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crosswords puzzle answers 14/01/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 14/01/2017

Yoga class directive
X factor?
Words before a business's date of establishment
With 26-Down, bit of winter fun
What coastlines may do
Was lousy
Warrant, e.g.: Abbr
Very loud
Topper for Chaplin's Tramp
Tools descended from alpenstocks
Tiny orbiter
Time Lords, e.g
Thrill during an excavation
They often turn knees green
Something that may help control the border?
Shop item
See 29-Across
Same old
Roast figures
Roast figures
Really hot
Put one over on
Person on a quick vacation, maybe
Part of a Guardian Angel's attire
Parcel portion
Org. concerned with some labs
One of two in a tournament
Obviously Catholic person, in a snarky rhetorical question
N.B.A. coach Van Gundy
Mother of the wind gods
Mock wedding setting in Shakespeare
Manure byproduct
Like the upper half of Haiti's flag
Like the lower half of Haiti's flag
Like some extreme diets
Like bananas in banana splits
Kimchi solution
Join the club, in Canterbury
It 'paralyzes life,' per Martin Luther King Jr
Initiation, e.g
House flip, e.g
Golf or tennis lesson topic
Game with an official called a stickman
Free from
Fix permanently
Ending with gun or mud
Davis of 'The Accidental Tourist'
Cousin of ibid
Coulomb per second
Comic who was the 2012 presidential nominee of the Peace and Freedom Party
Celebrity ex of Bruce and Ashton
Carpaccio, e.g
Bracket position
Bond seen in 'Wayne's World'
Blood group?
Bangkok banknotes
Back in
Anchovy or sand eel
50-50, e.g
1978 Nobel sharer
'Either way works for me'

___ Sketch (classic drawing toy)
Young turkeys
You might trip on it
Wood of the Stones
Wickerwork twigs
Where many firings take place
Well-to-do wasp?
Watches the kids
Vacation souvenirs
Vacation souvenir
Twistable treat
Turn sharply
Turn on, as a machine
Tropicana Field team
Treebeard's kin
To your right, when facing Nord
Time to put all your eggs in one basket?
Tabloid topic
Stephanie Beatriz's 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' role
Spending limits
Spa attire
Sous-chef's spot in a seafood restaurant?
Soul mate?
Some Jags
Soft palate part
Small bank, often
Skiing turn
Sign up
Sidelines setting
Sidelines salutation
Shipping boxes: Abbr
She-bear, in Spain
Shapiro of NPR
Secretive org
Secret rival
Satisfied sound
Runner's goal
Result of a leaky pen, perhaps?
Refrain bit
Pussy foot
Pro's downtime
Poorest nation in the Americas
Pluto's downgrade in 2006 and the like?
Pleistocene period
Play group
Play for time
Partner's share, often
Org. with many schedules
Notre Dame's Parseghian
Nonverbal okay
Nephew of Cain
Neighbor of Twelve Oaks
Mutt's microchip, e.g
Monopoly token replaced with a cat in 2013
Minute quantity
Marilyn of the 5th Dimension
Manning on the field
Mame and Em
Lunch lady locale
Like wind and water
Like the columns of the Jefferson Memorial
Like the Beatles
Like some enclosed envelopes
Like a riverbed
Letter resembling the symbol for Neptune
Knot of hair
Keep adding more to, as assignments
Inner ears
Improvise vocally
Image on the Uruguayan flag
Icelandic literature
Hog the mirror
Historian's study
Having a predisposition for
Harper's Bazaar illustrator
Go downhill fast
Get gushy
Friendly understanding
Founder of the first U.S. Shaker colony
Former Toyota model
Florentine banking house
Flat formation
Fishing trap
Element above lead in the periodic table
Draftee's denial
Denny's rival
Declare under oath
Dearest pal
David Tennant or Peter Capaldi
Coup d'___
Country, to Caligula
Cookie source
Conventioneer with pointy ears, say
Comics shriek
Cocoon occupiers
Close attachment formed during an official trip?
Celtic language
Carries out
Business partner, often
Brown weasel
Broke new ground?
Broadcaster in more than 40 languages: Abbr
Breezing through
Bordeaux buddy
Bone up
Bomb at the box office
Big name in label makers
Biblical prophet of doom
Ben's successor at the Fed
Bee Taylor's great-nephew
Bar assn. members
Auburn's kin
Astronaut's seat?
Approx. number
Anna Pavlova or Margot Fonteyn, once?
Admits, as guilt
AAA offering
'___ luego'
'You want a war? You got a war!'
'You know you want to!'
'Today' rival, familiarly
'My word!'
'Inception' director Christopher
'Frozen' prince
'Draft Dodger Rag' singer Phil – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Jan-14-2017—Alien-Invasion#sthash.ncxIQhcP.dpuf

