notebook
Fix firmly
Farm team
Early milestone
Cold pack application spot
China setting
Brolin's 'Men in Black 3' role
Bovine disease, familiarly
Bedford Falls villain or Hogwarts hero
Atelier boards
A little off the bottom
'___, My God, to Thee'
'Watch your step'
'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly' actor Lee Van ___
'Thanks, bud!'
'Slumdog Millionaire' actor Patel
'On the Road' narrator Paradise
'Me, too'
'Leave that to me!'
'J'accuse' writer – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Jan-15-2017#sthash.YxYeGwOd.dpuf

__ Domingo
X-Men co-creator Lee
Word of enjoyment
Wipe out
Valuables holder
Unspecified degree
Twilight times
Title for Helen Mirren
They may be good losers
Therapy subjects
Take it easy
Syrian president
Summa __ laude
Subarctic and Mediterranean
Strip stake?
Stoker creation, briefly
Stagecoach shout
Sound of a blow
Shepherd's cry
Shell-shedding creature
Screwdriver component
Scientologist Hubbard
Ring org
Real cheese?
Raw bar selection
Queen Victoria's toy, for short
Put away the leftovers?
Puffin relatives
Prepare, as dough for zeppole
Prepare for the prom
Potpourri holders
Plane features
Places staffed by vets
Percussion instrument
Pastina relative
Partners' phrase
Paris pronoun
Packs, in a way
Other, to Quixote
One-named 'Skyfall' singer
One-customer link
Old Russian dynast
Old Pontiac with a V8 engine
Off-topic remark
Ochs Sulzberger pub
NYC mayor after Beame
North America's highest peak
NASA lunar transports
Muddy quarters
Moray or conger
Military encampment sight
Meyers of late-night TV
Make hay?
Lyft competitor
Looks at
Likely to talk back
Likely to experience
Like the talus
Like some gallery patrons
Like some ATM withdrawals
Like much brandy
Like missiles in a dogfight
Lever in a limo
Lead that misleads
Language of Oslo, in Oslo
Kind of D.A
Key holder in much religious artwork
Jet black
Italian bowling game
It's often drawn through straws
iPhone purchase
Instrument featured in 'Waltz of the Flowers'
Idée __
Highland cheese?
Heated dispute
Headed up
Have a row
Half a dance
GPS info
Goes out
Go ballistic
Get close to
Full of holes
Forms into metallic waste
First year of Claudius' reign
First name in desserts
Exams for future J.D.'s
East Asian capital
Early depictor of today's Santa Claus
Distinctive manner
Dirt cake ingredient
Diamond nickname
Debugging pro
D.C. insider
Creamy color
Cotton gin inventor Whitney
Coke by-product
Classic Southern dessert
Clampett portrayer
Cheesehead's accessory?
Cheese-growing plot?
Cheese tray displays?
Cheese graters?
Cheese factory supplies?
Channel with many branches
Change the decor of
Catkin producer
Bunch of clowns in a circus stunt, say
Brooklyn crooner Vic
Brandy flavor
Bologna bone
Blue-green color
Birth announcement words
Batting stat
Bad check letters
Avian water source
Avg. newborn's 7.5
Athos, for one
Ambient quality
Acid __
Abandoned buildings, say
'__ been a puppet, a pauper … ': Sinatra lyric
'Whose woods these __ think … ': Frost
'What's the ___?'
'The Last of the Mohicans' sister
'My Name Is __ Lev': Potok novel
'My 60 Memorable Games' author
'Foolery … does walk about the __ like the sun': Shakespeare
'Alice's Restaurant' arrestee

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