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crosswords puzzle answers 13/04/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 13/04/2017

___ shark
What an emoji might indicate
Uncommon period in basketball … or a hint to 19- and 37-Across and 4- and 48-Down
Three-term Big Apple mayor
Swiss air lines?
Strength of a solution, in chemistry
Stick with it
Start of a counting rhyme
So-called 'father of Czech music'
Reveille no-show
Request for a high-five
Ray of 'GoodFellas'
Protein source for a vegan
Power bit
Popular tablet
Piece in many a still life
Party bowlful
Org. with the Rod of Asclepius in its logo
One drawn to kids' entertainment?
New reporter
Major tributary of the St. Lawrence
Magician's prop
Made it across
Letter-shaped construction piece
Kick or punch
Jorge's 'Hey!'
John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson, in 'Pulp Fiction'
It's nothing, really
It's an OK city
Honey brew
Frozen treats with 'six zippy flavors'
Famous feline of film
Employer-offered plans, for short
Elite crew
Door shape: Abbr
Do some heavy lifting
Continuation indication
Comply with
Close-minded sort
Chemistry Nobelist Hahn and others
Certain opera singer, for short
Capital more than two miles above sea level
Bygone fuel giant with a torch in its logo
Butterflies, so to speak
Ballpark figs
Auto stabilizer
Anthem opener
Alternatives to cabs
Actress Moreno
8-Across's mate
1970s North African leader
'___ of you …'
'Raiders of the Lost Ark' destination
'No doubt about it'
'My oh my!'
'My dear man'
'Away!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Apr-13-2017#sthash.KwxXDy5L.dpuf

Wife of Adam
Typos in literature
TV drama series starring Tony Musante
Turkish VIP title
The Almighty
Tandoor-baked bread of India
Spanish 'that'
Space aliens
Sources of feral laughter
Something a jockey grasps
Some deadly snakes
Slender gull with a forked tail
Shoelace end
Shock or amaze
Run ___ of the law
Rises dramatically
Relative term?
Pollution problem
Police incident
Places for sweaters
Place for a bird
Performance-based person
Palindromic musician
One-or another link
One of Santa's helpers
One Bolivian capital
Nymph chasers
New Testament book
New Mexico artist colony
Name before 'over and out'
Mountain lion
Melt, as snow
Man famously knocked out by Ali
Major deterrent to teamwork
Lobster eggs
Like many Cure fans
Just scratch the surface?
Jack and his wife of a nursery rhyme
It's the same squared or not
It's all the talk in Bangkok?
In the know about
Important or powerful person
Homeowner's outdoor dining spot
Hints at
Heavy drinker
Hawaiian tourist attraction
Hawaiian keepsake
From Cardiff
First letters learned
Find a ___ for
Fancy salad veggie
Fancy neckwear for women
Eye with lustful intent
Equilateral triangle or rectangle, e.g
Emotion that can raise one's blood pressure
Deli turnover
Cul-de-___ (neighborhood dead-ends)
Confesses, in slang
City in Washington
Citizen Kane's real-life model Randolph
Canine neighbors
Bullets, briefly
As such
Air homophone that's a palindrome
A 1776 musician
'___ each life some rain must fall'
'Now class, Chile is next to Argentina,' e.g
'I'm open to any questions'
'He's ___ nowhere man' (Beatles) – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Apr-13-2017#sthash.NRU3F0ZQ.dpuf