___ Michelle Gellar of TV
What offspring inherit
What I can be
Walking alongside each other
Tolkien beast
They include sides
Texas City on the Rio Grande
Tall bird that lays green eggs
Subject to legal damages
State of desertion
Star's brief appearance
Some Pacific salmon
Some angled building extensions
Slang for a picture on skin
Shed item
Seeks God
Savings vehicle for seniors
Rocky rubble at the base of a cliff
Remove confusion from
Related to the kidneys
Ready-made houses
Protagonist in 'The Matrix'
Professional numbers person
Playful gag
Place to dry out?
Pay through the mail
Part of a coffee mug
Part of 'the works' on a sub
Paper remnant
Nighttime activity
More diabolically foxy
Monthly partial payment
Member of British nobility
Listening device
Like most loose-leaf paper
Lift the spirits of
Japanese port
It can raze the roof
Huge name in glass
Hot condiment
Hello, in old Rome
Gym site, famously
Grievances or objections
Great accomplishment
Feature of an action film
Family division, in biology
False front or facade
Elliptical shapes
Elbow's site
DuPont fiber
Distorting or spinning, politically
Deliberation's opposite
Criminally assists
Copier ink sources
Completely toweled off
Common cyst
Commit a boo-boo
Command to a broker
Chart geographically
Character in 'The Lion King'
Celebrity chef Bobby
Brother of Moses
Bill on a whip-poor-will
Be short on a payment
Banned insecticide (Abbr.)
Arctic gull
Always, to a poet
After-tax amount
2016 world champion baseball team
'Skid' or 'stop' prefix
'Isn't ___ Lovely?' (Stevie Wonder song)
'Do' alternative – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Jan-14-2017#sthash.tO5HFg33.dpuf

Yielded to gluttony
Wile E. Coyote's explosive
Wandering sort
Used a crosscut
Thwarts, as a plot
Swimmer with a serrated snout
Supports in wrongdoing
Sun Bowl school, for short
Speak with a forked tongue
Sources of fries, slangily
Sour cream morsel
Short-order order
Shiite's deity
Senate output
Sen. Sam Ervin chaired one on Watergate
Salty seven
Rudely self-assertive
Rough-surfaced fabric
ROFLMAO, verbalized
Rock concert array
Reason for a raise
Poughkeepsie, N.Y. college
Pompous sort
Plantain lily, by another name
Penultimate fairy tale word
Penny in the pot, say
PC support pro
Payment to the Port Authority
Patchouli quality
Paint the town red
O'Hare's airport code
Northeast Italian port
No-nos at many motels
Neutral shade
Need calamine lotion
Midtown Manhattan property, say
Marathoner's concern
Manager of Jeter in four World Series
Make off with
Make harder to climb
London or Big Apple area
Links alert
Lilly of pharmaceuticals
Like a dirty fireplace
Led Zeppelin's 'Whole ___ Love'
Lea call
Laugh-a-minute sort
Lake touching four states
Knesset's land
Kindle download
Island with an immigration museum
In vogue
High points
He loved Lucy
Hard to grab onto
Former amateur
Eurasian plain
Ernie's Muppet pal
Droop, like old lettuce
Creator of Finn and Sawyer
Corvette roof option
Corp. VIP
Compete in a regatta
Challenged one's option, in a duel
Break one's back, so to speak
Boxing's 'Louisville Lip'
Boxing awards
Bit of punch-card debris
Bear sporting a ranger hat
Bakery needs
35mm film unit
'Uncle Tom's Cabin' girl
'SNL' alumna Gasteyer
'Hamlet' has five
'Goodbye, Columbus' author Philip
'Caught ya!'
'Beetle Bailey' dog – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Jan-14-2017#sthash.tMKmr1fn.dpuf

