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crosswords puzzle answers 14/02/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 14/02/2017

___-size model
___ Lama
___ exams (tests at the end of a student's fifth year at Hogwarts)
___ de corps
___ congestion (cold symptom)
___ about (approximately)
Words said over and over
Wood for archery bows
What wakes everyone up in the morning at the duck pond?
Wail of an ambulance
U.K. lexicon
Trig function
Toolbar heading
Sydneysider, for one
Surprise victory
Stir-fry vessel
Stars and ___ (Confederate flag)
Software problem
Small, cute residence?
Signal from offstage
Shoo-___ (overwhelming favorites)
Sch. for future admirals
Sauna feature
Relatives of slack jaws?
Racket sport
Pouring into a shot glass, e.g.?
PC network overseer
Paying close attention
One of the Stooges
On the schedule
Not ___ deal
Narrow advantage
Music with conga drums
Moral toughness
Man's nickname that's just wonderful?
Like books and tea leaves
Like a well-worn dirt road
Licentious man
Letter before zee
Letter before sigma
Leave completely filled
Lays eyes on
Host at a roast
Having an exhilarating effect
Goalie Dominik with 16 seasons in the N.H.L
Gaping opening
From ___ Z
Fight at 20 paces, say
Fig. on an application
Family relations
Fair-hiring inits
Device for killing mosquitoes?
Des Moines's home
Delilah was his undoing
Degs. for creative types
Country with which the U.S. re-established diplomatic relations in 2015
Counterpart of sciences
Come to earth
Bygone Toyota sports car
Before, to poets
Archenemy of Bugs Bunny … who might say things like 17-, 24-, 32-, 42- and 51-Across
Annie who was nicknamed 'Little Sure Shot'
Advice-giving 'Dr.' of radio
500 sheets of paper
'___ last words?'
'Stop joshin' me!'
'Ad ___ per aspera' (Kansas' motto)
'Acid' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Feb-14-2017#sthash.p3qXPgte.dpuf

Your place or mine
Word with 'googly' or 'bug'
With the right skills and attitude
What a scout recites
Victor of a historic duel
Use an acetylene torch
Uris novel (with 'The')
Type of race with multiple runners
Thing that's hard to resist
Tender to the touch
Sulks with poked-out lips
Suffix with 'psych'
South Pacific island nation
Sounds of disapproval
Some imaginary sea creatures
Slender gulls with forked tails
See 21-Down
Salespeople on the road
Responded to being fleeced?
Relieve, as thirst
Quite an amount
Problem for a plumber
Poem form
Part of a burning match
One way to cook onions
Notable times, historically
Not duped by
Mystic masters
Military prison
Makes level or uniform
Make up for
Major religion
Lion's crowning glory
Like a fireplace in February
Kevin of 'A Fish Called Wanda'
Itsy-bitsy thing
Interpreting calendar abbreviations (Part 3)
Interpreting calendar abbreviations (Part 2)
Interpreting calendar abbreviations (Part 1)
Great white heron, e.g
Golfed on a green
Go on a tear
Gigglish utterance
Fruit peel
Follow in order
First name among jazz legends
Filled, as a ship's hold
Female Bobbsey
Electrify or stun
Elderly and then some
Door fixture, often
Dog and ___ show
Destroys, office-style
Copy of Essence magazine, e.g
Containing much sugar
Certain type of precipitation
Certain sandwich chain
Catches some winks
Capacitance measurements
Calf, out on the range
Businessperson's crime
Brief moments of time?
Barcelona bye-bye
Arched facial feature
Absinthe flavor
90-degree headings, right?
'___ be my pleasure'
'What am ___?' (auction question)
'This is an exact quote'
'The Simpsons' bus driver
'It's now or never' time
'Don't change this!' (editorially)
'Are ya game?'
' ___ on Down the Road' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Feb-14-2017#sthash.53hkUouU.dpuf

___ off (plenty mad)
Yank's foe
Word on a green bumper sticker
Witness's place
Went to extremes with
Weaken, as a drink
Watt's power source
Watt or ampere
Victoria's Secret buy
Victims of Raid and d-CON
Vague feeling, slangily
Treated, as a sprain
Topps or Fleer collections
Toon Kwik-E-Mart clerk
Time for a TV log
Three, to 27
They're happy, in fairy tales
Test the weight of
Taconite, to iron
Sweetener containing molasses
Stands lookout for, say
Spot the Dog or Legs the Frog
Site of an earthquake
Self-proclaimed experts
Score after the opening serve, perhaps
Recipe amt
Playbill listing
Overthrow, often
Outfit anew, as a ship
Orderly grouping
One of five in Mariah Carey's range
Nash's beast (not priest)
Musical chairs goal
Mr. Potato Head pieces
Mollusk shell liner
Minute Maid Park player
Made like new again
Lumberjack's tool
Loretta of 'M*A*S*H'
Lock horns
Liverpool's Penny ___
Like popular YouTube videos
Like a fox, it's said
India pale ___
In reality, in law
Homophone of 15-Across
Hitchhiker's hope
Held protectively
Having a key, musically
Go up against
Give up, as territory
Garment over 11-Across, perhaps
Fleshy-snouted beast
Dr. Zaius of moviedom, e.g
De ___ (posh)
Cy Young Award factor
Cropped up
Consolation prize recipient
Color similar to lavender
Color similar to cranberry
Catch red-handed
Capable of
Bollywood soundtrack instrument
Baseball's Angels, in headlines
Bakery array
Author Remarque or Segal
Antiquated TV hookup
Allots, with 'out'
1971 Van Morrison tune
'Thar ___ blows!'
'Summertime' is one
'Slippery' trees
'Green Eggs and ___'
'All kidding ___ . . .' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Feb-14-2017#sthash.o2KO5ozq.dpuf

