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crosswords puzzle answers 14/11/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 14/11/2016

___ lily (Utah's state flower)
___ Jima
___ and sound
Where Batman and Superman live
What the best man holds for the groom
Voting against
Trickster in 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'
Tribal healer
Tennis court divider
Target competitor
Takes a breather
Sugar and spice amts
Storing for future use
Spots for getting stitches, in brief
Speak hoarsely
Smelting waste
Saxophonist with the #1 album 'Miracles'
San Antonio hoopsters
S&P 500, e.g
Rodenticide brand with glue traps
Rig on the road
Pulls the plug on
Place to store mowers and rakes
Patch up
Opening remarks
Onetime Chevy subcompact
Most's opposite
Mini racing vehicles
Manhattan law enforcement grp
Mamas' boys
Make a grand speech
Luau dish
Literally, 'liquor,' in Japanese
Like nonprofits vis-à-vis taxes
Light blue hue
Ladies' undergarment, casually
Jockey's strap
Impress greatly
Heredity transmitter
He said 'I pity the fool'
Have because of
Hatcher of 'Tomorrow Never Dies'
Hack (off)
Group of tents in the woods
Goofing off
Goofing off
Gillette razor brand
Getting ready to click on, as a link
Game with an annual World Series held in Las Vegas
Freedom from anxiety
Foreign president with a black belt in judo
Fathered, as a racehorse
Explosive anger
Eggnog spice
Eating quickly
Dr. Frankenstein's assistant
Digs for pigs
Debtor's note
Containers for serving coffee
Chooses (to)
Browser sub-window
Bat mitzvah reading
Attire in old Rome
Archie Bunker, notably
Arab Spring country
Another name for the return key on a Mac
1980s-'90s legal drama that won 15 Emmys
'Who am ___ judge?'
'The Good Earth' author
'Sure thing'
'Super' game console
'Ready, ___, go!'
'Love ya!'
'I Like ___' (1950s campaign slogan)
'Don't mind if ___' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Nov-14-2016#sthash.9PmMDuP0.dpuf

Zellweger of 'Bridget Jones's Baby'
Words with budget or roll
Witch trial town
Winter Olympics group
Western, in slang
Versatile cards in blackjack
Use four-letter words
Truck stop vehicles
They're cast in November
The Everly Brothers, e.g
That lady
Sunrise direction
Soaking spot
Shoot to another hockey player?
Sch. fundraiser sponsor
Road gunk
Rich cake
Release into the bloodstream, say
Reception desk worker
Ready for streaking
Pronto, in memos
Programmer's output
Pop singer Goulding
Plateau's cousin
Place for a peephole
Physics quantity
Person with a cover
Pageant host
Online auction site
Nintendo console
More furious
Marsh plant
Make blank
Like the pig at a luau
Like a relaxed hockey player?
Jurors take them
In the cereal bowl too long, maybe
Hulu choice
Hot and cold, for example
Homecoming group, for short
Hockey venues doubling as chapels?
Hockey score by an aging monarch?
Hockey players, e.g
Have a snack
Gymnast Korbut
Goading remark
Frequently, to poets
French friend
Forest female
For each
Flows forth
Flood-preventing embankments
Flat-bottomed boats
Fills completely
Fairway hazard
Entertainment provider for GIs
Energy-conserving mammals
Did some gardening
Cutting edge
Combat doctor
Cheese in a Greek salad
Casserole bit
Bumble Bee product
Bacchanalian revelry
Anchor's top-of-the-broadcast offering
'Happy Motoring' brand
'Forget it!'
'Angels With Dirty Faces' star – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Nov-14-2016—Hockey-Games#sthash.JpMBIYP9.dpuf