Yelp link
Word from the Greek for "hearth"
With little consideration
What Indonesia rejoined in 2016
Turntable annoyance
Toxic climber
Tops in zip
Ties-to-be, perhaps
They have very short sleeves
Term popularized by le Carré
Start to squeak
Specimen, slangily
Soundtrack composer for the BBC's "The Celts"
Sgt. or PFC
Ryan's "Sleepless in Seattle" pal
Reminiscent of caviar
Rareza del desierto
Quick look
Person expressing praise
Pay-one-price, at carnivals
Nudge, maybe
News crawl staple
New York city in Vonnegut novels
Mr. and Mrs. Hockey
Minimally partitioned
Metaphor for reticence
Maria Callas signature role
Make hash of
Luau ovens
Literary villain from Soho
Kind of bowl
Key to some fast exits
It shows safety videos with Arabic subtitles
Hand-drawn product
Group communicating impulses
Godzilla film regular
Get the word out?
German dessert named for its "tree-ring" interior
Genesis 4 name
Frequent reality-show plot line
Font named for its forwardness
Farm crossing
Fair-weather friend
Extraction candidate
Ends of tubas
Easy-on outfit
Early-season 2015 hurricane
Dog-tag shape
Docent's directive
DNA, essentially
Democratic opponent of yore
Crowd inspirations
Choppers' achievements
Champion recognition org
Certain sma' bairn
Cartoon Network sister channel
Campaigns far and wide
Biter in Andy's silkscreen "The Kiss"
Beneficiary of ill-gotten gains
Apparel damage
Alsace/Lorraine separator
"Exister" synonym
". . . __ land and ocean without rest": Milton – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Jan-14-2017#sthash.5KtNu23I.dpuf

___ Adler (Sherlock Holmes's paramour)
Young 'un
Word before boss or bull
Wed in secret
Time's 2006 Person of the Year
Time for drinks
Tick off
Taxonomic group between phylum and order
Tattoo artist's supply
Supplement with
Shakespearean villain
Seth's first son
Section of a race
Say 'hooray,' say
Rep. counterpart
Railway car with beds
Pronoun for a ship
Prefix with potent
Poe's middle name
Pesky flier
Org. that promotes recycling
Mythical revelers
Middle-earth resident
Mediterranean or Baltic
Many an August baby
Malcolm Gladwell's field
Make rise, as bread
Low female voice
Living areas
Letter after pi
Lean to one side
Latin for 'work'
Large wooden boats
IV units
iPod predecessor
In a coquettish manner
Home improvement store chain
Highly enthusiastic
Hard to please, in a way
Greek wrap
Grammy-winning cellist
German article
Fruits used to stave off scurvy
Former Eastern Europe principality
Fix, as an election
First word of 'Blowin' in the Wind'
Fateful day for Caesar
Fairy-tale monster
Emulate a kangaroo
Eligible for welfare, perhaps
Eager to listen
Dwyane of the Bulls
Discoverer of radium
Didn't proceed as planned
Cry of discovery
County that borders Sonoma
Chinese food preservative
Chest muscles, briefly
Chef's sharp set
Caribbean island invaded in 1983
Boxing match division
Bit of gerbil food
Biggest-selling cookie brand in the U.S
A long, long time
1973 title role for Pacino
'Where the Wild Things Are' author
'The House of Mirth' author Wharton
'Stop already!'
'Little ___' (Adam Sandler movie)
'Fighting' college team
'American ___' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Jan-14-2017#sthash.4uSfgR43.dpuf

What happened
Viking family dog of comics
Unfair treatment
Total confusion
Think it likely
They may be picked out
St Ives gallery
Squared up
Six-time Hart Trophy winner
Site with scanners
Side issue?
Sharp rebukes
Search result
Really ticked
Put the kibosh on
Piano __
One giving a thumbs-up?
Notable periods
New York county north of Erie
Mayberry's home: Abbr
Male issue
Main attraction
Little ones
Lego line that may include gears and motors
It usually doesn't get a laugh
Hyundai 1990 launch
Hospital triage pro
High seas adverb
General direction
Floatplane feature
Find the weakness of
Festival of Lights symbol
Faun look-alike
Family nickname
Dogfight participant
Discount tag abbr
Creamer of the LPGA
Court exhibit, perhaps
Classic children's story about healing
Citrus coolers
Cartoon canine
Capital of Western Australia
Brewery fixtures
Being tracked, in a way
At the last minute, say
Ancient Roman coins
Actors Glass and Silver
Accessory for FDR
36-Down areas
2016 World Series MVP Ben Zobrist, e.g
'70s org. for 21-Down
'60s TV sidekick
'What's Hecuba to him, __ to Hecuba': Hamlet
'Rocky IV' antagonist Ivan
'Microsoft sound' composer
'Look what I found!'
'It's not an option for me'

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