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crosswords puzzle answers 13/05/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 13/05/2017

___ Yantra (sacred Hindu diagram formed by nine interlocking triangles)
___ stand
___ of Langerhans (part of the pancreas)
Work together
Woman's name meaning 'peace'
With 41-Across, one bending unexpectedly?
What ':' can mean
Went nowhere
Tree-tapping spigot
Tiny cheese sandwiches, of a sort
They're old and tired
They're often upsetting
Teachers of karma
Take a shot
Stumble out of the gate, say
Strong, sharp smell
Some wasp nest sites
Some sporty Italian wheels
See 25-Down
River that forms part of the England/Wales boundary
Rid of impurities
Quinceañera, for 15-year-old girls
Pro's opposite, in slang
Powerful tool for Dumbledore
Plant watcher, for short
Places frequented by Dorian Gray
Parting of the clouds, maybe
Paid to play
One likely to have a large collection of albums
Nonnative plant?
Nest-raiding insect
Neither up nor down
Meeting on the DL
Ironman race, briefly
Instrument with a needle, for short
Ingredient in 22-Across
Ignorant middle class, per H. L. Mencken
High-quality window composition
Grammy-winning R. Kelly hit of 1996
Fortune Global 500 bank
Follows a healthful diet
Flowers named after the Greek word for 'star'
Dish made from 7-Down
Declaration after looking at one's cards
Cut of meat
Computer icon, e.g
Collected works
Christmas decoration
Boris Pasternak heroine
Bat around
Baroque artist Guido
Band with the gold-certified albums 'Tres Hombres' and 'El Loco'
Abbr. by a blinking light
A thread winds around it
1994 Peace Prize sharer
'Wag the Dog' co-star, 1997
'The Simpsons' aunt
'No need to elaborate'
'Eww, stop!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—May-13-2017#sthash.04nkM4bO.dpuf

___ B'rith
Zest source
Words with earliest or least
Wii U maker
Where a tour would take all day?
Western wolves
Weighed down
Way cool
Underlying principle of the universe
To be, to Brutus
Tati's Monsieur
Surg. sites
Subject of some Ovid poems
Struck with a hammer
Strong competitor
Steinbeck novel about nasty fellows?
Spots for mammoth weddings?
Space-going chimp of 1961
Sound evoked by a rodent
Soprano Sumac
Shrub with aromatic leaves
Show sorrow
Shelter for the future
Shaw and Lange
Shaq's appeal for a breather?
Settle for the night
Saturn's largest moon
Samurai sword training
Safari sightings
Rumpelstiltskin's supply
Rub the wrong way
Rouen's river
Rooftop sound
Reagan's first secretary of state
Questioning syllables
Put ___ act
Put up
Prickly plants
Pricey autos that are charged
Plow puller
Pianist Claudio
Paul of 'Hollywood Squares'
Passover repasts
Partridge family
Painter Magritte
Out of breath
Oscar-winning film and Emmy-winning TV series
Official lang. of Liberia
Not nude
Not at home, in a way
Naval cadet
Mud dauber, e.g
Most competent
Merle Haggard's '___ Beautiful Time'
Makeup of some Santa Fe buildings
Made reparation
Lucy's pal
Long-armed simian
Literary sister of Olga and Masha
Less cramped
Keats's '___ Apollo'
Justice Gorsuch
Julia's role on 'Seinfeld'
Jaw-dropped state
It recognized Isr. in 1993
It merged with the CIO in 1955
Is inclined
Interminable wait
Insignificant bit
Hold highly
Hersey's 'A Bell for ___'
Heraklion location
He's got his pride
He steals from Smaug
He sparred with Olivier in 'Sleuth'
Hawker's accomplice
Half of ASAP
Hair-raising tale by D.H. Lawrence?
H in Heraklion
Great amount
Got together
Gizmo with a circular end
Give hope to
Get rid of
Garbage truck output
Frequent flyer
Freeway byproduct
Fine food
FDR work relief program
Fa follower
End-of-term ordeals for a school of fish?
Emily Dickinson's home
Eau de parfum from Chanel
Eager, informally
Drainage area
Dolphin's cousin
Directors' group
Diet-destroying dessert
Derisive reaction
Critical asset
Cover version of a Tennessee Ernie Ford hit by the Eagles?
Cooler heads?
Clark's boyhood girlfriend
Clan emblem
Change color, perhaps
Butler's last word
Bud holder, perhaps
British university city
Begin wedding planning
Became stronger
Be honest
Basic batteries
Baseball team with nerves of steel?
Astros cap feature
Ascetic of old
Appease with a bit of seafood?
Antismoking org
Acts petty toward
'___ a Kind of Hush' (hit for Herman's Hermits)
'Where ___' (Rodgers and Hart song)
'We are such stuff as dreams are made on' speaker
'Survivor' group
'Rule Britannia' composer
'Little Women' woman
'Beau ___'
'As ___ and breathe!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—May-13-2017—Et-Al.#sthash.N9rZl56a.dpuf