Yang counterpart
Wrongly victimized in print
World-finance org
Word repeated in 'We're Off to See the Wizard'
What squirting someone with a hose is?
What leaving a salon creates?
Use swear words
Umpire's call, sometimes
U.K. network
Tiny smidgen
Threshing byproduct
Statement that makes two one
Start for 'bucks'
Spoke well of?
Spa feature
Something to bust out West
Some custard tarts
Shows Bossy who's boss?
Scottish head cover
Rotunda covers
Retrieved, as baggage in an airport
Put on
Positively state
Place to spend the night
Pay your dues at church
New, on a shelf
Natural hair dye
Mortar bearer for a mason
Marilyn Monroe feature
Man who asked 'Who's on first?'
Lured with a wooden duck?
Like an anxious imp?
Less than stereo
Laughed at with contempt
Lasting beginning?
Inspire with love
Hop on a plane
Home of Hyderabad
High school subject
Grind, as teeth
Got in the water
Give off or send forth
Gillis of old TV
Frau's mate
For a special purpose, as a committee
Five-alarm food
Eric of 'Monty Python'
Enclose firmly, as in concrete
Eggs, to Nero
Early invader of Britain
Despite, in poetry
Correspond grammatically
Concerning the kidneys
Chinese calendar creature
Certain citrus fruit
Buyer or purchaser
Bring to the mix
Bounds' partner
Botanical seed
Block, as a bill
Battlefield formation
Author Harper
Atlanta, to Delta Airlines
Angle, in a way
Airport choices
Aglet target
Add aroma to
180 deg. from WSW
'___ you for real?'
'You're it!'
'Go on …'
'Do the Right Thing' pizzeria owner
'Dear old' guy
'Airplane Flying Handbook' org – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Nov-14-2016#sthash.TtXYaWcV.dpuf

Winchester's rank on 'M*A*S*H'
Walk on the boardwalk, say
Visibly elated
Upscale watch brand
Toon pursuer of Bugs
Title attachment
Tale twister
Suit vest's lack
Stuffing seasoning
Slaloming sites
Sitcom character haunted by the Kerbys and Neil
Sign before Virgo
Showed up at
Sheriff Taylor's fishing partner
Sets right
Scrape reminder
Rises sharply, as a price
Repeat word for word
Pronoun in wedding ceremonies
Polecat cousin kept as a pet
Phrase following a guess
Pectoral's place
Pebbles Flintstone hair adornment
Organ with a canal
On the disabled list
Oktoberfest quenchers
Oceanic predator
Norwegian Folk Museum city
More off-the-wall
Mischievous sort
Mendes of '2 Fast 2 Furious'
Many millennia
Lowest sudoku digit
Lofty principles
Linchpin locale
Like some angles
Lifeboat mover
Knicks great Patrick
King's domain
Hosiery shade
Grows weary
Grimm fiend
Greets the judge
Foie gras sources
Fluctuates wildly
Final stage
ESPN broadcast data
Diva's showstopper
Disney mermaid
Deck safety feature
Dance with a raised chair
Counterfeiter catchers, briefly
Cotton, on the Tara plantation
Cookie in some McFlurrys
Conduit for corpuscles
Chess finale
Change addresses, in real estate lingo
CBS military series
Casts off
Burger units
Broadcast a second time
Brit's tea serving
Brewer's need
Baseball's Steroid ___
Attendance book notation
American League division
American League division
Act the siren
Act the gadabout
51-Across counterpart
'Smokey and the Bandit' costar
'Silas Marner' author
'My thoughts exactly!'
'Gladiator' setting
'A New Leaf' actress/director
'&' follower in some business names – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Nov-14-2016#sthash.99dWWriC.dpuf

__ copy (photocopy)
__ and void
Young lady
Very close
Underway, to Sherlock
Trolley sound
Triple-decker cookie
Title for an earl or baron
Tarzan nickname
Taking advantage of a sale
Take for granted
Sports venues
Rounds of applause
Reward for Fido
Religious group
Related (to)
Quick haircut
Pushed a doorbell, say
Prefix for freeze
Prayer ending
Plump chicken
Person, place or thing
Person from Edinburgh
Papa's partner
Object to
Not as much
Mexican mister
Meat inspection agcy
Late-blooming flower
Lambs' moms
Kitchen or den
Jonas who conquered polio
Is inclined (to)
In unison
Hydrant attachments
Hotter than cool
Honking birds
Heredity factor
Has sore muscles
Guy in Eden
Go jogging
Give approval to
Gig for a soprano
Get __ the ground floor
Freeze over, as a windshield
Fort __ (gold repository)
Former spouses
Flow slowly
Every single one
Elite guest rosters
Egret cousin
Earth's rotation line
Didn't budge
Deep ravines
Corn covering
Clothes-dryer fluff
Clock faces
Christmas season
Capital of Vietnam
British prehistoric rock pile
Begin to melt
Be durable
Baseball runner's "theft"
Avail oneself of
Authority on a subject
Affectionate address
Adhesive on a roll
44th president
"We're in trouble"
"That's too bad"
"Dear sir or __ . . ." – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Nov-14-2016#sthash.RHe7OouY.dpuf