Yearbook section
Woodpile covering
Whistle-blowing Brockovich
Wells Fargo branch manager, e.g
Well past its prime
Vegetation in underwater forests
Up to the task
Tupperware sound
Tillerson to ExxonMobil, once (Abbr.)
The 'tan' in a black and tan
Stubborn beast, in a saying
Stared slack-jawed
Sources of metals
Sound in an empty hallway
Sound from the bullpen
Somewhat, informally
Sleeveless shirt
Sitcom units
Sit for a spell
Several consecutive wins, say
Serving of ribs
Second word in fairy tales
Runs out of steam
Rickenbacker or von Richthofen
Real estate measure
Pungent peppers
Puget Sound city
Potpie morsels
Pedometer unit
Pasta drainer
Partner of anon
Part of a compensation package, perhaps
Packs, as a pipe bowl
Open with a letter opener
NYPD alert
Messed up
Martial arts-based fitness routine
Long, hard journey
Like-minded voting group
Letters on military mail
Letters at Indy
Leave in the lurch
Lay on thick, as mayo
Item in a shucking contest
Island near Java
In the style of
Impressive display
Have a one-track mind
Goat's antithesis, in sports
Glider with runners
From the neighborhood
Dislike, and then some
Did a takeoff on
Dark gem from Down Under
Curbs, with 'in'
Cultural customs
Cramps, e.g
Core muscles, for short
Continental cash
Companion of a rubber stamp
Come up short
Campaign poster word
Bygone phone feature
Brings in from the field
Boxing stats found in 20- and 60-Across and 11- and 34-Down
Bit of pageant attire
Be overly flirtatious, say
Audubon subject
Arc de Triomphe city
Android download
Amazon transaction, e.g
Add zip to
Above, to bards
'Tommy,' notably
'Don't you wish!'
'Can't argue with that'
'Buzz off!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Apr-13-2017#sthash.Xh8D13ZM.dpuf

__ one (barely ahead)
Wool source
Winged archer
Web access cos
Way up some slopes
Vehicle without wheels
Unwritten on
The fifth st
Temporary tattoo medium
Technical sch
Sounding stuffy
Sound of the northwest
Shot (for)
Sheriff's concern
Settled down
Sell well
Seasonal Golden Arches sandwich
Sean Lennon's mom
Salon rinse
Rents out
R&D facility
Purchase for the present
Pothook shape
Pilgrimage to Mecca
Of mail
Not up to it
No longer funny
Neighbor of Homer
Navy SEALs mission
Musical with FDR
Motel locale
Mosque leader
Minor, in law books
Mideast ruler
Memphis music
Many London attractions
Look good on
Large laughs
Landscaper's decoration
Kindergarten craft tool
Keeping everyone waiting
It means "outer"
Informal apology
In that case
Highly motivated
Govt.-backed investment
Go straight
Fuse measures
Fill with freight
Feel contrition for
Face in competition
Establish, as a statute
Divests of
Delay, with "down"
Course designer
Cool it
Burgundy, to Berliners
Break-in perpetrator
Biscotti flavoring
Big name in jeans
Antiquated oath
All together
Accounts payable
42-season NBC series
"The Horse Whisperer" author
"In a way" ender – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Apr-13-2017#sthash.PJwSVRHo.dpuf

__ Nimitz
Yours, to Yves
Was loyal to
Verizon subsidiary
Venezuelan cowboy
Tie up
The lot
Taiwanese PC maker
Swiss river
Sweet __
Studio occupant
Storm warning
Stop at sea
Sticker on store fruit
Spot checker?
Soccer chant
Scotland's Arran, e.g
Rx watchdog
Role for Dustin
Powerful 1970s Pittsburgh defensive line, familiarly
Portrayer of 'McDreamy' on 'Grey's Anatomy'
Pirate on the Queen Anne's Revenge
Perfectly, with 'to'
Org. concerned with briefs
OPEC member
One-named Deco master
Not of the cloth
Most sober
Md. neighbor
Md. neighbor
Loving murmur
Like some lunch orders
Light source
Leak source
Latin 'pray for us'
Kentucky Derby time
Jeans name
Jackson with a 1972 Lifetime Achievement Grammy
Infomercial promise
Hopkins role
Hint in a specialty crossword, and, literally, what's found in 17-, 20-, 38- and 59-Across
High point of a European trip?
Guffaw sound
Golden St. campus
Futon kin
Foil giant
Fill in (for)
Diminutive celeb sexologist
Didst whack
Descendants of a son of Jacob and Leah
DDE's command
Curved part
Colorful carp
Barn __
Banquet dispenser
Anka song with the phrase 'Kiss me mucho'
Amu __: Asian river
Algonquin Round Table member, e.g
Actor Wallach
A giraffe has a long one
2001 W.S. champs
'The Card Players' artist
'Swing Shift' Oscar nominee
'Seems that way to me'
'Mrs. Miniver' studio


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