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crosswords puzzle answers 13/11/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 13/11/2016

Word repeated before show
Wooden-soled shoes
With 102-Across, not the only
William and Mary's successor
Wife on TV's 'Family Guy'
Where the buffalo roam
What fans do
Wastes gas, say
Violent storms
Victoria's Secret event
Van trailer?
Two for a buck
Turn a corner in Monopoly
The rest of China, to Hong Kong and Macau
The reptile expert wore a ..
The plumber wore a ..
The lawyer wore a ..
The happily unemployed person wore ..
The gardener wore ..
The Doors album with the hit 'Riders on the Storm'
The boxer wore ..
The aerobics instructor wore ..
Successful turn in the game Battleship
Stupid mistake
Spinoff drama featuring LL Cool J
Speed skater ___ Anton Ohno
Some data storage media
Sole neighbor
Smooth and continuous
Shake one's defender
Sex ed topic
Senator Vinick's portrayer on 'The West Wing'
See 9-Down
School area that has mice
Russian pancakes
Religious branch sometimes spelled with an apostrophe
Recipe direction
Queen's mate
Quarter back?
Puts on
Put on
Patriots' Day mo
Patriot ___
Partner of each
Org. in 'Snowden'
Open space in a forest
One looking to serve mankind?
Obamacare option, for short
Nutritional amt
Noxious emanations
Nickname for basketball's George Gervin
Naval jail
N.B.A. stat: Abbr
Much Etsy merchandise
Minor setback
Means of escaping prison, maybe
Maze word
Major D.C. lobby
Logical flaw
Like some wine casks
Like a French door
Kind of tuition
Jonathan who co-created HBO's 'Westworld'
It's a loch
It helps you stay above water
Interstate highway feature
Interstate highway feature
In excelsis ___
Hosp. areas
Horn blower
Home to Hampshire College
His: Fr
Google Docs, e.g
Gilbert Grape portrayer
Get exactly right
Get even
Gentle reminder
Gallows item
Friend of Tarzan
Follows the party line?
Fareed Zakaria's employer
Famed claim from Louis XIV
Everyone's bets
Energy point in yoga
Dread Zeppelin and the Wholigans
Downhill ski runs
Dip made with olives, capers and anchovies
Destination of some SAS flights
Defense advisory grp
Deep gulf
Curb, with 'in'
Cleansing substance
Classic Orson Welles role
Chemically treated hairstyle
Capital One competitor, for short
Cantina vessel
British poet laureate Carol ___ Duffy
Borscht vegetable
Baseless rumors
Bank fig
Away from work temporarily
Arena income
Applied, as cologne
Airer of 89-Down
Aggressive bet
Affliction in 'Philadelphia'
22nd out of 26
'Whatever satisfies the ___ is truth': Whitman
'Then again …,' to a texter
'Survivor' faction
'Star Trek' role
'Isn't ___ shame?'
'Fifty Shades of Grey' topic, for short
'Death be not proud' poet
'A Fish Called Wanda' co-star Kevin – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Nov-13-2016#sthash.CDzKerUf.dpuf

Well-versed in
Weapons in old gangster films
Way in or out
Vermin that cause head-scratching
Type of committee
Thing getting on one's nerves
Tale with a point
Strikebreaker, slangily
Squeezes by (with 'out')
Sonar blip
Social blooper
Slow on the ___ (unintelligent)
Sharpens the edge of
Severe cut
Resurrecting one's career, e.g
Remove chalk, in a way
Recipe amt
Rainbow goddess
Qom's country
Playful building block?
Place for curb appeal
Pitcher by a basin
Paying passengers
Organized arrangement
One working for Santa
One and only starter?
Not spend
Mugger, essentially
Mexican cooking vessel
Medical screenings
Lively style
Like a used fireplace grate
Lennon's 'Bed-In for Peace' partner
Latin words of clarification
Labor on the docks, in a way
Jailer in 'Fidelio'
Historic periods
Having the sufficient skills
Greek cupid
Great deal
Grandparent, often
Golf accessories
Give off
Geneva's ___ Leman
Fraternity's complement
Flood control embankment
Fifty percent of an inning?
Feature of a peacock's tail
Extreme anger
Extended adventures
Euphoric way to walk
Earth, fire and water
Drops by Niagara Falls?
Decorative sewing kit
DDE's nickname
Dark and then some
Currently listening to Muzak?
Creative starting point
Creative genre
Combat gear of old
Colorful textile worker?
Clues, to detectives
Chip scoopful
Card not worth much
Capital near Bangkok
Boomed devices
Blender setting
Big name in the oil biz
Big name in tablets and PCs
Be brought home?
Bad impressions in the automotive world?
After-taxes totals
38-Across, to Shakespeare
'Citizen' of a classic film
'… all ___ are created equal' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Nov-13-2016#sthash.HUxIjlah.dpuf