Wide of the mark
When you can melt in Marseilles
VCR button
Unwelcome person at a blackjack table
Unwaveringly supportive of
Under the weather
Tylenol competitor
Tic ___ (breath mint)
They're often liberal in college
Swiss tourist destination
Sushi tuna
Suffix with delight or fright
Some pears
Some lakeside rentals
Small vortex
Serves, and gets nothing in return?
Seattle tourist attraction
Save for future use
Proceeding without thinking
Primary alternative
Opposite of alt, in Munich
Noted New York family that made its fortune in fur
Not remove
No. after a phone no
Mine, to Marcel
Mideast gp. since 1964
Legendary Greenwich Village music venue, with 'The'
Legal attachment?
Least outgoing
La ___ (Milan opera house)
Kind of feeling
Jared of 'Dallas Buyers Club'
It's between zeta and theta
It gets the lead out
Inspiring veneration
In the wrong role
Hardly a beauty queen
Half a score
Greeted informally, with 'to'
Good name for a chef
Go out with
From the top
Friend of Porthos and Aramis
Frankie portrayer on 'Grace and Frankie'
Former NYC mayor Giuliani
Feedbag morsel
Fastener since 1849
Farmer, during spring
Everyday article
Drunk's affliction, informally
Cop film staple
Common Tin Pan Alley song form
Classic aid for forward-looking folks
China's Sun ___-sen
Celebrity skewering
Cause of some sleep disruptions
Bygone rulers
Broadway divisions
Broadcast network
Be a director, in a way, and what can follow the last parts of 17-, 29-, 36-, 43-, and 59-Across
Battery terminal
Actress Page of 'Juno'
1940s White House dog
'The Purloined Letter' monogram
'That feels great!'
'Iron is its middle name' sloganeer – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Nov-14-2016#sthash.Gpgo5Vir.dpuf

Zen paradox
Young fellow
WWII weapon
Word with 'of entry' or 'of call'
Woman seduced by Zeus in the form of a swan
Two-__ tissue
Title for Elton John
Ticks off
Thurman of 'Gattaca'
Television host
Suffix with rib- or lact-
Sudden power increase
Steal from
Starters on a menu
Soup-eating utensil
Sound from a flock
Scatter widely
Says over
Repressed, with 'up'
React in the slightest way
Puts on TV
Problem in a neglected pool
Polite rural reply
Pockmark, e.g
Perform (in)
Per person
Part of a time capsule ceremony
Not exactly
Norway's capital
Nice summer?
Muesli morsel
More than enough
More than enough
Look to be
Like certain inappropriate remarks
Latin being
Knocks down completely
Joined, as a team of oxen
Israeli weapon
Hospital helper
Hockey score
Hoarse-voiced 'Maggie May' singer
Hexa- plus two
Hawaiian root
Hank who voices some 'Simpsons' characters
Hangman man, e.g
Get through tough times
Expected at the station
Exaggerated publicity
Escorted to the penthouse, say
Eric of 'Monty Python'
Enter sneakily
Draw back, as one's hairline
Distort, as data
Cut with a beam
Court great Andre
Comic/writer Schumer
Cloister members
Celebration with personnel
Casual greeting
Bygone automaker
Buffalo's lake
Born, on society pages
Bearded beasts
Bacteria in rare meat, maybe
Alludes (to)
221B Baker Street, e.g
'__ it get to me'
'And thus … '

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