___ of luxury
Worthless cleaning cloth
Word with 'black,' 'photo' or 'covert'
Wee toymaker
Walking aids
Vain displays
Utterly rejects
Units of work
Type of numeral
They annoy the heck out of you
The three in an inning?
Thanksgiving Day events
Team morale
Tall flightless bird
Street relatives
Some runny breakfast dishes?
Shovel, to a card player?
Ship's lowest deck
Sharp cheese type
Scratch a surface
Robert Redford's Roy in 'The Natural'
Refuge for the shipwrecked
Racetrack postings
Question concerning location
Poles tossed by competitive Scots
Place fit for a queen
Pitchfork points
Piece of a dying fire
One's bride-to-be
Not up and moving
Not small or medium
Night, in old poetry
New take on an original film
Nest up high
Mythical lamp dweller
Most ironically amusing
Many Christmas trees
Major industrial region of Germany
Made a run for it
Lift in a building
Jumping in point for an underwater worker?
It meant before, before we used before
Insect that produces royal jelly
In a witty manner
Greek version of Cupid
Geometric figure with equal angles
Full-grown female chicken
Friend in need, indeed
Extensive, heroic story
Evidence that's extremely hard to dispute
Dude kin
Crinkled paper or thin pancake
Creatures similar to 52-Across
Constantly flap one's gums
Concerning hearing
Collect certain insects?
Chrysler 300, for one
Chillingly spooky
Chill-out spot for a wedding VIP?
Chick's great-grandmother?
Cause of a freak-out 'attack'
Calf meat
By way of
Bona fide
Big body of water
Beer variety
Be sick
Audio's counterpart
Arrow shooter
Arranged in stacks
Antietam fighter in gray
'___ that's final!'
'Remington Steele' character Laura
'Cut it out!'
'Absolutely not guilty!' e.g – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—May-13-2017#sthash.Arlhy2t1.dpuf

___-crab soup
___ Major (Big Dipper's constellation)
___ gun (builder's tool)
Yuck it up
Worth a D, perhaps
Word before fry or potatoes
Whitewater rafter's obstacle
West known for double entendres
Vogue competitor
Trail the pack
Toon from Frostbite Falls, formally
Tickle pink
Things to confess
Stroller rider
Sticking point, in an idiom
Stash overhead
Sought information
Shoe ___ (foot-shaped object)
Selection under 'Format,' in Word
Santa Anna victory site
Prince Harry's alma mater
Place for pennies or cookies
Part of a fight card
Part of a checklist
One of a pentagon's five
Mr. Clean target
Mormon place of worship
More 63-Across
Meriting a (var.) tag, say
Low, marshy area
Like Willie Nelson's voice
Like most Azerbaijani Muslims
Letter after zeta
Karaoke need
Iowa State's city
Iolani Palace island
Inaugural ball, e.g
Ill-fated brother in Genesis
Iconic sitcom set in suburbia
Hot tar, e.g
Hooch holder
Having the right stuff
Half.com's parent company
Grid great Tarkenton
Grace ender
Garson of 'Mrs. Miniver'
Fruit often cut into balls
First word uttered in a confessional
Find new quarters for
Eye, to a poet
Ear or brain part
Doll word
Discount rack abbr
Cries from some litters
Cow-horned goddess
Colombian cartel city, once
Clean, as a pipe bowl
Chef's cap
Broken mirror, to some
Brit's buddies
Boer and Crimean
Blimp-securing rope
Bigger than big
Beverage cart's path
Better than 15-Across
Become inedible, perhaps
Be short of
Aussie's greeting
Around, in dates
Animal used in genetics research
Abode in the comic strip 'B.C.'
50-oared ship of myth
'The forbidden fragrance'
'So's ___ old man!'
'Pygmalion' playwright
'It's been ___!'
'. . . ___ any drop to drink' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—May-13-2017#sthash.U14wnDbv.dpuf