___ d'Azur (French resort area)
Yellow fever researcher Walter
Wilma's cartoon husband
Weapon first tested in 1952, for short
Way out there
Waste-product hobbyist?
Triathlon, e.g
Took a turn
The self-proclaimed 'Greatest'
Spy in Canaan
Sporty Jaguar of old
Spinoff group
Some bar mixers
Sheltered inlets
Punchball 'bat'
Prefix with natal or classical
Perez of 'Pineapple Express'
Party mix morsels
Overnight stopovers, perhaps
Out of the way
Onetime alternative to Pan Am
Off one's rocker
News article starter
Nash's 'one-l' priest
Mugged for the camera, say
Made the scene
Lincolnesque quality
Like a sailor on leave
Landed with a barbed spear
Jotted down
James who sang 'At Last'
James of 'Las Vegas'
Insult, kiddingly
In ___ of (replacing)
IHOP or Staples
Hardwood hobbyist?
Hamburg's river
Halt in hostilities
Gridiron gains
Go or Go Fish
Give a little
Garfield's pal
From the top
Forwards, on Twitter
Forbidden fruit locale
Fire escape step
Fight stoppers, for short
Errol of 'Captain Blood'
End-of-list abbr
Draw in
Deliver a tirade
Deck out
Dance recklessly
Cruel dude
Coll. entrance exams
Coding hobbyist?
Checked out before a heist
Charlie of 'Anger Management'
Bring into sync
Boat missed by the unicorns
Blanket hobbyist?
Birds-and-bees class, for short
Big bird from Down Under
At the summit of
Ascribed, as blame
Artificial, like pearls
Artificial locks
Arabian Peninsula port
Anthem preposition
All square
2016 movie about leaked classified information
'The Innocents Abroad' author
'Ping-pong diplomacy' land
'Black Swan' attire
'All the Way' lyricist Sammy – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Nov-13-2016#sthash.9Qi6ibCk.dpuf

Yale students
Where Ft. Lauderdale is
Where "Turandot" premiered
What many CFOs hold
What a good putt might save
Walked casually
Walk through puddles
Video game villain
US GNP unit
Turkish currency
Tucson-area flora
Trident alternative
Travel kit plug
Test for college srs
Taunting cry
Tacks on
Swimsuit top
Sunday paper supplement
Suffix for salt
Stuff in coolers
Spectacles supports
Small soup sample
Slip past
Sit-up muscles
Silkworm, for one
Shrewd swindler
Showed satisfaction
Short flight
Shoebox specification
Shellac ingredient
Sermon subjects
Seated patrons, informally
Sched. data
Scares off
Sand formations
Rubber bands
Rotarians' colleagues
Renewable energy
Remove talons from
Religious dissent
Red Sox div
Recent Sherlock Holmes portrayer
Read through
Ran in
Quick tennis session
Printer's roller
Prego competitor
Paper Mate competitor
Oslo attractions
Opposing forces
One of three Oscar performers for ". . . Streetcar . . ."
One in the weasel family
Once had the job of
Old-school cheer
Nicholson, in "The Shining"
Missouri tributary
Metallic worker
Make an offer
Machu Picchu native
Laugh syllable
Keep a low profile
Kaleidoscopic film choreographer
Inventor's accumulation
Innovative botanist
Indoor ball game
Hyphen cousin
Homer Simpson shout
Hawaiian keepsake
Hard-shelled fruit
Hank of "The Simpsons"
Half of MCII
Graceful swimmer
Goes wrong
Gas stat
Frolic about
French water
Food worker's wear
Floor covering
Flamenco chorus
Fearsome dino
FBI employee
Farm enclosure
Far from prestigious
Far from alert
Existentialist author
Euro user since 2011
Edmonton's NHL team
e-file agcy
Dragged behind
Doctor Salk
Destructive insects
Destroy slowly
Designer Pucci
DC baseballer
Cut and paste
Current fashion
Creative technique
Country singer Fricke
Count counterpart
Corporate plane, perhaps
Cool cat
Compass reading
Choral concern
Chiding sound
Certain Canadian officer
Call for help
Cake cooker
Business arrangement
Burns with water
Bunker Hill general
Brits' rest stops
Blunted blades
Bit of lotion
Big inconvenience
Best possible
Bering Sea port
Becomes serious
Becomes complicated
Artist Vermeer
Around the city
Amherst sch
Address for the Queen
"You bet!"
"Think Outside the Bun" sloganeer
"Merchant of Venice" heroine
"I'm finished!"
"Don't __ stranger"
"Ben-Hur" vehicle – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Nov-13-2016#sthash.O9aRtn89.dpuf

