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crosswords puzzle answers 13/10/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 13/10/2016

Woody Woodpecker's creator
Wooded valley
With 27-Down, sign on a damp bench
West Coast sch
West African country
Tense period?
Tearful words
Studio payment
Stinging insect
Sound sometimes choked back
Soft minerals
Skip over
Sitcom with a 1974 wedding episode
Send a quick message to
See 51-Across
Respected tribe members
Red-and-white topper
Reason to wear earplugs
Pro words
Prince's '__ Rain'
Permission-seeking phrase
Party leader
Olympics volleyball great Kerri __ Jennings
Nuremberg no
Narrow cut
Military status
Miata maker
Merit badge holder
Like fans after a tough win, probably
Jeff of 39-Across
Ireland's __ Islands
Hanukkah celebrator
Greek column style
Graphic __
General Organa in 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'
French cathedral city
Film noir protagonist
Family name in a 1936 classic
Excel input
Estimates on weather maps
Epsom Downs racer
Emmy contender
Dramatic accusation
Dots on a subway map
Disc-shaped robotic vacuum
Days and Holiday
Contribute, as to a kitty
Commuter option
Circus performer turned gardener?
Circus emcee turned fry cook?
Circus barker turned hurler known for brushbacks?
Chair part
Button on some remotes
Blasted stuff
Berry at health food stores
Baton, say
Austen classic
Anaheim's Honda Center, e.g
Admits (to)
A, in many orgs
29-Down's rock gp
'__ Secretary': CBS drama
'To __: perchance to dream': Hamlet
'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' writer Carle
'Not gonna happen'

Website ID
Very, on a score
Two-handed hoops attempt
Things borrowed
They lay green eggs
The way it sits
South Sea Islands
Something to flip
Snore symbols in Sussex
Shakespeare contemporary
Seemingly forever
Seats-of-honor setup
Rolex alternatives
Pulitzer novelist Jennifer
Poet's preposition
Place for an aloe
Peat source
Not at all reputable
Most massive dwarf planet
Mentally acute
Material in some seams
Lobby successfully
Largest US union
Kick __
Kick __
Kick __
Kick __
Kelly's former TV partner
Junkyard inventory
Japanese PC maker
Island group east of Miami
In the public eye
Holy book
Heron look-alike
Have faith in, with "on"
Great quantity
Goya subject
Gondolier's implement
Golf legend Ben
Give one's address
General under Ike
Gaping hole
Former Cabinet department
Erstwhile Mideast ruler
Email option
Eggs on
Drag one's feet
Dovetail part
DJIA components
Dispenser treat
Director Dunham
Dietary designation
Debate side
DC ballplayer
Cost for airtime, say
City south of Tel Aviv
City near Düsseldorf
Chaperoned events
Botanical specimen
Binding strip
Big name in ranges
Big kahunas
Be a plaintiff
Barrel-race venue
Author Rita __ Brown
ATM inputs
Air hero
Accept a challenge
A princess in "Frozen"
1/1 song word
"That didn't work"
"May I help you?"
"Don't play" instruction
"And the __ raths outgrabe"

Yoga class offerer
Women with kids, for short
What Ritalin treats, in brief
Unimportant sort
Treaty grp. since 1948
Top pilot
Sty dwellers
Store for an athlete
Spotify or Pandora alternative
Set the stage at a gig
Schnozz extension?
Ripped off
Reel partner
Quaker State port
Patchy in color
Part of NBC (Abbr.)
Part of a hat trick
Paella pot
Oscar winner in 'Mister Roberts'
Oscar winner for 'Room'
Optical illusion artist
One with wide-ranging knowledge
Momentous time
Mandel of 'Deal or No Deal'
Machu Picchu's land
Liquor-soaked treat
Like gray days
Lhasa ___ (dog breed)
Less quiet
Largest of the Windwards
Kill, as pain
Karaoke need, for short
Jockey's strap
Irene of 'I Remember Mama'
Invoice anew
In the vicinity
In awe
Golden ___ (senior)
Gives, as a grant
Fluids with antibodies
Escort's offering
Dog to beware of
Daytime drama, informally
Clobber with eggs
Circular current
Circle bits
Cancel abruptly
Can't live without
British conservative
Brazilian dances
Bovine mouthful
Bounce message recipient
Borg of tennis
Bit of strategy
Beginning section of a form
Be on the throne
BART stop (Abbr.)
Auto extra
Attack the matador
American League team member
American League team
Alan of 'Argo'
Air ball, say
AEC successor
2001 title role for Chris Kattan
15th-century 'Impaler'
'House' figs
'Exodus' Oscar nominee
'Dynasty' role for Joan Collins
'Chill out!'