Word from the Arabic for "departure"
With caffeine, so to speak
Where Fitzgerald and Hendrix got their start
What covers some fish
Western Union introduction of 1958
Went finswimming, maybe
Wannabe inspired by an "All That Jazz" performance
Volkswagen Beetle creator
Traditional tiki carvers
Times-table entries
Supercharger network builder
StubHub selection
Still developing
Stands while driving
Sponsor of "Spamalot"
Songwriter who introduced Presley to Colonel Parker
Sippy cup feature
Sample offering
Rubber implements
Roped off, perhaps
Resident's add-on
Oscar, mostly
Order to attack
One row or press
Nickname that sounds like its first two letters
NFL nickname derived from FDR
Name atop the Chinese Premiers' list
Metaphorical restlessness
MD squad
Made more valuable, as in "Family Feud"
La-__ Goat Milk Soap
Jewel of Renaissance architecture
Incredulous thought
In the near future, a while back
Hot-air balloon fleet operator
Group kept at many banks
Furniture mover
Former source of two "Jeopardy!" daily prizes
Form a support group
Focus of a final analysis
Floors installed by the Fed
Fine __ (Irish political party)
Fair or fairly
Encourage, with "up"
Detectives, in headlines
Dairy Queen beverage
Court setting
Convenient and effective
Coin depicting Vittorio Emanuele II
Cinematographer's aid
Certain cyclist
Building inventory
Begin to play a part
Baseball broadcaster reminder
Attention-getting street merchant
As we speak
Allow to escape
Add cash to a card
22nd Amendment topic
"Surgery is __ act": "Grey's Anatomy"
"Stop right there"
"Stand back, Buenos Aires" singer
"Diary of a Wimpy Kid" diarist
"Casino Royale" battleground
#3 in Senate Majority Leader longevity – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—May-13-2017#sthash.8P11kDBu.dpuf

__ Doon, Bay Area community named by a Scotsman
Zhou __
Turkish title
Teen's source of funds
Takes a turn for the worse?
Symbol of sovereignty
Sycophant's specialty
Surface application
Sugar source
Suffix with Congo
Strong pitches
Start of a modern afterthought
Sneaky chortles
Sign of summer
Short do
Scratches (out)
Sacrificed considerably
Restricted pending disciplinary action
Relaxed to the max
Record trademark
Real estate buy
Queen of Thorns portrayer on TV
Partner of all
Overly precious, in Portsmouth
Oocyte producer
One may be taken on the road
Old man, in Mannheim
Neutral shades
Name probably derived from scat singing
Metaphor for high speed
Mess up
Low mark
Like Orson, on a '70s-'80s sitcom
Leb. neighbor
Lascivious look
Key with five sharps: Abbr
It makes everything taste better, they say
Help on the job?
Grab, as at a smorgasbord
Glaze causes
Floaters in a Japanese ceremony
First flight launch site
Exhaust (oneself), as in a workout
Drum with a fife
Driver's choice
Dog in the Reagan White House
D-Day craft
Clip contents
Classic theater
Child with dishes
Chandon's partner
Cassowary cousin
Cal. entry
Broadcast genre
Big shot
Beetle cousin
Band with a self-named 1978 debut album
Awkward moment makeup
Ancient Greek physician
50-50, say
1942 Hayworth/Mature musical
'Your money's no good here'
'Lady Jane Grey' playwright

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