Weary comment
Throaty and alluring, as a voice
Thing counted by Geiger
Thickness measure
The skin you're in
Suffix with Faust or Freud
Smoldering bit
Signs again
Shoat shout
Seminary subj
Seldom seen
Scrunch one's eyes
Roman Catholic off
Puts off
Place where free coffee might be offered
Personal property
Pass on
Out of the loop
Old lab heaters
Not peeping at all
Not fixed, in a way
North American, say
Noir and black comedy
Mission statement
Madeleine-inspired writer
Lays into
Kung ___ chicken
Jungian principle
Japanese cooking pastes
It's a wrap
It might be heard at an Italian wedding
Hiding spot
Harem chambers
Got into the fray
General on a Chinese menu
Flat lands?
Ed who voiced Carl Fredricksen in Pixar's 'Up'
Critical battle for a gamer
Come out of one's shell
Colorful refresher
Collectible caps of the 1990s
Clock sound
Christening spot
Charon, for one
Caricaturist Hirschfeld's hidden tributes to his daughter
Brought aboard
Bread squash
Bratwurst or weisswurst
Bigfoot, for one
Bakery draw
Arrives a few at a time
Alluvial deposits
Alaskan native
Acid in proteins
2016 Olympics city
'Take that!'
'Am ___ only one?' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Nov-13-2016#sthash.Sn4abDjQ.dpuf

__ Mawr: Pennsylvania college town
__ Mae
Winter hat feature
Was second to none
Was really into
Warren Buffett, for one
Urgent knock
U.S. Army specialists' underlings: Abbr
Two-time Indy 500 champ Luyendyk
Trojans' sch
Transfer for immediate viewing
Traffic jam?
Traditional tomato paste fruit
Ticks off
Terra __
Take baby steps
Surgeon general under Reagan
Stinging crawler
Stated with authority
Start to represent?
Staircase components
Spot for a spot
Space jam?
Son of Zeus
Sock material
Snap course
Sitcom planet
Shaker contents, chemically
Server's edge
Scott Turow memoir
Scissors need
Rope fiber
Road reversals, for short
Requirements for prints, for short
Remains at the butcher
Related compounds
Reach, as great heights
Raspberry jam?
Pub order, briefly
Praise that's usually not prose
Pompeo of 'Grey's Anatomy'
Poland Spring competitor
Pinky __
Penn in NYC, e.g
Pearl jam?
Paper jam?
Pain in the side
Olympic skater Ito
Olfactory stimulus
Off-color, as a joke
Of the flock
New Look designer
Nashville venue
Morning prayers
Moldova currency
Moistening liquid
Modern research aid
Meteor tail?
Many September births
Log jam?
List closing
Liqueur-flavoring plants
Like many Richard Matheson stories
Lhasa __
Less concerned with your privacy
Kim's last name, in Kipling's novel
Kansas city
Just sitting, say
Just make
Insect making spotty appearances?
Indian spiritual tradition
Hot stuff
Hong Kong airline __ Pacific
Hamlet and others
Gretzky's first NHL team
Govt. mortgage agency
Glass raiser's opening
Glass raiser's opening
Giraffe cousin
Get off
Former apparel store with a backwards letter in its name
Follow-up to a finish
First family brother
Female leadership org
Fed lines
Fearful sound
Eyes, poetically
Explorer Hernando de __
Entertain at bedtime
Data-uploading initials
Cornmeal dish
Coin word
Clumsy sort
City near Monte Vesuvio
Central point
Bunk, e.g
Bro or sis
Braves, but not Indians, briefly
Boxing's 'Iron Mike'
Black-clad subculturists
Big name in menswear
Best Supporting Actor nominee for 'Forrest Gump'
Belgian expressionist James
Beinecke Library site
Author Zora Neale __
Author Levin
Amazon icon
9, at times: Abbr
2010 Literature Nobelist Mario Vargas __
1995 comet observer
'50s-'60s country singer McDonald
'With any luck!'
'The Waltons' actor Will
'The Divine Comedy' division
'My mind is made up!'
'Love is a smoke raised with the fume of sighs' speaker
'Let's give __'
'Don't worry about me'
'Criminal Minds' agent Morgan
'Bambi' doe

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