Wedding cake level
Way to prison?
Uses indelicate language
Tumblers' surfaces
Thick, eggy drinks
Sunlight unit
Sesame seed and honey confection
Restraining order?
Reduce, as expenses
Quite excited
Put away in a hold
Prefix meaning 'half'
Popular cookies
Plum variety
PC linkup
Online game personification
Nowhere near?
Non-resident doctors
Most aristocratic
Make known
Least straightforward (var.)
Large tooth
Kind of school
It may be stolen in a park
Historical period
High or low card
Hawaiian instruments, briefly
Hang around lazily
Gull-like bird
Gold coin of old
Go by rapidly, as time
Give a free pass to
Fancy spread
Egg cells
Dirty air
Cowboy boot attachment
Court attention-getter
Costa del Sol feature
Corporation name-ending abbr
Cooking meas
Computer keyboard key
College setting
Clay of 'American Idol' fame
Claudius' successor
CFO's job
Certain herb
Carpenter's spinning machine
Car grille accessory
Buffo's place
Breathe hard
Borodin's 'Prince ___'
Belarus' capital
Beefeater products
Be on the way out
Barely lit
Ballerina's hairdo, often
Baffled while yachting?
Baby rockers
Assume responsibility for
Artist Chagall
Area of many believers
Anima counterpart
Activist Silkwood
Able to walk the line?
23-Across solo
'Once ___ a time …'
'Not to mention …'
'Long live'
'Conduct' penalized in football
'Buona ___' (Italian phrase)

Words with roll or rampage
Without modification
West Virginia excavation
Wasikowska of 'Crimson Peak'
Warbler's output
Unshakable opponents of King George III?
Typeface designer Giambattista
Trident-shaped letters
Trajan's Column location
Throw in
Telemarketing equipment
Story lines
Start of Hillary's 1953 feat?
Spotted dick ingredient
Speedy runner
Simple stuff
Silent sort
Rue, e.g
Reed of music
Prez before Jack
Pound pest
Plying with port
Player's pace
Pitcher's spot
PC brains
Pay stub listing
Order with scrolls on the capitals
Mediterranean property of Spain that's part of a conspiracy?
Madison Bumgarner, e.g
Lusty feeling, with 'the'
Kia subcompact
Joint hit
In bad shape
In agreement
His second inauguration was the first to be televised
Hall's partner
Gushing reviews
Grassy expanse
Give up
Getaway destination
Float on the breeze
Fan sound
Drank like a dog
Derivative course
Crone's cousin
Company dining hall
Cold quarter
Chinchilla's home
Call for
Business letters
Bucket of bolts
Brand pitched by Halle Berry and Emma Stone
Bearer of a 'This is the Hindenburg' sticker?
Battery component
Alpha Canis Majoris
AC-to-DC converter
1968 Cliff Robertson movie
1967 hit for the Spencer Davis Group
1959 album '___ With Elvis'
'Three Days of the Condor' org
'Sesame Street' Muppet in a tutu

___ City (memorable film destination)
What a spray may provide
Vacation vehicle
Two-time Wimbledon winner Edberg
Supermarket section
Suffix with legal
Sp. ladies
Sorrowful state
Something never seen at night
Some performances at the Apollo
Small test subject
Roll the dice, so to speak
Ready to retire
Public recognition
Prefix with business
Poet who wrote 'You may shoot me with your words, / You may cut me with your eyes'
Places for oysters and clams
Per ___
Part of N.Y.C. once derisively called Hell's Hundred Acres
Ones shaking to the music?
One who keeps the beat?
One of the seven deadly sins
On the up and up
Old-fashioned fashion accessories
Ocasek of the Cars
Not in use
Nos. at the beach
N.B.A. team since 2008
Much police paperwork
Magical creatures in Jewish folklore
Lively piano tune
Like some tablecloths
Lay out differently, in a way
Keeps on low, say
It may be slated
Hefty item
He married two Hittites to the chagrin of his parents, in Genesis
Halloween costume
Ft. Benning training facility
From Kigali, e.g
French locale of fierce W.W. I fighting
First extra inning
Emily Dickinson, self-descriptively
Early 20th-century abdicator
Draft choice
D.C. pro
Crushed, as a test
Creative works utilizing the landscape
Crane construction?
Corvette feature
Comic legend
Cleaner brand
Channel that became Heartland in 2013
Blew one's horn
Bereft of
Basic linguistic unit
Baked chocolaty treat
Arabic name part
Antipoverty agcy. created under L.B.J
Aid in genealogy
About 25 years, for N.F.L. players
Abbr. by a golf tee
'___ la Douce' (1963 film)
'Love Story' novelist
'Caddyshack' director

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