__-friendly software
__ Vegas
Wander off
Voting in
Versatile appliance controller
University of __ Dame
Thick with vegetation
Some NCOs
Solid part of orange juice
Solemn ceremony
Snowstorm footwear
Snoop around
Sharp, as vision
Seagoing force
Scornful look
Robin Hood's ammo
River's movement
Religious faction
Prayer conclusion
Pampering resorts
Olden times
Not to mention
Northwestern region of Canada
Loosen, as a knot
Letters on the "0" button
Leaves laughing
Largest continent
Koala's food source
In __ of (instead of)
In an unfriendly way
Hits the road
Higher than
Has a hunch
Happy cat's sound
Grown-up boys
Grain in sushi
Grade school glue
Glide down the snow
Generic dog name
From the neighborhood
Fishing rod
Figure of speech
Exercise system from India
Edge of a highway
Drink noisily
Dog show org
Diarist __ Frank
Decorate again
Daylight source
Count (on)
Copier powder
Color of limes
Cavalry mount
Canoes and kayaks
Bro's sibling
Book of maps
Belly muscles
Bee attacks
Auto fuel
Auction offers
At first glance
Allow to enter
Aide: Abbr
Adjust, as a piano
Adherents: Suff
Actor Baldwin
"What did you say?"
"Once __ a time . . ."
"Hey, over here!" – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Feb-14-2017#sthash.TnPun77d.dpuf

___ Stroudsburg University
___ in the shade
Young lady
Wrestling victories
Winnipeg's province
Wine-growing region of Italy
Urban blight
U.S. Open hazards
Thomas ___ Edison
Take on carbs
Submits an offer on eBay
Stepford wives, for example
Starting stake
Star that easily explodes?
Smart guys who have trouble scoring
Six years, for a senator
Silver, to the Lone Ranger
Shorten a sentence, say
Sheltered valley
Sean's role in 'Game of Thrones'
Rocky Mountain high producer
Release of the Panama Papers, e.g
Real McCoy
Racing shell
Quarterback Newton of the Carolina Panthers
Put the bite on
Poems of praise
Place to park
Paving material
Part of a wedding toast, often
Otolaryngologist's concern
Ornamental carp
One of a Columbus trio
On edge
Novelist Wiesel
New York theater award
Nerve-racking exam, for most
Molten rock
Mazda model
Long look
Lewis Carroll or Mark Twain
Jai ___
Items held in a hold
In apple-pie order
Home of Baylor University
He played Will in 'Will & Grace'
Hall of Fame ballplayer Musial
Grace period?
Goofing off
Fairy-tale villain
Dot follower
DirecTV accessory
Cover worn on 'Chopped'
Constellation with a belt
Clothes worn by Claudius
Caps Lock neighbor
Capital of Switzerland
Camp Pendleton, for one
Bridget Riley specialty
Breaks down
Boston nickname
Bench-clearing brawl
Baldwin of 'Malice'
Army Ranger's cap
American folk standard
Aegean island where Homer is allegedly buried
'The Wizard of Id' cartoonist Johnny
'The towels were so thick there I could hardly close my suitcase' speaker
'The Da Vinci Code' author Brown
'That makes sense'
'Manon Lescaut' highlight
'Beat it!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Feb-14-2017#sthash.CC7UopfL.dpuf

__-mo replay
__ by jury
WWII conference site
With no help
When Macbeth kills Duncan
What marathoners load up on
Upper crust groups
To be, in Barcelona
Super cold
Sun protection for kissers?
Summer, in 68-Across
Some craft beer
Slithery fish
Secret agent's passport, say
Seagoing pronoun
Satirist Mort
Roomie in prison
Rants and raves
Pre-poker deal demand
Pot pie veggie
Planted, as seed
Pizza cooker
Perform miserably
Pakistani language
Padre's brother
New York City zoo locale
New Orleans university
Ness, for one
Natural salve additive
Muslim bigwig
Motorola phone
Massage reactions
Like swimming competitions
Lakeside launching aid … and, literally, each set of circled letters
Italian playhouse
Harp constellation
Grape soda brand
Good Grips kitchenware brand
Getting by
French-speaking Caribbean country
Former Russian ruler
Financial claim
FDR successor
Face in the crowd, in film
Fabric mishap
Et __: and others
Earl __ tea
Daly of 'Cagney & Lacey'
Crude early version of a work of art
Computer programming glitch
Coin-in-a-fountain thought
CIA operative
Church instrument
Bygone intl. carrier
Bottom-row PC key
Blind as __
Bindle-toting migrants
Bill for drinks
Beige shade
Baghdad's land
Attacks, puppy-style
At no addl. cost
Advanced in one's career
Actor Chandler of 'Bloodline'
A/C capacity meas
A, in Aachen
2000s TV series set in California
'__ no use!'
'The Lord of the Rings' beast
'Oliver!' no-goodnik
'Livin' La Vida __': Ricky Martin hit
'I'm on it, boss'
'Hometown Proud' supermarket chain

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